Day By Day


  • Wayne M

    Coming to a town near you soon… the animatronic Hildebeast!!

    • B Woodman

      Not to Utah or Salt Lake City (even as Libtard as that city has become).

  • Grunt GI

    Seriously, how would we know…would the animatronic Hillary be more likable and not as fake?

    Is that possible?

    On a side note, Chris are you messing with color and shading again…Jan’s anatomy seems to be ever evolving…

    • Chris Muir

      Yeah, I had 2 color templates for Jan,picked the too-red one again.Monday’s Jan will be the proper shade again…

      • Grunt GI


        Looking forward to it.

      • B Woodman

        I don’t care what color template Jan is, she still looks absolutely delicious.
        (Shhhhh. .. don’t let my wife find out).

        • Grunt GI

          Color looks good! Just wanted to make sure Jan didn’t get anything sensitive sunburned ya know?

          After all, Damon might want to do some “fine tuning” like Wade and Tucker….just sayin’

  • Lee Warner

    Chris, you’d better hope for a conservative administration to get in next year, or Broomhillary is going to have you audited every week!

  • Jerry

    Shiner Boch in that bottle? It is Texas after all.

    • Shiner Bock perhaps?

    • capn

      gadfly has the correct spelling in this instance … AND … aren’t Jan and Damon still in Argentina with Jan’s Daddy – El Patron?

      I know that deep water sailors, such as I, are easily led astray (especially by scantily clad attractive females) but not that far astray.
      Argentina – Texas – They’re not even on the same latitude. We would notice that much deviation in a course line.

      • Chris Muir

        Still in Buenos Aires.But they like Bock,too.I can see Don Portago-I don’t often drink beer-but when I do…

  • B Woodman

    “So crack open another window.”
    BWHAHAHAHAHAAAA. What a great punchline.

  • B Woodman

    “Hillery, a reanimated cyborg.”
    Several punchlines come to mind.

    She’s an early model Terminator, T-0 maybe? Before Skynet became self aware?
    She’s a pre-generation Borg, and wants to assimilate everyone, but hasn’t been successful yet.

    Instead of cutting off her head and sticking it on a robot or cyborg body, just stick it on a pike outside Kongress doors.

    • Pamela

      On a pike outside of Kongress…
      The Humane Society will be greatly upset for trying to poison the carrion eaters.

      • Iconoclast

        “The Humane Society will be greatly upset for trying to poison the carrion eaters.”

        I am so glad I learned to put all fluids safely out of rolling distance before looking at this site !! But you owe me some Ace bandages to support the rib I cracked laughing uncontrollably.

        • Pamela

          Actually you are better off using an ice pack and some type of OTC analgesic for pain control. Or, a really good Tequila or single batch aged grain distillation.

      • B Woodman

        District of Criminals. . . . Mordor by the Potomac. . . . poisoning the carrion eaters. . . . . . . are we talking about the members of Kongress, the sychophants, suckups and lobbyists, or the feathered winged vulture birds?

        • Pamela

          The feathered winged vulture birds, hawks, osprey, falcons and eagles. The American Bald Eagle has been poisoned too much over the last 6 years. We do not need to continue on this course of destruction.

  • Bill G

    “Eat a chipotle”…she wasn’t there for the Joe Salazar defense technique.

  • GWB

    Why would you need her head? She hasn’t had an original thought in decades.

    I’m disappointed, Chris. You should have angled the SUV the other way, and put the “H>” logo on so it faced backwards – the direction she’s headed.

  • Ponch

    Sam gets most of the nude scenes, so it’s always a treat to see Jan. Breasts make up for Hilliary tainting my love of Chipotle.

    • Bill

      At least Chipotle didn’t cover for her being a cheapskate. High on Hillary’s enemies list for sure. Hopefully those that work there and eat there will reject her highness.

  • nonncom

    Great tits….big nipples… da’ man….recycle that gas for a function on the cyborg….like producing the fake hillery smile….

  • NotYetInACamp

    But all of DC is bought and paid for.
    Just what difference would it make, now?

    A yummy offering a beer. Always good.

  • Steve H

    I’m surprised to see tan lines. (Not disappointed, mind you, but surprised.)

  • JTC

    “Airing Things Out”…great idea for the hooters, not so much for the van; have you no consideration for the surroundings?. Only thing to do there is to burn that bitch. The van too.

  • As to airing out the van, you can NEVER get that cadaver smell out of a car’s upolstery…..

    • Pamela

      That’s why frame up overhauls are so nice. Gets rid of any nasty smells, gunked up parts, mangled electrical, rusted out wheel wells and liberal over-application of bondo.

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