Day By Day


  • Bill G

    It sure has expired.

  • Frank

    Very Disappointed in You…… needs a 5th element type response….

  • Grunt GI

    So, I can look at this two ways:

    1) Trump could have picked a fight and said to the Dems-“Ok you bastards, if you shut down the government, I am going to fight to CUT the government by EVERY single “non-essential” personnel…If we don’t need them, they why the hell are we paying for them?” This would have called their freakin’ bluff and made them really think… It would have been glorious….living in the DC bubble, you can bet your ass the local Congressional delegates, mostly DEMS would have been screaming bloody murder to cave and reopen government. BUT sadly no Republican has the balls to do that.

    2) But I am more sanguine….the Republicans should pass APPROPRIATIONS bills and stop this continuing resolution nonsense, the ONLY WAY to ram their agenda through is through the budget reconciliation process. Continuing Resolutions and the media spin on them will ALWAYS favor the Dems. But if you look at things in the long view…illegal immigration is down because Trump has put the word out that ONE WAY or another, the law is going to be enforced. I suspect lots of public ICE raids will do more to curb illegals than a wall in the short term.

    But their is no doubt Republicans are definitely loosing the confidence of their voters…they’d better get their shit together.

    BUT however he gets it done, as long as Trump turns off the Obama flood of illegals, I am happy(ish). One thing at a time…I personally would much rather have Obamacare repeal and tax reform. It appears Congress cannot walk and chew gum at the same time, so keep moving the ball.

    OYYY, less than 30 days until secret squirrel goodness?

    • Subotai Bahadur

      The Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution says that all spending and appropriations bills MUST start in the House. We have not had a constitutional regular order budget since Obama took office. We regained the House in 2010. All it takes is for the Speaker of the House to say we are doing a regular order budget, and we do a regular order budget. Neither Boehner nor Ryan would do that.

      Even if the Senate was held by the enemy, if they refuse to follow the Constitutional procedure when a regular order budget is presented to them it is on them. But the Republicans did not want to oppose the Democrats, surrender being more profitable.

      From the 2014 election on, the Republicans had the Senate too. That meant the Republican Party had the whole spending and appropriations mechanism. They refused to use it, and refused to oppose the Democrats, preferring to keep using Omnibus Continuing Resolutions which are negotiated in back rooms, have no votes on specific spending, have no accountability, and no political cost to giving the Democrats whatever they want.

      In late 2015 Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House. One of the first things out of his lying mouth was a promise that there would be no more Continuing Resolutions and a return to regular budget order. He immediately afterwards pushed through what was referred to as the Criminal Omnibus Spending Resolution that gave the Democrats MORE than they asked for. Followed by doing it again the next year.

      Note that we had both Houses of Congress throughout, and there was no reason not to follow the Constitution. Yeah, Obama could have vetoed, and Congress would have to try to override; but that is the way things are supposed to work. It says so in the Constitution.

      Now we have the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Supposedly, they could not come up with a real budget in time [like they had done absolutely no planning about how to get rid of Obamacare in the last 7 years]; BUT he could pull a 1665 page Continuing Resolution out of some bodily orifice on short notice that funded everything the Democrats wanted, puts a statutory ban on the Wall, and only gave a pittance in additional funds for defense.

      The Republicans have absolutely no intention of ever returning to regular spending and appropriations bills. Specifically because Continuing Resolutions always favor the Democrats.

      As Rush said, if this is what we get when Republicans win, why vote for Republicans?

      We are very close to having the entire concept of electoral politics itself being rendered moot for our country. If voting changes nothing, then another box is going to end up being opened. If Trump does not do something drastic soon, there will be a Republican bloodbath in the 2018 election and the Democrats will take over again. Since the Democrats have shown in the last 100 days that elections, the law, and the Constitution do not bind the loser, it will end up opening that box when the Democrats try to impose a dictatorship.

      Right now, the best thing that could happen would be the formation of a real SECOND party, so that Trump’s supporters have somewhere to go short of war. It could be called Nationalist, Patriot, or Deplorable. But it is time. I am technically a Republican, but that is just so hopefully it will make a bigger statistical noise if a LOT of people move to a new party at once.

      Oh, in reference to Mulvaney’s briefing and the attempt to put a high gloss on a fecal fragment: If the real battle IS really for a budget after the CR expires, we will know in a very short time. The budget process is both long and complex. If they do not start it [and it cannot be done secretly because it takes up most of Congress’ time and all the hearings and votes are in the Congressional Record], in less than a month; then they are lying again and have another CR planned. I’m betting that they are lying.

