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  • NotYetInACamp

    OH NO!


    • Delilah T.

      Biden? EEEEEEEeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

      CM, you have officially grossed me out. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

      I demand compensation. WHERE IS WADE’S GHOST?????

    • JSStryker


  • Glenn

    I suppose there is a time and place for corporal punishment. But with a paddle on the hood in a garage sounds more like Clue than marital discourse.

  • formwiz

    No, dude, you’re still wrong. Tell the wife and let her smack sis.

    • Wicked Duke

      Yeah, no.

      The issue isn’t Skye. She’s actually innocent in terms of what she has/hasn’t done on this trip to the DD.

      And why are you OK with Sam hitting Skye, but not Zed hitting Sam?
      Seems like a heck of a double standard to me.

      • formwiz

        If Skye set out to cause trouble, Sam is the one to deliver the retribution.

    • JIMV

      yup…men do not hit women

      • Daniel in Brookline

        Amen. Mr. Muir, this thread is troublesome — although I imagine you’ll have things work out all right in the end.

        I think I would have been happier if, say, Zed had made clear his tremendous displeasure — and why — and Sam tearfully asked what her penance would be. I could then imagine Zed spelling out some unpalatable alternatives — have fun thinking about that! — and asking Sam to pick one.

        I can still hear my mother saying firmly, in the 1970s: “The man who hits me once, hits me twice: for the first, and the last, time.”

        • Off The Wall

          JIMV and Daniel in Brookline – what fantasy world do you live in?

          First, spanking is not, nor has it ever been equivalent to “hitting women”. Second that rule – “Gentlemen don’t hit women” – is essentially obsolete today given the existence of modern feminists.

          • JIMV

            Sorry, some things are simply right, or wrong. Hitting women outside of self defense is wrong.

      • Kevin M

        Men never hit ladies, Women get thrown down staircases. Because!

  • Pamela

    What consists of going “Full Biden” on a person?

    • KenH

      At a guess, groping every exposed female body part possible. And in Biden’s case, being a senile, retarded pervert, not in a nice way at all

    • NotYetInACamp

      Not totally sure. But it sure sounded smarmly and seedy.
      I can conjecture a Half Biden is his constant pawing of women that he does, especially young under 18 girls, often and even in front of their parents.
      He does say get a shotgun and blast away. Uncle Joe Biden. Questionable.
      Any further and i would gross myself out. The elite globalists get a pass on almost all activity that the vast majority of people frown upon. the fact of doing it with the wrong person as Biden half does in public evokes a EEUWWW from me also. What is appropriate with Sam, is EEUWW when considering Sam. So close to a full gross out Full Biden with Zed getting grossed out.
      But that is just my take on it. The internet is full of Biden’s pawing (Half Biden?), and some people running away to avoid it. I hope that a Full Monty was avoided.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Correction: That was meant to be a Skye there in “… is EEUWW when considering Skye.” I couldn’t even consciously write it, it was so gross. That was a Freudian slip by part of my brain. Brain fart? What the hey.

      • Pamela

        If he would have laid hands on me, my knee would have connected with his crotch. No One touches me without asking my permission first.

      • Pamela

        EEUW! What self-respecting Biker Chick would allow him near her! EEUW!

      • J

        And notice, that photo was dateline Seaman, Ohio.

        God is, indeed, an iron.

      • RegT

        Did you notice the guy on the right’s leathers have a patch reading “Ordained Minister”? Maybe Biden was thinking of the line, “Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” Or maybe _she_ is . . .

        He always struck me as a “Chester the Molester” kind of creep. I wonder what his grandchildren had to put up with from him (if he has any).

      • Old Codger

        The biker chick looks like she’s digging it. The two guys look MUCH less enthused. I can almost hear the guy on the right thinking, “If he wasn’t the VP …..” Almost looks like Biden is getting some of his kicks from the fact that any “lesser” guy who did what he did better have their affairs in order. Like to call him a scum bag and a slime ball but it’d be unfair to scum bags and slime balls.

    • Delilah T.

      Somewhere, there is a photo of drunk uncle Joey with his hand on a heavy-set Sherilff’s thigh, and the look on said Sheriff is priceless. I cannot remember the Sheriff’s name, for the life of me, but the photo is impossible to forget.

