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  • rickn8or


    • xdcpd085

      Dumbass knocked up again?

      • Malatrope

        Very likely.

  • formwiz

    Just keep them floating like that.

  • Grunt GI

    Well it does appear that Skye skipped the panties to help zip up those jeans.

    Thanks for keeping the swimming hole open!

    • Old Codger

      Bet she has a HELLOVA toe that way. I don’t know if their comfortable or not but c-toes are fascinating to look at. πŸ˜‰

  • interventor

    My dear, please feel free to go sans cullotes, if you are more comfortable.

  • LifeofTheMind

    Generally a gentleman is always willing to lend a hand and help, but in the case of Skye there must be a Public Health clause in the Officers Guide & Scouts Manual.

  • B Woodman

    Hopefully just “water weight gain”. After all, she just got out of the swimmin’ hole. Just need to walk on down the road and work and sweat it off a little.
    Considering Skye, I think the only physical exertion and sweating she’s ever done has been on her back.

    • interventor

      Now, now, she’s probably added a chapter to the Karma Sutra.

  • B Woodman

    Of course it might help if she pulled her pants up over her hips. What does she think she is? A neighborhood street thug?

    • eon

      Low-riders, aka hip-huggers. The latest teen look for girls.

      Which may explain why she can’t get them shut. After all, she’s already had kids.

      I’d call it “mutton dressed up as lamb”, but that wouldn’t be fair to Sam.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Low-riders, no-riders, I’m good with that for the DBD babes. Denizens of wally-world, not so much.

        Hey, does that make me an un-PC body-shamer? No, just an adult realist encouraging (but not expecting) others to be the same.

        Won’t matter, they’ll still call me one, and I’m good with that too.

  • Bill M

    Yep, probably preggers again and has no idea who helped her get that way.

    • GWB

      Some of the help at mama-san’s and Don Portago’s place.

  • Spin Drift

    I’m sure a little bacon grease will slide those right on on or off.

    Molon Labe
    War Damn Eagle

  • Shonkin

    I wonder what she’ll name this one! Ernesto (as in Guevara) or Dolores (as in Ibarruri)? Maybe Ho Chi?

    • JTC

      It would have to be little Obama wouldn’t it? You know, for his legacy*.

      (*an entire generation of know-nothing, do-nothing, zero-worshipping baby-mama perpetual wards of the state.)

      • eon

        If it’s a girl, Hillary or Elizabeth. We can hope for the latter, as quite a few very fine ladies have proudly borne that name.

        clear ether


        • MasterDiver

          How about Maria Eva (for Evita Peron)?

          • eon

            Don Portago might take exception to that, which means Mrs. Portago would.

            I think Skye’s already figured out that those are two bears she should not bait.

            clear ether and light landings!


  • Pamela

    No wonder Mamma tossed her out if preggers is the case.

    My Son had a family law case where a woman said his client knocked her up. Client said no way. Never had sex with her. DNA came back as some other guy’s kid. Baby Mama Client was the father. Mediator asked if it was Immaculate Conception. The idiot said yes.

    • JTC

      No worries; she can claim little Obie One’s namesake for paternity. That won’t work, everybody knows he’s dickless. But he’ll still support and provide…with your money of course.

      • KenH

        Boingo might have one, but it’s one-inch and nonfunctional. Besides, he’s a catcher not a pitcher…

  • AZScram

    We can only hope that Hillary’s people won’t be able to keep a lid on all of her shenanigans any better than Skye will be able to hide hers. It’s sad to think that the country’s leadership is so morally bankrupt that they aren’t putting the Clintons where they belong, much less preventing their ascension to the highest office of the land. The fact that the media is more outraged over Trump’s wife’s cribbing MO’s speech than they are of Hillary’s illegal and immoral actions while in public office is astounding and rather damning.

    • eon

      DT and MT have quoted others over and over again in speeches and addresses over the years, just like any other public figures. Up to now, the MSM didn’t give a crap.

      But now DT is challenging their Goddess for Absolute Power over the grotty peasants, and possibly being a roadblock on the enlightened elites’ road to Utopia. That cannot be allowed, and will not be.

      Expect an MSM offensive that will make Rathergate look like an ice-cream social by comparison. I’m expecting fake photos of DT in bed with a live boy and MT in bed with a dead girl, at the very least.

      clear ether


      • Bill G

        I’ve long held that if Slick had been caught with a dead woman and a live boy in his bed the LSM would congratulate him on consoling the boy over the woman’s death.