      Sorry about the rant. I am not at all mad at you. But I am really tired of being betrayed by the party that is supposed to be on my side, AND not only not being surprised by the betrayal but having to expect it as the norm.

      • Peet

        As Rush said, if this is what we get when Republicans win, why vote for Republicans?

        The worst of it is that Rush said that to V.P. Pence and it was made clear by Pence’s politician-stryle dissembling that the message did not get through.

        • Bill

          Rush actually did a pretty good job of calling Pence out on this better than anyone else I’ve heard interview him yet, even Mark Levin. They just have no balls or they really don’t want it any other way.

      • GWB

        But the Republicans did not want to oppose the Democrats, surrender being more profitable.

        And how is that so? “More profitable”? Because with every CR the current budget sets a little more in stone. Because every little increase becomes even more of a bedrock for future increases. And with every CR, a little more of the Constitution erodes, and a little more power accrues to those in gov’t.

      • R Daneel

        It worse than CR’s. The CR’s lock in what is known as zero-baseline budget which means that the CR is last years budget + some %. Great racket they got going.

        That is why when GWB asked Obunghole ‘Do you want TARP?’ and BHO said ‘Sure!’ they KNEW, KNEW that the gravy was going to flow. Automatic + % forever. Why work when you can legally steal from the people?

    • I, personally, prefer option 1. This is bullshit, this is not what we voted for. The Donald better pull a BIG fucking rabbit out of his hat.

      • NotYetInACamp

        On option 1, then DO NOT PAY the government workers for time they are not working.

        As it stands, every hour of pay is piad to them for the time they do not work during a government shut down. They suffer no loss. They gain paid vacation time.

        • Arkelk

          Internally it’s actually a bit worse. There are those who are still required to work for national security and safety. They do expecting that eventually they will be paid. Those who are not in that category get the days off with pay. Not good for internal morale.

          Yes, I know the stereotype that federal government workers never do anything for their money, but there actually are a lot of them who want to do good jobs in their fields for the good of their Country. (And no, I am not a current government employee.)

    • Henry

      “But their is no doubt Republicans are definitely loosing the confidence of their voters”

      That boat sailed years ago. That’s how Trump got elected in the first place, instead of the Bush hat trick.

  • Greg Spangler

    I understand the frustration, I voted for Trump because of the Supreme Court vacancy caused by the death of our beloved Scalia, and am happy so far. If the Republicans really want a change, they should start by eliminating baseline budgeting and making every government department justify every cent each year. In our current system, anything that doesn’t increase spending is counted as a “cut”.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I can’t find the article (American Thinker?), but I just read that Trump may have the opportunity to appoint THREE SCOTUS judges. Ginsberg (shudder….) for sure. And Kennedy is putting out feelers for retirement.

      Can you imagine……….?

    • GWB

      Exactly right – don’t forget Omnibus Appropriations bills, too. They are also a way the gov’t avoids accounting for every dime spent.

  • Chris Muir

    Good replies. There’s more to come as other characters chip in with their take on the long view Trump may be doing.Zed’s…frustrated.

    • Grunt GI

      SOOOO, always remember Trump did TWO absolutely great things…

      KEEP HILLARY OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE…and get a good SCOUTS judge…and old Notorious RBG can’t last too much longer (not to be morbid or anything).

      I am perfectly happy to trade the wall for another couple SCOUTS judges…

      I think Zed needs to have stiff drink and then do something else involving a stiff item…it will make EVERYTHING better. 🙂

    • Delilah T.

      My view is that Pres. Trump has far more up his sleeve than a long arm and a lot of hair. If you will all recall, the last time the government shut down, some dumb sticking set on two legs in WDC shut down every single thing, including public monuments that were supposed to be open to the public, as well as federal highways.

      Be a bit more patient, mmmkay?

      Can I have more of Wade’s Ghost, occasionally?

      Oh, for those who need a good laugh, the AGW protests yesterday in Colorado were canceled because of heavy snow.
      Note that the protesters were wearing insulated clothing made of synthetics derived from petroleum. They really are that dumb.

      • “Note that the protesters were wearing insulated clothing made of synthetics derived from petroleum. They really are that dumb.”
        Why, yes. Yes they are.

