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  • KenH

    See if the spazoid can survive another ejection
    Make sure the seat malfunctions, just to be sure

  • Grunt GI

    Well, in my humble opinion, Sam definitely looked much better in the ball gag.

  • Jim

    FYI, Pursuant to multiple unrelated comments the past few days:

    The first part of this is interesting material hidden in a not-discussion of Dr. Pournelle’s current medical malaise.

    Then comes the essential reading, beginning at:

    Another ramble: one reason for my general depression is that there’s no way to “repeal” Obamacare…

    President Trump is learning why very little actually changes in Washington. Obscure judges you never heard of stop your border control orders, and appeals take – well essentially forever. Doing anything takes much hard work, and the permanent government establishment will see that little of what you order actually has any effect. Your friends turn on you because you can’t do what you promised even if it looked easy

    • eon

      And most of your “friends” inside the beltway didn’t want it done anyway. They just want power and the perks that go with it.

      As H. Beam Piper once observed, empires tend to rot from the head. When power falls into the hands of a ruling class that cares only for its own ambitions.

      Which tend to get crazier as each successive generation of ruling clique’ tries to outdo the previous one in proving how avant-garde’ and “enlightened” they are.

      Pretty soon, “Florrrjjjgabbblle FlornkFlornk or DIE!” becomes official policy.

      Which can be problematic for everyone outside of the Circles of Power who have no idea WTF it means.

      (English translation; “We’re ordering you to do something impossible to something that does not even exist. So that when you fail, we’ll have an excuse to kill you, which is how we get our rocks off.”)

      Our ruling class is about where Rome’s was in Caligula’s time. And always remember that he was a symptom, rather than an isolated case.

      clear ether


  • JTC

    Who better than Trump to see through hustlers and turn their greed against them? One clue would be any outfit that has that valor-thieving poser as an advocate is immediately suspect and gets special scrutiny.

    Not to say they’d be kicked off the vendor list, quite the contrary…they have the infrastructure and assets already ramped up to get the job done; they just have to have the fear of God and the Donald instilled in them.

    As for war-mongering, I’m trusting Trump to use those assets make to freedom ring, not the cash registers of the contractors and their front-men and lobbyists. Praying he can honor that trust and keep it.

  • Jack Deth72

    Says the low life cretin who couldn’t even catch a wire and land his Zuni Rocket and bomb laden A-4 Skyhawk on his assigned aircraft carrier at Yankee Station without blowing up half of it!

    • David Gonzalez

      Once in a while, I “served on” ol’ 59. But I was in Whales (RA-3Bs), so we weren’t part of the assigned air wing—we came and went as needed to get the recon tasking jobs done. Ergo, I wasn’t on the boat when ol’ John screwed the pooch. . . howsomever, the way I heard the tales told after the excitement, John’s Scooter was parked in the cat lineup when a young ABH parked his low-rider M2 tug (with a vertical-exhausting GTC-85 huffer on the after end) under the launching racks on John’s A-4. Apparently, John was busy fiddling with switches in the cockpit and never realized that he was being graced with a hot BJ from the kid’s huffer—until the Zuni/AIM-9/whatever-the-Hell cooked off . . . and the rest, as they say, was history. But, as I said, these yarns were all over the place and I had to keep reminding myself of the difference between fairy tales and sea stories: the FT begins “Once upon a time . . . “, while the Sea Story begins “Now this ain’t no shit, guys!”. The only PLAT footage I saw was the idiot CPO who thought that he could be a hero by running over to a 500 # bomb (which was sitting in a puddle of burning jet fuel) with nothing but a 15# fire bottle. Naturally, the HE cooked off just as the CPO began his fire-suppression efforts. No trace of the would-be hero was recovered for burial-at-sea ceremonies, or so I was told.

      • Old Codger

        1. Spitting distance of a 500lb bomb? I GUESS there was nothing left to bury at sea! He was likely atomized! DAMN! Well, at least it was quick. I can see him waking up, looking around and saying “Where the hell . . . ? Something really nasty looking nearby clicked its tongue, winked, grinned and said, “Got it in one, sport.”

        2. Why wasn’t McCain killed in all the shit happening on the flight deck? Woulda saved all and sundry a shit load of trouble down the road.

        3. Did the knothead ABH sustain any injuries at all from his stupidity? One can hope he was killed and had not already bred; thereby removing his set of genes for stupid from the pool. If he survived, I hope he was given an all expenses paid vacation to that little resort the Army maintains in central Kansas and allowed to grow very proficient at converting boulders into gravel. I knew things on the flight deck could get crazy busy but parking a GTC-85 under the launch racks of a loaded A-4 is beyond crazy!

