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  • B Woodman

    Uh huh. As I said in the previous strip, it’s all about “the agenda” for the “greater good”, no matter HOW much of it is a lie to begin with.

    Seriously, WHEN in the name of sanity is someone, ANYONE, going to bitch slap this bitch, and hard. Maybe then it will release the vacuum control valve between her ears. I know I would applaude long and loud whenever that were to happen to Mud (the opposite of “Skye”).

  • Ryk E Lee

    Chris, I almost want to ask you to kill her off, her mind ain’t right.

    • KenH

      KILL HER

    • Doug Dean

      She doesn’t have anywhere near the moxy to be a villian. Like most “liberal” voters, she is just an easily led putz. The real villians are the ones holding the strings.

    • Hungry Joe

      “Some women you just cain’t reach. She wants it. Well, she gets it. We gonna put your mind right, Skye.”

    • RooftopVoter

      Nyet, if we do not see how these folks think, then we arrived largely unarmed to the battle.

      Skye is our “useful idiot” ans much as she is Obama’s.

      We just need to quit paying for so many of them to breed.

      The best revenge is for both of her kids to be uber Conservative and drive her over the edge.

  • Wayne

    “Maybe he raped me.”

    Skye, most of the time, that kind of dialog is kept internal. You’re using your outside voice… talking to your sister…

  • KenH

    Gotta be honest
    Very first thing I thought of after reading this scrunt BITCH, was to butt-stroke her in the face with a 12-guage. Then empty the magazine into her. Repulsive piece of crap doesn’t even begin to properly classify this….thing

    • Norm


  • TomP

    Apparently Ms. Skye has stupid she hasn’t used yet. And a Liberal (you should pardon the expression) supply of magical thinking to boot. Kind of a distilled Progressive, though not as vicious as some. It’s amazing what happens when you get into the habit of treating people as things. Well done, Mr. Muir.

    Bless the girl, Skye’s purpose in life is to be a horrible example.

  • Jason Thorn

    I remember a phrase from the excellent book FOUCAULT’S PENDULUM by Umberto Eco (also wrote The Name of the Rose), a favorite line from one of the protagonists: “Ma gavte la nata.” (“Pull out the cork.”) Some people get so full of themselves, they are filled with air. Pull out the cork, the air escapes, and rationality returns.

    Who wants to find the cork in Skye? Her self-entitlement’s about to overshadow the Hindenburg, and should provide the same spectacle when it crashes.

    • RegT

      Jason, are you sure you don’t mean what Skye really needs is to put a cork _in_ it? 😉

  • Earl Goudie

    Skye is Chris’s creation, so I guess it is her fate is strictly up to him.

    In the words of a good friend of mine; ” She’ll either get worse or go away.”

    • Hungry Joe

      So black, hispanic (whatever that is) or Asian males aren’t capable of rape? Tell that to the women of Nanking or Stanleyville

      • Norm


  • WHY something is said is more important than WHAT is said.
    The year is 1984. You must be known to love Big Brother.
    Liberals bloviate to proclaim their loyalty to the Party.

  • “Look at how the government enables people with welfare….”

    Well, that was the idea behind welfare in the first place. It was never undertaken by the politicians as “government charity,” but rather as a way to cultivate captive voters and interest groups subject to political manipulation.

    But beyond, that, consider “Liberal” motives.

    “It came to me a little while ago what we really are, we liberals. We demand reforms, we want to improve the situation of the underprivileged – why? To make them better off materially? Nuts. It’s only to make ourselves feel less guilty. We rend our garments, we’re eager to show how willing we are to accept any outrageous demand so long as it’s black, or youthful, or put up by someone who thinks he’s got a grievance. We want to appease everybody – you know what a liberal is? A liberal is a guy who walks out of the room when the fight starts.”

    — Brian Garfield, Death Wish (1972)

    • Bad Cyborg

      Garfield’s summation is 100% consistent with r/K theory. r-Selected individuals are genetically predisposed to avoid conflict and most especially competition.

  • Unca Walt

    Crikey, people… it’s a beautifully clever comic strip.

    Lighten up; let’s see what Master Muir does with it. 🙂

    • little bit

      *points to Unca Walt ‘ s comment* what he said. And frankly, when I think of Naomi ‘ s reaction if she ever learns of the idiotic accusation, I just SMILE

  • C. Mage

    It’s people like Skye that causes warning labels like, “Please do not place curling iron in any orifice”, “Please do not attempt to remove fan belt while engine is running” and my personal favorite, “please do not use hair dryer while bathing or showering”.

    In the immortal words of Ron White, “You just can’t fix STUPID.”


    “white males” ???
    Is there, perchance, the sniff of an agenda here? Why yes, boss, there is!

  • Kip Allen

    Skye isn’t just a nasty progressive, she’s evil.