    • armedandsafe

      Biden, you ask? Think “back door”

    • Paladin

      I do recall the female Secret Service on his detail complaining that he would swim laps in his birthday suit.

  • KenH


    Bit fucking late for THAT, RED
    But that was the POINT, after all
    And if that means sending the SKANK to Bolivia, GET ON WITH IT

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      And what did Bolivia ever do to you…..?

  • JTC

    Listen Z, just be glad you didn’t do the Donald…You’d STILL be washing! 😉

    Yeah yeah I know, but face it, dude was/is a horndog.

    • JTC

      But he does grab p—y of full grown women, as opposed to Creepy Pedo Joe groping little girls…can’t wait for that sick fuck to run in ’20.

      • sigofmugmort

        It should be amusing. By that time he’ll have passed the stage of talking to hatracks about the alternate universe in his shorts, or breaking off speeches to have a conversation with the invisible hamster sitting on the edge of the podium, and have gone to full-on babbling incoherently at the top of his lungs schizo mode.

        What should worry everyone is that assuming she’s still above the sod, Hillary will most likely have Had A Conversation With America (in her head), pronounce herself the Fresh Face And Way Of The Future, and demand to be made President For Life (and be allowed to bequeath same to Chelsea)- or else she’ll start nuking one American city per hour until we surrender, make obeisance, and proclaim her God(dess).

        And the Dems and GOPers will do her bidding. Bet on it.

        clear ether


        • Deplorable B Woodman

          Great fantasy sci-fi there.

        • Delilah T.

          shrillary? Don’t think so, Sigo. She’s too dilapidated to do that again. Of course, the hope would be that if she really was stupid enough to try again, she’d drop in her tracks in the middle of her first idiotic campaign speech, preferably to a herd of dairy cows.

          • eon

            Hey, don’t blame Sig. I posted that without noticing he’d failed to reset the fields.

            But I do believe that she’s enough of a fanatic to try. Also delusional enough, and with enough arrogant, power-hungry followers to make a go of it.

            Face it- progressives overall hate, fear and despise anyone and everyone they define as “not us”. And they love her for being everything they aspire to be-powerful, ruthless, devoted to their dogmas even when they patently do not work in the real world, and ready, willing, and able to have people killed for no readily-apparent or adequately-explainable reason, on her say-so alone.

            The most dangerous thing about a demagogue is the number of people they can get to agree with them. Judging by the present situation, in the “corridors of power”, a lot of people with power agree with The Bitch.

            The last time that happened, it was in Germany and it was the 1920s and 30s. And that demagogue had his list of “deplorables”, too.

            /up Godwin

            clear ether


      • Pamela

        At least DT’s fingers are long enough…

        • Grunt GI

          (Raises eyebrows)

          My goodness you are on a roll….

          I like the way you think…

          Watched Braveheart last night…you no doubt would love this line.

          “An Englishmen doesn’t know what a tongue is for.”

          • Pamela

            An Englishmen doesn’t, but my Husband does 😉

          • Grunt GI


  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Zed’s storm cloud is passing. The appropriate punishment has been applied. Now is the time to show an increase in love, lest the punished one think they’re hated. Now (re)starts communication.

    • Aldo Cella

      That wasn’t punishment, it was an attention-getter. An integral part of this particular communication.

      Despite all the pearl-clutching “beating” comments yesterday, Zed is obviously quite self-controlled. There was no anger or hostility. Makes me wonder how many of those folks have even seen a real beating, let alone taken one.

      • Swansonic

        Agreed Aldo. I wanted to post this yesterday but couldn’t get back to the ‘toon in time.

        Since the DD ranch is in Texas I saw the first two whacks as what Sherriff Buford T. Justice called ‘an attention getter.’ Sometimes you have to do something really unexpected to really get your partners attention.

        I’ve never had to get physical to make a point with my wife – Oftentimes I just need to mimic her behavior for a bit and then the needed discussion gets rolling.

        Other folks work their issues out in other ways. Find what works for you.

        Jebs – The only time a gun is a good first option is when there are NO other available options. If pulling a gun is your first reaction to a tap on your shoulder, things will end badly for everyone involved. And no, most of us here do not expect Sam to take it just because she is a woman. We expect the offending party – male OR female – to take it because they’re the one’s who effed it up. Flip the people and Sam is getting Zed’s attention with a small paddle – I’ll have the same reaction.

