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  • KenH

    As someone put it today:
    The polls are all lies, and rigged
    If the Beast was so far ahead , the RAT Propaganda Ministry wouldn’t be in such a screaming panicking meltdown

  • Jan rockin’ them micro-dukes! Gettin’ hungry for some ddq! Maybe some food too.

    • billf

      Today’s cartoon features Sam and Skye,(not Jan)
      Learn your girls,or they’ll dump your drink on you!!

      • Well, chit. Didn’t see tats so I guess it was wishful thinking. Skye still rocks the shorts better than most pigs.

        • Noelegy

          As a woman, all I can think when I see those shorts is “yeast infection .”

          • Pamela

            Never did wear coochie cutters even during my wildest days.
            No place to conceal carry

          • Actually quite comfortable and hygienic…similar in texture and feel to a good panty but with stylized cosmetic jean features. Easy to get into, and then out of. I like ’em.

      • Fox2!

        Jan’s hair is at least… thigh length. Skye’s is short.

        • JTC


  • Just an observation here:
    Did NOT watch the debates, but…. skankazoid quieinn slammed DT before he said anything about HER. She tried to pick a fight. One learns to watch the bullies from childhood and know that they are running scared. (Misspellt words are intentional.)
    Please remember: avoiding the vote is the same thing as handing the byeeatch the victory.

    • Please remember: avoiding the vote is the same thing as handing the byeeatch the victory.


    • I watched the first, but for my blood pressure’s sake confined myself to only reading about the other two. In the first one, you could watch the strategy play out from the opening handshake when she started calling him “Donald.” He should have said, “Let’s keep things formal Mrs. Clinton.” Throughout, she had pre-planned lines designed to get a rise out of him, and he fell for it every time. He got so wrapped up in trying to rebut her jabs that he never made a single, clear point throughout the debate, and often sounded like a petulant school boy. (Now Donald…) I guess he did better in the last two, but there’s no doubt Hills was effectively pushing his buttons in the first one. Similar to what their operatives did to Trump supporters in lines to his events – push buttons and seek negative reactions for the cameras.

  • Man, serious case of deja vu all over again reading that stuff from those October and November ’08 archives, most of it I hadn’t read or remembered since writing it back then.

    Some sweet. Some bittersweet. And some in retrospect just absolutely nauseating as I realize that not only have we not come far but have sunk further back into a dark hole of socialist entitled pc elitist bullshit. No wonder I quit doing that stuff within about another year.

  • Whoa. Six out of ten comments so far is JTC? That is deplorable.

    Sorry Chris, I’m done for today.

  • Interventor

    Perhaps we will have a year with the Beast. Followed by 3 years with J. Fred Muggs’ love child– Tim Kaine.

    • eon

      Two months with Hillary, and assuming she isn’t pushing up the daisies we’ll be in a war with somebody, probably to save ISIS without actually admitting that that’s the mission objective.

      She sees ISIS as the last best hope for the destruction of Israel. And she believes once it’s gone she’ll have Peace And Cheap Oil Forever with the Islamists, and she and hers can have their 24th Century Star Trekky Lifestyle while all the peasants here end up living like Katniss Everdeen.

      Assuming they survive, that is.

      Yes, it’s effing crazy. So is she. And progressives’ stock in trade is a nasty mixture of Romancing The Enlightened Mystical East, Hating The Evil Materialistic West, and a crapload of Magical Thinking.

      If you think The One is a delusional nutball, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Hillary is basically him with no internal governor but her meds.

      Subtract those, and it’s “Festival! FESTIVAL!” time.

      clear ether


      • pyrodice

        ISIS seems to be attacking everyone BUT Israel.
        That seem to throw up any red flags, to anyone else??

        • eon

          Islamists operate on a “Near Enemy/Far Enemy” dynamic, rather like progressives. To ISIS, Israel and the U.S. are the “far enemy” at this time.

          They are going to secure their base of operations (and deals with nation-state actors for more and better armaments) before attacking their most-hated enemies, the Israelis and us.

          They also want Iran off their backs (one way or another) before beginning that part of their grand plan for a worldwide caliphate. Ideally, they want Iran’s mullahs to submit to them; failing that, they went the mullahs overthrown like Qaddafi to be replaced by someone even more fanatical who will submit to them.

          BTW, they won’t move against Israel unless they can first acquire nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. They want a single, killing stroke rather than the Palestinians’ war of attrition.

