Day By Day


  • Malatrope

    So…where was all the blood coming from? He seems to be standing up well enough.

  • Eric Weder

    Compound fracture … Any excuse to get that top off, hey?

  • Well, Zed’s sense of humor’s in one piece. So who’s runnin’ the UAV?

  • little bit

    He’s standing and conscious. That’s all I needed to see.

  • David

    Still coughing……still a possible punctured lung.

  • rickn8or

    Not being able to remember you’re married to Sam… what a horrible situation!

  • Treadhead

    Wowza! I can’t wait for the UAV video to be youtube uploaded.

  • Fox2!

    Somebody’s butt is not going to be fine in a couple of days.

  • H_B

    And the clouds get even darker.

    • H_B

      (And the owner of that $18,000+ drone stands a good chance of losing it. Small, light aircraft are cute and portable, but they suffer comparatively more from high winds.)

  • Blue Quasar

    Some people have a talent for getting in trouble for telling the truth.

    Sam is fine.

    • eon

      Well, unless you count those big bruises on her right shoulder, right wrist and left lower torso. Those are deep ones, and they’re going to need treatment ASAP as much as Zed’s injuries do.

      She could have a greenstick break of the radius or ulna on the right arm, a fractured wrist, and/or a cracked pauldron (shoulder socket) and not know it.

      Shock, the need to care for another, and running on 110-octane adrenalin can have the effect of you not noticing your own injuries until you come back down from the crisis reaction. Then you notice because it hurts like hell.

      Seen it for real.

      clear ether


      • DCE

        My concern is with the bruise on her left lower torso. Could be a possible ruptured spleen. Those generally do not manifest right away as the spleen capsule contains any bleeding…for a while.

      • Spin Drift

        You’re right DCE, ruptured spleen is a hidden killer. Let’s hope the cavalry is on the way.

        Spin Drift

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Always been been particularly partial to ski-jumps like that!

  • Grape

    Zed is okay in the head. He didn’t say, “This sling helps, man, thanks.” Besides, that ain’t no lady – that’s Sam – though it is hard to make the comparison sometimes.

  • Grape

    Black sky by night,
    Special Ops delight.
    Black sky by day,
    Hope for better way.

  • Grape

    ‘Tis true – Zed doesn’t no Sam.

    She brightens the day – her headlights are always on.

  • Grape

    And lastly – Double Barrel Slingshot.

  • Pamela

    Chris- Please tell me why there wasn’t a GO bag in the car? Considering how far out the DD is from anything, it’s a necessity to be properly covered in cases of emergency. As this is, and Sam now isn’t.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I didn’t see a trunk fly open, or it fly out , but either may have occurred. Then stolen. the invader do plunder as they can. I believe this is the first long outing with the rebuilt vehicle. Patterns are broken. Procedures may not be followed. Mistakes can be made. Hope the people getting the show are good guys, no matter who they may be working for.
      Good point.

  • Grunt GI

    I am sure a LOT of help us on the way now. And no doubt, some helpful EMT will wanna check Sam for any further chest injury.

  • That must be some really tiny pilots in that batwing!

  • rooftop voter

    Ok, this is getting serious, I was so into the story that I clean missed the first time through that Sam was nekkid………………..

    My hat is off to you Chris, that’s the mark of a heck of a storyteller.

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