        Keep calm and DBD on…..

        • Swansonic

          As I was typing the above in I got to listen to the news from the war zone known as Chicago. A lot of murders today including a man who killed his pregnant wife and at least one other relative before killing himself.


          I wonder what she did to him to warrant that response?

          /sarc off

      • eon

        Two ping-pong paddle whacks on the derriere’ with no English is not a beating.

        A beating is being hammered by a cane or a crutch by a man with serious upper body strength (in spite of a chronic lower back injury), on the legs, ribs, chest, back, arms, and head when he’s pissed off at the world at age sixty or so- and I was seven. Lying on the floor curled up in a ball while he whaled on me, cursing at the top of his lungs the whole time. For up to ten or fifteen minutes at a stretch until he tired himself out.

        That is a beating. One of many I received from my father.

        I still have serious chronic pain from the results today at age 59.

        Never confuse the two.

        clear ether


        • WayneM

          eon, no-one should have to put up with that kind of beating. My heart goes out to you.

        • Pamela

          What or Who finally stopped him from assaulting you.

          • JTC

            Even a boy of seven would have been justified in employing the Jeps the defense in that case. Otherwise, hopefully the evil bastard died a painful, lingering, solitary death as a prelude to his eternity with Lucifer.

          • eon

            He died when I was 13, of a heart attack brought on by one too many screaming rants.

            You have to understand;

            1. He was careful. He did it when there was no one home but me and himself. Since he was disabled, my mother worked, leaving the house at 0500 and not getting home until about 1900. So for the entire day before I was school age, and from 0500 to 0735 in the morning and 1500 to 1900 in the afternoon, he had me all to himself.

            2. It was “our little secret”. Because he told me that if I ever told anyone what he did, he would kill me, kill Mother, and then kill himself, or kill her and himself and make it look like I did it. At the time he said this, he was pointing a loaded and cocked .38 revolver at me, so I was inclined to believe him.

            NB; There was no “sexual” abuse. Just him getting mad about something and taking it out on the nearest target- me. Or deliberately telling (or forcing) me to do something, that I could not, so he’d have an excuse to initiate “physical correction”.

            Imagine that you’re six years old, sitting on the concrete floor of a workshop, your father is working on a lawn mower, and he says, “Hand me the whatchamacallit”.

            You ask what he means. He repeats the order verbatim.

            You start to say you don’t know which one it is- and he screams “GODDAMMMIT HAND ME THE WHATCHAMACALLITT!!”

            You hand him the tool you THINK his hand is pointed at- and it’s Beat Down Time.

            Imagine that and similar “diversions” from age two to twelve.

            Now you know why I tend to have a jaundiced view of what others define as “abuse”. And would never hit a woman.

            I’d walk away, like Zed did at first. But I’d still be walking a couple of hours later. I’d figure if I was wanted, somebody would come and get me.

            Yes, I’ve done it.

            Thank you, everyone.

            clear ether


          • JTC

            So God took care of it so you wouldn’t have to. Good. And he’s been enjoying his just deserts for 46 years and counting to infinity.

            He inflicted lasting physical damage as you stated. No doubt psychological too, possibly playing into the single and virginal status that you have also openly shared here.

            But what I know from this impersonal but still quite intimate forum is, he didn’t beat your brains out.

            Those of us fortunate enough to have had parents who imbued in us what love and devotion is,to live our lives knowing that there were people who would lay their lives down for us in an instant, until it was our turn to pass that knowledge and comfort to our own children, cannot imagine life without it.

            Still, here you are and *there* he is. Who wins? 🙂

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    I believe I called this outcome, earlier in the story arc. Do I get a cookie? Or better yet, one of those coffee cups discussed yesterday….

  • J

    Bottom line of yesterday: for their relationship, this worked.
    There are undoubtedly real life relationships where it would work.
    However, do NOT try this at home unless you are utterly confident that you’re in one of them.

  • Grunt GI

    Well clearly a little confession was good for Sam. Now she’s got that off her chest.

    Let’s get everything else, like clothes, off her chest now, eh?

    It’s time to kiss and makeup

    • formwiz

      It must be nice living in that little world with Peter Pan and the Easter Bunny.

      This ain’t over by a damned sight.

      • Grunt GI

        Well, I think as far as Zed being mad at Sam it is. His point has been made, she has made a proper apology, and now it’s time for the two of them to kiss and make up.

