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  • A panel full of hope, optimism, and confidence.

    I like it, and I wish I could say I share it.

    But like a kamikaze or suicide jihadi, socialism is sacrificing itself but doing so much damage to the target infrastructure, that I fear the ship is taking on water fast, even as it steams over the ‘berg that inflicted the damage.

    For the sake of my children and grandchildren and the Republic itself, I desperately hope that my pessimism is wrong.

    • As do I.

    • “For the sake of my children and grandchildren and the Republic itself, I desperately hope that my pessimism is wrong.”

      Exactly how I feel, JTC!

  • B Woodman

    “Just the tip, I promise.”

    • Bill G

      …in your mouth.

  • Bill G

    Arrgghhhh, me hearties! Ram’em amidships and sink the scurvy blighters!

      • B Woodman

        Depends on the class of socialists you’re lookin’ to plunder, matey.
        If it’s the LIV (Low Information Voter) Entitlement “Obama phone” Class, well, what they originally got may have been nice when new, but if they’ve had it more than a week. . . . . . Sink ’em all, forget the pillage and plunder. Besides, they’ll have probably burned themselves out before you get there.

        If it’s the Elitist Class, YOU SCORE!! Pillage and plunder to yer hearts content. Then burn away! But forget the “rape”. Have you SEEN their women? (and besides, do you know where “that’s” been?)

        • Reminds me of the old gag:

          Viking Chief briefs his not-so-smart men before the next battle: “Remember, guys, first we rape. Then we pillage.”

  • chuck...

    Never argue with your wife, just dicker…

    • Alex J

      Why even dicker? A wiseman usually ends up doing it her way.

      • Bad Cyborg

        I prefer to dick ‘er whenever practical.

        • Solaratov

          It would seem that some are rather slow at pun pick-up. 😉

          • I noticed that too. 🙂

          • John M

            But then again, you could take Alex’s response two ways… I frequently do it her way, then she’s all smiles and giggles the next day!

  • Pamela

    So what will all those unemployed socialists do once they are steamed over? Go fishin’ or maybe try for one of those $15 per hour fast food jobs that will go robotic, or try for welfare with a well crafted sob story…
    I know, they will self-deport to more enlightened climes.

    • I like that last one; probably it’ll be to one of the 0’s “advanced countries where mass violence does not happen.” You know, places where citizens are kept as cattle. Like Russia, China, Saudi, France, or TPWGBUTB.

      • Pamela

        Citizens kept like cattle…
        Remind me never to have BBQ in those countries.
        Maybe that’s the reason none of the school kids like the new lunches courtesy of Mooch. Gives new meaning of the green movement.

        • John M

          Soylent Green?

  • Snafu F. Ubar


    • I think BUTB stands for “Bikini Under The Bridge”, but I can’t figure out TPWG.

    • The Place Where Great Britain Used To Be…


      • How about “Great negligible Britain” instead?

  • Oliver Heaviside

    I’ve come to believe that as long as the Feds have all the money (i.e. taxes) they will run the show one way or another. He who pays the piper calls the tune. It would be interesting if we had a rule where your local and state taxes are dollar-for-dollar deductible from the Fed taxes. In other words, but them last in line. Regardless of exactly how we tax (sales, income, property, etc) “think local”.

    “Socialism” today is a pretty watered-down term compared to what it meant in the later 1800s and early 1900s, when folks really believed the government should own the means of production. Today it’s really nothing more that an income distribution scheme.

    • John Greer

      Fascism is also a Socialist scheme, but instead of the Government owning the means of production it simply owns the owners.
      Slavery by other means is still slavery.

    • Chris Muir

      Until we say ‘enough’.

      • billf

        To Chris;Yeah ,but when will that be,and who will call it? As for me,I’ve had enough already!!

  • BlaxPac

    Bravo Zulu Zed.

    Full speed ahead over their stinking carcasses.

    Then back up.

    Rinse, Repeat.

    • John M

      One reason why tracked vehicles have it all over ships… you can pivot steer instead of reverse!

  • formwiz

    I do like your vision of the future.

  • capn

    For those without any naval training Bravo Zulu equals Well Done.
    As in Excellent job keep it up.

    Navy code flags.

    Sorry I don’t know the code functions on this website. Apologies if I am bending any rules Chris.

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