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  • The arrogance of that woman knows no end. I shutter to think of what she would ACTUALLY do should she be given the keys to the nuclear codes. As much as I want to believe that Jan might one day fully wake up from her left-of-center enchantment of HRC, there are too many in the electorate who would crawl on broken glass for an opportunity to see “history” made in their lifetimes without thinking about the consequences.

    It is NOT about the pigment or the plumbing, but rather of the policies that permeate from the politics of the person.

    Hillary: “I need your vote, your money, your liberty and your freedom.”

    Dems, MSM, and RINOs: “You forgot to say please…”

    • Swansonic

      I love your ‘6P’ statement. It works very well with the ‘7P’ rule of management.
      ‘That’s a NICE bike….’

    • KenH

      You have a mentally unstable diseased narcissistic scumbag with the codes RIGHT THIS SECOND. Having a shrill screaming beastbitch replacing him would be little change. Psychotics are allowed to run for office, apparently.

    • capn

      “It is NOT about the pigment or the plumbing, but rather of the policies that permeate from the politics of the person.”

      This is elegant itzWicks. Permission to quote? Permission to change permeate to perculate up?

      I will store it with my own creation “3P” = Professional Political Parasite.

      “Psychotics are allowed to run for office, apparently.” – KenH

      Yep since … oh lets see … Madison I think and GWash had some pretty terrible days off and on hisself. There was that nastiness with those distillers and all.
      It seems the only folks that want the job are psycopathes from the git.
      IMHO of course.

    • JTC

      Well, for this Particular Pigmented Person, it is indeed all about the Policies that Permeate the Politics…but not quite in the way you mean.

      Ben was dead in the water before he ever got the motor running; they can blame internal dysfunction, but a Pigmented Person on the “wrong” side of Populist Politics will get the spotlight on every move until he’s done. Pathetic.

    • interventor

      The ICBMs can’take be programmed to strike US. Tactical & B-52s, yes!

    • SteveInCO

      Dems, MSM, and RINOs: “You forgot to say please…”

      That’s an unfair comparison, since the biker who said that DID intend to refuse.

  • JTC

    Hillz is Greek? Who knew?

    Nasty, but the back couldn’t be worse than that front.

  • Pamela

    It’s West World run amok. Maybe a full retread is in order.
    Where’s Ira Levin when we need him?
    Firmware and software replacements.
    Though I think even after the overhaul, her cookies would still suck rocks.

  • capn

    psychopathes – I should use spell check more often apparently.

    • Bill G

      Oh, yeah – spill chuck is grate!

      • Farmist


  • Bill G

    And yet the media flock to her and her events, and breathlessly announce anything spoon fed to them from the campaign.
    Drop coverage for a while, and they’d be amazed at the change.
    But the media has long ago dropped trou for Clintons, so it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Gideon Reed

    The final panel should read: “Strongly worded message will follow.

    • Pamela

      Strongly worded message to follow.Hmm.

      “Bill did not have sex with that woman and neither did I.”

      • nonncom

        So they’re both liars….

  • Henry

    In an upcoming release, her response choices will be changed to consist of the contents of Magic 8-Ball.

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