Day By Day


  • formwiz

    Many a true word, as they say…

  • Kafiroon

    Just One of those sick suckers that still think they still be in charge. OK. Two, counting the last frame.

    • KenH

      I get up every day, and he’s not DEAD, is a bit of a letdown….

  • epilitimus

    The great white hope?

    • Lon Mead

      The Great White Nope.

      • JTC

        The Late White Dope.

  • Lon Mead

    Joe Biden is a brain donor.

    I hear the recipient is doing quite well with it.

    • Old Codger

      I hear the recipient[, a border collie mix,] is doing quite well with it.

      There. Fixed it for ya.

  • Henry

    It was my understanding that we’re supposed to be able to click on that orange cursor thingy and be taken to a supporting link. It’s not working for me, either in my RSS reader, or when I open the page directly in Safari. I guess I’ll have to DuckDuck some of the keywords (damned if I’m going to Google anything ever again).

    • GWB

      Yeah, it seems to not work on the comments page.
      Odd that.

    • Wood

      Startpage is also a good one, let’s you open websites in a proxy server to protect your identity. Keep in mind both DDG and SP use yahoo and google searches (respectively) anonymously for you.

    • Mort

      Been on Duck Duck for a long time, Google spying, etc. rots.

  • WayneM

    Watching the assorted videos of Biden putting the grope on women makes me cringe… Where’s Drake when you need him?

  • The Wicked Duke

    Gropin’ Joe Biden, AKA “Creepy Uncle Handsy”, AKA “Ol’ Shotgun Joe” was the Obama administration’s life insurance policy against even the worst nutbag attempting to affect political change in the US by violence.

    Because no matter how freaking demented they were, they looked from Obama to Biden, then back to Obama, and said, “Well, shit… Don’t want to make it *worse*…”

  • Last frame? Oh, absolutely!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    The little children should not be the ones suffering.

  • Halley

    We still don’t know for sure which of the 73 genders Biden and Barry, not to mention Miss Rodham, self-identify as.

    • Bunkerbuilder

      Many of the old and “new” genders will abuse political power to get sexual satisfaction or just old school dominance like our Baboon cousins …..

      A large fraction of National level Demos and Progs have a very very thin veneer of civilization over their obdurate Barbarianism.

  • GWB

    Chris, you missed a great opportunity here. You could have had Biden “hands” the DbD girls. You’d have to have him do Skye first, because I doubt he would survive the others (or the ‘dogs’ afterward) intact.

  • eon

    This would tend to explain the Dems’ love affair with NAMBLA.

    It’s also a common thread with organizations run by powerful men with a “sense of destiny” and no accountability. It is almost a Gilles de Rais type of mindset, the indulgence of warped and twisted “needs” combined with both narcissism and arrogance. As de Rais is reputed to have said after first sodomizing, then eviscerating and finally strangling small boys, “no other would DARE do what I do!”

    Factor in drug use, etc., and you have the equivalent of the Hell Fire Club, the Mohocks, and the Bold Bucks, all in one.

    It seems to happen every time an “enlightened elite'” baptize themselves as “born to rule”.

    clear ether


      • eon

        I’ve always been surprised that more people recognize the name “Erzebet Bathory” than “Gilles de Rais” (BTW, the last name is pronounce, “de Retz”).

        Bathory was certainly a haematomaniacal bitch, but she was technically only minor nobility, mainly due to a fortunate marriage. By comparison, de Rais was a companion of Jeanne d’Arc, a Marshal of France, and a national hero before he went over the edge. Talk about “how the mighty are fallen”.

        I personally consider Bathory and de Rais in a dead heat in the batshit crazy department. It’s a sufficient commentary on the time they lived in that it was only when they extended their victim profiles to include children of the nobility that anybody in a position of power took notice of their sanguinary pursuits.

        The moral is that back then, a noble could do pretty much as they pleased, as long as it didn’t endanger another noble’s ability to pass his or her title on to their offspring. Bathory and de Rais did exactly that, and the world fell in on them.

        clear ether


  • Alex J

    What is amazing to me is how the Worm has Turned. The original plan was to use the New Morality ™ against the Conservative Cause, we now find that the Slaver-Democrats are being burned at the stake along with their GOPe fraternal siblings.

    It all seems to tie in with the events of a century ago in Russia. The twists and turns of the Russian Revolutions are similar to the purges and pitchforks in today’s media.

    • Alex J

      Damn HTML!

    • Bill G

      With Soros as the new version of Rasputin?

  • Pamela

    Damn. I didn’t know Joe groped W.C. Fields. Pervy Bastard.


    I have been watching all this #METOO witch hunt spiral out of control and take out a lot of schmucks who truly deserve it.

    BUT, here’s my prediction I discussed with my +1 of over 29 years. (GONNA TRY AND KEEP THIS SHORT)

    * Yes, the schadenfreude is truly awesome to behold. All those hypocritical Hollyweird types and Democratic politicians spewing women’s rights while screwing anything with a pulse is definitely popcorn material…I can’t wait to see someone launch a class action lawsuit mentioned by another commentor…cuz you know it’s gonna happen.

