Day By Day


  • Malatrope

    Should anybody tell Sam her skirt is about to fall off?


    • fortyback

      A few days back it looked like her pants were being held up with spirit gum.

    • canuck49


    • Pamela

      I want to know why they are both wearing Red cowboy boots and where I can get a pair to properly fit my size 10 feet.

  • Th3o


  • KenH

    Considering the RATBITCHSPEAK for ‘bipartisan’ actual just means ” SHUT UP!! I SAID!! AND DO WHAT I TELL YOU!!!”

    Just No

    • Henry

      Compromise, my ass. Let the arrests and the indictments begin.

      • David M

        AMEN! Hell no on Compromise!

        • MasterDiver

          Democrats’ concept of compromise: “Shut up and do it MY way!”

          Zar Belk!

          • Christopher Cole

            Old joke from the 60s: Democrats propose having sex with all the wives of the Republicans, Republicans object so Democrats offer a compromise – we’ll have sex with just half of them. Republicans agree and Nation rejoices.

      • RooftopVoter

        Better yet, let the average “Joe” show the special snowflakes what a kneecapping feels like.

        Won’t take but one or two instances and I think they will lose their enthusiasm for protesting.

      • Peregrine John

        Yeah, I was thinking, “You mean compromise, as in plea bargain for incriminating the others? We could talk.”

  • formwiz

    He already has a list of people he can’t trust.

    I don’t think Sam has to worry.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The left only deserve the opportunity to try and present a valid argument for anything they want to do.
    They might have an argument for maybe up to 1% of the expenditures they already have stolen yearly from the country and its taxpayers and the children, grandchildren, and etc of the taxpayers.

  • Pamela

    I’d serve Mavericks in the White House if it were my kitchen.

    • Tiger Tomcat

      Or Black Rifle Coffee. 🙂

      • Pamela

        I love the women’s tank tops and the coffee looks yummy

    • thundercloud65

      Someone on the news said that the sea level is rising because of all the tears being shed by social justice warriors.

      Those protesters are demanding a Do Over election. Someone on Tumblr made a map of what the election would look like if ONLY millenials voted. Of course, the map is all blue except one state. The map has gone viral and has agitated them into protesting.

        • Rocky

          Neat site! Thanks for the link!

    • Henry

      I had no idea you could shoot someone via Twitter. Has anybody told Jack Dorsey? He’s going to be beside himself with guilt.

    • Roger

      I’m against higher taxes and government programs, but I would support a tax on US that would send all those liberals to Canada, Mexico, France or any other country of their choice- as long as they are not allowed to ever return here! It would cost us a lot of money in the short run, but in the long run, America would thrive!

      • Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah

        Throw in the #BlackLivesMatter folks, and the La Raza/ Reconquista agitators, plus the Islamic Supremacists, and I’ll happily –*JOYFULLY*– sign up for that tax. Woo-hoo!!

    • cb

      Why are they protesting? They lost their ”free” college.

      • They are protesting because they are 5-year-old spoiled brats in adult bodies who don’t understand that, in a competition or a contest, there is only ONE first place.

        And THEY didn’t win. And it hurt their widdo feewings.

        So now, they are throwing temper tantrums.

        Watching Chicago news online: the reporter said ‘thousands’. I saw only a few hundreds. It started when those greasy tramps climbed on the roof of a city bus and shut down the Outer Drive (LSD). Then they blocked the entrance to Trump Tower so that residents were unable to come and go.

        It’s a residential building, on private property. Report is that they were arrested for trespassing.

        Waiting to see how long it takes for the hysterical fits, the sturm und drang, to die away. Winter is coming. Chicago is a harsh mistress in the winter. I’d say that they’ll evaporate with the first snowflake.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Considering that “hands across the aisle” has ALWAYS been one direction, to the Libtard side, and has given us 1 GOPe RINOs such a McPain, McConnell, and Boner, and 2 the current state of the country (bankrupt, over regulated, overblown FedGov); the next time some DildoCrat Libtard wants “hands across the aisle”, he/she/it needs to pull back a bloody stump. And I have just the axe and machete to do it. And they both need a baptism of blood.

    • “Hey – I won.”
      “They can come along for the ride, but they’ll have to sit in the back of the bus.”
      Sound familiar, Libs?
      Liberals have sold us the rope we’ll use to hang them, in their own words.
      I’ll bet we’ll never see President Trump giving a speech in the rain while a Marine gets soaked holding his umbrella!

