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  • formwiz

    You can’t beat the classics.

  • epador

    Mini MSM

  • epador

    Mini MSM

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    That’s been pointed out earlier, with a picture showing Mao, Hellary, Dr Evil (and maybe one or two others), all wearing the same style “suit”. I’ll have to see if I can find that and post it here.

    Why DO they all wear the same suit? Inquiring minds, and all that.

    • Pamela

      Mao and Dr Evil never wore a $12,495 Giorgio Armani tweed jacket.

      • jackdeth72


        But Hillary has worn several outsourced Chinese designed Pantsuits constructed of Russian cardboard!

      • GWB

        Because capitalism forces you to pay lots more money for ugly crap than you do under socialism. Duh.

    • Ozymandias

      I think it has something to do with a pact they made with Satan.

      • Interventor

        Same designer.

        • Pamela

          Gentlemen ~ you made me laugh.
          She could have purchased clothing which would have fit her properly from the skin out at Lane Bryant. Though the cheeky panties would have been a stretch to cover her medical equipment.

          • Pamela, you are showing your sheltered upbringing. I know you obviously have fashion taste. However, Hillary doesn.t have that option. The only place she can get clothes that properly fit her is from the Army and Navy store, in the command tent section..

          • Grunt GI

            Ok, I’m going to have to agree with you Pamela, my bride shops at Lane Bryant and they do have some nice things.

            OH, and I’m gonna go WAY out on a limb and say the Lane Bryant models are much hotter than the Victoria’s Secret babes. Everytime I see one of the VS girls, I just want to give them a sammich. They need some meat on their bones.

            More booty to hold at night is nuthin’ but a good thing…and yes, I do love how my bride wears the cheeky panties.


          • MasterDiver

            She should check the classifieds in the local University papers. At U of MD they were always running ads for “Genuine Mao Jackets” for just $50. Matching pants, $40, Mao cap $25. They usually ran right next to the ad for the latest showing of the Revolutionary ballet “Red Detachment of Women.”

            Zar Belk!

    • Roger

      My dad’s theory is she’s paranoid about being assassinated, so wearing a bulking bullet-proof vest, she uses her fashion choice to hide it.

  • KenH

    What these guys really need is a couple hundred kilotons in the basement, for urban renewal

    • Jefferson Selvy

      One kilo ton would do

  • eon

    Hillary defines what we need as “more”.

    More taxes.

    More spending.

    More anti-gun laws.

    More Islam.

    More illegal immigrants- excuse me, I mean “more new Democrat voters”.

    More environmental regulations.

    More government.




    And of course more contributions to the Clinton Foundation to make sure that everything runs smoothly. For her.

    Or. Else.

    If you need any “more” proof that the Democrat Party is a criminal enterprise run by fanatics who intend to destroy not just this country but Western civilization in toto, Hillary Clinton is “more” than sufficient.

    clear ether


    • Kafiroon

      On that happy note, I will add that on the radio I heard she is looking to 2020.

      • JTC

        How long before she says she has 2020 Vision?

        • Hardball

          She’s probably thinking…. Chelsey

        • PaulS

          Bah dah bum!

      • 2020? As bad as that old cow’s health is, if she lives that long without suffering a major stroke, I will be completely surprised.

        • It will be one of her clones, because ain’t no way in hell she’ll be alive by then.

        • Bill G

          I’m expecting to hear of a major breakdown in her health shortly after any announcement of a further investigation into things Clinton.

          • Grunt GI

            Or that she is divorcing Bill, coming out of the closet, and marrying Huma.

            That will line ALL the SJW on her side.

      • Good grief! That is SO 1960s, it’s pathetic! Pantsuits for work got the go-ahead because they were more formal for work and suited any girl who didn’t want to wear miniskirts in the winter. Then it went out of style with the midi-dress (calf-length), then reappeared as the ‘career shorts’ in the 1990s.

        I think I am going to gag. Pantsuits are NOT the great equalizers.

        • Pamela

          Never wore one in my life. They were hideous. Tantamount to wearing top rolled down sweat pants and yoga pants when not doing yoga.
          I found tights instead of bare legs in winter with miniskirts worked well.

          • doc

            They work better for the viewer too

    • epador

      more #pizzagate

    • JTC

      More cowbell!

      So we’ll know she’s coming

    • Pamela

      Pure and simple, THAT WOMAN IS an addict, as is the rest of her party.
      Time to go cold turkey and cut off their supplies.

    • MasterDiver

      And MORE of whatever YOU’VE got, on behalf of the common good, of course.

      Zar Belk!

  • Pete231

    I understand that the Hildebeast stripped all the gears in her transaxle that occupies the ass of her pantsoot and will be out of circulation until Skynet gets the back-ordered muffler bearings and anal grease to complete the repairs….

  • Is it that that sort of mind just feels DRAWN to wear these pantsuits? That could be a warning flag to remove these sorts before they become what they do.

    • eon

      Gender denial. She wants to “wear the pants in the family”.

      Every family, yours included. As Gary Aldrich observed in Unlimited Access, the Clintons do not tolerate anything being more important than they are.

