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  • epador

    Oh My ™️

  • DogByte6RER

    Bricks used to to smash store windows and to crack skulls and break bones. Arson, rioting and thuggery directed against anyone viewed as American, capitalist, Judeo-Christian, et al. Sacred and historical icons targeted for vandalism and destruction.

    Most of the police stand by, incapacitated and/or unwilling to stop this orgy of violence.

    Over 80 years ago, the very similar actions played out in then Nazi Germany. The history books call this Kristallnacht …

    Nazis indeed.

      • steveb919

        Who does this piece of scum think he is. He must think he is Hitler or something. Jesus, Mary and Joseph Stalin?

    • interventor

      Interesting how they target Starbucks, which caters to the left.

      • John

        Think false flag.

        • The Nth Doctor

          I think it’s more likely just destruction for the sake of destruction at this point. Same reason why they’re looting and destroying the minority-owned small businesses in their own neighborhoods, tearing down the statues of abolitionists who *opposed* slavery, and beating up a gay democrat senator when they saw him with his camera phone out. These aren’t “protests” any more, or even riots — it’s Festival!, from Star Trek’s “Return of the Archons”; an orgy of hate, violence and destruction just for the sheer joy of indulging in hate, violence, and destruction without any consequences, and they’ll happily burn and destroy anything and anyone that happens to be in reach just because they can.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Jo doesn’t need deadly force. Just enough force to break fingers, hands, arms, legs, and discourage any PantyFag from picking up any bricks. Maybe a freezing touch.
    (personally, I’d love to see Jo do that fletchette thing again.

    • Peregrine John

      I remember when the Terminator was instructed not to kill. So he shot a lot of knees. “Dey’ll live.”

    • eon

      1. Jo picks up brick.

      2. Reduces its temperature to 150K (-123C/-190F).

      3. Brick crumbles.

      4. Brick crumbles arrive in vicinity of antifaists’ ankles at 200 m/s.

      5. Ouch.

      clear ether


      • Jefferson A Selvy

        Sandblasting? That’s what I call exfoliating!

  • John M.

    I wonder how long it would take Jo to reduce that pallet of bricks to a pile of red dust…

    Or she could determine who the ringleader is, capture him/her/it, put zhim temporarily out of commission, assume zhis identity and set the mob on some ridiculous but harmless “mission” a couple of counties over.

    All kinds of CoIntel possibilities!

    • John Carifidy

      I hope they cast their gaze at the remnants of the Weather Underground. The ones that went to prison were pardoned in one of Clinton’s last acts as president. Most of them hold positions on big foundation’s BOD. They are still spreading their communist ideology, as evinced by Bill Ayers as Obama’s Education Czar, and have access to big money from America hating donors. Hillary’s election was supposed to be their crowning achievement…

    • I’ve heard that term used for what I would have called him. *AHEM*

    • steveb919

      Funny you don’t hear about this in the liberal press.

  • Punta Gorda


  • Buck

    Seems there have been a lot – few – of rural cities having to contend with BLM and Antifa. This is a report from Western North Dakota.

    Probably less severe than what Jo has planned, but effective…

  • To quote Flounder from Animal House: “This is gonna be great!”

  • steveb919

    This was an eye opener for me. The tearing down of national monuments by the scum that infests the United States.

    You will have to copy and paste this.

    At first it gives an error message but then comes on and plays.

  • GWB

    So… You’re going to use the bricks like a salt lick? 🙂

    • John

      One of the tricks of these people is quite clever.
      They deliberately avoid using guns so as to maintain their image as “protesters”.
      The salt lick analogy got me thinking that, in their case, rock salt might count as appropriate ammunition.

    • I’d almost bet she IS rigged for that.

    • The chicken of depression

      The mythical “Brown Note” would be much, much funnier!

    • Perfect!

  • Ol' Country Boy

    I know that I am just an old dummy, but I don’t see how pallets of bricks can just appear on a street corner without traceability. Somebody (the FIB) is really being criminally stupid by not determining where these bricks come from. No reputable brick company would drop a pallet of bricks on a street corner or in the street unpaid for. If anyone knows one that will, give us a name. We have buildings to build! Meanwhile, the source of the money can be traced and and that source can be interned (unless it is the DNC)

    • John

      The problem with relying on “reputable” businesses is they rely on their employees to be on the up and up themselves.
      All it would take is a sympathetic employee with a phone to tell his compatriots where a load was being delivered, or report an unsecured gate etc. and pilferage would do the rest.
      These Barbarians were raised among us. They know our ways.

  • Pamela

    Jo, what ever you have up your sleeves, make sure one of the settings is on “STERILIZATION” for crowd control.

    • John Carifidy

      lol Your comment gave me a pregnant pause parsing the various shades of deep cleaning …

  • Ian

    I can’t wait to see the mayhem among the animals when Jo does her thing.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    The absolute best practitioners of riot control are the Israelis. They use scope-sighted, suppressed .22 rimfire rifles from 100 yards or more away and take knee, thigh, or groin shots. That technique not only takes one rioter vandal, or arsonist out of the game, it also has quite a psychological impact on he/she/it’s friends nearby!


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