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  • eon

    A perp walk for The One, the Bill, and the Shrill would absolutely make my year.

    It’s about two decades overdue, really.

    clear ether


    • Kafiroon

      Perp walks. For treason to the country at least.
      I think The One’s color is more like Yellow. Unless he is attacking us of the US.

      • eon

        Well, we did used to use yellow coverall for some perps. Those had



        stenciled on them, front and back, in two-inch high black block letters.

        That would fit him and Shrill both, actually.



    • Deplorable B Woodman

      That’s a PPV I’d pay good money to watch. Twice.

      • No shit. I still say my PPV concept of $10 a foot to watch the drop would probably clear the National debt.

  • JTC

    Sam? He ain’t out yet.

    The pipeline thing today? Bloody red prints all over it.

    Little bitch can do a lot of damage and lay a lot of traps in the next 6 weeks.

    How ’bout that perp walk is straight to a firing squad? Bloody red? Yesss.

    • As long as I can get it on Direct TV.

  • KenH

    Unless the little bitch kills himself live, on air, I could care less

  • RickS

    It just feels so CRIMINAL for the last eight years. Just the debt alone!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pamela

    Time to get all the crap laws and regulations off the books once and for all.
    Common Sense needs to be the rule of thumb going forwarded.
    Insanity is no longer allowed in the governance of this Nation.
    Idiots, Miscreants and assorted Hangers On need no longer stick around.
    Off with ye Scoundrels and Pederasts.

    • Old Codger

      “Time to get all the crap laws and regulations off the books once and for all.”

      Could not agree more, Ma’am, but what leads you to believe the total RINOs running the GOP agree with us? Would you bet your home on that? Your llivelihood?

      • Pamela

        There is this little bit of flotsam that needs to go right quick

        Definition of “Waters of the United States” Under the Clean Water Act

        EPA-HQ-OW- 2011-0880

        The new thought is that all ” United States Waters” are interconnected somewhere under the earth’s surface and therefore are subject to their jurisdiction no matter how far down.

        And they are getting paid for coming up with this excrement.

  • thundercloud65

    Those people off in their ivory towers organizing cry-ins and safe spaces have no clue as to how their precious EPA affects everyday people who actually have to work for a living.

    A few months back I was in a small engine repair shop where they fix your stuff while you wait. There was quite a crowd of everyday working people waiting and talking.

    The topic of discussion was the EPA. One farmer was saying that in spite of all he’d done to be in compliance they were going to fine him anyway. The mood of the crowd was like what you’d see at a funeral.

    When I think of that day it still amazes me that the people in Washington AC/DC are clueless as to why we deplorables are so angry.

    • eon

      Oh they know. It’s deliberate.

      They envision a “post-technological” or even “post-human” world in which our civilization no longer exists. And they use regulations to “starve the beast” (us).

      They see themselves, whom they define as “post-human”, living “gently on the land” in something like an ashram on Big Sur back in the Seventies. BUT with all their cool tech toys.

      As for farming, think rice paddies. With “night soil” spread by hand by the peasants they allow to survive the “reduction of humanity to the carrying capacity of Holy Mother Gaia”- which they reckon at about 50 million, or two armed overseers and eight slaves for each of the “elite'”.

      As for “night soil”- ask any Vietnam veteran, they’ll clue you in. Especially anybody who ever had to patrol, interdict, or strike a rice paddy.

      There’s a reason you wore your boots with the straps buckled tight and your trousers with the cuffs inside and bloused over the tops.

      clear ether


    • Ed Woods

      A friend ran a small business rebuilding antique furniture and building replicas. He spent quite a few years building that business so he could care for his family. Working full-time five days a week at whatever paid, always seven days a week getting the business going. When he cleaned out the stripping tanks he put the residue in 55 gallon drums. After a time he collected a pickup load of those, so he took them to the dump. The dump refused them and sent him to a city 2 hours away that could handle the material. When he got there they tested the residue, declared it low level radioactive waste, and hammered his ass into the ground. Five grand each for disposal, a fine that was unreal, weeks locked out of his home and shop while they “inspected,” and so on. It cost him everything. They barely saved the house. His heart gave out not long after that. Another case of “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      If the EPA wants to play “laws for thee, but not for me” it’s time to lure them to a location, practice The Four Esses (Suppress, Shoot, Shovel, Silence), and make them just…..disappear.