  • Kmart

    Possibly responding to a troll, but…

    Instead of “…As we all know, men are biologically designed to rape…So while of course not ALL men are rapists, the potential is there and it is not unreasonable –indeed, actually rational– to keep this in mind during all interactions with men”

    how’s about:

    “…As we all know, women are biologically designed to reproduce….So while of course not ALL women are prostitutes, the potential is there and it is not unreasonable –indeed, actually rational– to keep this in mind during all interactions with women.”?

  • B Woodman

    Soooooo. . . . by the same (faulty) logic and reasoning, can it also be shown that since prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, that over 90% of (white) women are prostitutes “in potentia”?
    Electra’s line of “reasoning” reminds me of the “interview” (more like an attempted ambush) between the NPR “reporter” and the military officer (general, if I remember correctly). She was berating the general for taking the youth of the area and showing them some milorary skills, specifically shooting. She accused the general of training the youth to be killers and rapists, she said “because they have all the right equipment”
    (referring to male genetalia). He looked at her and said she would make a fiiine prostitute, because she had all the right equipment.
    Instant end of interview.
    Now, I may have the details wrong, or it may even be all an urban story. Even if it is, it still serves to “bring dialog to the table for the greater good”. (last line, /snark off).

  • Chris Muir

    I’m smelling troll…as soon as I let one in, another appears with ‘concern trolling’.

    • B Woodman

      If you’re talking about “Electra”, I agree.
      But take it as a badge of honor. By putting out a controversial cartoon on a daily basis, you attract ProgLibTard trolls the way red raw meat attracts flies and wasps. Annoying, noisy, potentially nasty, but of no consequence overall.
      If you DIDN’T attract trolls, you’d just be talking to an echo chamber of the like-minded choir. Not very satisfying.
      At least “Electra” had something interesting and semi-coherent to say, unlike (her? its?) barely legible cousin-in-arms (whatever-its-name-was) that you had banned earlier.

  • bill

    HOW? Obviously spit it out and used a turkey baster…….

    • B Woodman

      THAT is sick. Funny, but sick.
      Please pass the mind bleach.

  • Bill G

    Classic liberalism on display.

  • B Woodman

    Dear Electra,
    And I have to ask one more thing. I had to do some actual research for this (unlike most trolling ProgLibTards):
    Based upon your screen name, Electra, I just want to ask – who killed YOUR parents, that caused you to become a ProgLibTard phony talking points troll?

  • B Woodman

    I apologize for one more rebuttal. I keep re-reading your material and keep mining it for comedy gold.
    “. . . to keep this in mind during all interactions with men. Knowing this has kept me in good stead amongst men-folk although of course knowledge and protection can only do so much against them.”
    I just want to ask (you don’t have to answer, but it WOULD be interesting), how many actual repeat dates have you ever been on? With the same person (man?) at least twice. Not even twice-in-a-row, just twice.
    And as a follow up, how many long term relationships (ohhh, say longer than one year), have you ever been in with a person of the opposite gender?
    Inquiring minds, and all that. . . . .

  • Pamela

    I think Skye did the ala carte menu form of sperm donor- a little bit from #137, a snoop from #895 and a skosh of #422. Mix well, inject and see what takes hold.

    Unfortunately for Skye, no amount of prevarication or what ifs will hold water on how she conceived. Lying about Anatoly being the Father and then a maybe rapist to deflect responsibility for her life choices, well no one is going to swallow that dreck.

    • B Woodman

      You’re right. Skye should have swallowed instead. . . (Sorry. Bad joke. Hope I didn’t offend you).

      • Pamela

        Not offended at all.
        The secret is don’t breath in, air changes the viscosity.
        Skye probably still hasn’t figured that out yet.

        • B Woodman

          Thank you, m’lady.

  • SonofKatieElder

    Don’t kill off Skye, she needs a lesson in real world consequences for decisions and policies that she has been sheltered from. Being at the border, have some illegal immigrants cross the border and injure or kidnap her new babies and destroy ranch property, and then be forced to stand by helplessly as law enforcement takes no action whatsoever because of current federal policy. Recall the old quote: Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

    • JSStryker

      I like your idea but one problem Skye left her babies with her mom down in Argentina.

      • pumpkincat

        Thought Sam and Zed had a discussion about Skye AND the kids coming to visit? Maybe I missed an update though. (It happens, holidays!)

  • JohnMc

    As the liberals say, `It takes a village….`. Well Skye is the village idiot that operates as the scape goat. May Skye continue to be stupid… It gives the strip edge.

  • RegT

    Rape gene? Seriously, _rape gene_?? What kind of feminist (pseudo)science fiction have you been reading, Electra? Is “Electra” a name chosen based on a familial relationship? Is that how you got involved in this “rape gene” fantasy?

    My, my, my. I realize public schools no longer teach classes in logic and critical analysis, but if your post was meant to be a serious statement, you are truly in need of help, Ms. Electra. The only (sub) humans who express a wide-spread acceptance of rape are the muslims, thanks to their child-raping prophet Mo-Pork-Ed.

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  • comment tomber en ceinte

    So why are you making a comic about the Book “The Looking Glass Wars” by Frank Beddor. I just finished reading it last week.