        • John D. Egbert

          And that’s why — from CV-1 to this very day — the all-time most dangerous job in the entire world is working the flight deck of a bird farm. Also why everyone up there is a volunteer and why there are no recriminations when a deck ape gets his come-to-Jesus moment and walks away below decks. Nobody wants a conscript on the roof.

          • Jack Deth72

            Similar to Engine Flight Line (Mike-5) at Little Rock AFB in the 1970s.

            Top and Middle Tier NCOs had the pick of Phase Dock and Engine Build Up Techs and Troops with at least a year and no accidents under their belts before being asked to join.

        • RegT

          Old Codger, that is probably a sea story cooked up to make McInsane look a little less incompetent. The man is a whack job, and having been the son of an admiral, was probably an insufferable asshole even before he became best friends with the North Vietnamese and their Chinese advisors.

      • Jack Deth72

        Never Doubt A Guaranteed “No Shitter!”

    • John D. Egbert

      Saw ForrestFire under repair at NS Norfolk after. From gunwale to gunwale, from island to fantail, from the roof down six decks was gone; damage cut away and ready for replacement.

      Apparently she was “that” far from being lost. The average age of the sailors who saved her was 18.5 years old. To borrow a quote from FADM Nimitz re the invasion of Tarawa (IIRC): “Uncommon valor was a common virtue.”

      • Jack Deth72

        Iwo Jima.

    • Pamela

      Dad was on the Forrestal that day watching from the bridge.
      That fire changed the way fires are fought. Every time Dad saw McCain on TV he just shook his head wondering how he was still above ground.

      • Jack Deth72

        McCain’s Daddy was an Annapolis Grad and Pacific Fleet Admiral at the time.

        • JTC

          Granddaddy too…four star admirals and badass warriors, the both of them.

          Your know Sr. and Jr. would have rather one of III’s fuckups would have done him in and saved some of the family honor.

          When Trey promised to give the V’s information for food and medical and told them who daddy was (CINCPAC, commander of all U.S. forces in the Vietnam theater from 1968 to 1972) they named him the Crown Prince and engaged in a little quid pro quo.

  • Pamela

    Well he does work in D.C. ,and its denizens appear to have their own down twist on kink.

    • WayneM

      Did someone order a pizza to the gate?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Is it too late to give open borders, Dem Lite, Juan McPain, BACK to the Hanoi Hilton NVA?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Senator McCain is much much more dangerous than that.

    • RegT


  • Shame that POS didn’t save us all this trouble all those years ago.

  • armedandsafe

    For many years now, I have given that man the moniker of “Manchurian McCain.”

    • RegT

      I have for years, too. The NVA and their Chinese advisors knew he was the son of an admiral (and a privileged, upper-class pussie), so I have no doubt at all that he cooperated with them. I doubt that they had to do more than bitch-slap him once before he started crying and spilling his guts. The Chinese surely spent some quality time with young Johnny, part of why he is such a elitist RINO and so anti-the common man. He pushed various versions of the NDAA for years before it finally passed.

  • Halley

    Well, he did, kind of, give us Sarah Palin. Who I’m very surprised is not in the Trump cabinet.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Looks like someone put a muzzle on “The Maverick”.

    • Bill G

      Yes, and I’d like to know how. The DMC loves to quote him bashing the party he claims to be a part of, so it’s not that he is no longer covered. I can’t believe he no longer wants to get into the spotlight. So who shut him down/out?

  • Bill G

    In ‘State of Fear’ Micheal Crichton warns against the Iron Triangle as the new version of the Military-Industrial Complex. He says this is Big Government, Big Business, and Big Media, and that they work together to promote a state of fear in the populace so that they can continue with business as usual.
    Juan loves all three of these groups, so how is he leashed/gagged?

  • Delilah T.

    The irony of this episode of tunnel vision is that every piece of crackpot nonsense, political or otherwise, has a beginning AND an end. You might be seeing the death throes, you know.
    If you don’t see the disconnect between Reality (Zed & Co.) and the Delusions (JMcC, et al.), you’re missing the signals that say it’s circling the drain… or developing a cyst that needs draining.

    • Pamela

      Hey Delilah ~ Should we lance it quick and clean, or smack it with a hammer and see what erupts? All with the proper PPE of course.

    • RegT

      Developing a cyst, perhaps, but I don’t think they are anywhere near circling the drain. The Fabians and the rest of the Western commies are too entrenched and still have too much control – schools, universities, most of the media (including Faux News), much of the federal court system (Obama appointed over 300 true-believers as federal judges – like the two who ruled against Trump’s EOs).

      With so many progressive judges, even people with the money to go to court don’t stand much of a chance of actually getting justice. Plus, the SCOTUS just doesn’t hear that many cases each year.

  • Mort

    Comey gone…I wonder who, Trea Gowdy would be ok.

    • Pamela

      Only if Trey’s replacement is better than him, and can keep the seat in an election.

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