    * Eventually this will burn out after every A-list and most B-list Hollyweird actresses and a few bi-actors, most female journalists, and a good chunk of the female staff on Capitol Hill hop onto the #METOO bandwagon and many, many guilty bastards, and sadly more than a few innocent men will be sacrificed on the altar of sexual harassment and bad behavior. At the end of the day no one will ask these Hollyweird women about their complicity in the coverup or why the allowed this to go on for DECADES.

    However, here’s where it will get interesting…I don’t care what you call it, but before 2018 ends, EVERY SINGLE male who has a position of corporate, political, or any kind of authority over attractive, young, single women, WILL ADOPT the Pence Rule. I guarantee it. Because they would be stupid not too. Men in power will protect themselves and make sure they cannot ever be accused, whether for their actions or ANY perceived slight, by an woman again. This will create another backlash as young corporate women suddenly find themselves shut out, but these men will not care. They will no longer have anything to do with young women any more than they absolutely have to, and it will never be in the kind of mentor setting needed to climb the corporate ladder.

    More importantly, for MANY MANY single men out there, this will be the final straw that makes them dive back into porn and await the day a fully functional sex robot comes along that can be mass produced and purchased on an easy payment plan. After all, the emotional challenges of dating a woman are hard enough without wondering WHEN she will accuse you of date rape or sexual harassment or whatever she FEELS like that day.

    I predict more men will give up on dating, approaching, or even talking to women—what is happening in Japan will soon happen across the rest of the Western World. At the end of the day, men are rational creatures and they will see that ANY ACCUSATION of sexual misconduct can ruin their lives…forever.

    YUP, women are going to feel the backlash of this, whether they deserve it or not.

    Ok, sorry I went a little long…I have a single son who would like to find a nice girl and settle down. I see that potential swirling the drain every day more and more and I feel very bad for him.

    • Delilah T.

      “…await the day a fully functional sex robot comes along …”

      Some guy in ( I think) Japan has already built one and is planning to market It. Not a joke. No idea what the price will be, but it is not future stuff. It is here, now.

    • JTC

      Fail. Says the second or third wordiest scribbler here. 🙂

      I think your boy will be fine. Mine (our baby at 33) got married on the beach at Hutchinson Island FL two weeks ago to the gorgeous girl he’s been with for a few years. His biz is going great and they’ll soon exercise the buy option on the townhouse they’ve been in for a year. The world outside is crazy, but their personal future is bright.

      Point is, beyond the idiocy and lunacy swirling hollowood, sports, media, and politics, this shit has no real bearing or effect on real people except to the degree they allow it to. Hard to avoid it being in your face 24/7 but tell him to take it for the bad infotainment it is and go on with the real life he has in the manner he has learned from you by example his whole life.

      Like you I wouldn’t want to be starting out right now, but our generation had its challenges too, and our parents? Well we know what they did. Our kids will be fine. In His name we pray, amen.

      • GRUNT GI

        Yea, kinda let my keyboard get away from me.

        Congrats to your boy..hope he has a long and happy marriage.

        Yea, we had our challenges to be sure, but at least women back in our day didn’t seem to be this bat shit crazy.
        Or I just got lucky.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        I’m thinking (and yes, it hurt) that a good start would be to date young ladies from rural and small towns. Look into her family’s values. Are they the same as/close to yours? The rest is common sense (an uncommon virtue) as old as time and dating.

    • NotYetInACamp

      This also fits into the globalist desire to genocide the entire Western civilization. Fewer marriages producing children. Fewer hook ups producing children. Fewer children. Goal of Progressive Zero Population Growth reached. Negative Population Growth also reached. Then screaming we need workers. Then rapist slaving Muslim men brought in to finish the civilization. Also MS13 gang types brought in like Obama did with his undocumented children ‘amnesty’ now being reversed.
      We all lose if globalists win.

      Joe Biden would fit in as a Muslim sheik. Hm?

  • March Hare

    I’m waiting for the other side of the coin: when some starlet accuses a high-powered female of sexual harassment.

  • Delilah T.

    I don’t know why any of this is a surprise. It goes back centuries.

    More recently, Janice Dickinson was interviewed in 2006 by Howard Stern on his radio/TV show and she went into great detail about how Bill Cosby drugged women in order to have sex with them. Why was no one listening then? Is it because Trump’s in office, got elected instead of The Robot, and now everyone is jumping into the pool? Before that Jim Jones, who was once lauded as a “model for us” by (now current) Gov Brown (CA), was even worse than Cosby, in addition to being a mass murderer.

    Timing is everything, you know. None of this has ever been a surprise to me. However, I despise this sudden attack of the Prissy Pants Platoon and the ##MeeToo! crowd. I hope they get some cash out of it, but that won’t stop any of it.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I read that Trump was briefed (can I say that?) on this situation by certain people who could do something, prior to his running. They knew that trump would gve the go ahead for massive pedophile arrests if he won. And President Trump let the dogs of vengeance and justice loose on the pedophiles. I recall it may be up to 6000 plus arrests of pedophiles since Trump got in office. And the dominoes keep falling. The Prissy Pants and #MeeToo! and otherwise may also include those taking cover from the arrests. It is good to see the large number of arrests begin.

  • Bill G

    Creepy Joe or Bern-out, the top choices for the party of change in ’20.