Day By Day


  • formwiz

    I take it when you’re 100%, Sam and Jan will be 0%.

    Clothed, of course.

    • JTC

      Let’s turn that idea around…get the girls down to nothing (say a Fourth of July picnic and long-promised frolic in the pond), and watch the mercury on that bar rise to 100!

  • Grunt GI

    Wonderful warrior goddesses indeed. I think formwiz has a great idea…kinda like that movie “Major League”.

    Very happy to contribute and keep the toon going.

  • WayneM

    Come on, folks… If a Canadian living paycheque to paycheque can throw a few bucks in, the rest of you can make it happen too.

  • Already chipped in, those sitting on the fence please donate and keep DBD going!

  • Chris in NC

    Keep the DBD-athon going until next Friday please! 🙂

  • Noelegy

    How can these women be so perky and yet never wear bras?

    • Patron support of course. 😉

  • epador

    Noelegy – only with abundant natural support!

  • Pamela

    Well they are both married to MEN that have great, er um.
    They get lots of upper and lower body muscles exercised.
    Keeps the chest wall toned with the repetitions.

    That and Chris understands the female form.

    • That he most assuredly does.

  • Okay, Chris. Another Naomi payment. I already did the next level up, but I’ve got to throw in some more.

    • Chris Muir

      No more from Patrons who have already stood up.We welcome NEW patrons to join us!

      • Chris in NC

        You’ll still be doing this on Friday, right?

  • Bill G

    The ‘appearance of impropriety’ is sufficient to damn a conservative.
    Nothing, it seems, is sufficient to even taint a democrat.

    • That is because Democrats/Progs are inherently superior in character, wisdom and leadership, so the appearance of wrongdoing is simply that, the twisted observation of a conservative or libertarian. On the other hand we know that Rebublicans/Conservatives and Libertarians are bigots, racists homophobes, transphobes, islamaphobes, anythingelse ophobes etc so whatever they do must be nefarious and selfish without regard to anyone else therefore the appearance of wrongdoing must in fact be worse than mere appearance because even if you see one feeding a puppy, it must be because he wants to use it to attack a good progressive later.

      I apologize for the broken sarcasm meters, but sadly I do believe that the above is how progs think.

  • Unca Walt

    I had no idea the number of folks enjoying CM’s incredible site was so large. I’ve noted a nominal coterie (I’m one) that comment, and that had me thinking in the “coupla dozens” area.

    Jeez. C’mon, folks…

  • Soulless

    Chris Muir, a suggestion. When I donated, I looked for any option that would allow a monthly contribution via Paypal. I would appreciate it if you were to consider that option. I donated again this month (Naomi level, what I can afford, my third Naomi level so far) but I won’t remember every month. PLease help us help you. FYI, I read DbD first, every day.

    • Chris Muir

      I’ll address why this absolutely does not work soon,but thanks.

      • Oliver Heaviside

        Maybe, then, a monthly reminder flag, perhaps in one corner of the website? Subtle, but enough to remind those who prefer monthly….?

    • armedandsafe

      Most banks, credit cards, debit cards will let you set up recurring payments. I have several set up through my credit union.

  • Y’all, for the pleasure of this place you’re not willing to pay just that little bit for the year?

  • JTC

    To the ten thousand…

    “For less than three cents a day, you can support the lone voice and depiction of the old America, the real America, the land of the free, the home of the brave, and help stand up against the powers of communism, muslim jihad, and the self-hating white privileged…just three cents a day…wouldn’t you…like to help a beaten up and downtrodden Republic like the USA, and get some awesome insight, hilarious humor, and lip-lickin’ female fineness (okay male fineness too but that’s hard for me to say)?”


    • Pamela

      *chuckling* Hard works for me when it comes to Male fineness.

      • JTC

        *facepalm* Leave it to the resident lascivious lady to find some closet homophobic embarrassment in my attempt at inclusiveness… ;p

        • Pamela

          Good Sir- No embarrassment intended.
          Just from my viewpoint hard is much appreciated.
          The Ladies of DBD remind me of a song from the 40’s.
          So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed (as in a 45).
          Though with their garments today, conceal carry will be magical.

          • B Woodman

            I thought that was a Libby or Dole fruit (peaches?) commercial.

          • MJ Larkins

            That was a Lucky Strike commercial!

  • JIMV

    Alas, the female cast is still mostly overdressed…

  • Grunt GI

    Gates of Fire is such an awesome book. I think if Sam and Jan had been there the Persians would have indeed trembled upon seeing their Hawt Gates.

  • rocky

    How much longer will the fundraiser go on?? I may be able to donate again in a bit.

    • Chris Muir

      Until the end if the month,I think.It’s real tight out there.

  • Soulless

    Np, I don’t know the details you have to deal with regarding recurring PayPal stuff. I’ll try to remember. The monthly reminder idea would work for me (hey stupid, you that can’t remember anything, it’s that time. Again.)

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