Day By Day


  • And such have we seen in our own borders.

    • WayneM

      And will continue to see until the Wall is done…

      • NotYetInACamp

        And the laws are applied.
        Wall without internal enforcement means more dead people. Unfortunately the dead good guy killed by the drunk Mexican that had been deported two times previously. It was an NFL linebacker killed by that berserker drunk Mexican asymmetric army invader.

        • Bill

          I’m expecting that black NFL players will be protesting illegal immigration next season. No?

          • nonncom

            Not unless the DNC instructs them thus…..They’d be more likely to protest chitlins, which is to say, not at all….

      • canuck49

        I forget, who is paying for that wall … the Mexicans? Are you going to make us pay for the one on the Canadian border as well?

        • nonncom

          Eventually…..and until terrorists and free loaders start coming across, we don’t really need a wall on the northern border….when that becomes a problem, then we should address that as well….

        • nonncom

          And if your dumbass leader doecn’t want us using the term “man=kind” he could at least be intelligent enough to use “human=kind” in it’s place….

          • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

            But but but Human=kind isn’t inclusive to “Otherkins”!!1! \sarc\
            With all the various mental afflictions that are now considered normal and even celebrated, its a wonder the DSM-* isn’t just
            the size of a pamphlet.

          • Warhorse

            He can’t say that, it contains “man”. Because Patriarchy or something, I guess. Poor little Justin, he got all of Pierre’s arrogance, and all of Maggie’s brains …

        • WayneM

          Mexico is close to being a failed state as their government is corrupted by criminal syndicates whereas Canada has the fabulous Justin “Little Potato” Trudeau… Oh, wait…

          • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

            I prefer the nickname I heard elsewhere, maybe at Ace of Spades, “Prime Minister Zoolander”

        • JTC

          canuck49, such simplistic snark as yours and as spouted by leftists in general shows a lack of grok as to the various meaning of the word “wall” physical and otherwise, and the meaning and methods of the term “pay for”.

          Mexistan is already paying heavily to reimburse us, just ask the “money transfer” companies about their volume of US Dollars being sent there in the past year as compared to the past eight ten years before that.

          As to Canuckistan, as others have said, if they become a physical and/or economic threat as opposed to the revenue resource they currently are (notwithstanding the idiotic socialist spittle I sometimes contend with here in FL from the inoculated snowbirds), a wall virtual or otherwise will be put in place…and bet who will carry the burden of that cost will be Canucks themselves, may they brighten up and expel their junior cadet leader and his cadre of invaders before that becomes necessary.

      • cfm56dash7

        Regrettably, not even a wall will prevent thugs from preying upon people they perceive as weak and easy targets. Not to argue against a wall, mind you, but even if we sealed it all up, we’d still have a sizable contingent of homegrown low-lifes that would be willing to act exactly the same way.

        • NotYetInACamp

          If we had less invaders and that saved just ONE life….
          What is that one life saved worth?
          (sliding into using progressive argumentation concerning air pollution, but making it real about real and visible violently killed lives.)

  • Ryk E Lee

    I would love to take a Euro vacation, maybe I will someday if I ever get the juice to Concealed Carry there. I’m not holding my breath on that one.

    • Scout

      In most of Eurabia defending yourself is not permitted.

  • JTC

    I know I know, it’s just a ‘toon…

    But that is NOT the correct response to thugs with knives in your face.

    • CPQA

      Oh, I don’t know. You should ask Louis Anselm a.k.a The Diplomad to tell his story of the time he was almost mugged in Georgetown, Guyana.

  • KenH

    Should have died with a half dozen in the back, EACH

  • Interventor

    Might check out Poland, Hungary, Spain and Switzerland.

  • Major Matt Mason

    Remember, you can get more with a kind word and an MP-5K than you can with a kind word alone.

    • JackDeth 72

      I was thinking more along the lines of a Czech Skorpion, Major.

      I remember your brief line of Mattel toys from when I was a kid, too.

    • Bill

      Like “Pretty please with sugar on it”?

  • NotYetInACamp

    The non culturally enriched, but very diverse countries in Europe that Junkers and the globalists have not placed their asymmetric mainly Muslim invading armies in, are rather safe. Women can still walk unmolested in night in most all of those places. That is a sign of civilization and superior culture, where an attractive woman can walk without fear and in safety at any hour of the day. Also when an elderly person can go in peace and safety where they will. Islam does not have that. The traitors in never elected by the people control of the EU are intentionally destroying that safety and peace across Europe. The rulers of the EU have declared war on the people of the European Union. They wish to destroy any future challenge to their power by destroying borders, destroying nations, destroying national culture, and destroying the people of the nations by imposition of inbred sociopathic Muslims who follow Sharia, and all that Sharia means.

    Good people with guns create and verify safety wherever they are.

    No need to get the authorities involved by dispatching them unless it is absolutely necessary to shoot the thugs attacking one. Their time and peace of mind is worth more than the time lost, if they can avoid the shots. If needed, shoot for body mass to ensure you and your loved one’s safety.

    • JTC

      As mentioned, blades waving in the faces of you and yours = “absolutely necessary”. Hesitation, flashing, or discussion in that instance is death.