      • Pamela


        I agree more of Wade and his spot on Wisdom, Naked Men and the Dawgs turned loose on those rascally Congress Critters. It would be fun to see how fast some of them can run and climb. Maybe anyone in Congress needs to be able to go through some type of Boot Camp in order to be elected to Office.

        Ah cut the AGWs some slack. They ain’t all that bright and the Good Lord forbid that the AGWs should actually have to chase down, kill, butcher, skin, tan the hide and stitch together something warm to wear. Let alone knit warm wool socks.

      • President Trump may be playing a long game here, but he also needs to play a more aggressive and visible short one. We have been patient for a loooooooooong time. Chris/Zed is right. The Republicans have been given a last shot here. If they blow it this time, they may never control any single branch of federal government again. It’s far past time they danced with the ones that brung them. Heck, even Anne Coulter is mad at Trump, and that’s a bad sign.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    As I heard it on Rush today, this budget isn’t even Trump’s. It’s leftover from O’Bozo’s last term, and at that, it never got officially passed until now.
    So it’s another “move the goalposts until this September”……right at election time. Ain’t poly-ticks interesting?

    • That may be the plan. If so, it has promise. Just remember, screw reelecting anybody unless they’re proven. PROVEN!

  • Pamela

    Just take off and Nuke them from space…
    Sic REDLINE on them
    Suicide Squad them

  • formwiz

    Keep in mind, all the Whigs and Demos are now on record against the wall and peak border-crossing season is about to begin.

    Remember how Chuckie and the rest crowed after the BFD of IdiotCare?

    Until it turned into a BF Mess?

    Could be a long time until September because every rape, murder, assault, or attack by an illegal is going to be laid at their feet.

    • Old Codger

      Could be a long time until September because every rape, murder, assault, or attack by an illegal is going to be laid at their feet.

      Excuse me, but just who do you expect to this “laying at their feet”? The media? Shirley, you jest! If anything, the media will blame whatever happens on the Prez. After all the Dems will be.

  • War Pig

    So, what’s left for us? Armed insurrection?

    • Delilah T.

      Nah. Just pop some popcorn and get a comfy seat.

    • Old Codger

      Though it pains me to disagree with delightful, delicious, delectable, De-lovely Delilah I don’t see us having just a whole lot of other options open for us just now besides waiting patiently for President Trump to actually get on with draining the swamp (though I consider his task more akin to cleaning the Augean stables) or armed insurrection. Guess we ought to give him a couple of years and then replace him if doesn’t get anything done.

      • Pamela

        Well at least there will be a lovely compost pile when done. Add some bark chips, a different kind of guano, straw, minerals and spines. Something really good might grow out of the cleansing. All else fails, purify with Fire.

    • Delilah T.

      If you are looking for instant satisfaction, it won’t come. Real solutions that have lasting value and are long-lived take time. They are not quick, they are not easy, and they sometimes travel a rough road.

      If you want permanent results that will benefit us all, have patience. But if you want instant satisfaction, get an ice cream cone.

      “Wait patiently for what time brings, as does the farmer with the fruit.” – Mahabharatam.

      More of Wade’s ghost, please. The Wisdom of the Dead.

      • John

        Unfortunately the biggest hurdle is also the furthest away.
        In our society of abundance (yes, I said abundance) it is going to be hard to convert a sufficient number of souls away from using Robin Hood as a role model, simply because there is so much loot to be had.

  • epilitimus

    Did I miss something?

    Wasn’t Mexico going to pay for the wall? If so why does Trump need any money from Congress?

    Yes I get it, negotiating tactics, etc. But consider this: Who exactly was Trump negotiating with when he said those things? To my mind that sounds an awful lot like “tell ’em what they want to hear”, aka business as usual.

    Yes I like some of what Trump has done, some I am still withholding judgment on, and some I don’t like. But here’s the thing. Trump was elected on a not business as usual meme. So to now say that it was just a negotiation tactic smacks of (dare I say it) business as usual.

    • John

      The ironic thing is that most of our illegal immigrant problem is not originating in Mexico. It’s coming from the rest of Latin America and funneling through Mexico because _Mexico_ can’t control its borders.
      We’d be ahead by building the much shorter wall along Mexico’s southern border and letting Mexico police it. They don’t want the illegals any more than we do.

  • KenH

    Always remember this:
    Shillery fucking Clinton, aka the BEASTCUNT, will NEVER BE PRESIDENT
    No matter what else happens.
    She’s dying meat

    • Grunt GI

      This of course warms my heart so much.

