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  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Stuffing my ballot box”

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Now just shrug those shoulders a little bit more, Sam……that’s it……..a liiiiiiitle bit more……….

  • Pamela

    So will there be one or two votes..

    • pyrodice

      I’m not the first one to say “early, and often” but…

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    So what would be a stronger worded message then “ok”?
    (yeah, that does sound weak at this point, but ya gotta start somewhere)

    How about,
    (with no apologies for errors and do-overs)

    Or maybe just, “BFYTW”.
    (many appropriate images out there, fists, upraised middle finger. unfortunately, I can’t link/post any of them)

  • cb

    Zed’s thinking…. A little mid day ballot harvesting ?

    • Henry

      (Waving hand…) “Poll inspector!”

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    How about Mike Vandebaugh’s, “When Democracy Becomes Tyranny
    I STILL get to vote.”
    (God, how I miss that man. RIP, Mike. I am about to the stage to start “breaking windows”)

  • WayneM

    It’s incredible how 4Chan manages to keep leading the authoritarian leftists down rabbit holes of their own creation. Everything from “It’s Okay to be White” through to the ok hand gesture being a “white power” symbol.

    I ran across this quote today and it encapsulated why it’s near futile to talk to the left… it’s not so much that you won’t win… you can’t win…

    “Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.”

  • Too Tall

    Vote early, vote often, vote every chance you get.

    We’re gonna need a bigger ballot.

    • JTC

      But not a bigger box.

      Because eww. Think pussyhatters :b

      ‘Splains a lot.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Be sure to stuff the correct ballot box.

    Marvelous. Fabulous. Wonderful. Concerned. Responsible. Productive. and so many more great definitions apply.

    And we were forced into it all, including coming to America as a result of Islam.

    Over 1400 years of them trying to kill us made us stronger.

    I am sure others thought of this, but I stake a claim right here. I expect to see many articles on the details in the near future.

    And we kicked their murderous raping plundering (stealing), pedophile misogynist ‘civilization’ (cult) out every time so far. By definition they are invaders. Invaders and their children do not get citizenship in the nations they invade.

    All others are free to state and stake their claims. It is normal to believe that you are that greatest. It is normal to protect our nation from invaders.

    A tree should not fight its own branches.
    We are all human.
    What we do with it is important.
    Humans try to control.
    Invaders will be dealt with.
    There is too much to discuss and this can be taken almost anywhere. And there are those who will shriek in delusional and insanely at every and any word or words.

  • Bill G

    Definitely an upvote.

  • Paul

    Ok, so how does “recount” work ? hanging chad ?? did she require “ID” ???

    and … and… and… “voter fraud !”????

  • nonncom

    If every ballot box looked like that voter turnout, at least for men, would be no problem….

  • Kafiroon

    Ignoring Sams ballot box, if you can for a moment, we lose from stuffing And counting.
    Note what areas are gaining representatives and what areas are losing representatives. This 2020 may be the last a non-democrat has a chance before the count is too skewed to win due to invaders voting.

  • Cliff


  • Pamela

    Stuffing? Are we talking corn bread with rubbed sage?

    • There is a rubbed sage involved, also a few oysters.

      This afternoon I had refrigerator pie crusts, few cans of fruit pie filling. Did not know I needed two cans of the same per pie. This layered apple-over-cherry pie is not bad.

      • Pamela

        Lots of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on warm pie

        • GWB

          “Cream” + “pie”?


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