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  • I like the look of defiance on that baby’s face.

    I hate to lay all of this one her, but it will be her burden to bear.

    The world is in her hands, let’s hope enough of her peers will have the parentage, training, and will to prevail that she does; I wish them Godspeed.

    • nonncom

      According to the latest interview of some of the millennials on FOX, they’ll be voting for General Mills and Bon Jovi….they weren’t asked about Major Medical or General Hospital…..they did seem to like hillery’s anti-abortion stance, though….

  • “on” her…

    And speaking of the tools and voice to prevail, on a more immediate note it seems the game is on at 8 p.m. Sunday for the DBD poker fundraiser. Hope to move that red bar a bit; Big Henry and I will be there, will you?

    • Today, Sunday, @ 8:00 PM Eastern time. Be there or be square (to coin a phrase).

      Happy Father’s Day!

    • JTC , are you ready for poker?

  • B Woodman

    Everyone included in the pool EXCEPT whitey. And introduced by the whitest bread herself, Princess Fauxcahauntas.

    • eon

      It’s sort of like the Oscars. Starting with ten minutes of “I want to thank” (“all these people who were dumb enough to fall for my spiel and get me here”), followed by a rant on “This is what must be done to make the world perfect- because I’m enlightened, and I say so, so there!”.

      It’s not a coincidence that The One went to Hollywood to launch his latest “I hate guns and want to eat their owners” offensive. I expect the locals there to descend on Congress in droves to “demand action” in the next few days.

      Look for otherwise unknown “starlets” to hold babies in the air while demanding bans on everything “for the chiillldrrrrennnn!” It’s the only time they even acknowledge having kids except when appearing in a bikini on a tabloid front page with a headline screaming “BODY AFTER BABEEEEE!!”- or carrying the kid around in an oversized purse like peke-a-poo. (A habit now seen amongst “professional women” in NYC, etc., as well. No, not that kind of “professional”.)

      Of course, every single one of them has armed bodyguards. It’s a status symbol right up there with the gay personal trainer and/or metrosexual “significant other”. (The latter need to shave, get haircuts, and learn the proper use of the collar button.)

      And no, they’re not giving up the bodyguards. Without them, how could they show the world that They Are Important People Who Must Be Obeyed When They Tell Everyone Else How To Live?

      I think we’re past feudalism and closing in on Renaissance Self-Absorption. As I recall, that ended badly. Notably with the Thirty Years’ War.

      cheers clear ether


      • Snafu F. Ubar

        If it will save just one child, we should remove the Democrats from elected office.

      • Snafu F. Ubar

        If we can put a man on the moon, we can expell ‘progressives’ of any stripe from any elected office in the land.

      • Snafu F. Ubar

        Must say, I am liking your accelerating political time-line! We just move that puppy along a little further and … we end up with a generation (hello Millennials, your turn to step up to the plate) hugely well educated, VERY difficult to fool, willing to put it all on the line (and fight, (Valley Forge etc)), i.e. The American Revolution Generation. It’s time to reiterate The American Revolution by the millennials. The odds were great then but they succeeded then. So it can be now.

        TAR does not need revision, it needs to be restablished, in the light of abolition, and now in light of the abolition of progressive/socialist/liberal claptrap. The millennials can do this, every patriot drawing breath will pitch in.

        Read the entirety of Patrick Henry’s speech, and the Federalist Papers- they inspire and motivate in a rare manner indeed. Inspired with clarity, love of life and liberty for all- if they will have it, fight for it, and defend it against all these babbling pretenders that only conceal murderous, totalitarian intentions with their attractive froth.

        Dig deep and prepare Millennials, be ready to come out fighting when the bell rings.

      • JT

        The more important thing to understand is this is very probably a diversion of some kind.

        Seriously, what kind of odds does a gun bill have in Congress? It’s DOA, but it takes the heat off, say, giving Obama fast-track trade authority. It’s a poke that we are expected to jump predictably to and focus on.

  • BlaxPac

    There is already a “Bill Of Gun Safety”.

    It’s called the 2nd Amendment.

    As long as I have that, I will always be a free man.

    • Wes

      A free man always has that, whether it’s been codified on a piece of paper or not. 🙂

  • Bill G

    What’s this? Boehner curtailing a liberal agenda? This must be one of those cases where an individual is allowed to got against groupthink when the votes are a sure thing, one way or another.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    A Senator speaking to the House?
    Sounds like something Boehner would do.

  • Bad Cyborg

    Somehow I can’t help wondering if the Charleston church shooting wasn’t somehow contrived. As in someone whispering in the ear of the right nutcase.

