Day By Day


  • Norm

    Who doesn’t like mints?

    Glad to see you’re back, Chris.

    • AlexJ

      Minty Fresh!

      Very happy to see you back & in the saddle, Chris!

  • NotYetInACamp

    Ah. Reality. It is like a breath freshening mint, or of fresh cool air relieving us from strain or bothers. It’s those small things that are constantly with us and in our minds that often concern us or make their way to the surface.
    They take care of their kids and sometimes keep up.

  • Pamela

    I like the hard red and white swirly mints and owie on the fragments.
    How many times has Naomi been shot?

    Hey Chris 😉

  • WayneM

    Any volunteers to give these fine ladies a therapeutic massage?

    • Grunt GI

      Well although I would be first to volunteer, it might be hazardous to your health.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I always give good, nay, great, massage.

      I have had husbands ask me to massage their women in public. I think because iIdo get the kinks out, and they like having a happy wife who will also make them happy. Hey! A masseuse taught me back when I was young and very handsome. 🙂

      • Not that long ago?

        • NotYetInACamp


      • Pamela

        I have this kink… in my neck and shoulder that needs to be worked out

        • NotYetInACamp


  • The simple things can do wonders.

  • Good to see you back Chris. Missed the ‘toon.

  • Southpaw

    I’ve often worked out “bullet fragments” from my…er, never mind.

  • Bill G

    Glad you’re back, Chris. And reality can be a conversation stopper, not that I’ve got that reality to face.

  • jackdeth72

    Welcome back, Chris.

    Jan and Naomi make a lusciously dry humored combination. In custom cobbled Cowgirl Boots.

    With Naomi, inwardly savvy and “Old Time Tough” as a 50 cent steak.

    Wonder how many time Naomi has compared battle scars with ‘Toly and Zed over the years?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Small talk. Often not needed between friends. Silence is preferred. Off to read a book on amateur radio HF digital modes. And drink my tea (when it cools).

  • MasterDiver

    Glad to see you’re back, Chris. And nice to see the girls having a little quiet time. Yes chasing after kids can be exhausting, and old injuries can ache from time to time. The DDQ should get a hot tub to soak out the aches and stiffness (and to provide another opportunity to display the ladies’ magnificent charms.)
    Zar Belk!

    • Why didn’t I think of that,damn!

    • Kafiroon

      As a young’un I seem to remember teenage girls in the large cattle water tank on a hot, hot, summer day. Too bad I didn’t have binoculars, and there was only clear ground closer. Could have tried sneaking in through the cows but they kept moving away.

  • 8541USMC

    Glad to see the Return of Chris. My morning routine was disrupted with out a daily dose of dbd.

  • JTC

    For finding common ground, small talk can be a lifesaver. 😉

    Chris, when you asked for suggestions a few days ago I tossed out a few related to site function; one being what many have asked for; a short, maybe 1-hr. edit function, and I also think you should seriously consider the one day per week archive post I mentioned; I find there is very often a very direct parallel from then to now keeping it topical, but mainly I’d like you to stay fresh, focused, and rested to keep doing what you do so well, no complaints as it is but hey, you’re old and need a nappy sometimes like all of us. 🙂

    I also asked that you keep creativity and storyline close to your vest…the value and amazing currency of that proven again in the post where ‘Toly is focusing electronic beams as a weapon/deterrent just as the news comes out that Star Wars lasers are finally about ready to deploy.

    But I forgot about another function issue that I think has been shown to be wanted by commenters as they drag a prior issue forward to what may be an unrelated post; the ability to go back to the prior ‘toon to add or answer other comments, especially since the changeover often happens early in the evening when some would be reviewing what has been said and would like to add their 2.5 cents. Maybe just one additional day, so that there are two active comment sections at any one time, allowing shuttling between them to also connect a running storyline? Just an idea that I thought many might like, I know I would. Don’t know the difficulty of setting up that and the edit widget so maybe it’s too much trouble or you just would rather not, and obviously it is your call.

    Whatever you do, I’ll hang around until shooed away and continue to enjoy and support your unique and enjoyable efforts.

  • Barbara Skolaut

    “Whatever you do, I’ll hang around until shooed away and continue to enjoy and support your unique and enjoyable efforts.”

    Me, too. And Welcomd Back! 😀

  • 'TreHammer

    Somebody’s got to explain this one to me…thanks

    • NotYetInACamp

      As I always get things wrong, let me see if I get it wrong again.
      Two women taking a walk discussing kids. One says how keeping up with her’s is getting her sore. Naomi graciously offers her friend a mint. Life Savers mints are good imo. Jan comments to Naomi on something she seems to have noticed. That Naomi is a bit stiff also from keeping up with her little boy. Just some nice normal small talk. have a mint. You sore from running after the kids.
      Naomi, likely in shape from regular work outs, simply says that the stiffness Jan sees if from old bullet fragments working their way out to the surface.
      Jan seems to think that ends the small talk they seemed to be engaged in. naomi disagrees as small information and knowledge of each other had been transferred and learned. A little bonding going on.
      Chit chat engaged in. Friendly chit chat between the women can continue. Bonding can continue with little bits of reality able to be discussed as chit chat. Chit chat small talk going up.
      So I see it. But don’t rely on me. 🙂

  • I need new hiking boots. I think Danners, as long as they are waterproof and insulated. I will wear them to death. Spring is in the air. The apple tree next door will be in blossom shortly, and I know where the bluejays live now.
    I don’t know whether to celebrate the strike force led by USS Carl Vinson to the vicinity of North Korea, or just hold off until we get more info.

    However, if anyone is wondering about how the Syrians feel about the bombing of Shayrat air base the other day, the response was “WE do not want to come to America. WE do not want to be refugees. WE want to live in OUR own country.”

    The world is changing… for the better.

    • Merle

      The Carl Vinson was the first carrier I worked on – then for my swan song I worked on her refueling & combat systems upgrades.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Palm Sunday.
    Maybe new shrapnel gets into our people soon?
    Maybe 100,000 into Syria? 20,000 already on the Syria border. Not announced beforehand.

    Defend against Turkey possible real goal. Holy War by Turkey in Europe already stated.
    Excuse to defend NATO and Europe’s shores from Hijrah jihad invasion boats? Confiscate NGO refugee (invader transport) smuggling boats that pick up fake refugees near shore from small boats.? Thereby claiming an at sea rescue. Many Europe invasion facilitating boats sponsored by Soros money.

    Palm Sunday was such a joyous occasion anticipating good things to come.

  • Spin Drift

    The girls have a knowing of kids, husbands and hard times. They share the knowledge that is only obtained by knowing that the Lord saves all. To be contrasted to this Palm Sunday of our Savior knowing that this week would be an Omega and an Alpha. To all my fellow compatriots and Chris for making this venue open to us, may the next we see us all reborn in the Grace of God and the humility of man.

    Your humble servant

  • Pamela

    I have been in God’s safekeeping since before time was a breath in a moment and will continue to be even after this plane of existence ceases.

    To those who seek to silence, enslave and kill in the name of God, it will not end well for you and any of your houses.

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