Day By Day


  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “Molan Laave”

    • epador

      Molan Sauve

      But l like Smooth is Fast better

  • Too Tall

    The disciples and descendants of John Moses Browning, John Thompson, Samuel Colt, Eugene Stoner, John Marlin, Eliphalet Remington, Oliver Winchester, Horace Smith, Daniel Wesson, John Garland, and too many others to be named here will ensure the ultimate failure of the Progtard DildoCrats.

    • MasterDiver

      Don’t forget my bud, Henry.

      Zar Belk!

    • Norm

      Who is John Garland? Google found a baseball player and a couple of singers, but no one gun related.

        • Well I spoke too soon. Every time I typed in John Garland, Garand came up. Never mind.

      • John

        I think what he meant was John Garand, the inventor of the WWII M1 rifle.
        Of course, being of the persuasion of heavier firepower I lean toward the likes of Richard Jordan Gatling.

      • Too Tall

        Stupid auto-correct. It was typed as John Garand.

  • Kafiroon

    Well that could get big time interesting if many more people are persecuted for defending themselves.

    • Peregrine John

      I was thinking something like that.

  • Henry

    I’ve been referring to them as “Jim Crane” laws.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Countered with Denny Crane laws: “Thank God for Guns.”
      Boston Legal

      As to Jim Snow actions. Molon Muerte, Snowflakes
      (My! I worked three languages into 3 words. Maybe even correctly 🙂 )
      ( I am not a kid anymore. I can’t give crowds, mobs attacking, of 4, 5, 7, 9, 15, 18, 24, more, 2 just out of prison fit youths, and sundry, a break anymore. I never trained in physical combat.)
      Denny Crane is my fictional “hero.”

      • Steveb919

        Great Video!

      • JTC

        Ain’t that a hate crime?

        40 years behind a pawn counter tending to white black brown and other colors and cultures alike…and I never had hate in me until 2020, though there was a premonition in 2008 and a running primer since 2016.

        Hate is something to be avoided at (almost) any cost. But when the cost is too high and it can no longer be avoided, it builds until it explodes.

        I do feel near the point of detonation. To paraphrase one of my fave truisms/warnings, “Don’t fuck with the old guys, when their hate explodes they will kill your ass.”

  • Buck

    It might take only a few. Recently precedents are being easily reset …

    • NotYetInACamp

      VOTE! damblit. Further action also, everybody. Engage in the Body Politic. We are the Body Politic. Thank you. I choose not to be grey. There are many means of engaging. Talk is one. And that is cheap and frugal for the results possible. We have intentionally been separated to reduce the combines wisdom of the American people.

      • pyrodice

        Nobody’s vote has ever mattered since Lee Harvey Oswald threw the lever and picked a president.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Anything that I would write would violate decorum…….

        • Abe-De

          Lee Harvey was eating lunch. Deep State offed JFK.

          • Norm

            Dumbest post of the day.

  • Bill G

    Power, and placement in the elite power structure. Not race, anymore. But anti-Semitism is still baked into the democrat party.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    You can “Jim Snow” me, if you can catch me, and prove it.
    That’s the beauty of long range cartridges, rifles, optics, and camouflage.
    I can see you, but can you see me?

    • JTC

      Hard to get a 200 yd shot in the suburb…hard to defend one too.

      Keep your sport rifle, your 12 ga and your 9mm close at hand and use them when you can see the whites of their eyes over their masks as they advance on your property. If you get persecuted/prosecuted for that, all is lost and then you may take up a rooftop position with your 50 as that will be war.

      They may soon learn and will never forget the deadly accurate truism..

      “Don’t fuck with the old guys, they will kill you!”

  • gafling

    In the second panel, is that supposed to be the porcine, gap-toothed scold from Georgia?

  • Bill3542

    Sounds like my son’s long distance precision shooter in 6.5 Creedmoor is going to be put to work.

  • Spin Drift

    This stops with three easy steps:

    One follow the money to who is supporting these thugs
    Two dig trench
    Three shoot (with prejudice) money supporters
    Four fill trench

    I guess there were four steps. Step one is the most important and the easiest to do. Who’s posting bail, who’s paying for buses, who’s buying food, who’s providing housing. All these characters can be rounded up and charged under RICO statutes.

    Tree of Liberty gets nourished.

    • Pamela

      Have friends that will bring a shovel at 2 in the morning.

      • Spin Drift

        To paraphrase Chief Brody (it is shark week) “we’re gonna need a bigger back hoe!”


        • Pamela

          True. Just don’t plant anything in the vicinity and watch the water table.

    • Oldarmourer

      No need for #4, a lesson isn’t a lesson unless everyone learns from it
      Lots of lamp posts around….

  • Halley


    The remainder of the clinically insane 2020 will be beautiful… cheers!

  • Punta Gorda

    And a thought for you all.

    Juvenal was a Roman satirist. Essentially an extant version of a stand up comedian in the style of George Carlin, but with prose/poetry.

    panem et circenses was his observation on the citizenry. Basically “bread and circuses”. As long as a politician satisfied those 2 basic needs, people wouldn’t give a shit about what the government was doing.

