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  • Stickin’ it to the petapets…Isn’t the only difference between Cecil and an ol’ boarhog their hirsute? Make them explain their hypocrisy.

    And speaking of wardrobe, did you HAVE to cut off that last frame?!?!

  • Spin Drift

    And the counterpoint: #Zebra lives matter.

    Spin Drift

    • GWB

      its #WhiteOnBlackLivesMatter

  • Hawkeye

    They should talk to Weiner. Democrats have been dressing pigs up with lipstick for years.

    • Pamela

      They must be pretty desperate for dates

      • Solaratov

        They’re democrats. Have you seen their women?

        • B Woodman

          That’s “wymen”. There. Fixed it for ya.

  • Oliver Heaviside

    If you grow up on a farm, you learn the difference between pets and livestock. Pets have names. Livestock doesn’t. We don’t eat pets. Cecil had a name.

    To be fair, the guilty parties are the a-holes who lured the animal out of the park, wounded it, and let it suffer for some 40 hours, apparently.

    • Greg B

      Not that baiting a lion is illegal.
      Not that shooting a collared lion is illegal.
      Not that being a bad shot is illegal.
      The only legal question is if the lion was on quota for when & where it was shot.
      And the news stories are very much in question as well.

    • GWB

      Well, he didn’t exactly walk up and introduce himself, did he? So how did the dentist know he had a name?

    • You can call your piggy Porky, and he’d still be bacon. Names are irrelevant but of course there’s a difference between crops and companions.

      The point of my comment at the top is that to peta freaks there ostensibly is no difference…#allfurballsmatter. Of course the real difference between a lion -any lion not just Cecil- and a pig is that the former is hunted for trophies and the latter for food.

      Except that man has changed even that delineator; here in central FL ranchers but a bounty on feral hogs that destroy their pasture, yet most that are harvested are inedible. And right now FL is reinstituting black bear hunting, those that are taken are pretty much for trophy only.

      So nothing is really all that simple, unless you are a simpleminded petapet, SJW, or prog (how’s that for redundant?).

  • John M

    Dress a hog? You mean like putting lipstick on it and calling it Hillary?

    • interventor

      Now, you’re just being insulting — to pigs.

      • Kevin M


  • Pamela

    “Dress a hog” .
    Well I think you could truss it up in a corset, add some garters and stockings with seams up the back and stilettos might be possible. A little make-up and a drenching of eau de pig sty. Perfect for a Saturday night date in many a large city.

    • Tom Z

      Ala Miss Piggy?

    • bill

      Call it Caitlyn?

  • Pete231

    I was thinking of dressing the porker up in a beige pant suit and putting a private server in her sty along with a large black SUV for her getaway….

  • skoot

    Being as to how it is Sam Elliot are we even sure the hog he mentioned isnt one with 2 wheels and a vtwin engine??

  • Here in NM, they’re considered vermin. It was “no license, no limit”, but I think they’ve changed that to basic hunting license. Still no limit.

    • Mea culpa. Just went through several websites, including NM Fish and Game. Still no license, but basic hunting rules apply such as dwellings nearby and daylight hours.

  • KenH

    I’d pay money to see that. Just watching all the little prog heads explode would be hilarious.

    ….all this for a flea-bitten carcass…the western world truly has lost it’s collective minds

    • S'aaruuk

      “Flea-bitten carcass”??? Ken, you ain’t LIVED ’till you’ve eaten pork roast, ribs, chops and bacon from a ‘free-range’ (aka nuisance) feral hog. Admittedly, boars are a bit tougher and slightly ‘stringy’ due to the greater abundance of muscle, but sows on the other hand have more fat and are decidedly MUCH more tasty. And the experience is that much more appreciated and enjoyed when you’ve taken the hog yourself. M’self? I prefer a heavy caliber handgun, or a bow. 🙂

      • John M.

        I think he was referring to Cecil the Lion, not glorious feral pork…

      • Boobie the Rocket Dog

        Friend of mine hunts hogs in an orange grove. Talk about tasty.

  • Bill G

    Love it.
    We just need to remember that game laws only apply to the four-footed feral swine, the two-footed breed are a protected species.

    • B Woodman

      (Damn! I thought Weiner might be up on the loose for the hunt. Just think. . . pre-dressed political pork barrel, ready to eat.)

      • Pamela

        That kind of “pig” is off the menu. They carry critters that will kill you.

      • Long pig? Yuck. Not too sporting, either…an old boar has some big ol’ cutters that will tear you up if you get too close or you’re a bad shot.

        Wiener? What’s he going to do, shake his namesake at you? Come to think of it that might be a pretty effective defense; I know I’d be doubled over tossing my lunch at that sight while he made his getaway.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    I wonder if Sam Elliott, the actor, is in on this and/or approves.

    • In on what? I’m sure he’s down with that gorgeous “double vision”; as to the hunt? I don’t know, and he ain’t saying. I like that about him.

    • Bad Cyborg

      What about it, Your Chris-ness? Are Elliot and Whittle down with being in the strip this way? I figure Bill Whittle is having a good laugh (along with his “Trifecta” buddies) but I didn’t realize Sam Elliot was any kind of conservative. Whiner we know (and don’t give a rat’s ass one way or the other) about.

      • Chris Muir

        Any public figures in this toon are here in my imagination; although Bill Whittle was pleased to be in this.

        • bill

          I’m worried about the closeness of Mr. Whittle and Mr. Weiner. Maybe there’s a ying/yang thing intended there.

  • Bad Cyborg

    Always wanted to go on a hog hunt. You folks figure a 150gr full metal jacket boattail @ 2800 ft/sec would be enough to put down a feral hog?

    • Most definitely, BUT, make sure it goes in the right spot. 750 gr @ 2800 +- will do it with a peripheral hit, but you’ll only have maybe half the critter left.

  • I have to imagine that Mr. Elliot learned something important in that exchange: Bourbon burns when it comes out your nose.

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