      PLUS, just because the Republicans are in disarray, the Democrats are no better off…hell Bernie Sanders is now their big star? And this Perez clown? Shoot give that asshat a microphone all he wants.

      AND, it’s HIGHLY amusing to watch those morons try to analyze why Hillary lost…they have no farking clue:

      Here’s the money quote: “Stumped for months by how to explain why their candidate wanted to be president, Clinton staffers began toying with the idea of seeing how “Because it’s her turn” might fly as a public rallying cry.”

      • Old Codger

        I read somewhere that Zuckerberg is positioning himself to emulate Trump in ’20. I can see where such a move would have its appeal. Superficially, Trump and Zuckerberg have a lot in common. If setting a thief to catch a thief is good strategy, then setting a billionaire to beat a billionaire would seem like a potentially winning strategy. Z’s prog credentials are surely enough.

        No, I don’t think Z could really beat Mr. Trump. I just can see where putting him up to run against Trump in ’20 might appeal to some.

        • John

          Where can I buy popcorn futures?
          The bloodbath in the Democratic ranks would satisfy the likes of Nero and Stalin.

  • Delilah T.

    Going to be frosty tonight in my kingdom.

  • Crawdaddy Loon

    If some of you listed to today’s White House briefing, most of your questions would have been answered – Happily! But, since you read/listened to it in the lying media, you are unhappy. There really is a reason that the media is less popular or believed than the current administration. I totally agree with some of the earlier comments – get back to appropriations bills, hand things back to the states for local control, and call the media and the dems liars when they are lying!

    • Chris Muir

      I did listen to Mulvaney’s briefing.It is a thin gruel of truth, mixed with spin.The times-and the last election’s mandate-require much more than a business as usual, moving the goalposts delivery.

      • GWB

        Amen to that, Chris!

  • WayneM

    If there is one thing that I cannot understand, it is why so many people seemingly cannot understand it is neither prudent nor possible to have sustained deficit spending.

    Spraying noise about cutting taxes is fodder for those seeking immediate gratification. A longer view is definitely required. What is needed is program spending cuts! As long as government keep growing and spending keep ballooning, western countries are teetering toward the edge of disastrous economic collapse.

    • John

      I forgot who said words to the effect that a democracy will work only until the people find out how to rob the treasury. And the Founders were well aware of this.
      Well, they found out. They borrow until they can borrow no more, and when the bill comes due, as it did in Venezuela, everybody gets it in the neck.
      It may take such a collapse, and the Constitutional Convention that follows, to set things right and disenfranchise the Political Class who are orchestrating the Collapse.
      It wasn’t for nothing that Jefferson said that a Revolution now and then was a good thing.

  • Red Headed Stranger

    I think a few Senators and Congresscritters need to lose a finger joint (a la Yakuza) in order to bring home just how unhappy their constituents are. If they don’t start to face reality pretty damn soon it’s going to be time for “a bas les aristos!”.

    • Subotai Bahadur

      There are other body parts that they may be more attached to. You have to get their attention somehow.

      • Do they actually have any?

    • Pamela

      You want to really mess with them. Make them do Porn. With really skanky get thee behind me Satan types of people. Some of the DNC and Antifa females maybe. Their short cumings and failings for all to see….

  • Alaska Paul

    The Repub they are traitors after the giveaway spending bill. They have done nothing but obstruct the president. Just like the dems. These people are destroying the country. I am beyond furious. We are watching the destruction of this country. All because of a bunch of greedy nobodies. In power for the moment. Forgive them Father they know not what they do.
    Like they say at a hanging.

    You have shortsighted people that are too deluded by power and greed. Their malfeasance or incompetence is destroying the country. They need to be stripped of their offices. They have betrayed the public trust. We cannot go on like this.

    • Paladin

      It’s the “Ruling Class” in both the GOP, Dem’s & “K” Street. Read Angelo Codevilla. He has written about this problem. They know better, and will tell us what we want to hear, just to shut us up. Like when you are dating someone you have no intention of marrying. You get her a “Shut-Up Ring”, but they do it with our own money. That buys you time…

  • pyrodice

    It wasn’t the MEXICAN budget…
    WE aren’t supposed to pay for it.

  • JTC

    I understand the frustration.

    But we hired Trump to curtail immigration, support our inalienable rights (2A), and support the means and methods of national defense.

