Day By Day


  • eon

    Well, spills will be easy to clean up.



  • skoot

    doncha just hate it when those balloon word thingies fall down to the bottom of the page?

    • Grunt GI


    • Kristophr

      Very strategically placed word balloons.

    • RooftopVoter

      It proves God is real and he is listening…….. 😉

  • Grunt GI

    What Damon should have said was:
    ‘Make me a sammich’
    ‘and bring me a beer too.’
    “Oh, and wear that outfit you have on now.”

  • Wayne M

    Sammiches are beautiful, Sammiches are fine!
    I love sammiches, I eat ’em all the time!!

    Thank you. My version of this classic is on iTunes…

  • JTC

    Me: Make me a sammich.
    Wife: Okay, you’re a sammich.

    Yeah, taking back the culture is easy; the house not so much.

    • H_B

      They first have to trust they’ll be well taking leads from you rather than doing everything themself. If done right it’s relaxing and actually fulfilling for them. If done wrong it doesn’t work at all.

      But as you say, that’s about the House – not about the culture at large.

      • JTC

        See, prog culture takes on weak gender characteristics, easily manipulated and subject to “protection” aka domination and control.

        Real women -and men- work and survive together, yes each in his/her own role, but that role is voluntarily assumed, not assigned.

        • JTC

          Case in point, note who is serving who in the um, strip, as it were…next she’ll prob’ly make him a sammich, but he’ll supply the meat. It’s a great system.

          • Chris Muir

          • JTC

            … = STFU???

    • Daniel in Brookline

      “Make me a sammich.”
      “What? No. Make it yourself.”
      “Sudo make me a sammich.”

  • Oooooo, verra niiiice!

  • Chris, how long will they stay in Argentina?

    • jane

      Stay tuned? 🙂

    • Chris Muir

      I have no idea.They tend to let me know.

  • B Woodman

    (ahem) To get back to the point (difficult with such a LOVELY distraction in front of you) I take it that it will be WORKING men, men who take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions who will be the ones to take back and rebuild Western culture and civilization.
    ANd now, back to gazing at the naked Jan.

  • Pete Z.

    Make mine a tuna on a split Kaiser roll !

  • billf

    Hmmm,I may be overthinking this too much,but,Chris I agree wholeheartedly with your politics and I like your text,and I like the art,but I like the pix of Sam better than Jan.Are they based on different women?

    • Chris Muir

      They certainly are.Sam’s an old ex, and Jan is a blend of people I know.

      • Pops

        Blends are smoother and, often, more intoxicating.

        • Nah. Single malt (neat) is smoothest of them all.

          • RegT

            Amen. Laphroaig is my poison.
            (I can’t afford the expensive stuff 🙂

      • “Jan is a blend of people I know.”

        And have seen naked?

        Some guys have all the luck….

        • Grunt GI

          It does make me wonder who Skye and Naomi are based on?

  • S'aaruuk

    Who is Skye based on?

    • Chris Muir


  • B Woodman

    And when is DBD going back to Texas?

    • Chris Muir

      They are in Texas.If u mean me, I’m a Florida Boy.

      • Ian Restil

        Well, as Lyle Lovett sings, “That’s right, you’re not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway.”

  • GWB

    Oh criminy, you’ve found this place to troll, along with HotAir?

  • Gee, you’re so right! Why should we FIGHT the Islamists when we can join forces with them and suppress all the wimmenfolk together?!

    You must want that, since you defend the Islamists.

    • GWB

      If this is the same guy as “Chudi” on HotAir, then the answer will be RACISM!

      • Chris Muir

        Do not feed troll Chud.It has been eliminated.

        • GWB

          Thank you for that.

  • GWB

    If he and Jan were talking about the same thing, “You’re gonna get some take out” would have an ENTIRELY different meaning – and not one Jan would like. 😉

  • Unca Walt

    Beautiful. Chris, your love for women shines through everywhere.

  • finebammer

    “you can leave your hat on……”

    RIP, Joe Cocker.

  • Dark Hair, dark eyes, tanned skin, full-C’s, “blended” DNA to get the best of everything in one package… oh yeah! 😀

  • Pamela

    I wonder if Jan is going to get creative with the mustard in the sammich making…

  • Kevin M

    As re Argentina, their “hot” Prez is under investigation of running block for some Iranian terrorists, and the prosecutor was just found with a bullet in his head.

    • Chris Muir

      See tomorrow’s toon.

  • RegT

    Partly I am curious about what unreality/insanity these trolls are spouting, but in large, I’m glad you’ve ejected them before it gets to my in-box, Chris. Thank you.

  • ChrisB

    I might share some of your comics if the women were dressed.

  • Bill

    Make mine tuna w/extra mayo. On whole wheat of course.

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