  • Iconoclast

    In regard to the EPA & other alphabet agencies destroying us, I commend the book “Unintended Consequences.” And while it is fiction and hopefully a Trump Administration will obviate the need for such consequences, many of the arrogant bureaucratic staff of the EPA, ATF & others are long overdue for attitude adjustments … and few Americans would sympathize unless such were fatal.

    • Good series! Kinda similar to Zed, methinks.

      • TomZ

        That I know of, there is no sequel to ‘Unintended Consequences’. John was talking about one, but I don’t know how far he has gotten with it.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      “……unless such were fatal.”

      Wanna bet?

  • But if Ovomit does a show, it will have to be one of those “losers for taxes” sort of things. PBS, here it comes.

  • Dienekes

    As something of a history and political theory buff, I recently went into what was, for me, somewhat foreign territory. French Revolution on to and through the “postmodernists”. I knew some of it, but a closer reading left me wanting a shower with Lava soap. Some SERIOUSLY crazy and evil bastards in the mix, and a helluva lot of dead people as collateral damage. The current crop of “Progressives” are chips off the old block.

    Don’t get me started on public “education”. The fangs lengthen and hair grows on the back of my hands.

    • jackdeth72

      Doesn’t surprise me at all. Inner City Blacks rarely think before they react. I’ve always known them to react before they even bother to think.

      And then they wonder “WHY?”!!!

      • eon

        Progressives of any type never think. They emote, demand, command, and believe that nothing bad should ever happen to them because they are inherently Good and Right and etc.

        Progressive “journalists” are now once again demanding an end to long incarcerations for crimes and a lessening of penalties for crimes, for the usual “stop criminalizing young (black/hispanic/whatever) men” reason.

        They are getting what they want- more criminals are being released early, to “end prison overcrowding”, especially in CA and NY.

        The rate of violent crime is going up again, because of course the hardcore career criminals are on the street again.

        Progressive journalists’ answer? What else- ban guns.

        It’s about a ten-year cycle now. Except for the “ban guns” part, which never stops or changes.

        I suppose the next demand from the enlightened journalists will be making robbery, murder, etc. legal if the perp belongs to one of the favored “constituencies”.

        Then they can openly cheer for the robbers and murders on the op-ed page as they’ve always dreamed of doing.

        For the rest of us, it’s like Lt. Lou Torrey (Charles Bronson) said in The Stone Killer (1973);

        [Torrey and Sergeant, in car, outside church]

        Sergeant: Nothing changes, only the names.

        Detective Lt. Lou Torrey: You gotta be kidding. We’re chest deep in water. Screaming against the rushing tide.

        You know, last three weeks, in New York City alone, there were 159 homicides?

        3,000 criminal assaults, 6,000 robberies.

        You multiply that by Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles.

        You remember that cartoon of an old Roman Circus? Where all the lions are roaring, and the page boy yells down the corridor…

        [to camera]

        You’ve got five minutes, Christians.

        clear ether


        • JTC

          Empty the jails and courts of low-level non-violent marijuana offenders.

          Legalize/decriminalize what got them there.

          Redirect assets to crimes with victims.

          Importation plummets. Cartels disappear. Ancillary crime slashed.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences cuts across all facets of life.

    • John

      To (admittedly paraphrasing the quote(s)) Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan “Life in the State of Nature is solitary, mean, nasty, brutish, and short.”
      I wonder if it will ever cross the minds of the Good City of Baltimore that what they once had was the police force they deserved.

  • B C Aeich

    I feel our country was “violated” by the b-ho. Living like royalty on us, hating us all the while, rubbing our noses in his excessive lifestyle. There would have to be two successive full tilt ServePro operations before I would enter the WH.

    Guilty in wrecking our standing in the world in all important areas, the fragile stablility of mid east, the death of our ambassador and three other “fine men”. (He is neither of those).


  • WayneM

    As pleasant as it might be to entertain the notion, I can’t see The One, The Bill or The Hildabeast ending up in the Crowbar Hotel. They’ve got too much loot and influence to go that way. The US justice system appeared two tiered. Those who can pay, walk away; those who cannot, rot.