        Power to you tubes.

      • Kafiroon

        There IS a reason we serfs, peasants, flunkies, lackeys etc. are also known as “peons”. The presstitutes and self anointed “elites” are determined to keep it that way. So…”the peasants are revolting”…yes…Molon Labe!

      • Pamela

        The Goddess of yore were always beautiful in their depiction and qualities.
        Even Kali, with her string of skulls, her purpose was transformation at the time of death.

        g-a-p … her purpose is the total and absolute destruction of anything good and holy. Nothing and no one is allowed to outshine her. Anyone or thing that upstages her must be brought down and crushed.

        • eon

          Which is why I will be extremely surprised if Fauxcahontas Warren is her running mate.

          Like The One, Hillary does not tolerate people around her who have ambitions to take her place. (Hence, Biden.)

          My SWAG is she will pick somebody as bland and hopefully ineffectual as Slow Joe as insurance, i.e., “You’d better hope I stay healthy- how long do you think you’d last with this yutz in charge?”

          My money is on Sherrod Brown (D-OH). He’s not running for re-election to the Senate this year, he hasn’t been campaigning on behalf of Ted Strickland to unseat OH Republican senator Rob Portman, he’s a far-left ideologue on practically every subject, and best of all from Hillary’s POV- he’s boring.

          Ideal toady material, in other words.

          clear ether


    • Wow, so Moosehells parents weren’t the ONLY ones to teach their kids values, respect, and hard work? And that she is the only mother to want a successful future for her children? I loved the side by side comparison that Rush put up, I could recognize some of the same words being used, but one was just saying the words and the other was communicating.
      When the media jumped right on the “cribbing” BS, I thought that Mrs. Trump might have said “This is the first time I have ever been proud of my country.”, now that would have been a shame.
      What’s next, Donald Trump accepts the nomination just like 0bama did, twice!?

      • JTC

        If Moo’s parents taught her those values, it didn’t take. Has there ever been a flotus who less embodied such lack of respect, never worked a day in her life, and God only knows what those poor kids have learned by example.

        What she and her insignificant other do so well is to say pretty words when it serves interests, just like all the other islamuz.

        Words have meaning, but the ones mouthed by both MO and MT have very different meanings for each of them.

        Still stupid beyond belief (literally; speechwriter’s a dim, sabotage?), that such similar passages were used to be predictably seized up and twisted.

        • JTC

          Double neg; it’s either “embodied such lack of respect” or “less embodied respect”, not both, dumbass.

  • Hardball

    I gotta refer back to the picture…….

  • Yeeesss, moderate swelling in the lower abdominal region IS a sign of something, ordinarily. Hmmmmmmm.

  • Thanks for keeping the swimming hole going, Chris.

    • Grape

      Eeek! That hole may be full of little tadpoles.

      • Pamela

        I can hear Skye now “The Pond made me pregnant”

        • B Woodman

          (couldn’t be Amy Pond?)

          • Pamela

            Nah. Amy doesn’t swing that way.
            There was one man in Amy Pond Williams life and that was her husband Rory Williams.
            Then there was Raggedy Man aka The Doctor.
            Where’s the Tardis when some preventative time travel is needed to unravel the Hildabeast?

          • NotYetInACamp

            The TARDIS is currently unavailable.
            Check back later.
            But when is later? I’ll find that out sometime sometime.

          • NotYetInACamp

            I hope to not be too late. I really do exist. Really I do. There is sometimes just a slight problem with time.

  • Time to dig out that “maternity panel”, buried somewhere in a closet…

  • Bill G

    Or it could be she’s just insisting on buying the tightest fitting pants available and doesn’t have her shoehorn here to slide into them.

  • JTC

    So Ted, as expected, went ahead and nailed his coffin shut by proving his lack of honor in a desperate last ditch plea for some spark of life and vindication: “vote your conscience”, and was instead buried by boo’s.

    That’s a shame.

  • Spin Drift

    Ted was invited by the Trump organization to speak. He did not ask to be there. He stuck to his principles on conservatism and asked the voters to vote not to sit home. Whatever he said was a no win for him. Me personally, I would have gratefully declined to speak but showed up to support the conservative wing of the party.

