Day By Day


  • Swansonic

    She’ll just burn right through it…..

    • WayneM

      Damn… you beat me to it… Yeah, I was going there!!

      Whatta slice!!

  • JTC

    Still medicated it seems…Red too, she doesn’t know what the fook’s going on.

    Hmm…way things are going this week, not a bad idea, maybe I’ll join them.

      • John

        Haven’t these idiots heard of Reavers?

        • Pamela

          This will end badly and they never learn.

      • JTC

        cb, in a normal world you’d file that under news that can’t possibly be true…of course there’s nothing normal about the world today.

        Fortunately there is an antidote for that available to Americans that is mostly not in the euroworld, a lead-based injection.

  • KenH

    I can’t tell, are you being humorous, or RETARDED?

    You’re letting her live rent free and feeding her
    She Gets DICK

    • WayneM

      Actually, Skye was already saying she wanted some dick… lol

      • Pamela

        Watch out for splinters

  • JavaMan

    Yeah, but if you cut her some coins from the firewood, she’ll just burn right through it.

  • Merle

    Get ready for some wooden nickels….. 🙂

  • Somehow, it all makes cents…

  • pyrodice


  • Olddog

    Sort of like coal miner’s script?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Start with the concrete (no, not that kind!).
    Pay her in cash. Dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels.
    Show her her gross payment, and take out ALL the various taxes, etc. Make it REAL to her how intrusive Big Gooberment is. Tell her, this is what’s left. Tell her to use it wisely, when it’s gone, spent, lost, it’s gone. I think she’ll eventually get the picture.
    But some people never do. Brain chemistry and wiring, life experiences, some people can never make the leap from the concrete (hard, physical money) to the abstract (checkbooks, stocks, bonds, funds, etc).
    How I miss the days of silver. Big, ringing dollar cartwheels and half dollars. I was just starting into my teens and becoming aware of money, when (Nixon?) took the US off the gold and silver standards. Thanks, asshole!

    • GWB

      Yep, cash only. And, you can pay her enough to pay you rent and such. That will help her learn. Which is the only thing you can do at this point – learn her.

    • GWB

      So, you wouldn’t have had a problem with 0bama putting us on the platinum standard? 😉 (Remember that 2 trillion dollar coin they were contemplating minting?)

      • Swansonic


    • JTC

      No that was FDR. Nixon just stopped foreign govs from looting Ft. Knox. But yes that equalization did jack prices.

      But that ship done sailed…or should I say was sunk. I’ve brokered the stuff for 40 years starting in ’78, no way would I speculate or “invest” (read gamble) in it, way too much manipulation.

      $5 until $50 Carter/Hunt in ’80 then $5 under Reagan where it stayed for decades until $50 again under BO, now about $17. Pretty lousy investment, but…

      Only reason to hold silver now (and it’s a good one) is SHTF. And stick to US 90% junk coinage if you want the most for your money and best fungibility. silver dollars and eagles are at a premium, and most bullion is suspect and harder to move.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        I have 10 pounds of 1 oz silver rounds, and an unknown quantity of junk coins. Some bought high ($35/oz), some bought low ($5/oz) ($15/oz) plus “handling” charge. Which, as you said, makes it a poor investment. But again, as you said, it’s for SHTF. And vampires. Or is it werewolves?

        • JTC

          Well if the vampires and werewolves come out (and maybe that’s what’s happening right now?) I’d say that qualifies as SHTF, and for that purpose it doesn’t matter the form since you’ll be meltin’ and castin’.

          For the other shit though, it’ll be a lot easier to buy a loaf of bread with a Merc dime than with a generic bar or round, dude with the bread knows what he’s got and he ain’t too sure about that bullion, but everybody in the world knows exactly what that dime is.

  • DBD Rocks

    Anvil labeled “Truth.” POTUS in blacksmith apron. Hanging on wall “North Korea” and ” Gorsuch” horseshoes.

    On ground horseshoes – fake news, inner city employment, etc.

    On anvil broken horseshoe of two pieces – “political” and “correctness”

    POTUS smiles, shakes head, “drops mic.

    • DBD Rocks

      … and walks away!

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Me like!

  • Pamela

    Pay her in Susan B Anthony’s

    • JSStryker

      Or Sacajawea’s

  • Pay her for….what, exactly?

    • Tiger Tomcat

      Think she is back working at the Double D.

    • MommaMackie

      Baby sitting and working in the bar. I’m sure she’ll go back to that. She was a big draw, especially when she and Sam were fighting!

    • NotYetInACamp

      Will she show her tips?

      • Pamela

        Cheeky Boy. No wait a minute that’s JTC.

        • JTC

          Heh. Not above tips for nips though. 😉

  • Unca Walt

    ‘S whut I wuz thinkin’…

  • Halley

    Commonly, a change from Left to Right happens by, at, or not long after age 40. Skye looks like she still has years left to figure things out, speaking as one who knows from experience what she’s going through.

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