  • NotYetInACamp

    And of course every sociopath control freak on a city code enforcement team has the ability to destroy people’s lives with the multiple of violations that can be crushed onto people’s throats.

    Trump had his $5000 a day fine for flying a flag not according to code. And his dead hedge replaced by a hedge not quite as tall but alive that was a $5000, to $8000 fine.

    Those fines for “the little people” the progressive like to oppress can take their property.

    I saw code enforcement used in Miami Beach to take property from the old homeowners for the developers that wanted the property cheap. The multitude of codes and regulations enable property to be taken and “the little people” to be crushed. few have a billion dollars to fight the massed power and taxing wealth of a municipality.

    Takings for public use also can later be decided to be unneeded and sold to the cronies. Laws and regulations used for Progressive evil ends are commonplace.

    • John

      I always liked the notion that Takings by a government should be treated in exactly the same way Takings by an individual are treated in a court of law.
      The aggrieved party is entitled to the standard compensation of full restitution and three times damages.
      This wouldn’t stop a determined government, but it would put a severe dent in its activities on behalf of its cronies and make some waves come election time.

    • Pamela

      I need mind bleach for #9. They went out in public dressed like that!

    • John

      If they are such losers, how did we get in this mess?

      • NotYetInACamp

        We don’t meddle. They meddle.

        Some others meddle sometimes.

        And this has been a planned war against the United States of America from many sides. An asymmetric war. As I have said to many,: As Admiral Yamamoto said ‘ No army could invade the USA as their would be a gun behind every blade of grass.’ So they sent an asymmetric army. All of the nations south of us sent their army to plunder and steal from us. Some said to take us over. Mexico has taught that much of the USA belongs to Mexico. For as long as I can remember Mexican Presidents sent their army of people to plunder and conquer us. Islam by Sharia Law demands that Islam conquer all others. Coordinated plans by the Muslim Brotherhood have been captured since at least the 1980’s. The globalists have wanted us taken out for hundreds of years. various factions of them have acted. We are supposed to be made total slaves by removing our power and choices. Islam has been growing the protoplasm of the Umma (by oil money since the 1970’2) to send them into the War. Europe and the USA are feeling that now.
        We are now in the process of consolidating the couter coup that was centered around getting Donald Trump elected. There is so much going on.

        They are the useful idiots of others.

  • Mort

    Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson must be having palpitations
    about Ben Carson being selected and accepting HUD Sec.
    They can not say that he doesn`t know what it`s like to grow
    up in an inner city neighborhood.

    Aren`t they supposed to be on their way to Vancouver….
    much I`m sure to Canada`s chagrin.

  • George J

    We can only hope, Zed…

  • PaulS

    JTC, indeed responsibility is the key, unfortunately idiots will always be available for Darwin awards.
    Dirty Harry put it best, “A mans got to know his limitations.”
    First time with the.500 I put one round in, having no idea what it was actually like, after that one landed where intended and recoil experienced, the next 5 went out in about 3 seconds on a 10 yard target in the black (hand sized group). At that point I deemed it “useful” as designed. That said, I have not yet added one to my collection, and likely won’t. It’s kind of like the .50AE that was also discussed, plenty useful but even less practical than the more powerful wheel gun.
    TCs are in a class by themselves, simple elegance among my reasons.
    The latest technological marvels from Tracking-Point have so narrowed the usefulness of the rifle that I can’t figure out how to categorise it. “The FedEx of rifles, when it absolutely, positively has to get there.”? Competitions would be boring, as would target practice, perhaps predator elimination, just because it needs to be done. I appreciate the possibility of missing.

    • JTC

      For both 50’s I think it was easier for me to categorize, based on demand or lack of it, and also on the nature of what demand there was. Using those criteria it was apparent that those who were driven by what is biggest and baddest, and a smattering of those who legitimately saw and used them as hand-held Barretts made up the limited demand. I understood the latter, not so much the former, and my handling of their transactions relected that distinction.

      TC’s are indeed unique; like long-guns, I’m attracted to the ones whose form is as important as their function…fine craftsmanship rising to the level of art.

      Which attraction, being non-existent from your last category, eliminates them from my thought process of guns. They are not firearms, they are computers. Interesting, but nearly unrelated.

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