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  • epador

    / Ashli /

    • Wot, Eh?

      … /Babbitt/

      • JTC

        Is it appropriate for us to do Spartacus for her…”I Am Ashli Babbitt!”?

        I don’t know yet. She was a passionate Patriot, a long-serving defender of America, and her brother said “It mattered to her a lot at the end of her life. It mattered so much that she died for it.”

        Did she die a hero? A martyr? Did she give her life for a true cause or for bad decisions and poor judgement? Keep in mind the importance of that for any military operation or militant protest. Regardless, her blood was spilled making the maximum sacrifice for the maximum just cause, so…

        Am I Ashli Babbitt? I don’t know yet. But I will say her name and I will remember her and her fearless selfless action:

        “Ashli Babbitt”


        • JSStryker

          As far as I am concerned, Ashli Babbitt is a martyr just like Crispus Attucks was.

          • JTC

            “…honor Crispus Attucks who was the leader and voice that day:

            The first to defy, and the first to die, with Maverick, Carr, and Gray.

            Call it riot or revolution, or mob or crowd as you may,

            such deaths have been seeds of nations, such lives shall be honored for aye…“

            A nearly perfect parallel. And so:

            I. Am. Ashli Babbitt!”

  • JTC

    Don’t think half the people are actually communists, but the willing subjects of them for the price and promise of free shit and celebrity endorsements.

    That’s about the extent of the critical thought and reason applied by most sheeple to the actual agenda and machinations of the regime they sold out and submit to; our education/indoctrination system at work.

    Are they redeemable? Probably not. Maybe a few generations on if they live long enough and are allowed to procreate.

    • TBeholder

      “Look at all that sheep” is a variation of moral hipsterism.
      As to how long it will take for propaganda to fail… it depends on whether USA really fast-forwards to USSR of 1980s. Mockery is already on the rise, all you need to do is expand from the medium of caricatures to proper joke folklore. If 3 years later 1st-graders will tell each other jokes about Joe Brezhnev, it’s curtains, within one generation.

      • John

        From what I can tell it takes about three generations more or less.
        The problem is communication. If the dissidents find it hard to transmit their mockery things get easier for the State to assert their control.
        The means of transmission may be critical here. The Soviets had to combat samizdat and word of mouth in a more or less closed society, but the Chicoms monitor the internet with AI.
        As for us, I’m betting on Elon Musk’s orbital internet keeping things open here and breaking down the Great Firewall of China.

    • Polly Cy

      I taught comparative communist systems for years and was always shocked at the number of students who thought they could “fix” communism so it would work next time. And who had only read the communist manifesto and thought they understood the theory. I started by asking, “How many of you think you understand communism?” and then made them read Marx until their eyes bled and their brains exploded. Very few left class still believing in communism. Of all the things I’ve accomplished in my life, that’s the one I’m proudest of.

      This is “Hi” and “Goodbye” kids. Another surgery on Friday (nine last year, hoping 2021 gets better) so it will be a while before I can ty7pe again. I’ll be reading and admiring though!

      • Too Tall

        Prayers up for a rapid and complete recovery.

      • JTC

        Get well soon Apollyon. You are needed in the clsssroom. 😉

        • JTC

          WTF? Polly.

  • Kafiroon

    “We Cannot Expect Americans To Jump From Capitalism To Communism, But We Can Assist Their Elected Leaders In Giving Americans Small Doses of Socialism Until They Suddenly Awake To Find They Have Communism”
    Nakita Khrushchev 1960

    • NotYetInACamp

      just us peasants here waiting for our 2000 stimulus remittances.

  • TBeholder

    Just today? «we are all Viet Cong now», etc.
    Oh, also Moldbug used it for a fun test in “An Open Letter to Open-Minded Progressives”. Consider a simple replacement:

    During this time many thousands of Americans were accused of being racists or racist sympathizers and became the subject of aggressive investigations and questioning before government or private-industry panels, committees and agencies. Suspicions were often given credence despite inconclusive or questionable evidence, and the level of threat posed by a person’s real or supposed racist associations or beliefs was often greatly exaggerated. Many people suffered loss of employment, destruction of their careers, and even imprisonment.

