Day By Day


  • Wayne

    Poor Sam… What a nightmare!!

  • KenH

    Why is this bitch still wasting valuable oxygen??

    And sky-Bitch?? not with someone else’s dick……

  • Chris Muir

    Cool the jets!It’s Sam’s dream.

    • RooftopVoter

      Yea man, but you gotta admit, we are very protective of Sam…….. She is just about the ultimate woman.

  • Grunt GI

    Well, in spite of the nightmare…there’s a lot of DBD hotness in one place.

    Even Skye..acts bad..looks good.

  • Southpaw

    Regarding clothing on DBD: less is more.

    • Chuck Pelto

      RE: Clothing

      All good things in moderation.

  • Pamela

    I want the gun Santa or the Chanukah Elf gave Naomi.

    What is caliber is that thing?

    • David Preston

      Keltec KSG. Cool but very complicated. Will hold 24+1 of the Aguila mini shells. Feeds them great. Would rather bet my life on my Benelli though…

      • RegT

        Not that complicated. A simple lever to switch between slugs and 00 buck (what I carry in mine). Loading in the ready position takes a little more practice, but I love it. I have the Benelli clone – Beretta 1201FP3 – and like it, but the KSG is the “double-stack mag” of the shotgun world. Just as the G21 was my first hi-cap .45, the KSG is my first hi-cap 12 ga.

  • Chris Muir

    KSG shotgun

    • And, as expected, excellent art.

    • David Preston

      Made right here in Florida!

  • Bob in Houston


    Kel-tec KSG 12 gauge shotgun, interesting weapon but there were some early issues regarding the vertical grips breaking off the forward rail and I think one guy had a rail/grip issue that caused him to shoot his own hand.

    • Pamela

      Oh nice. 18.5 barrel, multiple optic choices.
      Can it be ghost loaded. Maybe not..

      Naomi-Never accept anything from Skye-might be doctored

  • Phil Cooper

    The incident where the guy shot himself in the hand was due to the idiot using an all-plastic VFG. As I recall, it was actually an airsoft toy part, not a device meant for firearm use. All completely covered on the Firearm Blog.

    • RegT

      True story. There were initial problems with trigger rest, but they were completely fixed. And, if you use a vertical fore-grip on the KSG, you simply need to hold it at the top, close to the rail. Pushing on the very end of the grip makes it act as a lever, and puts undue stress on the plastic rail. Top rail is metal.
      Great shotgun.

      • RegT

        That should have been “trigger reset”.

  • B Woodman

    Back to the original subject – today’s DBD.
    Dreams. A mirror into the soul and worries of the person. And quite confusing, too. I remember (almost) a few dreams I’ve had that I could never never coherently explain when awake. Just as glad that Sam woke up.

    • Chuck Pelto

      RE: Dreams

      More than so much smoke and mirrors.

      I’ve had prescient ones. Including the one that lead to our purchase of this 1901, 6500 sq ft, four level, 3-wyth brick and sandstone we live in.

      Saw a room in it in a dream six months prior to setting foot in it.

  • Chuck Pelto

    RE: Naomi

    Nice reference to They Live….. 😉

  • Kip Allen

    Loved the “They Live” reference.

  • DavidD

    Wait. What did Naomi give Skye?

  • Mechkiller_k

    I don’t get it. The whole stripe today.

    • Texas is a state of mind

      Mechkiller_k :
      All the blue color panels are Sam’s dream. 🙂

  • KenH

    Yes Sam, you are a turkey

    Just look; the VERY FIRST thing this bitch does is try and be cute with Zed

    The urge to just crush her windpipe is strong….
    Plus folks, remember how many times Zed saved her skank ass from that retard she was seeing?? Classic prog BITCH with no gratitude or grace

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