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  • Grunt GI

    Oh..this is gonna get good. As we used to say on my ship..stand by for heavy rolls.

  • WayneM

    My goodness… and Skye’s badness!!

  • Swansonic

    I see in Skye’s future a little bit of Brad from ‘Bachelor Party”

    “Wow. This is pain! What a rush! There could be some real damage here…”

  • H_B

    Tuesdays comic: 1st panel – external shot of the hospital. 2nd panel: external shot of the hospital with Skye being launched through the window. Sound effect – “Crash!” Skye: “SIS! WHYYYyyyyy…..?!?”

  • Somehow I doubt that he will be fooled.

    • JIMV

      sadly for the plot and the writers artistic skills…

  • Well that ‘splains a bunch of my why and where the hecks. But the text ur around there is about to get mighty rough methinks…

  • Zek202

    Not the same topography.

  • KenH

    Are you fracking kidding me???

    This aint remotely shits and giggles, she needs to DIE
    Forward her body to Japan, COD let mommy incinerate the corpse

  • Pamela

    What are the laws on poaching in Texas?

    • H_B

      I believe “trespass” qualifies in this case, and you can shoot a violator if it’s posted. Does Zed wear a wedding ring?

      • John Greer

        More to the point, is he armed?

        • Richard McEnroe

          Apparently packing at least one short arm

        • H_B

          No, the question is, “is Sam armed?”

    • bill

      Well, laws against “alienation of affections” might come into play in some places, but no longer in Texas.

  • Pete 231

    Fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for a bumpy ride !

  • Stormhawk

    Skye has hit a new low, even for a Leftie. Though, unlike the Leftists in real life today, I think she will have the consequences for actions brought down upon her.

  • Oh. Shit.

  • Actually, I think Zed would know, you know?

  • FastFission

    I think Chris is setting us up for some fine entertainment the next few days. Break out the popcorn and boiled peanuts!

    • B Woodman

      Don’t forget the cushy chairs and cold drinks.

  • MasterDiver

    To paraphrase Luke Skywalker: “Oh is she gonna geettt iiiiittttt!”
    (Starting with a Barrel Cactus enema!)

  • Bill G

    Ruh-roh! (Cue theme music from ‘Jaws’.)

  • Otto Didact

    When I saw that 2nd panel, my first thought was “OMG! Sam’s gonna snatch her BALD!

    2nd thought was “CAT FIGHT! 😉

    • Dastardly Dan

      Her snatch is probably already bald, easier to treat the vermin that way, or so I’m told.

  • But wait, there’s more!

  • Chris has shown us that even though the Skye is the limit, she has some, namely family and self-preservation. She’s just messin’ with ’em. And us.

    But even that will have consequences, which she and others like her seem to seek; as someone upthread alluded, it’s the old “pain is pleasure” kink.

  • Unca Walt

    Good Lord.

  • 'TreHammer

    The misdirection is strong in this one. 😀

  • Damn, Skye is as evil as it gets. Methinks Argentina won’t be far enough away when Sam finds out.

  • timothy

    LOL, I like Kip’s best……”But wait….there’s more” Wholy Wiskey Tango Foxtrot, Even for Skye , that”s kinda crazy. Watch Sam kick her downstairs into the tow truck drivers range! I know Zed knows, He’ll do a reverse tactical here. “ready on the left, ready on the right, ready on the firing line,Commence Firing!”

  • BlaxPac

    Take comfort Skye!

    If your prank goes pear-shaped (or Red-Headed shape), at least you’ll have a short ride to the hospital…or morgue.

  • formwiz

    This will not end well…

  • Steve

    So, why are we all assuming she necessarily walked into Zed’s room?

  • Gideon Reed

    Apologizing in advance for breaking the theme of today’s panel, it is
    noteworthy that Amazon now has available the two best books I have ever read in paper and kindle.
    Jean LarteGuy’s “The Centurions” and soon “The Preatorians”.
    I first read both in the early 1960’s while a young serviceman and have starved for the return of these great novels.
    Again. Sorry for the intrusion.

    • No intrusion, at least for me and I suspect most here.

      The Centurions is in the top ten books that must be read, and that puts it in some rarified company in my book, so to speak. Anyone that hasn’t read it, you should correct that oversight asap. IMNSHO.

  • So, why are we all assuming she necessarily walked into Zed’s room?

    We already know from the past she tried to F’ up Anatoly’s relationship with Naomi by falsely claiming her brat was his.

    So she’s done this before. So she’s going to try to trick Zed into sleeping with her, and claim she is having his baby.

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