    Obviously, the Kluks Kluks Scare already ran longer than Red Scare, yet you won’t see this in Reputable Sources™ any time soon. From which things can be inferred.

  • Bill G

    Will the democrat party finally reclaim and embrace the color red, and return blue to the republicans?

  • Bill G

    Another definition is simply “the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism”.

  • Halley

    There are two kinds of communist Democrats – ones who sing “Imagine no possessions” and are stupid enough to think it’s “idealistic”, and the more devious ones who understand full well that “Imagine no possessions” is their totalitarian agenda. Both equally dangerous.

    Is it me, or has nearly the entire Right now “moved on”, grudgingly accepting Uncle Joe as the winner in November, sweeping “embarrassing conspiracy theories” of massive fraud under the rug and instead looking forward to winning seats for the GOP in the midterms? What utter madness. I can’t believe anything that’s happening, And have Sydney Powell and Lin Wood been somehow silenced?

    • Wot, Eh?

      I believe you are not alone and that thinking free people stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

      A retreat to regroup and reorient strategies & tactics can be a successful forerunner to the “Army of 74M” counterattack (note the establishment of the 74th’s HQ (Office of the Past President”) within earshot and sniper range of the” “JoeBama” Nest!

      Say Her Name!!

  • DogByte6RER

    I don’t think very many Americans would truly embrace Communism … at least in the forms that have been implemented over the past century, i.e., Bolshevism, Maoism, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, etc., as these forms of totalitarian collectivism would deprive virtually all of the masses of their prized iPhones, iWatches, flat screen TVs, organic foods, $200 Nikes, etc.

    What some half of the nation is buying into is fascism. Mussolini and Hitler were BIG TIME devotees of Karl Marx. They just never bought into Lenin’s international socialism and instead pursued socialist utopias based on culture and genetics. This is what China has become now … the CCP is communist in name only as it is in every way operationally fascist. Chinese citizens are allowed to acquire wealth as long as they are bound together with the State. Chinese corporations thrive as long as they are in lockstep and bound together with the state. Hence, there are massive corporations like Huawei that are owned by and corporate positions staffed by the People’s Liberation Army.

    Mussolini described fascism as a metaphor … the individual, the workplace, the schools, the corporations, the State … each are represented as a single stick or fasci. A solitary stick is breakable, but when all are bound together into fasces they become unbreakable.


    No one today uses that word because it is so radioactive; so fascism is being pursued under the guise of other labels, like the CCP, Antifa, Biden’s “equity” etc.

    It’s both creepy and chilling looking at what is happening here … the MSM, BigTech, Academia, the Democrat Party, unions, governments at all levels and the Deep State, and a sizable number of politicians are now seemingly all bound together, unbreakable, as fasces. The individual, the government, the corporations, unions, schools are all becoming bound together in totality, i.e., totalitarianism, another term coined by Mussolini that wasn’t a pejorative 90-100 years ago, but was then seen as the wave of the future.

    Lastly … here’s another creepy foreboding that occurred in 2012 during the Obama Era at the DNC to renominate Obama/Biden. They briefly let the mask slip off for a peak at the monster beneath.

    “Government is the only thing we all belong to.”

  • “Without proper regard for evidence,” except for the Venona Cables, that is.

  • Not Chicken Little

    The Venona documents proved that McCarthy was right. And Wikipedia lies, they are wrong and cannot be trusted for many things.

    • JTC

      Current events prove that McCarthy was right as the spawn of his identified enemies within take control of the system and implement their agenda.

      Wikipedia lies, and the edit the truth; when I corrected a BS civil war article it got changed back and locked to prevent “vandalism”, aka anything the editors disagree with…the free forum of information and explanation? Bullshit, just another censored commie platform.

      • NotYetInACamp

        I find their acts offensive. I am offended.

    • True dat. They can be informative only on non-political subjects.

  • Pamela

    Red States~ Living Blood
    Blue States~Embalming Fluid
    Purple~Yet to Be Decided

  • To favor some ideas found in communism (and there are several schools of that) is not to be a communist. let alone a particular SCHOOL of it, such as Marxism, Trotskyism, or Catholic Gregorian tradition monistarinism.

    Most folks are innocent of any serious study of the assorted schools of political thought. innocent being a gentle word for ignorant.

