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  • Messkit

    Man! Did that go full soap opera, or what?

    • Chris Muir

      Double Soap Opera®, dude. Never did one, figured it was time.hah!

      • Stoutcat

        NEVER go full Soap Opera!

  • Kevin M

    Telenova City!

    Kissee moo-moo!

    Now I gotta bathe the estrogen off my skin before I lactate.

    • Dastardly Dan

      Damn, got dusty in here.
      Guess I’ve been on the road and away from my woman too long.

  • Guitanguran

    Well at least the boy was sportin’ a Wilkow shirt. Full soap? No way. Somewhere in there would have been a back story about Sam actually being the trans-sexual twin to the real Sam come to take her place while the real Sam is a Jane Doe in a coma, in a hospital in Milwaukee, etc.

  • Pamela

    do you see what I feel
    when we are together
    lust fire fuels my being
    I hunger for you
    feed me

  • See me, feel me, touch me, heal me
    Listening to you, I get the music
    Gazing at you, I get the heat
    Following you, I climb the mountain
    I get excitement at your feet
    See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

    Fifty years on , nobody says it better than Pete.

  • Aaron Lewis does it pretty damn good though.

    And I like his juxtapositions…

    Love in his heart and in his song, expressions of himself inked on his skin,

    Tokens of tribute on the one wrist, 25K reward of capitalism on the other.

  • jane

    I needed that! Thank, Chris — pretty depressing to see what a shambles Obama has made of our government. Sam and Zed represent stability and all the good SCHTUFF. Thank you again for your optimism — you’re talking me off the ledge once again……

  • Spin Drift

    To yesterdays question on the scattergun, Chris you’re a Parker man, super. Pawnbroker If you have ever swung a 1 frame Parker twelve on high doves then no Purdey can compare. And a decent one won’t cost a house payment.

    Spin Drift
    War Damn Eagle
    Hold Fast
    Molon Labe

    • Not for me; 37 years peddling hi-$ goods teaches you to leave the multi-K shootin’ irons and timepieces to those with plenty of K’s to burn, or to those with big hats and no cattle, so to speak. Those guys are my customers, and that stuff is just inventory.

      Me, my watch is a Seamaster and my shottie is an 870, both 1954’s because so am I and I’m weird like that; also both are worth only about half a K, yet I never had much problem telling time or taking birds.

      Not to say I don’t appreciate the high artistry represented by a 5-complication Patek Phillipe or a hand-built Purdey, each of which represents a whole bunch of house payments. They are marvels to hold and behold, and I have held and beheld quite a few, and bought and sold a few.

      But ultimately, like I said, playtoys for rich cartoonists and commenters, inventory for me.

      • eon

        My best all-around rifle, a 6.5 x 55, cost me $169 complete with 3-9x scope twenty-some years ago.

        My best knife, a Buck, cost me $29.95. I have a couple more along the same lines in case that one gets lost, broken, whatever.

        They’re tools. If one gets roached, I don’t weep, piss or moan; I just go to the drawer or whatever and get out another one. Same as a mechanic who loses or breaks a screwdriver.

        Tools aren’t your significant other. Never confuse the two.



      • Spin Drift

        Pawnbroker, my first scattergun was an 870. I still rue the day I traded it for a Browning BT-99. My second was a Parker DH 12. That was 20 years ago. It looks like I’d be one of your clients today. By the way have you priced new Seamasters? Personally I have Seikos for my time keeping. Keep Well.

        Spin Drift
        War Damn Eagle
        Hold Fast
        Molon Labe

  • H.A., real quick before your blurb gets blasted, your last sentence embodies the complaint of anti-2A’s everywhere, but they and you just don’t grok, it ain’t the hardware, it’s the operator. And you can bet that those 400 will be “operated” to ensure that the “nonexistent” stays that way.

    • Ming the Merciless

      The scumbag Haxo is just another mussie lover that watch his women getting raped in Scandinavia and snicker approval…

  • Swansonic

    The emotions evoked by both the song and today’s strip are awesomely intense.

    Many thanks to both you and Aaron, Chris.

  • Ming the Merciless

    Well, speaking of hostages and infamy, the traitor McPain, after betraying his country as a prison snitch, made sure the MIA were all snuffed out in the ‘Nam…

    • Ming the Merciless

      Say what you may about Trump, he’s the only one I recall reminding folks that that drunken bum McCain is NOT a hero.

  • Ming, you’re speaking what I say in my place when I can bear to consider that brainwashed drone. Chris, you warm my heart with Sam and Zed’s relationship.

  • Bill G

    I hope you are right about Americans remembering. We’ve got a lousy track record.
    I know you are right about this being a day of infamy. Obola has not sold the imams the rope to hang us with, he has paid them to take it.

    • Bill G

      And BTW, is the ‘American Storm coming’ a hat tip to Doyle’s “There’s an East Wind coming, Watson”?

      • tom ploszaj

        Thanks Chris, a pleasant and appreciated diversion.
        Bill, been witnessed that two or more are coming together across the land in memory of what once was… not sure about the storm cloud or an East Wind but there are more dust devils now. Unless being caught in one or having one in a DZ, they are not even noticed.

  • Cliff

    Praying for a storm of votes. We need a repudiation.

    • Votes? Votes? Our “leaders” at the national level are appointed, installed. In order for this nation to be restored that shit is gonna have to change, and that will be by blood.

  • Dennis

    Plenty of smiles this morning. Thanks DBD.

  • Turk


  • Oliver Heaviside

    Ten thousand trumps do not equal one McCain. Not ten million, because no matter what you multiple zero by, it’s still zero.

    Now, who is this Aaron Lewis person?

  • NotYetInACamp


    Preparing and waiting for the Storm.

    We remember. There is much to remember. There is much to prepare for. We will be the real storm. The idea is forever. America. The reality is forever. Enjoy what is good while waiting and preparing.

  • rochester_veteran

    Awww, nothing like being with the one you love…

  • JBubba57

    Went to the Aaron Lewis link in the toon (thanks for that). Performer’s name sounded a little familiar, but I didn’t know that song. Listened to it, nice country song, but holy cow, what a great voice!!! But hey…..he sounds like…who is it?…….on the tip of my tongue….Staind!!! So I looked up Aaron Lewis and Staind. Boy, do I feel silly now! Thanks for the education, Chris! Keep it coming!

  • Buz Ozburn

    Guess I’m confused…. but I really don’t “get” today’s strip.

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