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  • Grunt GI

    Heh. Oh yea, let’s see the dress rehearsal. Still a little too much clothing.

  • Ozymandias

    Hell, she’s making me salute too.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Hmmm….I thought Naomi was a bull Col. W/the Israelis. So what rank did Zed hold, that she’d “Sir” him? Or is it that he’s boss on the ranch? Hell of a uniform….

    • K-9

      I believe he has been referred to as Major, US Army, Ret.

    • jackdeth72

      To quote Jackie Gleacon’s Ralph Kramden:

      “Hommina… Hommina… Hommina!”

      Naomi was Zed’s spotter and rear security on Zed’s tours out of CONUS.

      Don’t believe a rank was ever mentioned.

      • Janir

        He was a Major and she was mentioned as a later Colonel, but at the time they worked together she probably wasn’t a higher rank and only ‘passed’ him in rank after he retired.

  • Pamela

    Naomi if you wear that at the DDQ, stay away from hot sauce.
    There are certain body parts that only do well with certain kinds of generated heat.

    Never thought baloney, lameness and moronic could take land.
    Land should snatch them bald headed and make them play with rattlers.

  • H_B

    When I initially looked at it, I read the first line of the comic as “Black Lives Matter” rather than “Bureau of Land Management” and was quite shocked. “What, no news story link? This is HUGE!”

      • H_B

        Yes, I know about the Bureau of Land Management thing. The idea of an inner-city racist movement seizing ranches in Texas was what had me astonished.

        • doc

          Would the BLM folk have any idea how to work a ranch?

          • Old Codger

            Nope. But I bet they are real good at working a con.

  • silvergreycat

    Naomi may be sorry about the timing of her raid…but she’s not sorry she did it. And both she and Zed know, in this case, *Never Again* has two meanings.

  • John M.

    Well thank Heaven – two consecutive days of Dingy Harry and the Hildebeast was almost more than I could handle! I’d rather see Naomi and the “girls” any day…

  • JTC

    “Never again.”

    Not a promise to her boss, but to her people.

    “Yes, Sir.”

    That was for her boss, on the uniform thing.

    I concur on both.

  • capn

    Ho boy that Naomi …whew …
    I’m with Zed that looks a darling uniform for a BBQ wait person at the DDQ.

    “Hmmm….I thought Naomi was a bull Col. W/the Israelis. So what rank did Zed hold, that she’d “Sir” him? Or is it that he’s boss on the ranch? Hell of a uniform…” [end quote]

    I am not able to devote the time to searching out the strip Chris drew but at one point she (Naomi) and Zed worked together against the Iraqi’s I think?
    It was hinted at that he was her commanding officer while they worked together.
    Her unit was assigned to his operation or some such.
    She and her unit developed an abiding respect for him at that time.
    They then developed into a “pair” at that time. (A time before Samantha came into his life IIRC) A fairly classic “wartime romance”.
    Anyone with more bandwidth (higher speed connection) and better SearchFu is welcome to fill in the actual page links. (Please?)

    Thank you for bringing the Red River Theft Attempt out into the public eye.
    DDQ members should all attempt to spread the word and let your “representative” know that it is not OK on either side of the Red River.
    BTW “representative” is a strange way to spell hypocrit isn’t it?

    • Bill G

      “BTW “representative” is a strange way to spell hypocrit isn’t it?”
      As Heinlein said, ‘In a mature society, civil servant equates to civil master’.

  • capn

    March 8, 2016, 5:52 am

    So, Ms. Wolfe, when do you think it’ll be time to shoot the bastards?

    I think I can answer this for you Tucci78.
    (With apologies to CW for running my big yap …)
    She has not asked me to speak for her but I can relate what she has posted numerous times on many other blogs.
    Her response would be, as she has said Many many times ‘when the time comes you will know.’
    And she has repeatedly said that she is Not some kind of bell ringer or gate keeper.
    She has never asked for or looked for “followers” waiting for her to ring the bell and declare It’s time.
    She would tell anyone and everyone to Live Free and prep for the survival of you and your family and friends in case the worst should happen.

    Learn to think for yourself and prepare for the worst.
    (Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, tyrant takeover attempt – revolution, et cetera.)
    She also really dislikes that question. (see above)

    Sorry Claire I couldn’t help myself.

    • capn

      More in her own words:

      (remove spaces) http:/ / ClaireWolfe/2016/03/08/ one-cheer-for-the-imperfectly-excellent/

      I’ll be quiet now …

  • Swansonic

    ‘Oh my my. Oh hell yes! Honey, take off that party dress….’

  • Spin Drift

    Nothing like a good set of inguinals to stir the imagination. And Chris, how dog eared is your copy of Grey’s Anatomy?

    Just do me – The Hippospastic Oath

  • Noelegy

    Just as long as DD doesn’t serve fajitas. Those SPIT.

    Signed, former waitress

  • B Woodman

    If you want to excite the salivary glands and juices in preparation for an enjoyable dining of BBQ, Naomi’s “uniform” will get’er’done. Yum. To both.

    • H_B

      I dunno. That ‘uniform’ just looks…”uncomfortable” to me. I’d rather a girl had enough support not to ache at the end of the night…

      …You know, like she’d get from an open-shelf bra =D.

  • Nicely done. Excellent point made.

