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  • JTC

    Can’t believe the little sucker ain’t named Ben or maybe Yahu; motherhood making Commando Girl soft? Good, that’s God’s plan, just don’t mess with her baby whatever its name may be or you’ll see that killer training up close and personal.

    On the comments thing, I’m a little conflicted.

    On the one hand I enjoy the art for its own sake sans commentary, otoh there ain’t many places where like-minded discussion is tolerated/encouraged, and with a few exceptions there’s some pretty perceptive/funny fuckers chiming in. Plus I know you’ve said it sometimes helps with the storyboard…so on balance, yeah, good to have it back.

    But just tell me the wordpress issues were unrelated to issues of content or pc.

    • Chris Muir

      the wordpress issues were unrelated to issues of content or pc.
      it was a wordpress thing.

      • JTC

        Excellent. Shoulda puts quotes on that first line though…:)

  • B Woodman

    “How you ever win cold war?”
    With an even colder sense of humor, thanks to Ronnie Reagan.

    • rooftop voter

      Not so sure we did.

      Look at the rampant Communism spreading across this country, and then look at the invisible hand behind it.

      Russia just took it underground.

  • B Woodman

    Is that “Nikola!” (exclamation point) or “Nikolai”?
    I think this is the first we’ve seen on Anatoly’s sense of humor, extremely dry though it appears to be.

    • John M

      Nikola would be a female name normally – kinda like a boy named Sue. Maybe ‘Toly isn’t planning on hanging around?

      • John M

        Oops, look at the character list… it’s Nikolai.

  • Dread Eagle

    Hmmm. This thing is going to crack wide open when Hillary is POTUS! And, as much as I am sh*tturing bricks and hording ammo, she will be, mainly because of blithering RINOs and blithering street urchins with their faces in the trough.

  • capn

    no honest I’ll be good and I’ll not interrupt anybody and I’ll even take a shower on Fridays as well as … oh! ahem

    Oh look the comments are back. ahem
    It’s good to know that the Word Press folks are not upset or anything.
    Still one would think that a friendly “Oh by the way” notice before hand wouldn’t hurt.

    “How you ever win Cold War?” We out indebted the USSR.
    (in schoolyard childs voice) “Our debts bigger than yoouuurr debt.”

  • Yeah, Ronaldus Magnus simply outwitted them. Oh Lord, for another such as he.

    • Iconoclast

      Personally, I’d settle for a true conservative even if the person were of lesser stature than RR. We’ve had two upstanding yet silk stocking, insider, ‘moderate’ Republicans, a disingenuous, hedonistic, serial philanderer and the current socialist disaster. We have to solidify around the best candidate we can find (Cruz, Walker, Paul or someone else of such persuasion) and dedicate ourselves to their election. Which means plenty of poll watching and vote challenges to prevent the sort of 2012 BS which perpetuated the reign of the feckless Kenyan fraud.

      • Ming the Merciless

        If cankles collapse, which look very likely, le leftist media will make sure that the arbusto get in…after all, in their minds, “What difference does it make”?

    • PaulS

      Yes, for the Comrades watching, there were deficits involved, But:

      At least RR was a better spender, for $2.5 Trillion he got the defeat of communism.
      This Odiot has spent $10 Trillion trying to revive it.
      (The ugly truth behind beating a dead horse)

  • Looked at your answer to my statement yesterday’s strip, guess I said what I meant wrong. All of them commute by copter to the DD together to do their part, fly home at the end of the day. As opposed to Naomi and Nikolai living at the DD, and Anatoly visiting when possible/required.

  • Ming the Merciless

    “Putin” Fyodorov?
    You are aware that “Stormfront” and all the neo-nazi parties of Zeropa now
    regard Pooty Poot higher than Adolf Hitler himself? That the weak jaw dwarf pedophile is heavily financing them as fifth column?(Marine Le Pen of the Front National just cashed a 40 million Euros check from the KGB assassin)
    That noodle armed clown’s Kremlin agit-prop compare him to Rambo and even had him shoot a Siberian tiger from a local Zoo!

  • Wayne M

    Anatoly’s sense of humour is like his taste in Hawaiian shirts- both take some getting used to and could use some refinement.

    • Pamela

      Well at least his taste in family and friends is an improvement over his shirts and former loyalties.

      • Wayne M

        Agreed! And his taste in partners improved as well!!

  • Bill G

    Sam isn’t a sucker, or gullible, but just insufficiently adjusted to ‘Toly and his pilot’s sense of humor.
    And that’s aside from her natural tendency to be courteous until courtesy is shown to be misplaced, which it isn’t with Anatoly.

  • Gideon Reed

    If invited, I would likely try very hard to
    attend the Brit Milah.
    Mazal v’bruchim habah…..

  • Gideon Reed

    Grammar correction:
    Mazal v’ Bruchim habaim
    (Luck and many blessings)

    • I have two grown sons. The older one’s bris was a private ceremony at home, during which I actually passed out. If my dad and dad-in-law hadn’t grabbed me, I would have landed on the floor. My younger son’s circumcision was performed, in the hospital where he was born, by a doctor.

  • Solaratov

    One of your best strips ever! Thought I was gonna choke tryin’ to keep coffee off of my screen. 😉

  • John Greer

    How did we win the Cold War?
    While the Soviets were playing chess we were playing poker.
    When the stakes got too high they had to fold. 🙂

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