Day By Day


  • Merle

    A “thing” eh? 🙂

  • Doc Savage

    I think this is gonna hurt in the end…….

  • Calvin

    I see what you did there.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    So…….is that being inserted anally? Or intracranally? I prefer intracranally. Would be harder to insert……and remove…….and more painful both ways.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    At least the robot asked “please”. Even if it was more of a demand than a request.

    • James McEnanly

      I think that the accent is British, rather than Austrian. Think K2S0 rather than T800.

  • John T. Block

    Wade shoulda perished this bald ijit the first time….

  • Ryk E Lee

    There was this one sequence in the movie “Man On Fire”……..

    • David M

      Exactly my thought. Loved that movie… And the sentence fit the perp…

  • NotYetInACamp

    Ahole gets a thing in the butt. I said ‘Ahole gets it in a hole’ earlier.
    Aint nothing but a thing!

  • WayneM

    Marvel at the persistence; chagrin for the stupidity…

    Robo-rooter doesn’t appear to have any lube. Sorry… not sorry…

    • JAK

      He should use tabasco sauce. “I burn you long time Joe.”

      • Bill

        Tabasco sauce as a personal lubricant? Yikes!

      • GWB

        He should use Tabasco to insert it.

        • PaulS

          ‘nuther kind of Tabasco sauce!

  • Pete231

    And, in the movie “Little Nicky”, Adolf H. , while dressed in a French maid’s outfit, got the “Hawaiian Punch” with an exceedingly large pineapple…….

  • JackDeth 72

    Wow…/ It must be Karma.
    FBI Guy is the same one from an earlier encounter.

    Also reminded of another Allan Sherman ditty:

    “Every time you take vaccine,
    Take it orally/

    As you know, the other way
    is more painfully!”

    I’m here all next week, folks.
    Try the veal and don;t forget to tip your Wait Staff.

  • Bill G

    FBI: We enforce the law, not obey it.

  • eon

    “We’re the FBI and we do whatever we want.”

    Therein lies the problem.

    clear ether


  • Randy

    I’m partial to the prison scene in the movie Hancock. “I’f you don’t move, your head is going up his a**.” Cue the theme song for Sanford and Son.

    • JackDeth 72

      Or “Drop Kick Me, Jesus Through The Goal Posts Of Life!”

  • GWB

    That appears … larger than necessary for a tracker.

    • John

      It needs a very long range and big batteries.

  • Alex J

    Plop, plop,
    fizz, fizz,
    oh what a relief it is!

    Remembered from my youth

  • Pamela

    Any body have the number to good proctologist or urologist?
    He’s going to need one or both.
    Dude, start counting down and take deep breaths. This might pinch a bit.

  • JTC

    I think our bot buddy is getting ready to attach that big ol’ tracker to his um, insertion mechanism; from the looks of it, ol’ shiny is apparently a black dude at heart, albeit more polite; is he named Jeeves? Or maybe Jeevon?

    Old Seinfeld bit,

    Insert (heh) “track” in place of “whack” (heh heh).

  • KenH

    Waste of time
    Dismembering the prick and scattering in six holes far more effective

  • why do I get the feeling this is going to turn into a running joke, along the lines of the guy who goes hunting and gets caught by the bear?

  • epilitimus

    “I know a guy…”

    Zed or Q? Probably both.

    • Swansonic

      I’m thinking AntMan. He shrinks, takes it in to the desired place and restores it to it’s natural size.

      Boom – “That’s a spicy meatball!”

      And he wouldn’t leave a mark……

  • epilitimus

    A number of quips about “Just the tip…” come to mind.