  • Bill G

    It’s wonderful how un-elected bureaucrats are running things these days, isn’t it?

    • JTC

      Don’t think for a minute that this shit doesn’t come from the top.

      As I’ve said before re: ATF enforcements, the whole deal with Executive Orders is to circumvent legislative involvement to simply re-interpret existing laws and alter enforcement…the alphabet agencies are operating at the directive and pleasure of the One; they are just complicit tools.

  • eclark1849

    Had me there for a second, Chris. Couldn’t figure out how or why “Black Lives Matter” would be grabbing up ranches in Texas. Hey, I was up all night and need some sleep.

  • Kafiroon

    Naomi is probably very well trained and definitely in shape.
    Check out those muscles. On her Arm, voyeurs!

    • B Woodman

      They’re all attached to each other. So if the arm muscles are very well trained and in shape, we can just imagine all the other muscles in the body are as equally well trained and in shape.
      And my imagination is also well trained and in shape. . . . .
      (where’s my bunk?)

      • I’m beginning to think you spend more time in your bunk than Jayne Cobb! Y’all’ve got to come out for meals and such, BW! As the old joke goes, (the urinalysis machine at Walmart) ‘… and if you don’t cut that out, you’re never going to get rid of that tennis elbow.’

  • Pecan Scandi

    ….points all her own, sitting way up high….

    • JTC

      …way up firm and high…Livin’ by the sword…

      Reckon Seger knew Naomi?

  • JW

    She says “no” with a smile. Diplomacy.

  • Spin Drift

    Naomi, is one kick ass fictional former Mossad agent. Makes me miss the other fictional former Mossad agent, Ziva all the more (NCIS reference for the uninitiated). It would be cool if some “Women of the IDF” stopped by the DDQ while on vacation just to visit Naomi.

    Molon Labe
    War Damn Eagle

  • Old Codger

    Zed has nothing to worry about in this instance. The land under dispute is up along the Texas Oklahoma border. Somehow the Feds managed to get Texas and Oklahoma to agree to let it have a sort of “buffer zone” along the Red River. Over 40 years ago the Red changed course and just recently the feds decided to take advantage of that to grab some more land. This all started back in ’13; well before and not at all related to the issues with the Bundys in Nevada. This one at least has some basis in law – although the feds’ interpretation is being disputed in a lawsuit. One of the problems is that although BLM announced that it owned the land back the latter part of ’13, it says that it will come out with how it is going to manage the land sometime in ’18. The timing is highly suspect, but since the issue will have to be settled in FEDERAL court somehow I doubt that the decision will go against the FEDERAL government.

    But, back to my original statement. The DD is a long way from the Oklahoma border so it is not – at least at this time – in any sort of jeopardy. Oh, and, since Texas was never a territory, all “public” land in Texas is owned by the state, not the feds.

    (Sorry for the novella but is is not a simple topic. I strongly suggest you read the link silvergreycat provided to get a handle on the issue.)

    • Chris Muir

      “Oh, and, since Texas was never a territory, all “public” land in Texas is owned by the state, not the feds.” Thank you,OC! I did not know that.Remember, I’m a Florida Boy, here,heh.

      • Kafiroon

        In the interest of your thoughts, Unless you prefer we just walk the beach instead of knowing… As another Floriduh voter, IF, we get the ‘seize the guns’ socialists elected, you thinking of Texas? Too?

        • JTC

          ‘Nother Floridiot here…unless we could put together a red-state nation and make the big split, I’d consider Costa Rica.

          Wouldn’t be the first time; the place is loaded with the descendants of 1860’s ex-pats. Great place and they love us there.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I did not check this, but, I believe that the alleged federal claim is based on the law that riverbottom is all federal land no matter how the river changes, so, when the river cuts the bank on your land, that new river bottom belongs to the federals. Then when the river adds land to your bank of the river, you do not own it, the federals lay claim to own it. So over time thousands of square miles of land then belong to the federals. So say the federals.
      I recall that as the basis of their federal ownership claim.
      i could be making this up, or delusional. After all, I am a Florida boy with blood relatives here sine 1820’s ( may be by marriage) and another blood cousin in the start of the Second Seminole War back in 1835. My Great grandmother arrived in Miami in 1905.
      Anyway it is, it is a confiscation of land, much of it sold by the state to people involved, much of it being sold originally on or past a century ago.
      The chain of title often starts with a state and is claimed to end with the federals with a river passing over it.

    • Here is another OC (B) In 1931, Texas and Oklahoma agreed to build a toll-free bridge across the Red River on US 75. Texas wanted to charge a toll. And set up a blockade to keep traffic from entering Texas on the Bridge. Alfalfa Bill Murray, the Oklahoma Governor sent the Oklahoma National Guard to take possession of the bridge. The federal courts ruled that Oklahoma had jurisdiction over BOTH sides of the Red River. As they ruled, is has been ever since. I believe that in the history of this was the claim that Texas was a sovereign republic at the time of their entry into the Union. However, because of this the Lousiana Purchase ‘s lower border was Texas and the red river was bought with the rest of the purchase, therefore belonging to Oklahoma. By the way, my property Abstract goes back through the Spanish Land grants , the purchase, the tribal soveerignty, and statehood. It is all there and would make a fun study for some historian.

  • steveb919

    Naomi has a fine muscle group.

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