      Hillary said she’s willing to work with President Trump.
      President Trump tells Hillary that she has no role to play.
      Except, maybe, that of Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder…

      • PaulS

        Yes PC, all good. I was thinking that Trump could present Hillary with a participation trophy and 0baMao with a Reset button. “Overcharge” indeed. 🙂

        • ExNuke

          My Russian wife said it translated as “No Sale”.

    • MasterDiver

      “Bloody stump”
      Now, now be kind . The least we can do is have the bucket of hot pitch to dip the stump in to control bleeding. (Well, it worked for 18th century naval surgeons.)

      Zar Belk!

    • Bill

      Yeah. We need some compromise like their compromise on the passage of Obamacare.

  • Iconoclast

    He wasn’t elected to compromise with the enemy. That’s what put us in this mess.

    • Exactly. Ex-fucking-actly. Bingo to the Nth degree. We voted Trump to STOP this crap.

      • David M

        Quadruple AMEN!!!

    • NotYetInACamp

      One reason he was elected was to tell so so many that “You’re Fired!”

    • Kafiroon

      Any “compromise” will be pushed in congress. After looking at many sites of Hillery supporters lamenting their loss; they do NOT understand why anyone voted against her. Read what they say. One main point is we do not understand “The World” and we are uneducated. Plus all the “racist” etc. buzz words they call us.

      • Oh, dear me. Uneducated? 26 hours past my BA and I”m uneducated?

        Okay, but that’s kind of rich coming from a group of people who are functionally illiterate, isn’t it?

  • Spin Drift

    If he reaches across the aisle it should only be to slap them, with due enthusiasm and respect for the rule of law.

    No quarter asked none given on St. Crispins Day

    • Kafiroon

      Or slap them with charges of corruption and/or treason.

      • I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I once told John McCain that you can’t reach across the aisle without turning your back to the people on your own side.
      Try it, it’s impossible.
      McCain didn’t answer.

      • NotYetInACamp

        It is fun talking directly to people who think that they matter.
        Sometimes they will listen. Rarer still will they take your advice. But some have.

        That was a good bitch slap on John McCain.

  • Hell, you guys have already said what was boiling up in my head.

  • Swansonic

    Some Average Joe? Sounds great!

    Then lets replace the ADA with the ADAA and have some real fun!

    Remember: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and … dodge.

  • Special_Ed

    In the words of their own Nobel prize winning Messiah (circa 2009):

    “Elections have consequences.”

    It’s the political way for winners to tell losers: “Tough luck, you lost. Get over it.”

    • Bill G

      And then there’s The Lightworker’s other reply on compromise: “I won”.

  • So hellary lost and trump won.
    Alright – I’ve got just one thing to say to the President-elect:

    • BTW, while I never supported trump, I absolutely KNOW that hellary would have been a complete disaster for America.
      ….the jury’s still out on trump……..

      • Grape

        Nullification – works for me.

      • PaulS

        “I never supported trump”

        Sounds like you almost fucked it up.

        I’m in a State that went 2 to 1 for Hitlary, but that didn’t stop me from supporting the only chance of beating her. Now I get to take great joy in their distress.

  • Bob T

    Compromise? Only possible if the involved parties agree on the desired end state / goal, i.e., the disagreement is over tactics (how to achieve said goal). Otherwise, there’s no basis for compromise. The Republicans had best relearn that lesson, assuming they ever knew it to begin with. Watched McCockless doing his best impression of a congratulatory colleague following Trump’s win. Wouldn’t cause me to shed any tears to see the former go not-so-gently into that good night. Lyin’ Ryan either.

    • NotYetInACamp

      It is like muslims and Progressives. Compromise is the beginning of forcing their next victory. They never intend to accept the compromise. Compromise is just another step on their path to victory. They never consider compromise to be a resolution of anything. They continue the battle.

      • Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah

        I believe the Islamic term is “hudna” ? Where the Muslims, seeing that they are losing, lay down their arms and say, “Wait a minute, let’s talk.”

        The idiots negotiating with them assume that they’ve got an armistice, a ceasefire, a cessation of hostilities … a period of time during which they can negotiate A Lasting Peace.

        They don’t understand that the Muslims are using the temporary lull to re-arm and to move more fighters into the battle zone. As soon as they’re strong enough to wage war again, the “temporary peace” goes by the wayside.

        “There is no reconciliation with Infidels”. Whether you’re discussing Islam, or Progressives.

  • Bill G

    The problem on the Hill, and inside the rest of the Beltway is all of the tentacles that have reached from the left side of all the different aisles and enmeshed far too many on the right.
    Cut the tentacles or oust those who have been caught up in them.