        As far as Skye…well, you’re right there…we shall have to wait and see.

        Which, of course, is why reading DBD is so awesome. One never knows what twists and turns Chris will take us on…

        • OC

          If’n Chris really likes us there will be a future Skye of Sam’s knee panel forthcoming.

          • Grunt GI

            Oh, yea….

            I’ll be in my bunk

          • OC

            OVER, not of.

  • I told you, just wait, Chris had something going. Now, to change the subject, I’d kiss that and make it better.

    • Pamela

      You’d better be doing more than kissing

      • Grunt GI

        Well, no doubt Zed will, but (sadly) I doubt we will get Chris to give us ALL the details.

        More’s the pity.


  • LowKey

    I’m interested in seeing if Skye is genuine in her desire to change, and if so to watch her no doubt bumpy progress long the road to recovery from progressive conditioning. Think how interesting that could be, and imagine at the end of it if she lays into a crow of snowflakes. No one is ever a more vehement opponent of an ideology than one who escaped from it’s clutches.

  • gafling

    “… two taps WITH NO ENGLISH …” (emphasis mine) – that is just great!

    Snicker …

    • pdwalker

      Oh noes! I cannot support a comic that advocates the beating of women with “NO ENGLISH”,

      I’m outta here!

      See Ya!


  • Dex

    Sorry, Chris, you just lost a reader. I waited for today’s strip, to see if Sam was going to call the cops on him, and/or file for divorce. The “repentant little girl” thing, on top of non-consensual thwacking, spells one thing: Domestic Abuse.


    • Chris Muir

      Well, thanks for reading DBD up ’til now, Mr.G!

  • Unca Walt

    Shortcut to Unca Walt’s redhead:

    There is a woman here who only looked at one thing: a ping-pong paddle.

    The DAMAGE to trust was a thousand times worse, miss. Put your gun away. I carry, too… and my husband would never beat me. But then, I would NEVER betray his trust like Sam betrayed Zed’s in this story arc.

    If I had done the equivalent, I would hope that a ping-pong paddle on my rear WOULD be the result — rather than watching his back as he walked out on me for being essentially (in this case) a duplicate of Skye.

    Again: put your gun away. It is for your protection, not false ego revenge.

    • Pamela

      I concur as another Redhead.

  • Lurker

    Interesting to me that I have read comments that Skye deserved to be brutalized in various ways.
    Didn’t see any snowflakes raise a ruckus about that.

  • PaulS

    I think the “Biden” being referred to is the progeny of Joe, something to do with one son messing with the others wife.

    Not cool!

    • NotYetInACamp

      One son left his wife for the widow of his brother, another son of Biden.
      Joe Biden covers the weirdness all by himself quite well.
      A Biden son got a seat on the Board of at least on pipeline and gas company in Ukraine. Big money for nothing to that Biden.

      If Biden and his new wife have a kid, does that make his dad uncle daddy?

  • 'TreHammer

    No, I’m pretty sure CM is referencing the senior Biden who has a “hands on” reputation when greeting people.

  • PaulS

    Jeps, and I say this seriously (mostly), there are decaffeinated brands just as tasty as the real thing, perhaps a switch would be good.
    Also, get some training. Don’t be under the illusion that your gun is a talisman that will protect you. My wife and I have trained, but the most important takeaway is how to make as sure as we can that deploying a firearm is NOT needed. Once it is, all you have is a bunch of BAD choices to make, all wrong, albeit some more beneficial than others. That said, a truly bad actor against you will have the advantage in taking away your ability to use your weapon, I.e. We don’t have a week go by without hearing of a LEO being killed, and they are well aware of the risks, and trained.

    • Jeps

      I simply employ the same mindset as the mother of Mr. Daniel above here. A man will not walk away unharmed if he employs physical force against me.

      As for the risks of having and using a firearm, I am well aware. I accept that risk. Better to die on your feet, and all that 🙂

  • 8541USMC

    50+ comments so this will probably be overlooked-

    Judging by Sam’s lack of violent response; I judge the paddling situation to be of a PRE-arranged mutual CONSENT.
    If it was NOT mutual consent I’m sure Sam would have had an escalated response, but not in the Fatal realm desire of some of yesterday’s sudden appearance, snowflake city commenters.

  • Delilah T.

