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  • MJ Larkins

    The feces is about to hit the rotating air circulator…

    • Bill G

      I’ve preferred to refer to fecal material impacting the impeller blades.

  • Kafiroon

    May Lightning light up that van.
    As in strike it!

    • JTC

      My son texted me yesterday that the same security company provides service to the upscale Gardens Mall near his business in Palm Beach Gardens FL.

      He says that he has noticed many of the mall cops he sees there are of an apparent Middle Eastern extraction (Profiling? Fuck yeah!). Anyway this place is slammed with moneyed folks on the weekend, and of course it is posted at every entrance NO GUNS ALLOWED. Not only are we providing a soft sweet underbelly ripe for butchering, but we are actively importing and training the fucking butchers!

      I told my son to stop going there and to any venue that attracts crowds and posts the gun slash sign (aka no-defense zone)…and I would suggest everyone here do the same; that Orlando club was one soft target but there are many, avoid them when at all possible.

      • eon

        this place is slammed with moneyed folks on the weekend, and of course it is posted at every entrance NO GUNS ALLOWED.

        Add in a security force that may be compromised, and you’re looking at a potential and very serious h o s t a g e situation.

        Just IMPO.

        clear ether


        • JTC

          True that.


          That’s the Gardens Mall to the right of where 95 hooks left. All those squiggles on the left are golf neighborhoods where thousands of $1M+ McMansions line the courses shoulder to shoulder, including Ben Carson’s.

          The money there (you would not believe how many septuagenarians tool up to my son’s jewelry biz which is just south there at 95 and Northlake in Ferraris, Lambos, etc), is second in Palm Beach only to the island itself a few miles south and on the ocean where Trump’s Mar a Lago is.

          So yeah, a very target rich environment, as it were. And if they can corral those rich hens in a no-defense zone where the “security” is on the fox team? It’s gonna happen sooner or later, if things keep going like they are under the Obama/Clinton guest terrorist policy.

          • JSStryker

            Need to stay away from Bell Sawgrass Outlet mall also, one heck of a target.

        • Roland Deschain

          Eon, you may be right, but they have not been taking hostages recently, they just slaughter as many infidels as possible before they are stopped!

      • B Woodman

        That, or ignore, if possible, the Death Zone sign, and carry.
        No one ever said you have to stick around and declare your PI to the po-po after defending yourself at a shooting incident.

        • JTC

          Of course son does ignore, as I always have. When you’re at a restaurant or such, that’s a viable strategy.

          But what’s trending here is attacks on larger venues, tightly packed with mostly defenseless sheeple. Who the fuck wants to play sheepdog to that group with a single carry pistol against loaded up s/a pistols and rifles?

          As always, the best way to win a gun battle is to not get into one. So as much as possible, stay the fuck out of places that are full up with soft targets.

      • Muslims have the worst judgment and timing in the world, so I expect them to mount an attack on a group of the “moneyed folks” soon.
        Nothing will motivate the politicians to actually do something about the problem like an attack on their donor class.
        For us serfs, keep calm and carry on.

    • Or is Chris really, really smart and prophetic?

      I’m going with yes for $10,000.

  • Pamela

    Break out the plague flags folks. Gear up, watch your six.
    The four horsemen are on the march. Time to send them back to hell.

    Charges need to be brought for allowing invaders/enemy combatants safe harbor.

    • Charges need to be brought for allowing invaders/enemy combatants safe harbor.

      With a mudslime appointed DoJ? Riiiiiiight, sure.

      • Pamela

        Unless the child in charge grants a blanket amnesty for any law breaking done under his watch, and unless hands-in-your-pocket or dingle berry doh-doh get in, T-Don Rex probably has a To Do list already in his pocket.
        Cleaning house will take on a whole new meaning.

  • Swansonic

    Chris – Thanks for the update. Take what time you need, when you need, for and with your family. If I can help, let me know.

    I know what I said will be echo’d by many and that is a small testament to our appreciation for you and what you do.

    Thank you very much. A little more is on the way…


  • canuck49


    Take the advise of one Robert Heinlein and enjoy the NOW because now is all you have. Enjoy your Dad’s life and company for as long as it lasts.

    • Kafiroon

      Good advice Chris. I did that, quit a some what lousy job and will never regret it. Take the time needed.

  • CB

    When I was young the liberals were big on protecting peoples right to religious freedom.

