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  • Merle

    Well, that was a twist!
    Hope it means good things for old baldy…. 🙂

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Define “good things”.

      • Merle

        jail time, where he can become somebody’s butt boy…..

    • GWB

      Very nice twist! Was hoping for something different, and got it!

  • lurking

    Left eye still dominant. She drew with her right hand, could be an issue keeping rounds on target.

    In pool, that doesn’t work for me.

    • Browncoat

      Works for me on the range. Hope I never have to find out in ‘real time’. Age… Can’t see the front sight with my right eye.

    • Polly Cy

      I’m right eyed and left handed, and you’re right. It plays hell with my ability to shoot. Archery, on the other “hand”, is a completely different story. Spotting with the right eye an pulling with the left hand and side actually give me an advantage.

  • JTC

    Something ain’t right about that chick…is Quan really a trans from Smith, “investigating” its ownself?

    • Henry

      Not with those hips.

      I smell a blues trio coming together…

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Waiting is………..

  • Epador

    Jeeves woulda handled this quite more discretely.

    • TomZ

      There are times, especially when dealing with a rogue element of government, that you want things done very publicly.

  • JTC

    And thanks for freaking me out Muir, playing to my muzzlephobia with big bores in stereo gunning straight at me. :\

    • PaulS

      They all kinda look like “big bores” when staring at you. 😉
      The chick reminds me of Skye.
      Does Naomi have an extra finger like THE ONE? Something amiss with the grip.

      • Henry

        Yup… I’m seeing no trigger finger on the hand at all…?

  • NotYetInACamp

    In a perfect world she would be from the Office of the Inspector General and be on the dbd side.

    In a best of all worlds.

    And she fills the jeans and shirt quite well, too. Good genes and choices, it looks.
    Another strong and capable good woman, we hope.


      • eon

        OIG (DoJ) is the professional oversight authority for all parts of the Department of Justice, with individual sub-departments for each agency. Thus, one for the U.S. Marshals, one for the FBI, etc.

        With the Fibs, FBI/OIG was always known as “where your career goes to die”. Meaning, agents who weren’t “with the program” coming out of the Director’s office, etc., got sent there ostensibly as a “lateral promotion”, but really to be ignored until retirement.

        In the real Bureau, as opposed to the X-Files version, OIG would have been where Mulder and Scully would have ended up. So I’m guessing Inspector Quan is (a) a “good” agent, but one who has (b) riled the headshed at some point. By, say, adhering to the Constitution rather than going Ruby Ridge on cue at some time in the past.

        Just a SWAG.



  • Interventor

    Inspector Quan, of Vietnamese ancestry?

  • KaliforniaConservative

    Hope that finger on the trigger is steady. Oh, that’d right, she’s an Israeli officer. No problemo.

  • Old Geezer

    I love the artwork and occasionally grasp the story line and topical references – but I am LOST! WTF is this about?

    • GWB

      – Agent Smith is a perpetual annoyance at DD, seeking to get those dirty rotten gun-toting, freedom-loving folks that have set up shop there.
      – He has at various times been rousted by Tabasco, Zed, Jeeves, and I think the ‘dogs’. He ends up humiliated and empty-handed.
      – On this opening night of the new club at DD, his car showed up in the parking lot.
      – Naomi left the stage to investigate, and caught the reveal of the pistol. She drew down on the person packing.

      *We* all thought it would be Smith, but it turns out it might be a good guy gal.

      (Any corrections to the above, folks?)

      • JTC

        “Good” still to be determined, but I like eon’s plausibility plane to think and hope that she *will* be good. In many ways. 😉

        • MasterDiver

          Right now I’d say she qualifies as “Lawful Neutral” hopefully she will transition to “Lawful Good”.

          Zar Belk!

          • eon

            In my experience, “Neutral Good” is way more fun. 😉



      • Doggo

        Perpetual annoyance translates to “He shows up with binocs or a spotting scope every time the girls are down at the watering hole and causes them to cover up”. I intensely dislike him.

  • Paul JD McRae

    Chicks with guns. Absolutely Goddamn Right.

    • GWB

      And she’s got a firearm, too!

  • lurking

    Still doesn’t answer the whereabouts of Smith. Lest she’s using his assigned car.

    • eon

      Feds do fleet buys the same way local and state LEO do. So most likely every car they have looks pretty much the same.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Jeeves scanned the plate; she’s driving the same exact car he drove, and she’s there to investigate him…can’t be co-inkydink. Stay tuned boys and girls.

        • JTC

          Of course it is also possible that our trespassing voyeuristic agent Smif is there in his car and she got there separately to investigate, maybe to put the #metoo on his ass, that would be some poetic justice.

          Can’t help also thinking that this OIG chick could be more than just being put to pasture for being too good for her job as eon speculates…maybe she is trained up to a fibbie level equal to Naomi’s Mossad? And maybe the two would consider putting on a hand-to-hand defense demonstration? In panties only of course.

    • Bill G

      Or it’s a pool car, and she’s gotten it this time around. And either way, he still might be in the trunk.

    • Henry

      I’m assuming he’s somewhere on the premises (or at least on the property) and Quan is tailing him.

  • PaulS

    Nice twist!
    That’s a really small badge. 😉

    • Old Codger

      Nah. Just looks small under that magnificent set of knockers.

  • Shooter 2.5

    Drinking establishment by 51 percent. No guns unless law enforcement or employees. The courtesy would have been to announce your intentions at the door. So what does her partner look like? As hot?

  • gafling

    Assuming Vietnamese also but I don’t recall ever seeing any Vietnamese chick packing that much … er … ahem … superstructure. Not saying it doesn’t happen … just rare.