    Check, check, and check.

    Lots more to do, but it’s a process, and we’re just 3 1/2 months in.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I wonder if Paul Ryan eats the little hot dogs like former Speaker Hasker (? I refuse to remember his name) used to. Or the members of Congress? Are there files ready to be released by the controllers if their pet robots break the chains?
    What else could cause such decades long traitorous acts against the best interests of the nation they supposedly serve? The question is asked and many see that question. The Swamp has infected mush in the Swamp.

    As for the wall, let the dogs loose. ALL ILLEGALS MUST BE DEPORTED. No wall. No mercy. Send all possibly 40,000.0000 Mexicans back to Mexico. Anyone disobeys lawful orders in the administration, then FIRE THEM. get the firing panels ramped up. Drain all communist and progressive and leftist and traitor elements from government as they have drained it of good Americans.
    Appoint good people to government. Swamp the government with the people that will remove the enemy from within.

    The people need to act. Replace the Congress. The reelection machine is well entrenched. Uproot it.

    If the Congress is worse than the democrats, send them to where the Democrats were sent. We don’t have to just wish them to the cornfield. We can replace them, some every two years.
    We cannot let our nation be run for the 2000 or so who believe that they own the world. If the USA ever breaks loose, ……..

    Being a real globalist and nationalist means that you do best for your nation, and you also help the world help itself, if it so chooses. First our own nation has to be made strong again. That is happening in spite of the massed efforts of so many in DC and congress and the deep state. We might all be in federal prison now if Hillary had won. But the enemy still continues. They had a massing of forces to carry out their plan, and rather than dissipate their forces, they have just kept them doing the plan, so far as they can keep doing it. There are many of them.
    And Congress continues to ignore the will of the people, even when 80 to 95% of the people want a particular something done.

    Your Congress card has expired. You must use plan B, C, D, etc until one works. Maybe one day the Congress card will get back in line with the people.

    I feel the aggravation.

  • Halley

    PDT likes to get things done. He likes to build things. He likes to fly over the heads of incompetents and mediocrities. He has dealt with fools, of all stripes, all his life. He outsmarted the entire enemedia by defeating them in November. He has a loyal army of irredeemable deplorables at his back. I’m giving him time.

    • NotYetInACamp

      by Stephen K. Bannon & Julia Hahn16 Dec 2015 Washington D.C.

      Paul Ryan’s first major legislative achievement is a total and complete sell-out of the American people masquerading as an appropriations bill.

      Too harsh, you say? Let the programs, the spending, and the implications speak for themselves.

  • Z-man51

    It’s amazing that the republicans passed bill after bill to repeal obummer care when obummer was in office knowing he would veto them outright. Yet when Republican President Trump gives congress the opportunity to repeal o care once and for all, they freak out, turn upon each other and cannot pass a simple “The (non)Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed” bill.
    Well, we got what we have paid for over the last 40-50 years electing and then re-electing the same GD MF SOBs even when their voting history is counter to the demands of the voters back home. They know that baring them totally whipping it out and stomping on it (a la wiener), there are enough low intelligence voters that mark the “R” candidate just because it’s republican. Maybe with the lame stream media covering every single fart the rhinos make opposing the repeal, the voters back home will pay attention and vote for someone not trying to protect their cushy jobs instead of offering as their bosses want.

    • Old Codger

      Maybe with the lame stream media covering every single fart the rhinos make opposing the repeal, the voters back home will pay attention and vote for someone not trying to protect their cushy jobs instead of offering as their bosses want.

      But they ARE doing what their (real) bosses want done as always. And as for the folks back home paying attention etc. . . . Sorry, I just don’t see that happening.

      • Brasspounder

        Unless and until we’re flushed down the same bowl that Venezuela is currently circling nothing will happen. The lights are still on, Doritos are still being stocked on the shelves of the local convenience store, and Dancing With The Stars is still on the tube. Panem et circenses.

        • Unca Walt

          Panem et circences

          This did not end well the last time…

  • Bill

    Funny. I remember skiing in Telluride in the mid 90s and being told a story about how Trump had stiffed a restaurant in town with an bad credit card. I guess it’s a common tactic for him. Too bad I though we had something different going on this time.