    • eon

      Actually it’s more like the leaders on both sides went to the same schools, studied under the same radicalized professors, and have the same kind of stock portfolios. Which means they are more like each other than they are like anybody outside of their little hothouse. Which includes Hollywood.

      It’s why they hated Reagan. He was “from” Hollywood but not “of” Hollywood. And he absolutely was not “one of them”.

      The President-Elect is even worse from their POV. He’s a member of their own international set of the enlightened elite’ who has turned on them. Mainly because as a businessman as opposed to a politician, he has seen the effects of their attempt to build a Radiant Future Utopia and concluded that it won’t work. And that it isn’t even “sustainable”.

      He has concluded that his former compatriots come in three varieties; the stupid who follow, the misguided who lead, and the actually evil who make a lot of the plans. He thinks the first type need better management, the second type may be salvageable, and the third type just has to go. Because they are corrupt to the core.

      This is precisely the model he has followed in reorganizing failing businesses. To keep them from going under. Unless he simply combined them with others into something that actually worked.

      To him, this just seems sensible. To his former compatriots, it is apostasy. He’s telling them they’re wrong, and in their mental universe that simply is not possible.

      The stupid attack because the misguided tell them to. The misguided just keep doing what their dogmas demand.

      The evil are already plotting his demise, probably literally. Along with all those “deplorables” who failed to do as they were told Tuesday and put one of the leading planners of Utopia in the center seat.

      BTW- No, she will not just give up and go away. Not until the cell door slams and locks behind her. And maybe not even then. After all, Vito Genovese ran the Mafia from prison until his death.

      The election is over. The battle has just begun.

      clear ether


      • PaulS

        Did Karma just run over their dogma?

  • Bill G

    Another meme soon to return is “Serious Charges Must Be Taken Seriously”. It’s been long years since it rang across the land, but with a Republican returning to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue it will come back.
    And without a hint of acknowledgement of the hypocrisy for it’s absence.

  • Larry J

    Real compromise is part of the political process. However, for way too long, compromise is the Republicans caving to give the Democrats everything they demand. Screw that.

  • OpenTheDoor

    Can we please designate the BLM, both the black one and the Washington one, a domestic terroist organization and make them disband?
    Both organizations have murdered our innocent citizens and caused huge disruptions in law abiding peoples lives.
    You think the government will give away all that ammo they stockpiled, like cheese?

    • WayneM

      I was thinking the same thing. While BLM, Occupy (Insert Anything) and other social justice wankers were encouraged by 0bama and his band of Merry Marxist Race-Baiters, Trump is unlikely to find them as entertaining.

      • PaulS

        Time for my solution to the flag burners, a law that says acting in defense of the flag will not be prosecuted.

  • Dread

    Democrats havent compromised for 25 years, and look at what they got pushed off on the rest of us. We have the Senate, the House, the White House, and the Supreme Court, as well as all federal judge appointments for the next 4 years. Who, what, when, where, why, and how in the hell should we compromise anything? Let’s call them what they are instead of dummocrats, libtards and RINOS. They are commie socialist nitwits! (CSN’s) and the enemy of freedom. You don’t compromise with animals, children or your enemy, because it would be just stupid! CSNs are the enemy of our freedom. We are not stupid. NO COMPROMISING!

  • A Smiling American

    This ( ) is the cover of the German magazine, Die Velt (The World) with the caption Die Welt Steht Kopf, which literally translates to “the world stood on its head.” When I read it I was immediately reminded of the music that the British commander, General Cornwallis, had his band play the day he surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown…The World Turned Upside Down.

    It seemed somewhat fitting as the American people have once again thrown off an abusive ruler on their way (back) to a better form of government. Only this time, it was a bloodless revolution, except for the physical attacks by the minions of She Who Must Be Obeyed during the campaign and early on Wednesday.

  • Mort

    Now they know how we felt after the election in 2008;
    and unfortunately still in 2012.

  • Nom dePlume

    Keep ’em coming folks.
    I need the encouragement.
    We’re at the door of Moria having just escaped that thing in the pond, sent Bill home, “Speak, friend, and enter.”, it won’t be easy, it’s ALL necessary. Gird yourselves for the darkness and the fight.
    Thank you CM and all the commentariat here.
    Thank you.