    Had the Orlando shooter walked into a Christian Service and killed 50 white people today’s liberals would be cheering him on. If he had survived they’d play him up as a victim, donate to his legal defense, wear T-shirts that say “Free Omar” and if his lawyer got him off they’d thumb their noses at any Christian who was offended and tell them “You people deserve it!”

    The author Lewis Grizzard once wrote a book called ” I don’t understand a thing that’s gone on since 1965.” Many days I feel just like him.

    • Man! I miss Lewis! I always wondered who took care of Catfish and Cornbread after Lewis went home.

    • Nomde Plume

      CB, Thanks for mentioning Lewis Grizzard. (Since 1962, btw. That would be while JFK was still alive.)

  • Big Al

    In the immortal words of Andrew Hallanan (Florida gun supply, Inverness FL) Get Trained, Get armed, and Carry Daily! Family we are under attack! May God bless and defend us all! Chris’s still praying for your Father!

  • KenH

    Shit just got real
    And as Darth Sidious put it
    Wipe them out…ALL OF THEM

  • No guns? No go. Screw that. You, Chris, have struck the fastening device squarely on the input value. I’m on the edge, well, over that edge, of instant reactionary behavior. If you conceal correctly, nobody knows it’s there.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    (holding hand up in back of room) uh, some key willing to clue me to the OTMS acronym? We don’t get out much, living behind enemy lines….

    • Fortyback

      “Other than Mexicans”

    • Other than Mexicans. It really is an official acronym.

      • CB

        I was wondering about that myself. Thank you Jeff for clearing it up.

    • John M.

      Shouldn’t it be written as OTM’s? That would help clarify

  • Bill G

    The stench in the van is going to get worse.
    The stench inside the Beltway is getting worse, and it’s not covered up by the smoke and mirrors of the LSM.

  • Bill G

    Blessed be.
    Carpe Diem.

  • B Woodman

    I wasn’t able to reply to you yesterday, so here goes:
    My condolences to all’ya’all. Enjoy your time with each other. I hope your father has made his peace with family, friends, and Deity.

    It may be after the fund raiser is over, but after the end of the month and bills are paid, I’ll try to donate some more, possibly $100 or thereabouts. No merch necessary.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The asymmetric war continues.

  • eon


    I didn’t see your reply at the bottom of yesterday’s until just now.

    Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Cherish each moment.

    God bless.



  • Unca Walt


    I did not ask what was going on with your Dad because it would have had to be public for me to do so.

    Now that I know, perhaps I can help: I have gone through exactly your situation. I recommend (you are probably already doing this) having quiet fun with him on a very regular basis.

    It will give you great memories (this happened to me as a result of my following this advice from yet another in this position). Those memories will last, and will be warmly cherished. I am now the family old guy, and I am glad I spent that time.

    At the risk of blowing out your bandwidth, here is a short article I wrote about him in a magazine after he passed. It almost certainly will resonate with you and your Dad:

    Arcane Things My Daddy Taught Me

    © Walt C. Snedeker

    Daddies are magical. And here is one of the little measurements of life: If you still refer to him as your Daddy in your adultery, then he gets the prize.

    Now, don’t get me wrong; if he’s “Pop”, “Father”, “Dad”, or the like, there’s no problem, there’s nothing wrong. It’s just that the magic isn’t there anymore. Remember: It used to be “Daddy”, right?

    In order for a Daddy to be magical, he must have a few special characteristics. He must know the answer to every question you could ever think of. And he must be able to show you and tell you and make things for you that nobody else in the world knows anything about.

    Like spool tanks. One snowy day, when there was no way to go outdoors, Daddy built a spool tank for me. I was just a tweeny kid, bored silly. It, and its cousins fascinated me for hours.

    A spool tank requires a spool from Mom’s sewing kit (in our house, the spool had to be empty), a thumbtack, kitchen match, and a slice of an old candle with the wick bored out.

    Oh, and a rubber band. You pushed the rubber band through the hole in the spool, slid a busted piece of kitchen match through the end loop of the rubber band, and used the thumbtack like a doorstop to make it so the kitchen match wouldn’t spin.

    Then, on the other end of the spool, you worked the rubber band through the disk of candle. As soon as you slipped the cannon (some people might call it the ink tube from a ballpoint pen) through the end loop sticking through the candle disk, you were ready to wind ‘er up!

    About twenty or thirty turns later, you placed the spool tank on the floor, and it would slowly trundle across the room, scaring the bejeebers out of the cat. Every now and then the cannon would tilt, simulating firing. Magical.

    None of the other kids in the neighborhood had a spool tank until I showed them how to make one.

