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  • Too Tall

    For Progtard DildoCrats, Trump truly is a fate worse than death.

  • JTC

    By virtue of a lot more federal judges including at least one on the high court, Trump’s influence will be exerted for many more years after 2024.

    Oh, and stop touching it, Sam.

    • Pamela

      JTC~ Sam has the perfect right to touch, caress, stroke and work the slide as much and as often as she wants.

      • JTC


        This is her pistol,
        This is his gun.
        One for her protection,
        The other for her fun.

        But not at the same time. When one is in use, the other remains securely holstered.

        • Halley

          “When I hold you in my arms and I feel my finger on your trigger…”

  • Wulfenite

    I was late making my comment on yesterday’s strip, so here it is.

    This is an Arizonan view of SB1625 that I would like to share. While I am not the person in this video, he does cover my views, but with a wee bit more potty language than I use. Enjoy.

    • NotYetInACamp

      My comment yesterday still won’t load, or it gets that too many posts response, and doesn’t load.
      I have been on everbody’s list since grade school. Little surprise that the AI’s have now listed me. Such is this one of my crosses to bear.
      The guy has a good attitude, and is correct by the constitution, and more importantly, by the Natural law given us by God.

      As to The DC Area Swamp becoming a Superfund site as a result of all of the exploding heads after they understand and realize that President Trump had just been given 4 more years by the American people, go with it. The EPA can handle it. It would be nice to see The Swamp be cleaned up and restored to an ecologically sound environment for the good that has been, and will be developing, in these united States of America.
      Keeping it Great, and enabling Americans to make it even greater.
      Then helping those in the world who want the help and deserve it to make their nations and their lives greater back in their own nations.
      No more invasions to conquer or plunder, hu bubbas across the world.
      Presidential phone calls that lawfully and dutifully question about blatant possible corruption will continue without apology, no matter the View.
      Xi means Hu. And Hu is not on First.
      (testing post again)

  • WayneM

    Watching the battling bozos as they pander their way towards selecting whoever will be the candidate to square off against Trump, it occurs to me that they’ve learned nothing in the past three years. Less than nothing, perhaps…

    When y’all are done with Trump, maybe Canada can import him to clean up our swamp?

    • Capn Jack

      Sorry Canada. By then there will be too many, “Mudslimes ” in your government to do anything about it.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    It’s fun, watching the dummycraps sort through the flock searching for the best sacrificial lamb to offer up in 2020!

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Those who would Destroy or Pervert the Constitution do not Deserve its Protections.

  • Paladin

    With NH primary last night we will see if the fix in for Mayor Pete. My theory is the Dem’s are looking to go with “the 1st black President Part Deux” by running the “1st gay President”. Conning the American people to get in their low profile commie, again. Tulsi was crying about “little Mike” buying his way into the debate. Why is she shocked? They bought off Bernie to stay quite after Hillary took all the “Super Delegates”. For them it’s “Show me the Money”.

    • MasterDiver

      Just heard the NH results. Bernie seems to have come in #1. God help NH if they can live next door to VT and see the results of his work, and still vote for him. The NH primary is proof nthat every ballot needs one additional line: “None 0f the Above is Acceptable”!

      Zar Belk!

      • Wood

        YES! I’ve been advocating this for some time. None of the above, Do not pass go, start over, no reruns. Just because these windbags run does not mean we the people must choose one of them.

        • ExNuke

          Dependocrats haven’t figured that out yet, they would check the “D” box whether there was a name there or not. Voting should be required by law and NOTA as a choice for every office on the ballot.

          • Henry

            Required by law? God, please, no. The only thing worse than an idiot elected by voters who don’t know how to vote is one elected by voters that otherwise wouldn’t have cared enough to vote.

    • JTC

      More like “the first black nominally female president…they’re already talking about brokering the thing, not much of a stretch to a draft.

      If that happens we are in trouble as Big Mike gets the benefit of the billions from Little Mike…he would spend it all to make that happen.

    • Henry

      It’s the DNc’s “Oprah voting” strategy. Doesn’t matter what the candidate stands for, as long as the low-information voter gets to say s/he voted for the first black president, first woman president (she’s really steamed about blowing that one), first gay president, first undergrad president, first housepet president, first lizard president…

      • JTC

        Nope. TPTB in the leftist/commie/muzzie movement will use any and all of that to sucker in their dependents, but make no mistake;

        If Moo should somehow land in the Big Chair the destruction and dismantling of the Republic would make the planned Hillzabeast regime look moderate and lovable.

  • Bill G

    The democrat party’s Pandermonium is showing much more than they like to. This shows more and more citizens what that party is actually all about.
    Can we ship them some bigger shovels?

  • JTC

    The Bern #1, Buttgiggety #2, yada yada yada…

    Before calling all New Hamsters crazy it is well to remember those results are only for the Dims…

    Trump won in a landslide. Just as he will in November.

  • DCE

    A lot of independents voted for Bernie. Some of that is protective since there’s no way Bernie can beat Trump if he he keeps trying to rebuild the Soviet Union on US soil.

    • John

      I’m waiting for some troll to show Bernie with his hand over his heart at attention while listening to the Soviet National Anthem.
      Which, by the way thanks to Putin, is now the music of the Russian National Anthem.

  • NotYetInACamp

    But with Sneaky Pete make Drag Queen Story Time mandatory for K through 6 Grade?
    Given how progressives and the modern day Democrat Party are following the rules of demanding and doing some more leftists destructive behavior designed to destroy society and bring on post modernism nothing with society gone so they can finally install the perfect government ruled by them, it is important to know what is next. Will giving your children to the pervert that demands them be required on pain of your death. (They are just being who they are!) Will Epstein, who did not kill himself, become a future saint in their constellation and be considered a saint of Baal?
    Well Heck! Everything going on today would sound like this even ten years ago.
    What Would JFK say? (Bring on Marilyn?)

    Jimmy Dore is funny a lot on this today on his show. (Dang leftist.)

    • Advo

      Sneaky Pete is just Bernie Sanders without the shouting.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    We live in “interesting times”- – – – – -a bunch of the dummycrap contenders for the honor of getting soundly thrashed by Trump in the general election are geriatric, communist, gay, or just plain nuts. Then the dark horse waiting in the wings to rescue the party from its own incompetence is an Oompa-Loompa who wants to outlaw guns and Big Gulps, and has to stand on his own checkbook to look the other candidates in the eye!

    The brothers Grimm couldn’t make up that kind of a fairy tale!

  • Browncoat

    You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.
    Hillary won the popular vote in 2016. Logic would say that with all the real progress the country has made in the last 3 years that a Trump victory would be guaranteed.
    Where has logic played to the Left in a the last… ever?
    The shit going on in Virginia… The blatant, ‘in your face’ anti-Constitutional ‘laws’ being passed will spread unless it’s stopped dead in it’s tracks. And we all can imagine what that would take. Not unless there’s a rush to the Supreme Court to rule these new laws null and void and follow up with arrests made for seditionl

    • JTC

      My landslide comment above referenced the New Hampshire primary vote…seemingly a bit tongue in cheek with no real opposition. But not really because that actually magnified the fired up base that gave him more than double that of any incumbent there in forty years including the messiah in 2012 and slick in ‘96. I call that a landslide, not sure about your definition.

      As to the general in November, well maybe it won’t be a landslide but it will sure as hell be an earthquake that will rock the leftist world and I’ll take that any day.


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