    I still don’t know what Trump is going to do other than his nature and that is to do the expedient thing. I agree with Cruz that cankles is going to be an unmitigated disaster for US. Will Trump be less, who knows. Who knows if the GOPe has already got its claws in him (Pence selection)? For some reason the election is always the lesser of two evils but I won’t stay home and I tell my blue friends to vote the “rule of law” or at the least don’t cast a presidential ballot but vote for the blue down ballot.

    Molon Labe
    War Damn Eagle

    • JTC

      Decline to speak but show up to support conservatives.

      Yep. But turns out Ted is an evangelical gamblin’ man. He’s betting against Trump and because that means he’s for the beast, he’s betting against America. When it was obvious that he would be runner-up he either missed or ignored that Trump was his ticket to the big chair via the second chair, and almost immediately began making very destructive, very un-conservative, and very non-constitutional statements.

      And now he’s doubling down on that bad bet with his call to vote conscience; a not-very-veiled effort to throw the election. He hopes to be the last conservative standing to pick up the pieces after the Clinton disaster. There won’t likely be enough pieces to put the Republic together again, but he doesn’t care. He has proven himself to be a petulant child, lacking the integrity to honor his signed pledge; a selfish, reckless gambler of America’s chance at a future in the hope of long-shot personal gain.

      Your advice which I repeated at the top, to STFU and prove himself with actions, would have been the best bet for him and for us. He very deliberately and calculatedly bet otherwise, proving not only personal avarice but poor judgement.

      I used to like Ted and thought he and we had a future together. Not anymore.

      • Spin Drift

        JTC, please do not construe that I think that Ted handled the situation correctly. I agree that with cankles running the show there won’t be anything left to be leader of in 4 let alone 8 years. But the GOPe still doesn’t get why the Donald earned the nomination.

        The peasants are pissed about being treated like Charlie Brown when Lucy is holding the football. This time I promise I won’t pull it away. So we get to pull the lever for the Donald and hope for the best. If he sticks to half of what he’s promised so far, maybe. Just mentioning Trey Goudy as AG is worth the ballot.

        By the way, I got a call from one of Ted’s money guys about two weeks ago to contribute to his Senate campaign. I told him to politely FO, he wasn’t getting another dime. Neither is the RNC.

        I’m taking my money and doing my own campaigning.

        Super PAC’s Are Us!

  • B Woodman

    I definitely hope Skye isn’t preggers. The DD crew have enough on their hands what with trying to get the DDQ profitable. And having to coddle a preggers Skye (who’s lazy enough already) just won’t “fit” (ahem) their schedule.

  • cb

    β€œAnd citizens are furious β€” rightly furious β€” at a political establishment that cynically breaks its promises and that ignores the will of the people.” Cruz says… while breaking his promise to support the winning candidate and ignoring the will of the people.

    • eon

      I’m pretty sure Cruz came there with the “assurance” from the headshed that the fix was in, and DT would be kicked to the curb leaving him (Cruz) as the designated loser candidate.

      What neither he or the “wise heads” expected was that the #NeverTrump crowd’s attempts to McGovern the procedural votes and “free the delegates” would fail because nobody was interested in running roughshod over the rules and the voters who had voted for DT.

      If nothing else, this primary cycle has been an education for the GOP leadership in what happens when you fuck over your base one time too many. I’m guessing what will happen to Ryan in a few weeks will be another dose of reality for them, probably enough to send them into serious withdrawal symptoms, like a junkie on the old apomorphine treatment.

      Cruz, OTOH, never got the message. Instead, he defaulted to his old act of “I am the chosen one, and if you don’t believe it, GFY”. In doing so, he showed himself up for what he truly is; an arrogant, petulant man-child with little or no evidence of maturity.

      A little more narcissism, and he would be The One’s evil twin Skippy. Well, his even more evil twin.

      I’m hearing that the money men and women are turning their backs on Cruz, and basically telling him that the show- and his political career- is over. We can only hope so.

      If nothing else, due to him, we now know what the GOPe means when they use the term “ethical conservative”. As Inigo Montoya would say, I do not think that term means what they believe it does.

      clear ether


  • interventor

    Cruz has the personality of a porcupine crossed with a crab.

    • Pamela

      Er, how long do you cook one of those?

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