      Hillary, especially, views the concept of “family” as inimical to her definition of “the common good”. Meaning, her power.

      When she says “It Takes A Village” she means “The family must be crushed and absorbed, just like everything else, so that my will prevails”.

      You’re dealing with someone whose role model was apparently Lenin and/or Trotsky. Keep that in mind when evaluating her behavior.

      clear ether


      • GWB

        ‘Cause she’s imPOtent!

      • MasterDiver

        I was thinking more Stalin or Beria, especially with the trail of Arkancides behind her.

        Zar Belk!

  • Bill



    It’s also a favorite quotation of good old Jonah Goldberg, RINO at National Review Online.

  • Bill G

    Yes, the Far Left Times, like the rest of the Democrat Media Complex, is fishing in the wrong seas for the answer to it’s problems.
    All that they can pull up is “More Cowbell”, er, ah, I mean “Farther Left”.
    Instead of being mainstream, they are shoaled out on the left and cannot understand why they, like all those media organizations that follow them, are stuck.

  • WayneM

    The Old Gray Lady already took her drive in the white Bronco and so far has escaped prison. What’s next? A book about how she would kill Pepe if she could find him?

  • The socialist/dhimocrapt double standard is showing. How come Chelsea can be given control of the crooked, corrupt clinton foundation, but Trumps children can not control the Trump businesses? Why is it that this perverted standard is just appllied against a business man when we need one the most, but we don’t apply it against the bankers and brokers, the military contractors, the permanent Washington jokers? I know, lwhen we need a business person most, our stupid indoctrinated snowflakes have indoctrinated to only accept a vetted communist/socialist.

    • The Answer is: #IOOKIADDI*

      * – It’s Only OK If A Demo☭rat Does It!

      • thundercloud65

        That’s right.. The MSM would like us to believe that Chelsea is more cool and FAR better looking (gag) than Trump’s kids.

  • Mort

    The NYT may eventually come around with a new political drift,
    I don`t read it, so can`t say how it is spinning what Trump is
    doing with Carrier, but the mere fact that literally thousands of
    people have had their plans for positions in the HRC presidency
    destroyed, will have a reverberating effect among all the media

  • So Maureen Dowd still hasn’t gone out on a date…?!

  • Mort

    When it comes to news (on tv) I know which way Fox will go, and they
    have the annoying habit of a commercial every 5 min., so usually I pay
    attention to MSNBC under the plan of ‘keep friends close, and enemies
    closer’ besides they actually discuss things; as we know everyone who
    has predicted what Trump will do has been wrong, yesterday Josh Earnest (“the Joseph Goebbels of the Obama administration”/Michael
    Savage) was bragging about all the jobs his boss had created, and
    comparing to 1000 @ Carrier, (Ford`s involved too supposedly) well
    this morning their economics guy Steve Rattner showed how badly
    the economy has gone down under Obama…Point being that MSNBC
    has been one of Obama`s biggest cheerleaders, I have considered
    it a barometer for society`s change, and the pendulum`s swing back
    toward the right; even though we hate Obama`s policies and outright
    Socialism, too far to the right will be just as bad.

    • John

      I’ve become fatalistic about the political pendulum.
      The problem is that the majorities that make the laws are ephemeral but the laws themselves are not. For example, our biggest economic problems take the form of the “Zombie Economy”, which is the result of 26,000 pages of tax law designed to fix existing companies in place against any and all newcomers. Those tax laws have a well-entrenched constituency that will fight tooth-and-nail for their “fair share” of the loot. Those tax laws were assembled over the course of decades and cannot be unmade in the same manner. The same can be said for the zillions of other laws on the books.
      As I see it the only way to deal with the Zombie Economy is one that the Compromisers in government will never allow.
      Abolish the Federal Income Tax altogether and replace it with a single point retail sales tax. And to mollify those who scream REGRESSIVE! give every man, woman, and child who is a legal resident of the US a fixed income and repeal the minimum wage as well. That, at least, will encourage the illegals to either work hard or go home.

      • Pete in NC

        John, your suggestion of ” …give every man, woman, and child who is a legal resident of the US a fixed income… ” is basically what was tried in the early 17th Century at Plymouth colony and nearly resulted in the death of all the colonists. Only after they replaced it with capitalism were they able to thrive. Pretty sure what you describe is the basis for Socialism, and has been a failure in the past. I’d rather not repeat that experiment, especially when such experienced socialists like Putin and Mitterrand advise against it.

  • Mort

    An addition to my last entry: re: Socialism (Prime Minster of Britain ,
    Margaret Thatcher said “the problem with Socialism is that you will
    eventually run out of other people`s money”.) vs. Communism which
    is ‘hard core’ Socialism and is enforced (after no one is willing to work
    anymore because everything is free,) by the end of a gun….otherwise
    there is no more free (appropriated) stuff.

  • Mort

    That guy up at Hampshire (College?) should replace the flag he
    took down, Literally… he would look good hanging upside down.

  • When are we going to get to see Naomi’s knockers?

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