Day By Day


  • NotYetInACamp

    “Not a chance. You put it out there.

    Use it or lose it.”

    • noncom

      I gave my wife my heart, not my eyes…..beautiful women of the world, whatever attributes you were blessed with, I will see them…..and appreciate, as well….you don’t have to like the fact…. just knowing the honesty of it is enough….

      • Old Codger

        Yeah, right! If only I could convince my wife and (grown) daughter of that. I keep telling ’em that it doesn’t matter where I get my appetite as long as I eat at home. When she was still living with us, my daughter always claimed I was being disrespectful to her mother. Now that she’s married and moved out (the two don’t necessarily go together, y’ know) God help my son-in-law if he happens to scope out some vision of loveliness.

        • nonncom

          I guess I’m lucky in that regard….my wife figures it’s a natural thing….no problem unless I decide window shopping isn’t good enough….which I never have….trust is a helluva thing….once it’s broken, it’s difficult to get it back….

  • JTC

    You’re not proving her wrong there Skye; she said “men” not maggots, hipsters need not apply. You’ll know the difference when a real man drops *you* and gives you fifty.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Only “fifty?” 🙂

      • JTC

        Or these days, three.
        Kinda like the Tootsie Roll commercial.
        One…two…BAM!…three. Three. 🙁

    • Fox2!

      I think that’s our favorite Sabra, not Skye.

      • JTC

        Oh shit I think you’re right F2!

        And she would know of men *and* maggots.

        Still, I recall her addressing Z as “Sir”.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Yes. It appears it is. Skye would have gotten no look. “Taken.” “Never mind.” “Carry on, soldier. Mind your equipment”

  • Halley

    I’m too busy scoping the ass to comment.

  • Hawgowar

    Forgive me, but who is the alpha femme supposed to be? As I age, my eyes aren’t what they used to be. Melania doesn’t dress like that for work.

  • KenH

    You don’t want your ass scoped? Wear a Drogue Parachute , Toots. Otherwise, suck it up

    • RooftopVoter

      Ken, I think it has more to do with the quality of men that scope her ass……….

  • Pamela

    Sam ~ your Man made you crave and rendered you temporally speechless.
    What’s the old phrase? “Twitterpated”

    Naomi ~ You need to bring hipster maggot up by his short and curlies, then twist into a knot.

  • WayneM

    Gotta love Naomi… keeping it real!

  • Halley

    Anyone of the male species, from maga-alpha to snowflake-hipster, is going to scope a Naomi, front and/or back. I really don’t get why she’d be offended..? Maybe tomorrow will reveal.

    • GWB

      She’s not offended by being scoped, I think, but by who. (And, perhaps, by the lack of tact and discretion he displays in doing so.)

  • Well worth scoping. And let us discuss this “drop and give me fifty”, dear. That may work on some hipster, but don’t TELL me to do shit. Offer me a valid reason, hmmm?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Drop and give me fifty”
    Didn’t Naomi start working at a yoga/spa/exercise place last month?

    • MommaMackie

      Yeah, and first student we saw was ex-military, so she may be doing a class for PTSD cases. Damn if I know how a hipster got in there.

  • RooftopVoter

    The problem here is one of definition, Men and Male are not interchangeable.

    There are few Men these days in a sea of Males.

    Men rule, Men respect.

    • NotYetInACamp

      AMG, of course.

    • JTC

      AssMyGod! Looks exactly like the “boot” of the wife’s C250 Sport Coupe, and about the same size.

      Mostly some nice cabooses, until I got to that next-to-last assabomination, I’d call that an effin’ pig but I like pigs much better.

      • Pamela

        How’s your blood pressure JT?
        Pulse rate still normal and not elevated?

  • Dread

    If I’d had to drop for fifty every time I scoped a fine ass, Id look like the incredible hulk by now!

  • JTC

    ‘Nother OT (but not really as maggots are involved)…

    “President Donald Trump has personally donated $1 million of his own money to Hurricane relief effort. Of course, with Trump being a billionaire, expect the media to criticize him for “only” donating $1 MILLION. Regardless of the pathetic media will say, assuming they even mention Trump’s personal donation to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, just remember Trump’s $1 million donation is still $1 million more than the Obama’s and Clinton’s have given, combined.”

    Goes on to say Zero did donate some of his “Nobel” money to the Clinton’s Haiti slush fund…Ah hahahaha, can you say thieving scamming maggot pos?

    • JSStryker

      Haven’t seen anything about Bloomberg or Soros donating to Harvey relief.

    • Royal Family dropped in 10 Million.

  • Don Davis

    One, Two, ::puff:: Thhhhrrrreee! ::collapses::