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  • At least Jan isn’t singing The Muslim National Anthemâ„¢…yet…

  • Grunt GI

    hmmm, as we used to say on my ship…BOHICA…

    Kinda like how Obama and his minions view Americans…

    • Grunt GI

      Oh, by the way, I forgot to complement you on the artwork Chris…very, very nice…adventurous—with just enough left to your reader’s turbocharged imaginations.

  • Greg B

    El Duce and the Mentors come to mind here.
    “Bite the pillow!”

    • RegT

      I don’t know El Duce and the Mentors, but Down Under, a pillow biter is a _male_ (“Pooftah”).

      Chris, my compliments. Jan is delectable.

      • Dave P

        The Mentors – Raunchy biker band from SoCal. The late El Duce was their drummer/vocalist., and had a fascination for what is implied in today’s comic. Lyrics quoted at the Senate PMRC hearings. My friends and I made it a point to buy their album afterwards.

        “Bite the pillow”. In this context, a quote from “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, again with the same implication as today’s comic.

        • Greg B

          After that, Frank Zappa called the whole senate hearing a ridiculous sham (which it was) and walked out.

  • skoot

    uh…..Ill be in the bathroom if ya need me………….

    • JSStryker

      I’ll be in my bunk.

  • eon

    It’s like the thing where the girl says “no means NO” and the frat boy smirks and says, “your mouth says ‘NO’ but everything else says ‘GO-GO’.”

    Our frat boy leaders see us as not knowing what’s good for us. Which they define as whatever they want to do.

    Of course, when they’re out of power, dissent is suddenly “patriotic” again. As long as they’re the ones doing it.

    clear ether


  • Pamela

    Oh my, and he goes long….

    • Grunt GI

      Or, as Sheriff Bart says..”Baby, 12 schnitzengruben is my limit!”

      • Pamela

        Imagine getting Blazing Saddles to the big screen in this PC climate and I’m still trying to figure out what “I’m not from Havana ” meant.

  • Mitch

    An unencrypted back door into the system for a penetrating analysis can yield great rewards.

  • H_B

    New coloring method?

    Not really sold on it yet…

  • Quite the ‘toon tonight. I rather liked the statement. And methodology for explanation.

  • Bill G

    ‘Common sense gun control’ is as you define it.
    I consider Second Amendment Carry to be common sense.
    For the rest, it’s all Greek to me.

  • JTC

    Common sense gun control: learn the four rules by heart, follow them until they are automatic. Get some training, including the best way to win a gunfight (don’t get into one), when to use justifiable deadly force and what to do in the aftermath.

    Backdoor gun control: the same approach as all the other liberal attempts at denying, usurping and/or eroding Constitutional rights, sneaky, backdoor, enlisting the force of gov. But 2A is unique as it protects the others and make no mistake, finding a way to deny it is their first and foremost objective, by any. means. possible. including shoving it up the back door. Which is why with any, ANY, such attempt it is absolutely critical to stand ready to shove a hot barrel up their collective ass. And while they might like that part (shades not of grey, but of Mr. Goodbar), they will not like the climax.

    • Pamela

      Practice dry firing for control in blood pressure raising do or die situations.

      • JTC

        Good one. Go a step further and get a Umarex of your carry piece, do scenarios and train that trigger finger (strengthen it too) as Pamela says with hundreds of dry fires. That’ll keep the wear off the real thing and keep it loaded and ready too.

  • Stormhawk

    Looks like Jan forgot her safeword, or isn’t using it.

    • rooftop voter

      She has the same safeword that we do…………. BOOM, 230 grains of goodness.

    • Pamela

      Damon had better look out should Jan start saying Don’t Stop,
      He’d better have eaten his wheaties and a steak.

      • Chris Muir

        Who says she didn’t?

        • Pamela

          Ah yes, the outside of the end panel moments of whispers and wants.

        • Well we all know now Jan loves anal sex!

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