  • Sejanus

    The simple fact is that the Trump administration IS being drained by the swamp, and that the Gorsuch appointment is very likely the high point of the next 4 years. Trump is doing “for” America exactly what Schwarzeneggar did “for” California. It’s what happens when voters let star power “trump” substance. “He’s still better than Hillary”, Really? Is that the best the Trump defenders can offer? Freakin pathetic…

    • Dread

      You don’t get it, do you Sejanus. Whoosh! Right over you head!

  • Johnny Z

    It took the Democrats 75 years to get us to this point. I don’t think we can reverse it in 100 days. Remind you Congressman & Senator they can be replaced in the Primary with someone who will do what we want. If they are a Democrat tell them that their job is on the line also.

    • Henry

      It takes years to build a castle, too. But you don’t have to tear down the whole thing, you just have to knock a hole or three in it to get what you want. That doesn’t take years.

  • Pamela

    Patience Grasshoppers.

    The first requirement of politics is not intellect or stamina but patience. Politics is a very long run game and the tortoise will usually beat the hare. John Major

  • Dread

    We didnt elect Trump for a 100 day term. He has a four year plan. Take a deep breath everyone.

  • Spin Drift

    How many times did Lucy pull the ball away from Charlie? Answer: All.

    Drain the swamp, I think those jokers added a trillion gallons.
    Sometimes you just have to hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats.

    • Iconoclast

      It is time, H.L.

    • John

      One of the many faces of the Deep State.
      I wonder how history will mark the end of the American Republic, just as they have done for the Roman.

  • ApostolicIlx

    Had a dream about this…was given a steam vacuum cleaner to repair. The part I ordered wasn’t in the box, boss comes over to give me shit about not getting it fixed(it’s p. ryan) I tell him to shut the f*%( up or get to work fixing it…because the damn vacuum is on frame that has a bomb on it, and I’m no EOD Specialist! Meanwhile another boss (Rand Paul) comes over to find a part in the box that might get this sucker working for a short time. I ask for a power driver to speed up the process and another guy steps over with a hand held power drill and I get to work. Owner (Trump) looks over the mess smiling. Why? Because, whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • Jess Sain

    Sold out yet again, who the F didn’t see that coming? Guess I’ll continue to provision, finish the toy list. The Whisper needs FLIR since it looks like there is no light at the end of this tunnel.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The Congress and deep state is still sold out. Ryan is the best democrat Speaker of the House evah.

      Along that line.

      Category 1 Warfare: Minor civil disobedience and/or riots
      Category 1 Economics: Increased mortgage foreclosures, some strip-shop and mall closings, decreased spending overall

      Category 2 Warfare: Major civil disobedience, riots, and/or insurrection
      Category 2 Economics: The above, plus tariff wars, stock and bond market crashes

      … cont.

  • JTC

    To expound on my list of the three jobs we hired Trump to handle:

    Job 1. Curtail immigration. Not just build a wall; it is a metaphor. Yes, build it, but that will take years. But the virtual wall is built and working…take a look at pics of the crossing volume at the primary entry points from a year ago and nowd, many are scared to come now and they should be. As to Mexico paying, they already are. Doesn’t mean they’re handing out paychecks to the block masons, but just consider the reduction of inflow of American dollars being sent back there by illegal workers as one example…yes indeed they will pay in many ways. And after the wall thing it became obvious that the physical southern border is not our only, not even our most dangerously vulnerable, entry point, nor are the people crossing it the most dangerous. Those entries, and those people, have also been radically reduced just by the efforts so far to restrict them, return them and punish them. DT has kept and is keeping his promise on immigration.

    Job 2. This one is easy enough…just take a gander at Trump’s speech at the NRA to know he is dancing with who brung him and keeping his promise on gun rights. He understands and supports like few politicians do the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment…and if it does indeed come to armed insurrection, there is no doubt on which side he will take up arms, virtual and otherwise.

    Job 3. Support and supply national defense, stand ready to approve initiatives that both serve an immediate purpose and send a serious message. Ask a few terrorists and tinpots their opinions on Trump’s resolve about that right now.

    Yes, I’m frustrated too…I would like the initiatives (as enumerated on Steve’s to-do list “accidentally” shown in the Rabbi’s selfie yesterday) to be progressing faster. But I also understand the incredible difficulty of doing anything when the obstructionist cabal of the leftist pols, mediots, academia, entertainment, and even -or especially- the rinos. Like I said before it’s a process, and we put the boy there to make some deals and even some (gag) compromises to get the jobs done and get to where we want to be a few years from now. If we survive that long. There is nothing to be gained and much to be lost by pulling our support at this early stage.

