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  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Ripley says it best.

    • JSStryker


  • Merle

    This raid should turn out interesting – and a real marker on the success or decline of our country.

  • Kafiroon

    DC ?, Da Swamp? A nuke is too kind. They do not deserve to go that fast.
    Napalm all they way around the edge and then napalm the center.

    • interventor

      Too bad we demiled our stocks about a decade ago.

  • Epador

    If Trump had a Russian Connection, now would be the time to nuke DC…

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      But……but……..the Library of Congress………the Smithsonian……….the Washington Monument………the Vietnam Wall………….oh, my.
      Instead of a standard fission nuke, can we use a pony neutron bomb, kill the people, save the city?

      • Good option!

        • eon

          It worked at Mohenjo-Daro. Of course, parts of it are still registering above background, four millennia later.

          clear ether


          • S Hooks

            Shhhh! You don’t want to upset the professional historians and archaeologists. The Harappan people never experienced the destruction of war. As the following article shows, these people, whose cities had multiple layers of walls, avoided war for 2000 years.

            And a nuclear attack? The flash carbonized “silhouette images” of people like those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which have been found there couldn’t have happened that way.

          • John

            @ S Hooks. Your article had me thinking that what we are looking at is the collapse of a Republic, not an empire.
            It’s a bit creepy.

      • Old Codger

        DBW, enhanced radiation weapons (neutron bombs) are still thermonuclear explosives. They are merely optimised to produce a greater neutron pulse that regular thermonukes which have a coating which absorbs the neutron pulse all fusion weapons produce and increases the destructive power. You’d still cause significant damage to the places you mentioned.

        EON, I hadn’t heard that one about Mohenjo-Daro but I have no problem believing that our current civilization is the only one ever to use the atom.

        • Old Codger

          Correction: I have no problem believing that our current civilization is NOT the only one ever to use the atom.

      • Henry

        They’ve ruined the city. What used to be parkland and monuments is now all concrete bollards and concertina wire fences, a fitting outward reflection of the city’s increasingly uglier soul.

        When the audience in the theatre cheered and clapped when the aliens “nuked” the White House from space in “Independence Day,” it told me more about the real attitude of the American public than all the phony MSM polls put together.

  • Pamela

    It’s easier to geld them all…

    • WayneM

      How so? Most of the swamp dwellers have spines, balls nor brains. They function on feral cunning and instinct.

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

      could be funner anyway.

    • John

      Too late.
      We have to geld the entire gene line as a warning to those who wish to perpetuate the Swamp.
      One of the favored ways to bribe our “civil servants” is to aim the money at the heirs, thus no quid pro quo can be proven and the dynasties are perpetuated.

      • Pamela

        Just a tad on the cranky side from the radiation.
        Gelding was nicer than what I really wanted to do with them.
        Pele needs to be fed.

  • Logic. But what would you expect from such as him?

  • JackDeth 72

    *Rim shot*

    “R-200 will be here all week, folks.

    Try the vealand don’t forget to tip your Wait Staff!”

  • NotYetInACamp

    As it edges closer and closer to …… ……. … .

    I’d rather be tipping my Wait Staff.

  • kadaka

    Whoops, wrong date on comic, says 4/10 on the bottom.

  • Cliff

    So sad to see the persecution of our president who was duly elected. He wants to serve. He didn’t need this s—t.

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

      The really bad thing is this is the sort of treatment and tactics that ALL future Republican/Conservative Presidents can look forward to, and from both sides of the aisle at that.

      • John

        If the POTUS can keep his cool this may well work to our favor.
        Someone here pointed out that the search and seizure may well be in defiance of the 4th and 5th Amendments.
        Exceptions can be had under the right conditions, specifically by warrant issued under Probable Cause.
        I see no Probable Cause here, which means someone has undue influence over a judge.
        The Inspector General is already hot on the trail of such influence being exercised by the FBI re the FISA court.
        The Swamp may have just dug its own drainage ditch.

        • Merle

          We can only hope….. 🙁

  • eclark1849

    I’m of the mind that since the Government routinely rewrites the rules to either circumvent or invalidate our Constitutional rights as the single greatest reason that the 2nd Amendment is just as valid today as it was when it was written.

    Our elected legislators have decided to abdicate their authority to a liberal judiciary which keeps moving the line. I’m waiting for the day when some jurist will rule that the Bill of Rights were only meant as suggestions.

    • Wood

      Keep to the code! They’re more like guidelines really.

    • Fronk!

      Try this:
      I interpret the Government’s practice of routinely rewriting the rules to either circumvent or invalidate our Constitutional rights, as the single greatest reason that the 2nd Amendment is just as valid today as it was when it was written.

      Sorry. I’m OCD…

  • Tagg

    The second amendment is the only reason why we have the other nine in the Bill of Rights. The first and second are how we keep the second, and therefore all ten.

  • tom ploszaj

    Darn, every other day I learn things that were never covered in my conventional education or independent reading e.g. Mohenjo-Daro. Thanks Chris for DBD and bringing together so many with such a wealth of info. Oh yeah, like Playboy I do enjoy your artistic and other talents as well the literature.

  • Delilah T.

    Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth…

    Cast into outer darkness.

    Just make sure there’s a spotlight on those slimy things. They cluster around spotlights. And keep pesticides handy.

    Was it Puck who said “What fools these mortals be”?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Rights have to be asserted or they do not exist.

    Law exists easily for those who have obtained wealth and power and know how they grabbed them.

    Excessive force is not excessive when defending your rights against the attacks that are guaranteed.

    Might makes right unless confronted by greater might. Moral judgement can be rendered on what happened.

  • Spin Drift

    Dirt People versus Cloud People. Do you finally realize which camp you are in?

    I really think that it is time for the Big D to start firing these usurpers of the constitution using the Kim Jong-un methodology. Send them to the clouds, in pieces, with extreme prejudice.


  • JTC

    Sorry Tuhminatuh, Damon is using the term to mean outside normal, while you take it to mean space people. Which is dumb since space peopleby definition have already been there and know more about space than you and all the other dumb people and would be back there looking down before you can flip the first switch.

    No, these aliens are likely deep-earth dwellers; that’s where all the morlock types live; they prefer the darkness and need you to feed them…and they are very hard to get to and terminate. Obviously.

  • Old Codger

    So, can the FBI ignore client-attorney priviledge and raid Trump’s lawyer, his home, his –
    Can they do that?

    Sweet boy, they can do anything they fekking well please so long as nobody sends them to the wall for doing so. Nothing is illegal unless the perpetrator is successfully prosecuted. Paraphrasing Edmund Burke,

    “Remember: Evil exists because good men don’t kill the government officials committing it.” — Kurt Hofmann.

  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

    testing, just ignore.

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

      Ah, there it is, was missing my gravatar.

      • JTC

        And that would be a crime…glad they showed back up for work.

  • Alex J

    Henry, your “concrete bollards and concertina wire fences” resonates with me. With the drive to disarm Normals, we may have no choice but to fort up.

    Tagg, I pray that the 2nd amendment will still be the law of the land.

    Dark times ahead, I’m afraid.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Alex J
      I don’t care if the 2A is the “law of the land”. The 2A is a written codification of a God given natural right, and a warning to Gubberment to keep their mitts off. Which they’re not doing.
      The 2A is not a law passed by Gubberment, giving FedGov the authority to grant, remove, or withhold privileges.

      So next time some snowflake weenie starts whining about, “teh Gubberment needs to take away all teh gunz”, your proper response is, “No. Your move”.

      • NotYetInACamp


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