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  • Jim G


    • Indeed.

      • The facies of Hitlery depicted here (goggle-eyed during the balloon drop at the DNC ceremony on 28 July 2016) was a pathognomonic oculogyric crisis manifest as Parkinson’s disease levodopa-induced dyskesia (PD LID). Such a symptom does not develop except in patients suffering the adverse effects of L-DOPA therapy. Development of dementia – part of the primary pathology – cannot be avoided. She’s therefore medically unfit to function in any form of public office.

    • noncom

      odildette the mad?….

  • Pamela

    Wonder how many of her contributors are thinking they’ve been tricked in the worse way

    • Grunt GI

      Ahhh, hell, her contributors were just making her an offer she couldn’t refuse…

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Which contributor(s)? The breathing ones, not yet buried in the ground? Or their master who lives below the earth?

        • Pamela

          Thinking more along the lines of how many Trust accounts were raided to make the donations

    • Henry

      As opposed to being tricked in a commonplace way (multipe unauthorized charges made to their credit cards)?

  • Sickening.

    Better: remember the story of Lincoln viewing his own corpse in repose in the East Room? Wouldn’t it be great if Zero gazed upon his own and it had the head of the beast on it?

    • syvyn11

      I thought it did have the head of the beast on it.

        • Bill M

          Ain’t called the Hildebeast fer nothin’.

  • Grunt GI

    Actually this is the best Trump advertisement evah!!!
    Cuz you know Hillary IS going to be Obozoes third term. Only more corrupt and incompetent.

    Now can we go back to the DDQ?

    • I’d MUCH rather actually have an Obozo third term.

      Bitch is frustrated, evil and desperate to make her mark; the mark of the devil.

      Dangerous as all fuck.

    • NotYetInACamp

      A horrible dichotomy exist in the “governance” of mankind (humanity, but screw PC). The promise of Utopia and its actual result is all part of this. The tyrannies listed by eon and others all have central control and decision as a core part of their actions or models. Many of the government people we see need to get a core decision ordering others to do something in order to gain their accolades and namings that they have measured their lives by. many settle with something small. Others tend along the lines of massive control that results in an individual’s memorial and memory lasting through the ages. Conquerors who expend all of the built up assets and lives of other humans are examples. I need give no examples. Hillary fits those who have no consideration of anything but the achievement of power for whatever reason. maybe in their mind, that is what people do. That is, she believes that people should gather power unto themselves by any means necessary. they may even have convinced themselves that they are doing the right thing. But all besides their goals of control fall to that path.
      I also realize how much of our society now conforms to subservience to those in power. That is one way Islam has conquered so much in the past so quickly. That is a current great threat that takes advantage of situations like those created by Hillary. Both will do anything. Both will crush all that oppose them when they can. Both have movements that punish those that do not believe or change their minds.
      That last part just developed as i was writing.
      It is that need for something that drives these people. They are dangerous. Hillary is dangerous. Stalin starved 15,000,000 Ukrainian kulaks as an experiment. Mao did similar killing while carrying out his social experiments.

      Now3 we buildres. thais what i have tried to do in mulife. That is what donald Trump appears to have done with his life.
      The US was built by people more like Trump than Hillary. Hillary is like King George III. Read the Declaration of Independence. It contains many actions taken by the movement with Hillary and Obama embedded in it.

      It is a difference between making strong people for their benefit, or controlling people for the central power’s benefit.

      America must rise.

      • Pamela

        The only people to have survived on my Hubby’s Mom’s side from the Ukraine, Poland and Germany were here in the USA during the 1930s and 1940s.

        • NotYetInACamp

          We may all be heading to something as massive. The indicators are there. I hope not. That is why we use the weapon at hand. We vote right now. My mother’s parents left Hungary prior to WW One. The family saw it coming. There still are relatives descended from my mother’s mother’s half brother living on the same mountain that they have lived on for centuries. The rest have been in the USA for quite a while. One ancestor was on the losing side of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. He left Ireland within ten days of the loss and lost all of his land.
          Those who desire to build, and those who desire to quietly live their lives are at risk. Eon even pointed something similar by using the Doctor’s comment in The Masque of Mandragora, as pointed out by eon.
          My Great Uncle and Aunt were almost arrested in Germany when he spoke out against Hitler. Later, just prior to WW2, when he spoke against Hitler at the German-American Bund at a Madison Square Garden meeting of 5000, his mother was arrested in Germany.
          Times like that have many planning that we suffer them. Strength can deter aggression.