    I expect this attempt at increased control (general not gun) will have about as much success as the massive effort after that terrible school massacre in Connecticut a couple of years back. Yet another bit of evidence of the left’s insanity. Try as they might to capitalize on tragedies such as this they cannot gather enough support to achieve their goals. And yet they keep trying. Sounds like Einstein’s definition of insanity:
    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    • Snafu F. Ubar

      Those who quote Einstein over and over are doomed to repeat it?

      • Pete in NC

        In this insane age we live in, it would appear so.

    • billf

      Try as they might to capitalize….and they do try to capitalize on various tragedies if they think their base will follow along,but it occurs to me ( I can’t help it),that between the tragedy in Connecticut and the tragedy in Charleston about 1000 people were murdered in Chicago alone,probably black on black and probably by known felons with illegal guns,but we won’t hear much about them.

      • Exactly so. “They” already know those prohibited guns will still get them, so maybe, if the victims can’t fight back, not so many will be murdered.

  • Orange is the New Black…I guess that references Boner’s orange face and the self-hating white woman’s black heart.

    That would align perfectly with his clueless vanity and her masquerading divisiveness as inclusiveness. How sad and typical for the R party formerly known as Conservative watchdogs and the D’s formerly known as advocates for working Americans.

  • McGehee

    Since when does the Speaker of the House preside over the Senate?


    Chris, you’re better than this.

    • Chris Muir

      crap, I missed that.

      • Meh…Boner prob’ly self-identifies as a senator; he certainly identifies as a Democrat.

        • RINO, perhaps? But we already knew that.

        • The correct term is no longer RINO, but DIABLO!

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    Could this particular Senator always be depicted with her self-chosen career signature- a couple of Eagle’s feathers poking up from her hairdo?

    Was that acceptable for her tribal squaws?

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    And yes, no more morning coffee for me.

  • If Fauxcahontas showed up ANYWHERE with eagle feathers, I would hope that some law-respecting patriots would immediatelt place her under arrest and drag her forthwirh before a US Magistrate. It has been illegal for non-natives to possess eagle feathers for at least 20 years.

    • Snafu F. Ubar

      Cannot Senator Foecawhauntus legally wear Eagle feathers? After all, she has those “high cheekbones” presumably backed up by a boatload of corroborating signed applications and suchlike hippy era bullshit and zilch IQ braggart missives of one sort or another from Harvard?

      Who wouldn’t want to found a body politic on such froth?

  • The poker game fundraiser for DBD cartoon is open to all who want to participate and support the best editorial cartoon that supports your ideals…

    JTC opens the ante with a Jefferson ($2) bill…



    • Ante and raise an Alex ($10). Because his place of birth was irrelevant for the Presidency. He was born before the Constitution was ratified.

    • Was my raise out of order?

  • Sorry Henry, oldest daughter got back from Disney and stopped by with father’s day card and wishes…

    See your Alex and raise you an Abe…($17 in the pot from each of us)


  • Happy Dad’s Day!

    See your Abe and raise another Abe => $22 current total

  • Hope you had a good day too TBH…Don’t know if you’re a Dad, but it’s pretty much all I’ve ever done; that and taking care of my girl are about the only reasons I want to hang around a while longer…

    I got a pretty good hand here, so I’ll bump it up a Jackson ($42)

    You know I want to get Skye High, but I think we should slow it down a bit and maybe a few more will jump in before Chris closes out the day.

  • I have two sons and three granddaughters (15, 12, 8). This is why I hope we can survive the Obamination and avoid the on-deck Abomination (Hitlery).

    I can slow it down, but I have to call your last bid in 15 minutes (got an errand).

    Bump it up 8 Washingtons => $50

  • “see” you when you get back.

  • I’m on the west coast; be back about 8 my time.


  • Looks like it’s a two man game, TBH, so I’ll see your 8 GW’s, raise you a couple more Jacksons and call…takes me to $90 for tonight and $250 total, for a Skye High total.

    Don’t care much for her, but now I get me a spear point! Thanks Henry, hopefully some others will kick into the jar when end of month pay periods end and we get DBD to the goal by Independence Day!

    (btw Chris, any Don P. donors deserve a special mention here so that we can all say thank you for their awesome support! One of these days maybe I’ll hit the Powerball and I’ll be a double Don for sure…of course I’d probably actually have to start playing first; it doesn’t really fit my “only bet on sure things” credo…like donating to DBD.)

    • Chris Muir

      You’re all Kings to me. Thank you.

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