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  • JTC

    “Absolutely” stunned.

    But not by her conversation.

    In fact. if he can even hear her right noe, he might BE dead.

  • Calvin

    Libs talk all of this crap and they should be the ones to show us how it’s done. Take Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel; she got a lot of mileage about being a female superhero in a movie because she is a SJW. Now some purists are reminding her, Marvel, and Disney that the original Captain Marvel was a black woman. They’ve added that she was a lesbian but I remember the original and she was not gay. She was from New Orleans. So…will Ms. Larson step aside from a lucrative paycheck to further a righteous cause? Will she walk the walk or will she just talk the talk like Zuckerberg.

    • interventor

      I love it when the left devours its own. If, it weren’t for Disney, DC and Marvel, half of the theaters would have closed.

    • Punta Gorda

      You know good and well that Ms Constipation can’t smile.

    • eon

      Monica Rambeau was apparently deemed unacceptable as the cinematic CM because before she became CM Mk3, she was a (gasp!) police officer.

      I’m surprised that, in going back to CM Mk2 (Carol Danvers) they let her still be an Air Force pilot. I would have expected something more along the lines of an academic/activist/Starbucks franchisee. with impeccable “woke” credentials, of course.

      clear ether


      • GWB

        No, because being an Air Force combat pilot is still considered ‘transgressive’ since they weren’t allowed until the late 80s. So, she’s still a ‘trend-setter’ to the old people trying to be woke.

  • interventor

    Ladies, no reason to wear your formal clothes. Please, make yourselves comfortable.

  • Because the left, when a monopoly, tends to use that to further THEIR cause rather than do right for all. Not what they think is right for all, but in support of ALL, all.

  • WayneM

    Damon has the wisdom to avoid such easy bait… maybe…

    The problem with the “monopoly owned by progressives” is they didn’t get to such market dominance using progressive ideology. They grew through free markets and were supported by governments (both overt and covert) in a kind of crony-capitalism. For them to turn around now and pretend leftist principles (if there is such a thing) is laughable.

    • Except that crony capitalism (fascism), being an opposite of liberty, is very much a leftist phenomenon. In light of that, they’re being totally consistent.

      Please let’s stop with the feigned irony, or assertions of contradiction. There are no contradictions to be seen here.

      Or is it that, if we examine too closely the ideologies and behaviors rather than practicing opposition research only, we’ll come to the inescapable conclusion that both political parties are leftist/fascist in nature? Maybe we need images of naked females to keep us distracted enough to fall for the Dialectic Method; to believe that there really is a liberty party rather than two flavors of fascism offered up as genuine idealogical “competition”.

      The left has long used sex as a lure to bring in disaffected young people. Charles Manson, S.Y. Moon and other leftist cultists are famous for it. Hollywood is made out of sex and violence lures. We don’t need to use their methods. By using sex lures are we being like the Republicans of the 1970s who wore those slightly-suggestive-of-bell-bottom leisure suits, without being committed to either bell bottoms or straight leg pants? Are we like the 1960s Mercedes Benz, which made fin body sedans having little, non-committal tail fins? If so all we’re doing is showing the left ft that they are in charge.

  • Pete231

    That first frame is a real triple threat. If anyone calls, I’ll be in the back, loosening my bullets.

  • is there a conservative monopoly on some product or service?

    none that I can think of….

    • pyrodice

      remaining grounded in common sense?

      • Punta Gorda


    • eon

      Increasingly, the manufacture of small arms and accoutrements in the United States.

      While theoretically still dominated by major makers like Colt and Smith & Wesson, whose parent conglomerates are trendily post-modern progressive, both face decreasing market share (Colt due to not producing what people want to buy, S&W due to “carriage trade’ pricing of the sort that destroyed the British industry) and increasing competition from makers like Taurus, Charter Arms, and especially their old nemesis Ruger, who know what their price point should be, keep to it, and don’t see an armed citizen as something to be erased from the historical record and the memory of the Universe.

      What keeps Colt and S&W afloat right now is simply that their primary customers are governments. Colt’s main cash cow today is churning out M16/M4 variants for everyone from the U.S. military to the Mexican Army, and S&W’s main customers are police agencies. Frankly, if not for the “War on a Noun”, both would have been dead and gone almost two decades ago.

      As for everything from ammunition to holsters, those segments are increasingly dominated by small manufacturers who are extremely hostile to “progressive” attempts to restrict their trade. Hence MagPul “pulling” out of Colorado as a result of the state’s magazine-capacity restriction, taking a good chunk of tax base with them.

      In short, one reason progressives love to attack gun owners and gun makers is that most of same are not “their kind of people”.

      And the ones that are, are mainly selling to the only market segment progressives want to have arms, i.e., the government they seek to dominate as a tool for the domination of everything else.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Actually S&W snagged the top production spot from Ruger for ’16, the banner year for firearms makers for obvious reasons. And they didn’t do it on gov sales as I don’t know of any agencies buying M&P Sport models which was by far their biggest volume driver.

        I’m a yuge Ruger fan and I’m sure they will regain the crown if they haven’t already in the last couple years. Still, facts is facts.

    • AlexJ

      I was thinking about the Firearms industry, but Eon beat me to it.

  • Too Tall

    Color changing bikini bottoms? Isn’t technology wonderful?

    Now it appears to be the “Gordian Knots” that travel as Naomi no longer has them, but Kimiko does.

  • Tagg

    I waas not looking at knots. Dayumn!

  • Halley

    I agree with Jan’s point of view, regardless of what it is.

  • GWB

    I don’t advocate trust-busting Farcebook and Twatter because of who owns them. I propose trust-busting them because they are abusing the IP laws to drive out competition and abusing their former status as common carriers to inflict their political desires on everyone else. Also, because they have conspired with places like China to deprive those people of their inherent human rights.

    It has nothing to do with their politics, except insofar as those politics have made it easy to see what they’re about.

  • GWB

    Does Damon have some sort of incredible body self-control? Because, otherwise, those ladies would KNOW whether he’s asleep or just enjoying the view.

  • Bill G

    The big tech outfits are following the model of politicians; Start out seeming to be one thing, then when they’ve got massive market share and domination they show their true colors.

    • Henry

      My mind placed this posting side-by-side with the one about color-changing bikini bottoms, and the results were absolutely poetic.

  • Robert Arvanitis

    Edit: “Only Siths and progressives deal in absolutes.”

    Not saying ALL leftists are red-painted-devil-faces, but…

  • Richard

    Well, you can tell that the annual fundraiser is coming soon, the good stuff is coming out now, just in time for spring.

    • Grunt GI

      Hmmmm. High hopes for the fundraiser.

      Hopefully CM will give us some bare truths.

  • JTC

    Damon is right. And only progs declare victory with no cites, no debate and no proof, because they already “know” they are right.

    • JTC

      He should answer her question with a question (always a good debate strategy)…make her defend her presumption with facts and figures if he can refocus from the “facts and figures” in front of his face.

      Most progs fold fast when their hand is called, but Jan is pretty sharp and as I recall wasn’t she the manager of an advertising firm they all worked at? Interesting to see how she spins it.

  • Pamela

    The fastest way to bring them down is leave and never use their product.
    Write a letter instead. Though with some, writing might not be in their skill set.

  • rolanddeshain

    Oh, did Jan say something?
    Anyway, it seems when a prog has a monopoly, it is not just for profit. They use it in a non-capitalistic manner to subvert and mold the society to their vision. I think that is the difference.

  • AuVox

    <> I love a nice beach day.


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