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  • Frank James Gaughan

    Is that a KELTEC KSG?

    • epador

      Yes and since it ejects down you can shoot lefty. Just beware letting forward hand slip to front of muzzle when firing…. … there should be 10 or 11 shots left before reloading.

    • Reef Blastbody

      Yep, 14+1 with 2 3/4″ shells, or 12+1 with 3″ shells.

      Epador has a good point about needing a handstop or a foregrip on the slide, as the potential exists to have your weak hand get in front of the muzzle if the action is dirty/stiff or your hands or the slide are mucked up and slippery, or if you’re dealing with an adrenaline dump like someone is trying to kick the door open and you fumble with it.

      The Neostead 2000, which shares some similarities with the KSG (and arguably inspired Kelgren when he designed the KSG) uses a reverse stroke action, i.e. the action closes when you run the pump back towards you, and racking the pump forward opens the action, shucks the empty and puts the next round in the lifter.

      • JTC

        That short thing does present a hazard to the weak hand, and never has there been a better justification for a vertical foreward grip than with the KSG. However, there can never be any justication for that backward-running NEO; the Keltec night cost you some fingers when operated under duress, but that thing could get the wrong person killed.

  • S'aaruuk

    Nice shootin’ thar Red……two fer two.

    And Zed…..folks ARE waking up right now……just not as fast as I’d like.

  • Too Tall

    The title is an excellent pun.

  • Not murder.

    Self defense.

    Standing her ground.

    Great spatter!

    • Norm

      A group of crows is called a “murder” of crows.
      What do you call only two crows? An attempted murder. 🙂

  • Buck

    Some pads with solvent and then a few brush passes followed with a mop and a clean pad or three always allowed me consider the day done.

  • William Henry

    There actually pretty tough birds, I popped one with a .223 55 grain soft point and he still managed to get off the ground and go 50 feet before falling out of the sky dead.

    The left wing was trashed, I don’t how he even got off the ground.

    • Hardball

      Shoulda used a Blitz head.

    • Reef Blastbody

      Reflex/instinct, and adrenaline. I imagine you must’ve barely grazed it, as a body hit would result in a pink mist and a Looney Tunes-esque cloud of feathers from a 55gr pill doing ~2600-2800FPS

  • Kafiroon

    I only accounted 1 for 2. One was a snapshot from the hip with a pellet pistol. Right in the neck. Dead.
    It was further away than number two.
    That one was 3 loads of duck shot at close overhead range.
    It flew away naked.

    • Norm

      Old joke: Four crows are sitting on a fenceline. You shoot one.
      How many are left? Answer: only one, the dead one.

  • JTC

    Keep that bullpup at low ready Sam, there’s always more where those came from…

    “It takes at least 3 crows to make a “murder”…based on old English folklore, referring to the “Three ravens” folk tale, where three crows plot to devour the corpse of a dead knight.”

    Man the metaphors and parallels just keep coming…bravo Muir!

  • steveb919

    I posted this yesterday but it was late in the day so I will post it again.

    On this day… 20 years ago 246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights. 2,606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning. 343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift. 60 police officers went to sleep in preparation for morning patrol. 8 paramedics went to sleep in preparation for the morning shift. None of them saw past 10:00am Sept 11, 2001. In one single moment life may never be the same. As you live and enjoy the breaths you take today and tonight before you go to sleep in preparation for your life tomorrow, kiss the ones you love, snuggle a little tighter, and never take one second of your life for granted.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Had discussion with someone who is alive today because of actions I took about people we know who are part of the Nexis of much current evil.
      Remember, your actions can have significance no matter how you are degraded and insulted by people who seek power and the win over truth.
      Actions means something. The other person won’t do what only you see to do.

      • Absolutely correct…

        For the LOVE of the Republic, and to HONOR its Patriots, take ACTIONS to RESIST, to preserve the TRUTH, FREEDOM and LIBERTIES.

        But what actions? How do we resist?
        CRA Now!

  • cz93x62

    223 or 22-250 ends crows decisively with expanding bullets. Nosler BalTips or Sierra Matchkings both work, but the 60 grain Sierra flatbase HP is my all-time favorite in 22-250.

    • Unca Walt

      As a kid on the farm, my job was to use my J.C.Higgins .22 single-shot to take them out.
      My Dad and I would walk to our crude blind, and both of us would go in and stay about a minute or so. Then Dad would leave.

      Crows can’t count. As soon as he would leave, the sentinel in the treetop would squawk and the rest of the crowd would descend.

      I think maybe those who had difficulty in putting a crow down might have been using ammo that was too fast. .22 hollow points were devastating.

        • JTC

          Sam could loan her shottie to that squire and save all that crap.

  • Eh, Wot?

    CM – This is a 21st century “Lantern-In-A’Ringin’-Belltower” piece.”


  • It’s not murder, it’s Pest Control!

    Zar Belk!

  • Mike-SMO

    “Maybe it’s time we wake up,” ??? I don’t usually have visitors in my dreams, although they’d be welcome if they are providing cover, or bringing ammo.

    Sounds like just another fantasy for the Fan Boyz.

    Lot’s of characters. You could spare a few.

  • DogByte6RER

    Ole Joe Crow … Jim Crow’s heir, is back at it his plantation owner mindset.

    “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” he told Charlamagne.

  • Sue D. Nimn

    With more and more Democrats expressing serious reservations about Sundown Biden, and his decisions that are stupid at best…

    …perhaps it’s only a matter of time before we get an open confession: “Yeah, Biden’s doing a terrible job. Maybe I filled in lots of ballots for him in Pennsylvania, and maybe I didn’t, but it was a really bad idea. The same goes for the rest of you PA ballot workers, and you know who you are.”

  • HankB

    Democrats, striving to do to All Americans what they’ve done to Black Americans

  • Since as Unca Walt declares, “Crows can’t count.”, they don’t bother, they just make shit up. Absolutely enough Cali voters have awakened to dispatch this one, but…

    “More than a third of active registered voters had cast their ballots by Saturday, a harbinger of the future of mail-in voting.”

    Yes indeed, a harbinger. They will not vote their way out of this; neither will we.

  • Pamela

    Jim Crow turned into Welfare and No Father in the House was the Rule.
    Slavers Never Change.

    • Leftists have always been about enslaving the people, irrelevant in history to ambiguous “parties”…the methods may have changed, but not the madness or the agenda.

  • Let me just say that Sam’s crow-hunting outfit with BOTH shoulder straps dropped is Hot. As. Hell.

    And is the pattern on that dress a crow kill list? 🙂

  • Jamie Thackaberry

    Great cartoon, great gun… even better with a red dot sight and a fore grip…


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