      • Kafiroon

        That describes today’s V.A. in operation. Administrators and staff gorging at the veterans and our expense with NO consequence except to be promoted higher.

  • Empress Trudy

    The both should be hanged.

  • Henry

    I don’t know art, but I know what I don’t like. 🙂

  • Polly Cy

    d4d5 c4d4

    (AKA – Queen’s Gambit DECLINED) Or at least we hope so.

    • Polly Cy

      Oops – typing in the dark! Should be c4c5

  • syvyn11

    I sincerely hope there is a ‘treat’. And it better be Sam nude.

    • CPQA

      Better, all the ladies nude standing in front of a mirror.

      • GWB

        Now, that would be a beautiful view – both sides of all 3.
        Now I have a smile on my face, just thinking about it.

      • Grunt GI

        I would definitely consider this a treat…..

  • Solaratov

    You know, I just don’t understand how so many people can be fooled by the Clinton campaign. I can sort of understand the people who have always voted democrat; and always will. But I really don’t understand the ones who seem otherwise intelligent but insist that Clinton is the best choice for president.You’d think that, with all of the stuff that has come out about the Clintons and their “foundation” and – especially – HRC’s tenure as SoS that people could not be making any sort of informed decision to vote for her. Have we really raised that many stupid people in this country?

    • Merle

      Sadly, we do have that many stupid people, thanks to our education system. They are programmed to get their world view from the 6 o’clock news, and believe big brother knows what is best for them!


    • NotYetInACamp

      Overton Window.

      There is more on the web about this.

      Education is needed to move the window. That is why we may be doomed. Progressive Education has pushed the overton window for many to where they reject the truth when it is presented.

      • David M


        Exactly correct as well about the cost of Progressives control of public education for over 100 years…

    • Calvin

      I’m 57 years old and I take classes at the local community college. I have approached the younger crowd about what they think and know about the country. It may because I’m taking theater classes (a liberal crowd) but they know very little but are very vehement about their point of view. A group of students visited NYC over the summer and in class made a point about mooning Trump Tower as they passed. I asked them point blank why they thought that was appropriate and what had Trump done to them. Them came back with the sexist, homophobe, bigot claims. I asked them who told you that? Why, the media told us this and everyone knows it’s true. I told them I’ve been reading stories about Trump for 30 years and I’ve never read this stuff. If fact when The Apprentice first started a piece was written about Trump and how he opened up the Tampa Bay Country Club to blacks, women, Jews, and anyone else. Their eyes sort of glazed over and the teacher intervened at this point to save them.
      Last week, the conversation was with three people in the over 50 crowd. The same thing, they heard it from the media and they had never heard about any of the things spoken of Trump when he was a “democrat”. Of course Hillary was corrupt…but wasn’t everyone in Washington. So they voted for Hillary because it was better than voting for Trump. My HILLARY FOR PRISON T-shirt sparked this conversation.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Almost everybody at an auction was favorable or wanted to buy my Hillary for Prison T shirt from Infowars. They also liked my make America Great Again hat from Trump.
        One couple looked distinctly uncomfortable, so I politely ignored them. I had been discussing the matter with many people there over the year, as I also do wherever I go. I don’t always wear that Hillary for Prison t shirt

    • You don’t understand. Okay, the simplest term for it is denial of reality.

      I saw this in my own mother whose response to something I said to her about Bill Clinton’s liaisons with Monica Lewinski while he was on the phone with the Secy of State was: “Oh, I’m sure that’s not true.” Then she got upset when I showed her the report in the newspaper and refused to read it.

      Denial of reality is a mental disorder, but it is very convenient.

      They can forcefeed these idiots all the crap they like, because they know the psychological value of lying your ass off to get what you want. Stage magicians call it ‘deflection’, distracting you so that your attention is elsewhere.

      It really is that simple, even if you don’t agree with me. Remember that Stalin’s method of controlling people was not just Lysenko’s destruction of Russian agriculture; it was also making people simply disappear, not to be seen again until the search for those mass graves began in the 1990s. Over 20 million Russians and other Soviet citizens starved or disappeared under Stalin. With Mao, it was closer to 35 million Chinese.

      These people are heinous beasts, predators of the worst kind. As analogy, if there were an attack like the one from the movie ‘Independence Day’, these beasts would be collaborators. I think in the death camps like Birkenau and Auschwitz, etc., they were kapoks. Not sure if that’s the right word, but you know what I mean. The Khmer Rouge did whatever Pol Pot told them to do, including teaching children to kill their own parents.