    Some may want to revoke his credit line. Not me. Not yet.

  • Pamela

    Coffee anyone? Maybe some of my special brownies… Pecan coffee cake…

    • Halley

      Special brownies sound tempting… yes please and thank you.

    • JTC

      Last time someone gave me some “special brownies” I got really happy for a while, thought some big thoughts, then slept for 12 hours. :[

      • Pamela

        My special brownies include grated dark chocolate with cocoa nibs and chilies. I enjoy the raw earthy bite the additions provide.
        The other kind of special I won’t use or go near.

  • Sejanus

    Truly wish I didn’t get it but I do. Repeal has morphed into Repeal & Replace, and we can’t even get R&R done. There is no wall. There won’t be a wall. Hillary won’t go to jail. Lehrner won’t go to jail. Promises are now morphing into “metaphors”. Face the facts; Trump ain’t a conservative and he never was; he just rode the horse that could get him there, and now has little concern for the promises he made along the way.

    If you’re not a conservative you might be fine with this. But I am, so I ain’t.

    • JTC

      No sir, I’m afraid you don’t get it at all.

      Tell me again how the (continuing) efforts to block terrorists from abroad and insurgents from across the border that has radically reduced their numbers is not a promise being kept?

      Tell me and my NRA brethren how the promise to stand rock-solid with them to protect their rights and means of defending against thugs inside and outside of gov is not a promise kept?

      And tell me and the generals how supporting their decisions of what and where to pre-emptively bomb into oblivion those who would do it to us -arguably the only Constitutional job of fedgov- is not a promise that is being and will be kept?

      You’re right about one thing…DT is not a conservative by Republican -or apparently your- standards. He is, was, and likely will always be a pragmatic, someone with the experience to get things done. I don’t know of anyone else on the scene today who can say that, and has the knowledge and convictions of what needs doing. Do you? Do any of the brand of “conservative” (really just Peacenik sheep in conservative clothing) like the cleverly and appropriately monikered Dr. Pieczenik in NYIAC’s link at 9:53 above? Dontcha know all the little demigod despots of the world are tickled pink to see that idiocy?

      Anyway, cain’t (like McCain’t) never could do anything, and fatalists surrender in advance when others do try to do things, and the result -defeat and domination- is the same with both. You don’t like the speed at which things are getting done or not done? Me neither. But the deplorable cascade didn’t put me at the helm of this ship of state foundering in perilous waters. Or you. Or any of the nay-sayers, obstructionists, and same-old same-olds that have had their chance at the and failed miserably.

    • Chris Muir

      Sejanus,JTC,chill.Have fun.Good stuff, but devolves to insults.Insults will be trashed.

      • JTC

        Yup. Figured that was coming with the Erik exchange. I did think I tried to keep it to polite discourse when I asked for specifics. Sure wish there could be interesting and informative disagreement without unpleasantness. Sorry Chris. Again. :[

      • Sejanus

        Heh – I am chill, and I ain’t a bit sorry for anything I’ve posted on your site, Chris, but it will be as you say. Too bad you banned Erik though…

  • Halley

    A year from now we’ll be much better able to judge the efficacy of this very new and very different kind of president. My gut tells me 2017 is going to be quite the wild ride, but in a good way.

    “I don’t want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is” – PDT

  • Grunt GI

    So, here’s my lack of minutiae showing…my understanding was that the normal budget reconciliation process only requires 51 Senate votes and a House majority, which of course Republicans have.

    HOWEVER, I am not sure if a CR falls into those same rules, which means Schmuckie and his ilk could filibuster a CR in a temper tantrum which of course their media allies would defend them.

    Therefore, the Republicans would likely have to overturn the filibuster for the CR, which I guess (?) is possible or DO THEIR DAMN JOBS and follow the regular budget process where they would have a lot more power to minimize Democratic shenanigans.

    For damn sure, they need to learn how to play legislative hardball. If the Dems can RAM Obamacare through with NO Republican support, they oughta be able to pass a budget without Democratic support.

    Sigh…more political bulls-it….more Sam, more Jan please….

    And for sure, bring Skye back to the ranch, I wanna see what Zed’s reaction will be when Sam, which you know she will, gives her sister ANOTHER chance.

  • Delilah T.

    Lighten up, Francis! Some of you would try the patience of a Saint! As someone else has plainly pointed out, Trump has 4 years ahead. He’s barely had 100 days on the job. That’s a probationary period with most employers, and you’re giving up on him already?????

