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  • KenH

    So, Meggggieee…
    How long have you been a RAT operative and working as an attack poodle — a shitty one at that — for the GOPRINOs??

  • Joel

    Skye is actually cleaning?!! Is she sick or something?

  • Pamela

    Somehow Skye cleaning anything does not come to mind with her being on her knees…

    Submission? This is not date night in DC…

  • Bill

    It’s called leverage. We all have to get on our knees sometimes to get the job done. Hard work isn’t a sin, it’s part of life and character building.

  • Leo AutoDidact

    “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

    “Only at Chess!”

  • NotYetInACamp

    You looked.

    Talking Trump is talking truth.
    As my recent excursions into local thought reveal that people like many of Trumps ideas and do not want all of distracted from that.

    Cruz talking the right Trump would be his saying that the invading armies (Jerry Brown, governor of California banned the use of alien in his domain – government) must be expelled. So could Walker say such. As well as talk about what will bring work back here and reduce the regulatory strangling like that done by the EPA.

    The waste of resources here and in the world is destroying all of us.

    We are concerned with the future of humanity, not Megyn saying her thoughts on her husbands dick size or her boobs as she discussed on Howard Stern’s Show, or we should be.

    Obama was the imaginary hero for the sheeple top follow into the slaughterhouse. the rest of the sheep must ramp up and work with the sheep dogs.

    How about the buying of access and help from politicians.

    It is the ideas of America that all of them collectively discuss that is important. There is even more to discuss. Trump’s advocacy of ideas that America believes in is important and the ideas are the most important part that must be carried through

    If we don’t have a vision we are lost.
    If we don’t have passion, we are lost.

    We must put the two together. America has both and we can see America rallying behind someone who is attempting to address the real issues and present the beginning of solutions.

    It is war. We need mobilization. the others have to get off the bench and passionately show vision America agrees with, and passion they will work with.
    To be PC is to be defeated by Mao’s calculated Leftist weapon. PC cannot let anything not PC survive. It will destroy all not PC. The flag was not. trump is not. Republicans must not be. Conservatives and Libertarians must not be. The enemy has mobilized. So must we. And it will not all be an army where we march lockstep with everyone else. It can’t be. To Victory.

    (Cleaning is part of life. We all clean our weapons. A business is a weapon. Like a gun it is also a tool. )

  • Some just cannot help it, can they? Work pays the bills.

  • Bill G

    Two liberal knee-jerks in one strip. Great. And I loved the allusion to Sabo.

  • And so the MGTOW movement (“men going their own way” – without women as dependents) progresses.

    If the male/female partnership (can’t say “marriage” anymore, with the term rapidly proceeding to describe non-fecundative arrangements for living which include critters of different species as well as lustful fixations on household appliances) is of steadily diminishing returns for the male participants, what motive remains to hold men to their role as breadwinners, father figures, and squishers-of-spiders?

    “Ein halbe Uhr Ficken, drei Tage Dicken” seems to be the model of the modern American man’s fate as head-of-household.

  • Bill G

    “On Your Knees”? It would be rude of me to suggest that Skye’s preferred position to attain anything is on her back, so I won’t.

    • Kevin M


  • And as the last functioning communist nation implodes, the left grasps at its vestige as the avowed socialist bests even the radical leftism of hilzabeast as the erstwhile home of live free or die adopts a new meaning of that credo.

    If “from each, to each” is the platform of the left, it becomes just a game of numbers to pick a winner, which is why gun rights and immigration are the only real keys to the future. The left knows that; Trump knows it too, I’m not sure any of the others do…yet.

  • NotYetInACamp

    She used to chicken head behind the local big box dumpsters at $5 a pop, I heard rumor.

    • NotYetInACamp

      my living beyond the internet puts things in the wrong place. This comment I made was supposed to be somewhere above where a megyn was mentioned. Ah well. too tired to look.
      Reality does entail work. Deeming something often results in wrong actions or interpretations by those whose job it is to misdirect.

  • Kevin M

    I cannot believe the outrage over Trump calling Kelly a hemophiliac.

  • Delilah T

    Donald doesn’t like it when women talk back and don’t kowtow to his inflated ego. That was what that was all about, nothing else. I’ll give him 1/10 of a credit point for his blunt tactic on immigration, because my entire ancestry back to Day One came here On The Boat. But they came in by the front door, not the back door, and that was his point.

    There’s also this: The Donald’s ONE AND ONLY interest is himself. He’s a bully and a blowhard and he doesn’t like it when someone gets in his way. If you view his talking to shrillary and sickslick Williepete as political, you’re mistaken. He doesn’t give a crap. It’s about him, NOT abut a political party and THAT is why he raised his hand when Megyn Kelly asked that question ‘will you abandon the GOP and run on a 3rd party ticket’. Yeah, it IS that simple whether you believe it or not. He’s a sore loser, a spoiled brat, and if he can’t have it his way right off the bat, he’ll find a way to GET it HIS way.

    Now, he’s said things that needed to be said, and frakk people’s ‘feeewings’. It’s one thing to be polite. (He’s not.)

    It’s another thing to constantly lie to yourself. That’s a disease.

    • Delilah,

      It’s really about the hair isn’t it?

      It’s always been about the hair.


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