          Those are second or third-stage goals. ISIS’ primary goal is securing the center of the Islamic world, namely Mecca and Medina. Which requires taking Saudi Arabia. To do that, they first must secure Iraq and preferably Syria.

          ISIS’ behavior does not look “normal” by the standards we have come to expect from the Islamists because they have at least some planners who (other than being fanatics who kill for every reason in the Qur’an) at least have some OPLAN chops at a level higher than screaming “YA ALLAAAHHH!!” before they kill somebody.

          This makes The One’s characterizing them as “the jayvee team” another good indicator of just what an ass he really is. That wasn’t what the intel and military pros were telling him, but he was of course So Much Smarter than they were.

          ISIS plans for periods a lot longer than “sometime next week”. Keep that in mind when evaluating their behaviors and actions.

          clear ether


        • RegT

          ISIS is run by a bunch of perverted muslims (but I repeat myself) too cowardly to try to take on Israel. They are going for the low-hanging, easy fruit. Besides, their enablers (Obama, Kerry, Jarrett, Clinton, etc.) want them to hold off affecting the US Jewish vote, so they have to wait until after Clinton is handed the election (yes, I’m still voting for Trump anyway) before they are given the means (by “our” government) to defeat Israel. Like Iran’s nukes, or nukes smuggled to them from North Korea or Pakistan.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    She said “hanging chads”. hehehehehehe
    All I can think of is Africans and nooses. hehehehehehehe.

    • Pamela

      Low hanging fruit even rats won’t gnaw on and snakes won’t swallow

      • Mr E

        ♫ Do your chads hang low, do they wobble to and fro… ♫

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    If anyone want to bitch and moan about The Donald’s statement about accepting election results – or not…..
    As Rush so aptly pointed out today, remind the DildoCrats about their incessant demands for Florida recounts in the 2000 election. And how they pitched an ever lovin’ hold-my-breath-and-turn-blue tantrum when the SCOTUS put a stop to it all and declared Bush Jr the President. Dems STILL claim that the 2000 election was stolen. Yeah…..right…… they’re only jealous because they weren’t able to get away with stealing it for The Wrong Reverend Al Goreacle the Oracle.

    Not sure if Rush covered this one as well, but I also remember Minnesota “SNL” Al Franken’s 2008 narrow “win” (koffbullshitkoff) over Norm Coleman. Recount after recount after recount until FrankenStein “won”, then, oh it’s good, it’s over now.

    It’s about time the Dildocrats got a little of their own back, and are having to compete against a Republican with a SPINE. No more “hands across the aisle”. That usually ends up with the Republican being turned into a GOPe RINO DemLite. And if you disagree, the DildoCrats call you names. Best to start out with principles and stick with them. If the DildoCrats and their “running lap dogs” are going to call names no matter what, make it a GOOD reason.

    • One point I made to John McCain when he started that crap:
      You can’t reach across the aisle without turning your back to the people on your side. Try it in real life sometime, you’ll see.
      He walked away.

      • Couldn’t stand that son of a bitch when I lived in AZ!

        • gruundehn

          I wish he could be court-martialed for dereliction of duty but as a retired he cannot. The title of Captain USN used to be honorable.

      • NotYetInACamp


        Good for you.

        BAD for him.

        Those chads deteriorated with each recount, thus changing the count. The varied voting methods and machines in different Florida counties meant that there never could be a recount of all Florida counties. The voting results were as accurate as any voting resuults in Florida in prior years. To pick and choose aome counties to recount would have changed the accuracy and not given a fair recount. Florida, as voting was structured then, could not have a complete recount that increased accuracy of the entire state’s vote. I had been watching those hanging chads since my yute. I watched the League of Women Voters cleaning the hanging chads from voters punched cards prior to counting in order to “help” them go through the machines and to “help” them not jam the countng machines at the election office after elections when I was a mere child, and questioned it then. And so on.

      • RegT

        That’s because McCain has an absolute disdain for his constituents _and_ all the rest of us “yahoos” in America. He is an elitist who goes along with 90% of what the Left wants to do. He _intentionally_ gave up the election to Obama in 2008, when he easily could have proven Obama was not eligible. I’m not even sure he ever actually wins the vote in AZ. I think their elections are rigged as tightly as Nevada’s continual re-election of that total skankoid, Reid.

        • NotYetInACamp

          He had a disdain for his aircraft, and wet starts, and …

      • Deplorable Old Codger

        “You can’t reach across the aisle without turning your back to the people on your side.”