      These people are those beasts, the most heinous, base creatures ever birthed. They are far more afraid of death than anyone else is.

      • Fox2!


      • Noelegy the Deplorable

        They were called kapos, but your point is still salient.

    • Ozymandias

      People who should have known better also put Hitler in power.

      • GWB

        For ages, I have heard people ask about Hitler’s rise, “How could they have done this? Couldn’t they see what he was about?”
        After 0bama was elected, I just responded by pointing to 0bama and saying, “You are ‘they’.”

    • Roger

      Many “smart” people have no common sense…

  • Interventor

    It’s said that God looks over children, drunks, and the USAmerican. I believe it, now.

    • Grunt GI

      Yup, ol’ Otto von Bismarck said it…and we certainly hope it’s true

      “There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and the United States of America.”

      • So long as we recognize He is real.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Point well taken.
          Or follow the devil and providence does not follow you. We were founded well. we have grown up to where De Tocqueville said we would be given growth patterns. These problems follow.

          • Satan’s greatest trick is to make us believe He is not real.

        • Kafiroon

          So we all remember the DNC conventions booing any mention of God in their platforms.

          • Grunt GI

            They do mention God…it’s just their god is Gaia, in the form of climate change..the only thing they believe is dogma.

      • John Greer

        We can only pray that Bismark is still right.

  • That is quite probably the most perfect statement without words regarding das politik die democratishe.

  • silvergreycat

    Mr. Obama’s possible thought…*Better her than me*…

  • Ozymandias

    The reverse of this would not be possible, as the Hildebeast cannot see her reflection in a mirror.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I agree. Even if it can be proved that “she” isn’t a vampyre, “she” IS a soulless beast, satisfied only to her own carnal lusts.

  • Overreach. It’s finally happened, and I am cautiously optimistic that enough of the electorate recognizes it for what it is and vote accordingly. A Trump victory on November 8th would not be soul cleansing, but it will send shockwaves for years to come.

    It might be a white knuckled ride for the next years, but at least we won’t be facing a terminal velocity descent with no chance of recovery under a Clinton presidency.

    • Er, not only be soul cleansing

    • NotYetInACamp

      Michael Moore said it was all of the regular Joe’s of America giving those people who screwed up their lives and America a Big FU by voting for Donald J Trump. A vote is what they have in common with every millionaire.
      Then Moore weasels back to being a sycophant of Hillary. For one proud moment Michael Moore again did something good.
      His two previous times being that searching for GM documentary film , and the film Canadian Bacon.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    How long ago was that real picture taken? O’Bozo’s hair hasn’t gone gray.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Dorian O?

      Well. Look at her.

    • Bill M

      Early in his first term, I believe.

  • Pamela

    She looks like she is getting ready to perform a sex act…

    Hey Bill, get over here, you might just get lucky with your wife after all this time.

    • Bill G

      The Hildabeast touch a man? Really? I’ve long enjoyed tossing her into a rude old joke, as in:
      She came back from her honeymoon, and in meeting her friends they immediately surrounded her. And the big question was “Do you think you’re pregnant?”
      And she answers “I certainly hope so. I don’t want to have to touch that thing again!”

    • Grunt GI

      Ummm, just no.

  • Calvin

    Give Mr. Muir some real credit here. Back almost a year ago, Carlos Danger visited our friends in Texas. The punch line of the story was that Skye found a thumb drive left behind in his room. Could it be??? Fast forward and some people are saying that this my be Wieners stay out of jail card. A laptop of full of emails.

    • Fox2!

      Carlos is supposed to be negotiating some sort of deal for access to the computer in exchange for leniency in the sexting affair.

      The flip side, of course, is to pressure Huma to turn state’s evidence so that her kids don’t have to write to both of their parents “Care of the US Bureau of Prisons.”

      • I’m convinced CM has an “in” somewhere, ala his personal avatar Zed…
        My first thought and comment when this shit broke a few days ago:

        JTC, Deplorables R Us
        October 28, 2016, 7:58 pm | #

        Wasn’t Weiner at the Double Down Club a while back and there was a thumb drive thing? Damn Chris where do you get your intel?

    • Chris Muir

      8/14/15 to 8/17/15. (to be cont.);)

      • Pamela

        You Good Sir have a wicked sense of humor.

        How many ways can we spell fun…

        • Grunt GI

          I can spell fun S-A-M or J-A-N…

  • Al Lucas

    A pessimist looks down and hits his head, an optimist looks up and stubs his toe, a realist looks ahead and adjusts his path accordingly! Trump 2016!
    H/T to The Walking Dead tonight.