    In other words, keep them fed and distracted.

    With the MANDATES to stop sports by limiting attendance.. the government is shooting themselves in the foot. With no sports to distract them…. people have time to think about what the government is doing.

    • John

      I was thinking perhaps, generally speaking, our distractions have been too effective and has seduced us into neglecting our civic duties.
      This is certainly true with respect to education. Handing responsibility for our future over to the teacher’s unions was, and still is, a catastrophic mistake.

  • Steveb919

    In case you missed it this is something that WILL happen in not watched very carefully.

    I just found out my grandpa, a lifetime Republican is voting Democrat this fall…
    This would’ve never happened if he were still alive!

    • Pamela

      There was a man that got a ballot with his Dog’s name on it.

    • JTC

      Very good news for those trapped behind enemy lines in Cali…

      The 9th has come a long way since about what, January 2017?

      We rightly focus on the SCOTUS and nullifying the traitor “chief”, but the admin of PDJT has placed almost 200 federal judges since then, imagine what the courts could look like at this point in 2024.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Vote like it’s 2016, except much more dangerous.
        A SCOTUS following the US Constitution is essential.

    • Punta Gorda

      The 9th? How the hell did that happen? They are the standing cesspool district.

      • JTC

        Maybe the biggest prize among those 200 I mentioned, right in Nancy’s backyard.

        It was covered on all the media didn’t you see it? Oh right…

        Absolutely the supremes need to get right which it would be now if not for the traitorous Roberts as mentioned above. One more will ensure that, if the Republic holds together at all, everything that is happening around us right now will be ultimately adjudged by the Constitution.

        They might keep the fossil RBG ticking for the rest of this year but sure as hell not another four. If anything gives us reason for hope, that would be it.

        • Punta Gorda

          Dunno….she’s dancing pretty close to the edge of the actuarial table…

      • Peregrine John

        I may have to stop calling them the Ninth Circus.

    • John M.

      What about the “Bullet Button Ban” that went into effect several years ago – 9th Circuit says you can have Large Capacity Magazines, but there’s no way to change them out on the range!

      …or did that get rescinded while I wasn’t paying attention…

  • Halley

    My perception is that the Mask Mandate Movement is pure symbolism: we demand you show us that you submit your mind to Political Correctness by donning the Face-Burkha until November 4. 100% marketing, 0% substance.

    Man of the Year 2020 – Emmanuel Goldstein.

  • Pamela

    That woman needs to stop going back through the buffet line.
    Though with the crop failures and Big Tech wanting to get rid of meat, she’ll make some starving people a right fine meal.

  • Punta Gorda


    From a UK contact of mine:

    “The UK has imposed mandatory quarantine for people returning from France or the Netherlands, from 4am tonight. Half of the UK seems to be on holiday in France, so there is a race going on to get back. The night ferries tend to arrive at 5 or 6am or so. They are now going as fast as possible so they can moor before 4am. If they moor later, all people on board have to stay home in isolation for 2 weeks. The race is on.”

    • NotYetInACamp

      Does that include the small invasion boats filled with Muslims on hijrah to conquer the UK by emigration?
      Will the invading soldiers of the Ummah have to do 14 days of isolation before demanding the dhimni inferior UK submit to their rule and hand them homes, cash, food, juvenile girls and boys for their pleasure, and all else the Superior Muslims demand of the conquered?
      The French usually escort these Muslim invasion craft across the English Channel until the French hand them off to the vessels of the UK that are waiting to escort them in their final distance to the UK shore in their invasion.

  • Special_Ed

    Suggestion for Veep candidate Kamala (comma. lah) campaign slogan:

    Biden Time

    • John M.

      As Special Ed pointed out, she pronounces her name “Comma-lah.” When I went to Kamala Street Elementary School in Oxnard CA, (many, many years ago) it was pronounced “KA-mal-la.” When did things change?

      • CuriousB

        We should all except the Finnish definition of kamala: horrible, awful, or terrible. Then it doesn’t matter how you pronounce it. I like it: “Horrible Harris” – it certainly fits.

        • CuriousB

          Accept, not except.

      • The Real Paul Bunyan

        I was thinking the same thing. Its probably due to DNC wanting to ryhme with JFK’s camelot (with silent t) or to sound regal like African royalty in some way (Queen kamaLAH approaches!) to give her dare I say it “gravitas”. The dhims are always thinking on a psychological level with the voters for subconcious/subliminal impact. Their tactics are so temporary and unpricipally superficial. The re-pronounciation reminds me of their changes for homicide to the british-esque homocide and others…

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    There needs to be an “old geezers’ hit squad”. When the doctor says those dreaded words, “Your condition is terminal”, would it be so terrible for some of us who have lived a full, rewarding life to take down a radical politician on our way out the door? It would also be a way to get the government to underwrite our final health care expenses, instead of bankrupting our families. One final act of patriotism for those of us who swore to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic should be applauded, not condemned!