        So true. Same degree of truth as “You cannot point the finger at someone else without having THREE fingers pointing back at yourself.”

    • Bill G

      Another such was out in Washington State a few years back. After a close election the left kept finding new boxes of uncounted votes.
      I think they needed three of them to finally get their guy over the top, and then the lead scumbag came out and said something like “At least now we can be sure it’s honest!”

      • PaulS

        First it was a “gal”, then it was a “guy”, however they both ran against the same guy, Dino Rossi (R), whom has won more times than he lost, but never sworn in as governor. We have 100% vote by mail in the state now, and in the primaries they claimed about 20% participation. So here’s the game, count 20% of the ballots, figure out how much they are behind, throw out or alter enough of the next to get the result demcommipinkolibs want, claim “a larger turnout than the primary” and “we won”.

        • RegT

          Same with Oregon. The state is run by the Left in the form of a lot of old hippies from the sixties (along with some fresher new blood of the Debbie Schultz type). A lot of us (I no longer live in that extension of Californica) tried to fight that, but to no avail. As here in Montana, the liberals in the cities control the conservatives who live in the rest of the state.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The press and Democrats and RINOS continue their whining and screeching and frothing at the mouth at any words that they can cut from any Republicans comments and “interpret” (spin, alter meaning) in a way that makes their base and others FEEL like they should vote against the creature that spoke such horrendous words.
    Stockin trade for them. lie. Lie. Lie. then follow Alinski’s Rules, and lie again.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Globalists meddle.

  • jackdeth72

    Memo to Deliberately Ig’nant Dems:

    You cannot harm what you do not understand.

    That is why Trump is like Mercury through your grasping fingers!

    • RegT

      You forget that the Left controls the _counting_ of the “vote”. As Stalin is reputed to have said, he who counts picks the winner.

      • Deplorable Old Codger

        Actually, what Stalin said was,
        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

  • Bill G

    After a questionable election, Richard Nixon bowed out to save the country the pain and trouble of a divisive inquisition.
    They cannot stand it.

  • Rev.Willie

    Ever notice that there are scores of voter fraud examples and investigations in the weeks leading up to an election…

    … that all evaporate and disappear the day after the election?

    Al Gore, Al Franken, Al-Clinton…?

  • WayneDeplorable

    Gotta love how the lamestream media are losing their collective shit over… well, pretty much anything to do with Trump.

    Meanwhile Wikileaks keeps releasing more and worse documents about how the Hildabeast and her minions are trying to rig the system but the media have zero interest….

  • JonDeplorable

    Get out and vote for the SCOTUS appointments and your liberty, if for no other reason. Do not be discouraged, do your duty.

  • Dread

    After Al Gore and Florida, and the uncounted absentee military votes, the dems have no grounds to complain when someone reserves their moral and legal right to challenge a questionable vote count or proceedures. What the hell is the media in such a tizzy about? The right to challenge is fundamental to being an American Citizen. What? We have no right now to challenge accusations if we are accused of a crime? We have no right to challenge the IRS when accused of tax errors or even tax fraud? It is a fundamental right of any American to challenge any situation when something smells of misdeeds. So why is it a crime for a presidential candidate to reserve their right to challenge improprieties in voting proceedures or vote tabulation? What the hell?!!

  • Spin Drift

    Why was the Minnesota senate race recounts so important? They did it three times until Al won. (note it was proved later that about 1000 felons voted illegally) Norm conceded after the third recount and a found box of uncounted votes in a democrat election judges trunk and lost by 360 votes.

    To answer the question, Al was the 60th vote for Cloture on Obamacare. Yeah elections matter but beating the margin of fraud is more important. Please get everyone you know out to vote and ask them to vote the rule of law. The Queen of the Hive and the Borg must be stopped.

    Resistance is Not Futile
    Molon Labe
    War Damn Screaming Eagle

  • Spin Drift

    Just an observation, but all the conservative bloggers that I read had their links to other sites go tango uniform a few weeks ago. Anybody else experience the same thing?

    One is Chance
    Twice is Coincidence
    Three times is Enemy Action

  • JTC

    Florida is a -maybe the- critical swing state.

    How many Puerto Ricans fly in and out every day, and how many would prefer the beast to the boy and how many can be easily coaxed to cast their vote with only a SS card which they all already have, and a FL address which they all have access to via relatives.

    Does anyone think the Dim machine is unaware of this? Does anyone wonder why the current teevee news (channel 8 NBC affiliate in Tampa) inquiries are getting the brushoff?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Fuckkkk all of these sukkk ing politicians.

