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  • Too Tall

    All (of) Sam, All the Time. I think there is a campaign slogan in there somewhere.

    Skye in Kenosha? An interview with Judge Bruce Schroeder or an interview with the evil clowns masquerading as prosecutors would be interesting.

  • Drew

    I believe Sam had a strategically place firearm so she was well covered

    • Henry

      Well, an arm, at least.

    • Like Heinlein’s Minerva, is always armed, and is under no obligation to show YOU how or where, until you feel the muzzle in the small of your back.

      Zar Belk!

  • “The job’s not about you…”

    Well it could be Sam, taking a cue from your campaign…

    Been doing it in Canuckistan for years; do the Skye News naked on location, and it really will be…and bonus, shut the riots down too as all the thugs stop to watch.

    • Fox2!

      “Naked News” News with nothing to hide.

  • Buck

    If Rittenhouse does win antifa might want to consider their new place in the Constitutional scheme of things. I know I will…
    This may twist on whether the judge asks the jurors how many have had their families contacted and threats delivered.

  • Pamela

    Skye, are you taking Jo with you…
    Might be interesting to see what the Prosecution is hiding…

  • Kafiroon

    The progs/socialists demand a blood sacrifice.
    It shall be seen what now happens as the trial should have ended when No-Bicept Man testified he pointed a gun at about 3-4 feet from Kyles head.

  • Stephen

    Well I didn’t get the toon on email yet but hoping too.

  • Stephen

    I would love to have a m-60 with lots of ammo if the Antifa were to burn, pillage and riot. Oh what fun!

    • DCE

      Just for fun, replace the FMJ rounds with rubber slugs just like the riot squads use. Then when the antifa Black Shirts arrive and start their s**t, let loose. Give ’em a taste of what they’ll experience going forward if they keep it up, but the next time it won’t be rubber bullets.

    • Don’t be a piker. Nobody messes with MA-DEUCE!

      Zar Belk!

      • Roland Deshain

        That would be over kill, pun intended.

        • Duckhunter

          The ability to be able to be a klik away…very much fun indeed!

    • the Chicken of Depression

      I’m thinking more like the scene in the movie “The Island” when Michael Caine’s character figures out he just bumped into a loaded Ma Deuce.

    • CactoBlaster

      Stephen, I love the 60, but my choice would be the Thump Gun. I carried the M-79 and was quite satisfied with the results rendered by such a simple weapon. Too bad Walmart doesn’t carry them. Maybe Target….

  • Mike-SMO

    The entire Kenosha trial may be a two-level show. I’d bet that the Democratic DA pressed charges as a warning to anyone who dared resist the Leftist riots and destruction. The Assistant-DA was so bad at the trial that he just HAD to be doing it on purpose. “Ooops! rather than tello his Boss “No!” I hope that the jury was smart enough to appreciate that show. That Assistant-DA has a future in local politics if he lives long enough.

    The whole thing was new Leftist politics. Kenosha (City and County) was “sort-of” Democratic until they swung hard for Trump. That is the most likely reason that Kenosha is burning. I am hoping for “Small Town America” to welcome, to support and to protect their neighbors on the jury. Rittenhouse was one of Kenosha, as I recall.

    I bet the Democrap Governor is going to be doing some fancy dancin’ over this.

  • DogByte6RER

    Hmmm … posing nude … reporting the news.

    Sort of like chocolate meeting peanut butter.

    Two great things that go great together!

  • WayneM

    Envy is never a good look, Skye…

  • cb

    ~ Steve Bannon did not kill himself ~

    • JTC

      Remains to be seen, can…

      Literally or virtually, same same.

      • JTC

        ACH, phone changed your name to “can”…heh.

        • JTC

          Lord this time it’s ACH how did they get that?!?! cb, cb, cb!!!

  • Michael A Crawford

    Just received a reference from my daughter about communications on (Tweeted) Silvergate that there is a planned Emergency Broadcast System outage in the works with a loss of internet for up to 48-72 hours! Ring any bells?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Cutting the lines of Communication more than they have already done.
      Be yourselves. Smoke if you want to and got ’em.
      We are only as prepared as we are. Foreign armies are already crossing the borders. Pappy Poopdeck is hard at work as a puppet. How far that bag man has gone. Maybe he needs a poop bag? Just give Pappy more ice cream and vax jab on. He can freeze up as much as he likes.
      Internet kill switch was also for if another SADS or swine flu broke out. Or to cover the NWO implementation. Which virus will be used, if that is it? Which movie will it be like? Contagion?
      Non corroborated and a low reliable comment that I heard DELETED.

  • Buck

    Who controlls the internet?


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