    There is too much of Biteme on this column of comments.

    I demand satisfaction. I want Wade’s ghost. Cough it up, CM.

    • Pamela

      *smiles* Delilah I like your thought process.
      We need some slow, soft and smooth to soothe.

    • Delilah T.

      I like mature men with soft lips who know what they want, especially when it’s what I want, too. I have my moments.

  • JavaMan

    Zed has simply applied a bit of a different kind of DD at the DD

  • Ultracon

    Not really necessary, was it?

  • Toad

    One of the most popular posts on my blog was “You Need To Be Spanked” and it discusses the dominance/submission issues related to physical discipline. A woman who is highly attracted to a man will submit to his discipline. If she’s not highly attracted, she won’t. I made the point in the post that just saying “you need to be spanked” to a woman is somewhat of a litmus test, because as a rule, it will get a reaction.

    Sam is demonstrating she is highly attracted to Zed and she’s OK with having her rear end lit on fire. It reminds her what he is. And all these comments by men about “you don’t hit a woman” are clueless. It’s truly sad to see. Sometimes a woman wants the *right man* to put her over his knee.

    • Pamela

      My standard responses to “You need to be spanked” are as follows.
      That costs more than you can afford.
      Only if I can do you first.

      I actually had one of the men I worked with tell me you need to be spanked. I came right back with “Does the thought of that excite you and when”. That segued into an interesting conversation. No spanking took place and I became a sounding board for him.

      • Toad

        If those are your standard responses, then you aren’t around very many dominant men. It’s said that a woman will know within a matter of seconds to minutes about a man, he will either be a man she might have sex with or he is a man she definitely won’t have sex with.

        If the man is dominant, masculine and confident enough, most women know it immediately. If he hits her attraction point, her response will be some form of “OK”. If she’s attracted enough, she’ll get naked for him any time he wants. If she’s attracted enough, she’ll share him with other women, and if he decides she needs a spanking she’ll be OK with that too. She may not like it when it happens, but the sex afterwards is usually off the scale in terms of hotness. There’s something about having her reset button pushed a few times.

        • Chris Muir

          Geez, you’re Artisanal Toad! I didn’t realize that, cool.

        • Pamela


          I’ve been around dominant men my entire life. I was also raised as a boy the first 12 years until puberty kicked in. I like and enjoy the company of men. I occasionally lust after them. I also keep my hands and other body parts to myself.

  • FastFreddie

    Judge not Lest Ye Be Judged. Unless any of us has walked a mile in the shoes of either person involved, should we judge the appropriate responses. Maybe this is exactly what Red could have hoped for. In her eyes this may be “Getting Off” easy. That goes for DD or life.

  • PCNot

    For the folks who stopped reading because of the spanking, this is a cartoon, albeit for adults, but it is a cartoon. A fun, witty, sexy, politically incorrect cartoon. Rock on Chris Muir.

    • FastFreddie

      PCYes! agreed!

  • Pat*

    Whoever quoted Miles Vorkosigan yesterday, I vote that “You Won The InterNet”! (To think that Zed can’t even measure up to Tien Vorsoisson’s low standard is… nauseating.)

    It’s Chris’ strip, Chris’ characters, Chris gets to decide how his characters act, Chris gets to do what he wants. Obviously he hit a nerve yesterday.

    But for me, in real life: My husband’s a foot taller than me. He weighs more. He lifts weights. There’s a *serious* physical disparity between us. And if he held me down and hit me, against my will – even a stupid spanking with a stupid ping pong paddle – he would have broken my trust in him, in a way that would be FAR worse than *anything* I might have done to him. At that point, how could I ever be sure he wouldn’t do it again? How could I ever know – for *sure* – what would set him off next time? How could I ever be sure it wouldn’t be worse next time?

    If somebody wonders why Jeps and I are sensitive about this, look no further than that physical disparity between most men and most women. My husband – were he ever minded – could kill me with his bare hands. If he held me down and hit me, even once – how could I ever be sure that next time, the hitting would stop short of that? It’s only trust, my trust that I’m safe with him. And once THAT trust is broken, you can’t ever get it back.

    • JTC

      Ah. Preemptive mariticide. Got it.

      You may think you have justified it. What you have actually done is premeditated it. You are as dangerous to your husband as Jeps is to hers.