    Lasting results require patience. Despite your doom and gloom whatsis, this country is NOT going down the toilet, period. That jackass that used to sit in the Oval Office couldn’t sink it, no matter how hard he tried, could he? No, he could not. Now snap out of it!

    And I want more of Wade’s Ghost. The Wisdom of the Dead, they who have nothing left to lose.

    • Henry

      “Trump has 4 years ahead. He’s barely had 100 days on the job”

      It ain’t about how far he’s traveled, it’s about in what direction he’s headed. 1,400 more days of travel towards the wrong destination isn’t going to make me any more satisfied.

      • John

        The “direction he’s headed” may be an illusion.
        During the bombing campaign in Europe during WWII the bombing groups would head directly for one potential target and then another and then another. The idea was to draw the Luftwaffe into defending false targets to reduce the opposition over the real target.
        We can’t judge what DJT’s real intent is at this time.

    • Pamela

      Francis? As is the Talking Mule that associated with another Donald…

      Delilah~ these days a great many need, want, require, desire and DEMAND instant results. While technology has been a boon to humanity it is also a detriment. Verruca Salt would be so proud of the I WANT IT NOW generation. It is a sad state when every whim must be gratified before it even happens. Persistence and Patience should be the watch words and actions in undoing the damage, fixing the decades of problems and laying the additional ground work to keep US functioning for at least the next 300 years.

      • Delilah T.

        Naw. That’s from ‘Stripes’. I think it was SGT Hulka (Warren Oates) who said it.

  • JTC

    Not sure who or what your preferred alternative is or was, but you are right that the entrenched uni-party cannot -or will not- answer the call to save the Republic.

    But the only way to install a pragmatic bullshitter (aka dealmaker) -and the prag party which is what the cascade of us “horseshit” deplorables really is- was to vote the R ticket in ’16. Depending on what happens between now and then, maybe there will be a real third party in ’20. The Prag Party…I like it.

    But I’ll ask again, as you’ve been telling R’s for thirty years about their wrongness and futility, what have you recommended instead?

  • Sejanus

    Really? Says the guy that has the pomposity to tell others what they get or don’t get. You know nothing of what I know, nothing of what I’ve done or not done. How smug and superior you must be! If you think mine and other posts are of no consequence, why spend time and effort being so dismissive of them?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Tell us. Be of consequence. All here are. We all need more information. You know some things we do not. As vice versa. I have no clue of the path that you have walked. Unless you say some of it.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I also get to listen to about 30 hours of Alex Jones and people like Dr. Steven Pieczenik discuss some of is thoughts and expound on what he calls the counter coup against Trump in place right now. There are many other sources for information. I have zero classified sources. i am limited to what I can glean from where I can. Heck. Even Foreign Affairs had what seemed like a positive puff article on President Trump recently. What’s a person to think?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Say what you see. Everyone needs more information, analysis and data.
    Knowledge is, and all of the rest.

  • Chris Muir

    No insulting each other or it goes in the trash. Erik is banned.

    • Delilah T.

      Maybe I’m too optimistic for some people, but having spent a good deal of my life on making sure that whatever I did was done properly, I know that if you want the results to last a long time, there is no instant gratification.

      That’s why I said ‘get some ice cream’ if you want a quickie.

      I think we’re far too used to instant this and that. Fixing a mess that goes back to the Clinton WH is not going to happen overnight. You must learn to be more patient.

  • Grunt GI

    Holy shutdown Batman!

    Well, this topic elicited more emotion and hot passion than last summer’s swimming hole week. 🙂

    As someone with a ringside seat here in the bubble of Northern Virginia, I have learned to rely on ol’ Carl Clausewitz when it comes to media reporting and the huffing and puffing of pundits about this or that sin by the Republicans or DemocRATS.

    “Many intelligence reports in war are contradictory; even more are false, and most are uncertain.”

    “Everything in war is very simple. But the simplest thing is difficult.”

    Less than 30 days to fundraiser…and secret squirrel…and who knows what other surprises, plot twists, and downright eye candy goodness our fearless leader has for us….gonna be a long summer.

  • Pamela

    Oh Hell. Screw Politics. I’d rather have sex instead.
    Way more fun and less aggravation.

    • Grunt GI

      Heh, I approve of this life choice…better to do the screwing than get screwed, right?

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