  • Nom dePlume

    Holy shit
    This ain’t good
    Commie playbook 101
    Pressuring trump lots, now, it won’t stop.
    Gird yourselves.
    Steel yourselves.
    Don’t forget the X number of Jihadis that have been stationed here (oh, excuse me, relocated refugees (right))
    And their garrisons (excuse me again, mosques (right))
    Goodbye President Taqqiya
    The Clintons only stole shit from the WH and had to return (some) of it.
    This guy and his team is worse
    70 more days
    Watch out

    • PaulS

      No worries, the ballot box worked, leaving the ammo boxes well stocked.

      Leave free, or die.

      • Nom dePlume

        Agree. Worry isn’t on the menu. My expectation is: 1. Plenty of foes, 2. Disheartening discoveries of past damage and wreckage finally discovered. And inspite of 1. & 2., we need all our resources to rebuild what has been damaged. AND to build those new things needed.
        Worry? Agree it is not on the menu at all.
        Excuse me folks, I just like saying this: President Elect Trump, Vice-President Elect Pence. Wow. I AM awake aren’t I?

  • Bill

    Hope he does remember.

    • don in ak

      I am repeatedly in awe of the stupidity of the voters in CA. Do they put something in the water out there?

      • ExNuke

        It’s the unhealthest state in the union, everything there causes cancer (of the brain). I wish people would stop using their deceptive self-applied labels, they aren’t “Progressives” or “Liberals”there is no pregress or liberty in their agenda. They are “Repressives”if they think they are important and should be in control or “Regressives”If they want someone else to be responsible for their bad choices.

        • epilitimus

          Actually you all should be thanking those of us in the peoples socialist republic of California as we have been draining all of the wackos and fluff brains from the rest of the country since the 60’s, and keeping them and their progeny quarantined so the rest of you could live more or less normal lives.

          Unfortunately for you all they have just about mucked things up here badly enough (there are more of them than there are sane people) that they can no longer afford to live here and are beginning to flow back into the rest of the country. Those of us that have had to put up with them wish you all the best of luck and warn you to get ready because they are coming.

          • Pamela

            I’d like to toss all the DBFNs out and and charge them for the damage they have done to the State as they exited.

      • Pamela

        Nah, it’s hard coded in their DNA.

  • S Hooks

    Mitch McConnell is already starting to sabotage Trump and cut the legs out from any chance of enacting his agenda. –

    In addition to the above he has also stated elsewhere (sorry I don’t have the link handy) that the so-called “nuclear option” for confirming Supreme Court nominees is off the table. It’s a breathtaking example of just how arrogant and stupid he is. At least Paul Ryan was smart enough to pretend they were going to work with Trump, and “hit the ground running”.

  • Grunt GI

    Ahhh, nothing like watching the sweet, sweet tears of the snowflakes and proglibs as they become strong with the butthurt.

    Happy Birthday to all my jarhead friends, and goodnight Chesty, where ever you are.

    Chris, hope we can have our special Veteran’s Day cartoon tomorrow.

  • Interventor

    When a Democrat reaches across the aisle place one hand on wallet and other on concealed carry.

  • Spin Drift

    These will be the months of the Quickening, does the Pres Elect succumb to the GOPe leaders or does he cut his own path. Red pill of blue pill into the unknown or go with the flow and be cozy in your Presidency. By nature I believe he is a fighter and will not bend to the beasts in the swamp but his minions may. If your apple barrel is full of worms maybe it is time to go to the tree.

    Even Lincoln complained of meddlers.

    • Spin Drift

      By the way, eradicate the extra constitutional “Tsars” from the government. Do not make these appointments and dismember the staffs that go with them. Save some money at the top and making cuts below will be easier with an example to follow. If the government needs them then let Congress propose an amendment to change the Constitution to allow them to exist and make them cabinet level posts.

      9th and 10th amendments put back in place.

  • MasterDiver

    How about President Trump directs DoJ and State to unseal Bammy’s student records and pull his ORIGINAL Birth Certificate. If they don’t add up to “Natural Born Citizen”, take action to nullify all bills, EOs, laws and actions taken during 8 years of misrule!

    Zar Belk!

  • Spin Drift

    He’s gonna be busy on the 20th I’d leave that for the 21st.


  • Unca Walt

    I was out hawg-hunting, and did not want to even hear of it… But when I heard, OH MY!!

    America has stepped back from the brink. At least a little.

    AFTER Trump is sworn in is when he should appoint an independent investigator to take the FBI, DoJ, IRS and the Clintons apart.

    There will be enough more provable felonies available (that Comey somehow missed) so that a pardon from the Halfrican in the WH will not stick.