      • Pat*

        JTC, I’m not interested in what your opinion of me is. I know myself, I know my husband – and I do not know you, nor, at this point, would I care to know you in the future.

        Just in case you’re confused, which you do seem to be: I would not immediately escalate to gunfire. I *do* understand that shooting is reserved for when I have an *immediate* fear, of death or severe bodily injury, from someone capable of inflicting same.

        Instead, I would be leaving after the first time I was held down and hit. After one incident, if that complete trust in my physical safety is gone, it’s time to remove myself from the situation.

        • JTC

          Confused? As to whether you’re for real or just a troll as Chris first figured when he zapped you.

          From a swat on the ass being a breakdown in trust the forevermore breakdown of trust “FAR worse than *anything I might have done to him”, like you know, the total and actual breakdown in trust and respect as Sam inflicted on Zed…to allying yourself with an aspiring murderer…to saying you would responsibly retreat from the situation for cooldown and contemplation.

          Yeah, confused is the operative term for what you are. You don’t know me but that tells me all I need to know about you.

          • Pat*

            Since you don’t know me, but you claim to know all you need to know about me, and I don’t want to know any more about you, I’ll just leave it here. I’m not a troll, I’m a housewife in Idaho. Chris is welcome to write to me to find out more about me if he wants; I’d be happy to reply.

    • Merle

      I call BS on the “nothing I could do” bit. A female that comes at you with a knife just lost her protected status as a lady.

  • RichieC

    I was raised by a far-left mother and a very traditional father. One thing they both agreed on was that a man should never, ever hit a woman. So that is how they raised me, and that is how I behaved.

    Then I got married, and found that my sweet little bride had developed some different ideas and interests (probably from reading a few naughty novels.) She enjoys being chastised occasionally, and if it has been too long, will intentionally be a brat to earn herself a swat or two. So I have adjusted.

    Bottom line (see what I did there?) people freaking out in these comments need to chill. Different strokes for different folks (see what I did there?), and Miss Sam may well enjoy it.

    • gafling

      A small correction if you please … it has been pointed several times that the correct rule is: “A man should never hit a lady.” The first corollary to that rule is: “…until and unless the woman is no longer acting like a lady.”

      A recent event involving “MoldyLocks” is a good application of the corollary.

  • KenK

    I always thought “The Full Biden” was to put one’s foot in one’s mouth.

  • Kevin M

    I’m sorry, but if she doesn’t poop in a shot glass, it isn’t domestic violence.

    Move on. Nothing to see here, except a hot redhead getting her heinie spanked HOTLIE!

  • JT

    Two swats with no English kindda reminds me of a parenting class where the pastor (speaking of spanking) said something along the lines of “Every once in a while it is OK if the first swat is for you … but the rest need to be for the betterment of the child.”

  • NotYetInACamp

    Oh. This subject has brought back some memories. The worst is of a HUGE BBW of urban extraction who pulled into and blocked the driveway completely and walked to the phone at the store next door just as I was leaving to an appointment. Spaces on both sides of the driveway were wide open clear. She outweighed me by 50 to 75 pounds. She was taller and with greater reach from my quick evaluation. I politely asked her to move the car. She escalated it. Then escalated when I would not back down to her entitlement to do anything she wanted. Eventually she raised to major insults, then called me a “Cracker” in the most insulting manner possible. Being a Florida Cracker. I sincerely said thank You. That enraged her beyond belief. She seemed used to aggressing on people, but I would have none of that. I was ready to drop her with whatever punch I could if she hit me. She eventually put a dent in my nice car by throwing an umbrella at it. i returned the favor and her umbrella which made a larger dent in hers. She finally drove off in a rage.
    The welding shop employees were all slack jawed, being very close to the incident. Almost all of them were black. So i did not hit that woman.

    eon. My father was nuts and engaged in much of that behavior below the planning it. Intermittent rages. All of the kids have psychological damage, i believe. My mother was a saint who found the good in everyone. My father’s friends would never let him say one word of complaint about my mother if they were ever complaining about their wives, like at a poker game or elsewhere. All were 100% on my mothers side. I guess we kids did not count. My mother was a good Catholic and we lived across the street from the church. There are many out there on both sides of that line. The best revenge is living well, or giving it a shot.

    • eon

      Well, like JTC said, I’m here and he isn’t. So I guess that counts.

      Thanks, both of you and all of you.



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