    Daddy didn’t stop there by any means. I would be walking along in the woods with him, idly watching him with his pocketknife and a small piece of wild cherry branch, and he suddenly would hand me a slip-whistle made from that branch.

    Here’s how he did it: It seems that wild cherry bark can be removed intact from its branch. So he’d loosen it, but before he removed it, he’d cut a “window” that resembled the shape of a steamboat whistle in the bark.

    Then he’d take the tube of bark off, put it in his shirt pocket, and cut away some wood.

    When he slipped the tube back on and handed it to me, my magical Daddy would have produced a multi-toned whistle from nowhere!

    He made pinwheel boomerangs from the yardsticks that hardware stores used to give away. Daddy would cut the yardstick at exactly the 18-inch line, and drill a small hole in the middle of the two remaining pieces. Then, holding the pieces tightly together, he’d use his grinder as a power-sander, and bevel one edge of each.

    A small screw-and-nut combination through the holes, and the X-shaped boomerang would be ready for me to fling. Magical.

    Daddy taught me how to make whip-darts, slingshots, and ceiling walkers (talk about scaring the cat — ceiling walkers made him disintegrate).

    And he taught me how to catch a squirrel with just a boy’s penknife. And how to “tickle” trout. (It was a monumental day when I caught a trout with my bare fingers while a guy with a jillion dollars worth of gear stood there watching — and troutless!)

    Needless to say, these and a bunch more things like them were passed on to my boys.

    And, yes… although they are grown and gone, they still call me “Daddy”.

    May you find peace and happiness, bro. You surely deserve it.

    • CB

      My own dad had Alzheimer’s along with a host of other medical problems before he passed on.

      The thing I’ll always remember best about that time was even when his Alzheimer’s was at it’s worst he was always pulling some stunt that made me laugh or smile.

  • Spin Drift

    Anybody notice that the lawn jockey always rushes to the wrong judgement:

    a) “It was a video”
    b) “Cops behaved stupidly”
    c) “Terrorism and hate”

    I think that the rise of Don and Bernie is due to the slow opening of the lyin’ eyes of the general populace. They no longer can believe the “official story” when there eyes and common sense scream the exact opposite.

    The truth, it burns them.

    Molon Labe
    War Damn Eagle
    Hold Fast

    • B Woodman

      Obozo, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?”

  • JTC

    Chris, this might be too hard for you, but with Dad’s Day this Sunday and with all the external BS pulling us down and making us crazy, maybe a tribute ‘toon? I gather there’s a lot of folks here who were taught to be men and women by a real man and might like to share in comments. And yes, with a father lost way too soon to the ravages of cigs and tied to an air hose for the last year of his life, I would contribute.

    Just a thought, and if it’s too difficult or you just don’t want to mix our favorite avatars’ lives (speaking of which, ’bout time for a Wade appearance ain’t it?) with our own, I understand, and either way I will continue to include you and yours in my chats with my God.

  • Kevin M

    One day a real rain’ll come and wash all this scum off the streets.

  • Delilah T.

    Chris, first – I want to offer my sympathies to you and your family, and hope that you will make the most of however much time you have left with your father.

    Second, what is going on now is almost like the rumbling underground before a volcano blows. The Orlando attack was succeeded by a similar lone wolf attack on a French policeman and his family. I feel there will be more, similar incidents, and we ALL need to be aware of what is going on around us, all the time. Even if you have a personal weapon, on the day you decide to leave it home, locked up, you may wish you hadn’t. It’s a good idea to figure out how to MacGyver putting a stop to the violence, if at all possible. Don’t let the hyenas win.

    Third, some Russian hackers got into the DNC files and got ALL their files, including their research on Trump. Seriously. This gave me a flashback to Nixon and his Watergate burglars, who now look like amateurs by comparison.

  • JTC


    “Top Republicans joined with President Obama and other Democrats Tuesday in sharply condemning Donald Trump’s reaction to the nightclub massacre in Orlando, decrying his anti-Muslim rhetoric and his questioning of Obama’s allegiances as divisive and out of step with America’s values.

    Trump — who just a week ago signaled an intent to snap his campaign into a more measured tone for the general election — showed no sign of backing down from his suggestions that Obama was somehow connected to or sympathetic with terrorists, telling the Associated Press that the president “continues to prioritize our enemy” over Americans.”

    Dance with us what brung ya, DT…those gopes, those dims, those advisers, they are as much the enemy as the muzzies, and none of them speak for us. You’re on the right track, the only track…hang tough.

    That boy is earning my respect; I hope he can keep it.

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