      • NotYetInACamp

        I have risked my own life not to shoot attackers in the past. I cannot take the hits that I took in the past, hence my line has been moved back to where you say, my fear for my life or the life of others line.
        God may have spared me in the past as I have spared and pardoned those attacking me. They were not legally, justifiably and morally shot. I am not a kid anymore. I could break and die much easier than I would have in the past. That has been now factored in. It is better that a good guy lives than what the bad guy intends.

  • Cliff H

    Jan is also holding a pistol in the last scene? She’s come a long way.

    • Ragutis

      I noticed that too, along with a look of cognitive dissonance at realizing the *click* in the previous panel came from her gun. Well drawn, Mr. Muir!

    • eon

      You notice that she drew and Damon didn’t. In other words, the reason Damon simply showed them his was that hers was already out and in line. The message being, “Which one of you wants to die first?”

      clear ether


      • NotYetInACamp

        Distraction s useful. It allows the other to act. It is also useful when by oneself against bad guys. Situational tactics always best.

    • Henry

      Not sure what that dark thing is that Jan is behind, but I hope it isn’t Damon’s leg, or he needs to have a talk with her about muzzle awareness.

      • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

        I believe thats Jan’s hair over her shoulder.

  • JackDeth 72

    In the immortal words of Karl Malden:

    “Never leave home without it!”

  • Alex J

    Two thoughts:

    1 – Do you have any idea of how much it costs to defend yourself in courts of law? The true cost of liberty makes lawyers rich.

    2 – Women are the deadlier of the species.

    • “2 – Women are the deadlier of the species.”

      With good reason. Men are wired to fight to establish status and dominance first, to only fight to kill as a last resort. (Rory Miller has written some really good books on this.)

      Women fight to protect our young, and if we aren’t broken, our FIRST response is KILL. We have to stop ourselves throwing ourselves at whatever’s coming until it’s just goo on the floor

      Stopping is a helluva lot harder than starting. I’m surprised as hell Jan didn’t shoot him them until her gun was empty.

      • Argh. Typos. No way to fix typos.

      • PaulS

        ” our FIRST response is KILL.”

        Some go into an argument the same way. 🙁

        • Sadly, true.

    • JTC

      Alex J, the whole idea of deadly defense is that the cost of employing it is infinitely less than the cost of not employing it and suffering the consequences of that. I’ll give an esq some dough before I’ll hand it over to scum (withhold lawyer scum jokes please).

      Further, I’m guessing the same “pull” that has an MG and a handgun on the persons of our friends Jan and Damon would nullify any concerns for the legal ramification of said self-dense…in this case they might also get a medal.

  • bill3542

    in my home state ( PA ) concealed carry is easy to get in the rural counties. i’ve had mine 38 years and so far only pulled a pistol once… bunch of drunken college idiots who where gonna beat the f**k out of me for s***s and giggles.
    when i pulled the Browning High Power out things changed quickly, hopefully they learned never to do stupid again.

  • Halley

    Speaking of Rome, anyone else read Colleen McCullough’s Masters of Rome series? I’m at book #5 and still haven’t encountered any politically correctness. Impressive+. Rome used to be full of redheads, by the way…

  • Majer

    I believe the “Click” in the 2nd panel is Jan taking the safety off

  • Mozemoose

    Trying really hard, but i don’t get the “Gladiator” reference.

  • Caved1ver

    Two (2) more ITALIAN “Sons of Obama” by way of North Africa…

  • Spin Drift

    Speaking of Italians, the idiot Treaudeau of the North compared ISIS migrants with Italians that came to Montreal after WWII. He said that the English and the French were afraid of the Italians. What a bunch of crap. The religion of the Italians was the same one for the French and some of the English. The ISIS mofo’s religion is to kill you until you believe theirs. There is no middle ground.

    By the way, it is getting time for the Capos in Italy to rethink the money made from the drug trade and smuggling is worth the land where they do their extra legal activities. When that happens the immigration problem in Italy stops and a full on culture war erupts. It will go sideways in a manner that will spin your head as your basic Italian has an affinity for Gladiator style hi-jinks. Especially in the south. Do you really want to get into a Vendetta style war with the people who invented the term?

    American by birth, Sicilian by ancestry.

  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

    Huh, so Leftie Jan is a lefty/southpaw?

  • JTC

    Just watched SpaceX Falcon Heavy blast off live online and also live in person from Sebring, beautiful contrail arcing into the sapphire blue sky…then the most amazingly choreographed simultaneous landing of the twin boosters…some amazing shit right there even if I’m not a huge Musk fan, and putting that red Tesla roadster into orbit pending its journey to Mars? Beyond words.

    • Swansonic

      Wish I was there. Streamed it. Awesome to watch.

  • Pamela

    Real bad idea to go after a Mom To Be.

  • cz93x62

    Taking up Spin Drift’s tack…….the muzzie thugs are unaccustomed to the carnivores that hold sway on the Mediterranean’s northern shore–toothy sorts, like Union Corse–Ndrangeda–Camorra–and the Sicilian LCN. Should be interesting. // That CLICK from a safety being switched or a hammer being cocked sounds like somebody dragging a pipe across a steel cattle guard under the right conditions.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The attack conformed to Sharia.
    So did the running.

    Europe must remember Charles Martel, The Polish and their King, The gates of Austria, The Battle of Lepanto, St Stephen, and the Hungarians, Spain enslaved then reconquered by Spain, millions of European people that were captured and made slaves and sold in the Middle East, many more, and especially remember what is necessary to use your God given right of self defense.