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  • Every time I hear that phrase I think of Iowahawk’s “Dan Rather Mysteries”…where he says “My name is Rather…and I’m a Dick!”

    • H_B

      If that’s true, then hunt yourself up a copy of The Ladly Slings the Booze by Spider Robinson. It’s a long way to go for a joke, but the journey itself is enjoyable even without it.

      • B Woodman

        Any of the Spider Robinson “Callihan’s Crosstime Saloon” stories are built around puns. Two of the best?worst? have to do with airplane waste and a famous sci-fi author.

        • H_B

          The Callahan’s books are great, but I’ve always wanted him to write more Lady Sally stories besides Callahan’s Lady and The Lady Slings the Booze. That latter I think is his best work ever.

          • eon

            Callahan’s Key gets my vote. Callahan’s Con as runner-up.



          • MasterDiver

            Just remember, when you ride the TARDIS to Callahan’s Place, the policy is TIME TRAVELLERS STRICTLY CASH!

    • WayneM

      A dear friend who passed last year told me of meeting Rather in Viet Nam and said it took a good bit of self-discipline to keep from harming him.

      • Calvin

        There used to be a very interesting show on PBS called “Miller’s Court”. A number of important and influential people would be on a panel and Miller would set up a real world scenario where each would play a role. Example; you’re the president of the US and you’ve just been told that a nuclear bomb may be in New York City in the hands of terrorists. What do you do? Someone else would probably be the mayor and someone else would be governor. Anyway, Dan Rather was on the show (this was the late 70s) and he was put in the situation of being a correspondent in a war that the US was fighting. He was some how embedded with the enemy and for propaganda purposes they want him (Dan) to report and video tape an ambush of American soldiers on patrol. His choices were to refuse without harm, refuse and maybe expelled, refuse and maybe killed or tortured. or to cover the ambush (after all, it is news). Rather said that his responsibility was to the news and he would do his part in watching and reporting the ambush.

        • Richard Citti

          Actually it was Peter Jennings who was the embedded reporter and he said that he would warn the soldiers even if the other side would shoot him. Mike Wallace (not Rather) scolded Jennings that his responsibility was to the news (i.e., ratings) and not to the American soldiers. The marine on the panel tore into Wallace and Wallace backed down. The Army representative was more laid back but you could almost see the disdain dripping from his comments to Wallace.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Do I HAVE to go see Star Wars to understand what’s going on here?


    • Bill G

      Roger, that.

  • WayneM

    I’m thinking this is less about the new Star Wars episode per se and more about the 3rd wave feminist response to both the new strong female character and to the reappearance of the previous strong female character.

    Great song, by the way…

  • B Woodman

    “Vader goes for the throat.”
    Nothing wrong with the correct application of enough pressure in the right place to put any asshole in their proper place. And a throat punch doesn’t take much pressure to be effective.

    • eon

      In a scuffle (or when dealing with would-be muggers), the old football-scrimmage forearm “clothesline” works, too.



  • I still enjoy the science Fiction author whose name translates to “like a shade of purple grey”. I still remember that he was asked at his (real) PHD orals about “The Endochronic Properties of Resublimated Thiotimoline”

    • Tom Z

      I remember that story.

      • The Flying Sorcerers, by David *spit* Gerrold. Who was very unhappy with my latest blog entry, flamed me on FB, where he has me blocked.

        • *nods*

          …Also by Larry Niven as well. They co-wrote it.

        • Bad Cyborg

          Doc, what’s wrong with Gerrold? Just my morbid curiosity, you understand.

          Thanx in advance.

          • Just your typical sneering lefty, with a crowd of sycophants who lap it up. Only he was the Master of Ceremonies this year for the Hugo awards… which is a much bigger topic for discussion than would fit here.

          • H_B

            I dunno about his leftiness, but in his Chtorr War series, he writes with great enthusiasm about group behavior-conditioning sessions and the psychological healing properties of consensual pederasty.

            He cites Heinlein left and right, but I don’t think he’s really worth your time as an author.

        • RegT

          Michael Z. Williamson did the same to me when I stated that there is no such thing as a “moderate” muslim. He’s a flaming muzzie sympathizer. Only a tiny number are “radical islamists” according to him. The rest are peace-loving good neighbors .

          • No, sorry, I don’t see it. I even tried searching his blog, and the topic simply doesn’t come up. (also, annoyingly, Google seems to have hidden Advanced Search.)

    • Bill G

      Thiotimoline To The Stars!!! And thanks for the info about his name; I never heard of that translation.

      • H_B

        The Flying Sorcerers is a parody book that draws from 1960s-era science fiction writing community for its characters. I haven’t read the book myself (not familiar enough with the source material to really “get it”), but I’ve been told about it. When the main character crashes on an alien world, his translator machine renders his name “as a mauve” (or literally what Sabba Hillel said above).

  • Bill G

    So, who is getting punched in the face here?
    As an aside, and after all the wonderfully politically incorrect ‘toons, reading a news article about SWAT raids using a false THC positive from spent tea leaves and then the Star Wars combat references it seems a proper time to add the comment:
    Chris, watch your six.

  • Desert Lion

    Glad you enjoyed the latest Star Wars release, Captain Spoiler…

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