    • eon

      From her appearance, I’d guess her at no more than thirty, which would make her probably first gen Vietnamese-American. Her build probably comes from that.

      clear ether


    • John

      Enhancement is pretty common these days and has the advantage of easy removal later in life before the back problems become a pain.

    • Interventor

      There a few with super superstrutures.

  • Major Matt Mason

    Curvy, cute, packing, and one of the good guys.

    I’m in LURVE. <3 <3 < 3 <3 <3

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    Stalking Horse! – she’s likely a distraction!

  • But in the real world, Naomi just committed felony aggravated assault. That’ll get you 2-20 in Texas. Follow Col Coopers rule 2, and don’t draw down unless you’re gonna fire. The agents of the State may point weapons at you with impunity citizen but you may not do so.

    • JTC

      Kevin, not exactly what rule 2 says…and as discussed yesterday, those damn things are an obsession for me.

      RULE 2
      You may not wish to destroy it, but you must be clear in your mind that you are quite ready to if you let that muzzle cover the target. To allow a firearm to point at another human being is a deadly threat, and should always be treated as such.”

      That’s a lot different than “gonna fire”.

      Our hit chick may be in violation of state laws, but she’s straight up with the laws of life, God, and Col. Coop. That’s if she’s pointed at the armed threat in the room. The fact that she seems to be unavoidably drawn down on my face is less cool and not in compliance with the Colonel. Wonder if he knew about the contingent of ocd gun rules guys he created?

    • Old Codger

      Except she could claim her only intent was to give the impression she was going to shoot the agent. Then TPC 9.4 would be in play. The threat of deadly force is not the use of deadly force if the intent is solely to create the apprehension of the use of deadly force.

      There are multiple instances where non-LE may carry in an establishment deriving 51% of its revenue from the sale of alcoholic beverages. When working armed security, I once worked a post at a strip mall which had a liquor in it. I always got a kind of guilty pleasure going in there openly packing.

  • Mike Mulligan

    @Kevin- Badge is NOT very clear; and that would be in consideration; Only when positive to identity would any properly informed armed citizen be at risk.

  • eldo

    Coulda also titled today’s offering “Busted”, if ya Double D entendre know what I mean.

  • MommaMackie

    Some slim chance there is a second target that our faithful Naomi is holding on, not the federal chick?

  • Pamela

    ER, that does not look like something an agent from the OIG would be wearing.
    Unless she came in undercover as not to rile the locals…

  • jimbthepilot and LTC instructor

    Yeah… Texas is open carry. But, any establishment that makes 51% or more of its profits from the sale of liquor for on-site consumption is NO carry. If the pistol was obvious, Naomi’s got every right to draw. If DD isn’t in the 51% category, the BBQ must be DAMN good!

    • Sam

      Two points. Is the DD posted? If this is opening night, then it hasn’t made any money yet. So no requirement to post. Therefore, no profits to measure, no 51% rule, no TPC 30.06 to comply with. (And I just love the irony of that particular code section.)

  • James Gemind

    I… Am in love. Or within close proximity.

    Came across some Libtard blog called ‘the worst cartoons ever’ and DBD had been mentioned. The guy was all over the early days criticizing the artwork(did not get that Damon was wearing fancy sunglasses), and was also unable to grasp the conservative message in the one liners Chris Muir uses. I Graduated High School, despite the best efforts of my family, especially my one year younger brother, and I get them and explain them to stupid people quite well thank you.

    I want to see the agents eyes. Make them gray or Prussian blue please…

    • WayneM

      Heh… to a leftist, DBD might be one of the worst cartoons ever…

      This probably doesn’t sound as odd nowadays as it was when it happened but I’ve lost friends over DBD. Since Trump arrived on the scene and leftists started losing their minds in unprecedented number, it’s become common for howling marxist moonbats to divest of any non-leftist friendships… but a few years ago, it wasn’t done.

      Friends of mine were solidly left of centre with libertarian leanings… much as I am solidly right of centre with libertarian leanings… We had enough mutual ground and respect to get along for the most part… until the wife of the couple followed a link on Facebook to a DBD cartoon that was politely labelled as NSFW… Apparently a cartoon boob was enough to provoke a meltdown and I was officially “persona non-grata”

      Oh well!!

  • Heh. My first DbD ruckus. Makes me proud. Col Cooper parsed in a more civilized day. Currrent law appears to be that if you point a firearm at a person then you have committed a felony. That felony may be abrogated if you subsequently fire, having cause to do so. Bringing to mind the adage “don’t piss on ’em”. I don’t want to be arrested or jailed or imprisoned. So I do not point guns at people. If I did then I would be damned sure it was legal and proper to engage and would immediately do so. No movie repartee, no citizen arrest. Either engage or stay holstered. Or you become the criminal. Imminent threat and immediate response or crickets. I don’t see how the current state of law allows any other options. I look forward to learning better though.

  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

    Should be interesting to see how this one plays out tomorrow! wonder if Agent Quan is going to be a regular or semi-regular?

  • Subotai Bahadur

    With all due respect, I don’t know if Quan is OIG, is one of the good guys, or it is a scam. At this point in our history, anyone who claims to be part of Federal law enforcement of any kind has to be assumed to be the enemy until and unless thoroughly proved otherwise. Even if she IS built like the Vietnamese equivalent of the Great Wall; based on those she claims to run with makes her loyalties dubious.

    We are getting close to what happened in the Former Yugoslavia, and trust is in short supply.

  • JSStryker

    Carlo D. (Carlos Danger maybe?)


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