    The ability to have accurate ballots has existed for a long time.

    The Democrat Party and the Republican Party at the top (REP/DEM Party) had an interest in stopping that. Accurate voting mechanisms have been in the process of being put in place across the country. They were stopped or Soros company made machines were introduced or kept as “better” than the actual better assurance of the vote machines with recount ability. Certain machines make it much more difficult to do. The electronic counter at the polls with the real vote being a paper ballot and protected by security the entire way from precinct voting polls to the central election office make it more difficult to engage in tampering there. It also takes a conspiracy in which there is always the problem of people squealing, taking videos, or obtaining other evidence. I can conceive of the easiest way to do so, but it still involves hacking and collaboration of too many witnesses. This is a changing discussion that I have had for decades. And here we are again. By design. This sukks.

    A landslide can always defeat them. Putting in place the means to overcome a landslide is incredibly difficult, and it pisses off the people when they see their will smothered.

  • NPR just had a story where the supervisor of elections for Palm Beach County (in between breathless praise for the 100% perfect audits her office “always” gets and her visceral anger at the Donald for daring question the sanctity of The Election Process), just said that in the one-week extension of voter registration due to the hurricane, HER OFFICE ALONE had 15 THOUSAND new registrations cross her desk. That is about one-third of the total reported state-wide and when questioned she made a big point of saying that they had third-party groups out front registering all these folks and then turning them in to her by the boxful. She also said her “colleagues” in the counties south of hers, Dade and Broward, had told her they too have boxes full of registrations ready to go into the system. That would maybe be a good thing but for the positively giddy tone of this obviously very partisan public servant’s little spiel. Convenient that this occurs where it does, in areas where the count is guaranteed to be overwhelmingly Dim and when it does, so close to the election that there is no way in hell to properly vet and review the registrations themselves let alone the ones doing all this third-party registering.

    Add that shit to the reports about illegal Puerto Rican voting that I mentioned above where the claim by functionaries of their perfect audits and lack of reports of wrongdoing is self-perpetuating when direct complaints to their offices claim no issues or complaints…but the teevee reporter (he’s the dad of Stacy Andrews the national sports reporter chick who was in the spotlight recently; kind of dicky but that’s just what a real investigative reporter should be) had no trouble finding the complaints, and Puerto Ricans (already registered due to voting in primaries and already holding SS numbers and a relative’s FL address, can illegally vote with impunity.

    When Trump calls “rigged!” the msm immediately refutes with interviews with just the same kind of crooked functionaries I’ve mentioned above and cluck that’s he’s a sore loser looking to excuse his failures and are indignant that he’s attacking the very foundation of this nation’s political system. They just drown him out.

    I wish he could articulate better (not that any logic or reasoning from him would ever hit the air) that the system is absolutely rigged, so subject to partisan leanings, media preference, internecine sabotage, riddled with loopholes, and poorly administered that what we have is what the Chinese called Lingchi, death by a thousand cuts, each almost imperceptible but in total enough to bleed the patient dry and kill it.

    Yes of course the system is rigged in ways that virtually guarantee the outcome will not be fair and accurate. Our first two boxes have been so corrupted as to be almost guaranteed to fail. The third box seems likely to follow suit…can you say scotus? We do seem destined to reach for the fourth, although the usually unmentioned moving box -secession- in between is a viable option for some like me, but certain to be challenged by force. Cartridge box it is I guess; I really hate that.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The Democrats are like the Muslims in this way. The Muslims have Sharia Law, Mohamed, and Allah. They are all part of the Islamic umma.
    The Democrats have a cause in the Progressive way, Marxism, and socialism and by any means necessary. All of the Democrats are part of the worldwide Movement.

    Both groups will do and say anything to win.

    Democracy is only a means to an end for both of them. Any victory is not final, it is only a step on the path towards the final solutions.

  • Chris if you will tolerate it I want to post the link to the Tampa NBC affiliate’s 3-day investigative series on voter fraud, and re-post it on “tomorrow’s” toon.

    So as I’ve said this is the NBC affiliate in a good-size market and most watched news in the region. But do you think any of this will get picked up by the parent organization or online at MSNBC? No. Because narrative. But this station has a badass investigative team and they don’t toe the lib line. They also recently did a series on gun shops losing their bank accounts due to the fed choke point program to restrict gun sellers’ access to financial services. That’s pretty tough on their part to go against the msm flow, and they deserve credit and support for it.

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