  • Al Lucas

    Damn that should have been Big Al

  • Ryk E Lee

    Shades of Maurits Cornelis Escher on a Black Day.

    • Bill G

      Escher would probably have tossed in a few other overlays, as in his Crystal Ball drawing.
      I can think of a couple appropriate images immediately.

  • Bill G

    We’re being tricked, all right.
    To riff into yet another author’s corpus, I just recalled Al Capp’s character General Bullmoose, and immediately put Soros into that place as General Screwloose.

    • eon

      More like Screwtape, really.

      clear ether


      • As I recall from fifty or so years ago, Screwtape was a sort of the black sheep of the Devil’s family, a young, inexperienced, generally incompetent demon. I’ll have to read it again, but I remember thinking it was both funny and morally horrifying.

  • RayLRiv

    BRILLIANT. Well Done Lad!

  • eclark1849

    Oh Snap!

  • WayneDeplorable

    A late but heartfelt happy birthday to you, Chris. 🙂

    • Pamela


      May you get something wonderfully unexpected that places a smile on your face

  • JonDeplorable


  • Rev.Willie

    Bill Clinton would have gotten away with a lie, until the blue dress was revealed.

    Hillary would have gotten away with many lies, until WikiLeaks and Carlos Danger revealed all.

    BUT “It ain’t over until it’s over” – Yogi

    Here’s hoping!

  • Spin Drift

    “If you look, you can see a lot” – Yogi.

    If only the sheeple would look past the thinly veiled veneer that is the democrat candidate. Pull back the curtain and see who really moves the levers.

    War Damn Screaming Eagle
    Molon Labe
    Hold Fast
    Happy Halloween

    • She’s a puppet no doubt, Zero too, and everybody in their circle, and even the money men that we know of.

      So, “who really moves the levers” ? Question of the century.


  • Jess Sain

    I laughed out loud, Emperor looks in mirror..sees Dictator. 9 days people, let’s make this happen. Trump 2016.

  • Dienekes

    OK, since a dinosaur posted something f rom Al Capp’s “Little Abner”, here’s my blast from the past…

    Way back when, there was a very clever strip by Walt Kelley, “Pogo”. It was mostly pretty funny, but it could and did get political.

    This particular episode wasn’t intended to be political at the time, but it had Albert the alligator as a Humphrey Bogart detective, running amok. While working a case, he would “close the case” for lunch, then reopen the case” after lunch. Repeatedly, in lunatic fashion.

    Fast forward to the FBI’s Comey’s management of the Clinton e-mails investigation.

    Albert was a reptilian idiot, but at least honest in his idiocy.

    • He was also the inventor (or perhaps the instigator of) of ‘Tackle Pinochle’ as I recall.

    • Bill G

      Pogo was also the source for “We have met the enemy, and he is us” line.
      Dinosaur, huh? I resemble that remark.

  • Unca Walt

    The greatest, most incredibly important anniversary present in all of American history!

    57 years married today!

    To a gorgeous redhead, no less.

    • So, congrats to you and condolences to her?

      JK, that is a rare and admirable accomplishment.

      45 next month for me and I just turned 62, figure that one out. Not a recommended path, but a successful one in the case of me and my little 5-foot-zip blonde Georgia girl.

    • Pamela

      Congratulations to you and your bride Walt

  • Dienekes

    Many years ago, there was a clever, funny comic strip by Walt Kelley, “Pogo”. The quote “We have found the enemy, and he is us” came from him…

    In one episode Albert the alligator, a rather reptilian idiot, was portrayed as a Bogart-style PI on the job. Come lunchtime, he would “close the case”. After lunch, he would “open the case” and continue. Repeatedly.

    Little did we know that Albert would eventually return as the FBI’s Comey.

    The moral of the story is there is a lot of truth in the comics!

  • NotYetInACamp


    Place right in Hillary’s mouth.

    Bev Harris from has just explained that almost all of the black box voting machines, electronic only, now take a photo of each ballot. She also says that almost all of the election districts now destroy those pictures at the end of each day. That is despite the fact that they are a federal record. Those photos could be used to check the results in each precinct where there was no known check before. So RECOUNT???? Possible.
    File your injunction to save those images in federal court today.
    And the master key revealed to how to hack most of the black box voting machines.


  • Dr. Rich

    The Portrait of Dorian Fey

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