  • Chris in NC

    I refreshed ALL DAY yesterday waiting for your update!!! I’m guessing you were too delirious with the joy! 🙂

    • Chris Muir

      I was exhausted!

      • Pamela

        I take it that you got some well earned sleep…

  • Droopi

    I actually saw the first media talking head say this morning that Congress wouldn’t go along with building the wall and it wasn’t going to happen. I knew it would happen but geez, I thought they might wait until at least next week before they started with the defeatism. Apparently I momentarily forgot with whom we are dealing.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Has Speaker Ryan taken back his statement that he has the lawsuit ready to file against building the Wall if Trump gets the funding?

    • MasterDiver

      Make it a training exercise for National Guard engineering units, along the lines of the national Training Center for Armored Units. The Army provides the materials and equipment, the Guard units provide the manpower.Rotate every 2 weeks, staggered shifts.

      Zar Belk!

    • S Hooks

      Congress already authorized building the wall, back in G.W. Bush’s administration. This was in response to the tremendous public pressure against the attempt to force through amnesty, or as they called it, Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

      It was all a kabuki sham, a song and dance to fool the rubes (that’s us). They passed the law to build the wall, Bush signed it, and then sat on it. The media dropped it from mention, and it disappeared down the memory hole. It is, however, still the law of the land. All it needs is for Congress to fund it. Trump needs to jam this down their throats, and if they refuse, take the case again to the American people.

  • CaptDMO

    Compromise? Sure.
    “We can share what we got of yours, ’cause we done shared ALL of mine!”
    Even the Grateful Dead “got it”.
    Calls for a “new civility”? Offers to help so “we” can manage, for the good of the country?
    Ashes, ashes, all fall down…

  • EagleRising

    Great 2 days…first the election and then DBD swag arrived today. Doesn’t get much better. Thanks Chris!

  • thundercloud65

    My son just told me that the liberals in California are demanding a Calexit vote. They want out of the USA.

    The libs don’t seem to realize that most of their water comes from out of state. They also don’t realize that China would love to own the entire West coast.

    • thundercloud65

      I should have done this in my previous comment.

      2019? When the South wanted out of the Union in 1860 they had the intestinal fortitude to do it right away. I guess they need more illegals to come in to outvote the folks who’d want to stay.

      • Pamela

        There won’t be enough people to tax for their grandiose schemes and the illegals will be demanding parity on lifestyles of the LibProgs.

        They be smokin’ too much weed even before it became legal.

    • Ron

      Perhaps San Andreas can help with California’s “exit”

  • Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah

    There’s a trope out there which goes along the lines of:

    “When you are ascendant, I beg you for mercy, because that is YOUR primary value.
    But when *I* am ascendant, I will show you NO mercy, because that is MY primary value.”

    So, yeah, you could substitute ‘comity, civility, and bipartisan cooperation’ for the word ‘mercy’ and you’d be real-dang-close to what The Former Party In Power is asking for.

  • billf

    Chris,received my gifts today,thanks so much.Great art!!
    Also ,great strips the past couple days about the election! Good luck to Trump and us all.

  • Big Jim

    Chris, thanks for the memento kit from the DDQ!

  • Pamela

    I was talking to a friend in New York. She started spouting how the LGBT community was going to be silenced and ostracized by Trump’s people.

    Also said that two of her friends were beaten to death by Trump supporters. I asked what state in order to check it out. She declined.

  • Grunt GI

    I posted this on FB tonight. I am waiting for the shitstorm from my liberal friends. Yes I have some for now.

    Sigh…I have, for the most part, tried to refrain from political posts this week. But the lunacy playing out in front of me is just stunning.
    1). College snowflakes get out of class for PTSD?
    2). SJWs riot in the streets
    3). Some strange hysteria like its kristellnacht on gays, Muslims and women.

    All of which just proves to me, on this weekend in particular that we should invoke the Heinlein rule from Starship Troopers (the classic novel, not the horrible movie). Only veterans should be allowed to vote or hold political office. Gay or straight, man or woman, black or white, if you’ve served this country, then you should have the true rights of a citizen. Because you’re a freakin grown up.

    Call me what you want, but unless you’ve stood a watch, strapped on a g-suit, or humped 80 pounds of gear you have no right to talk about your “stress” from losing an election. Grow the hell up.

    “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” – President Obama to House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, January 23, 2009

    So stop whining and get over it. Every time I see this rot it convinces me that liberals should never be elected again due to their immaturity and lack of character.

    If you want the unfriend button is over there.

    That is all.

    • Pamela

      Semper FI Gunny

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