    Personally, I favor a ‘Jeffersonian democracy’,ie, a minimist republic, oft called a caretaker government. Court, jails, police, a national standards of measure institute national parks (which cannot be sold or developed) and public highways- paid for by usage fees, fuel taxes, and vehicle registration taxes; thus, the users pay for the roads. COMMONWEALTH goods are government managed, as it is SO damned hard to apply marketplace forces and principles to them. Tome minor variant of this is MINARCHIST government.

    Try talking about THAT in your strip. Peace.

    • JTC

      Nah, commie’s a commie no matter how you try to buff it out.

      And your Jeffersonian plan forgot about National Defense…admittedly a little murky these days but still arguably the only enumerated power or role for Fed gov.

  • Halley

    Is it me, or has the number of rational, reliable websites decreased by about 137% just in the last week? The “we might as well accept Biden as the legitimate president” gang seems to be multiplying like nympho rabbits on viagra… WTF??

    • NotYetInACamp

      The go along to get along crowd.
      They are the “take them first” crowd,

      They are also the ‘push the lady in the walker to the ground’ crowd, rushing to make a clear path to get out when someone yells “FIRE!”
      That from Seinfeld. The actor that looks like a fake news guy played that character in Seinfeld.

      The legitimate winner of the recent election is Donald J Trump.
      The election was not conducted in a manner that satisfied the requirements of the US Constitution.

  • Michael

    A question the leftists and liberals can’t answer is, “Was McCarthy right?”

    The answer is yes. Look up the Venona Project, a series of decoded and declassified Soviet Era documents proving there were communist spies at the highest level of the US government.

    This is Liberalpidea

    • NotYetInACamp

      I imaging such as the people in the Franklin School of Philosophy that centered in the Philosophy Department at Columbia University, and at Malibu in California, belong on that list. Marcuse being a main name.

    • JTC

      This stupid JoHo puppet is being directed to do as much damage as possible as soon as possible…

      • cb

        “being directed to do as much damage as possible as soon as possible” — I stopped reading past the headlines, gonna stop reading even the headlines:

        Pro-Trump twitter personality Ricky Vaughn arrested and indicted (today) for 2016 memes…
        Court Packing Here We Come…Biden launches Supreme Court reform…
        Xiden kills office protecting job market for U.S. citizens…
        Biden bans the phrases ‘China Virus and Kung Flu’…
        When the Political Party becomes the State…
        Proud Boys leader was ‘prolific’ FBI snitch: court docs…
        DHS Just Issued Terrifying Warning… Against Conservatives

  • Pamela

    Their Souls are Forfeit
    Their Houses are Damned
    May their seed become Chaff on the Wind
    They are shunned by the Lord and
    The Gates are closed until they Confess, Repent and Atone.

  • ebd10

    History has borne out that McCarthy was right.

  • Buck

    For a good discussion of the cause of Climate Change, which has been going on for a decade, bring up ‘SuspiciousObservers’. As our ability to detect more of how the universe functions it has become apparent that the universe is interconnected at every level we can observe. It could be suggested “at ALL levels”, but some would accuse that of being hyperbole.
    What is fascinating is the similarity of conflict inside science and politics at this time.
    Climate change isn’t the only area of conflict between these two, but you know that…

    • JTC

      “Similarity of conflict”

      Meaning real vs. fake?

      Of course. Lab coats are as subject to the rule as the suit coats are…

      Follow the money.
      Always follow the money.

      That’s all it is.

      As to climate evolution, of course to that as well. Not good, and we contribute more than our fair share to the carbon load, but then again we’re as much (or more) a part of the natural world as the Rain Forest or the Polar Ice Cap, so we can’t just commit mass suicide although plenty would like that very much.

      But some very smart very rich guys think that all things considered there’s nothing we can do to reduce pollution production enough to save the planet, not nukes, not the crocodile tears of a retarded teenage girl, not banning all IC engines, nothing.

      But maybe on the post-production side? Rather than squeeze the life out of all that we have built and all human society as we know it, we take back and neutralize the by-products of it instead, along with continuing to minimize it as much as possible.

      We may be putting the future of free communications in the hands of the brilliant wackjob Elon Musk and the engineer stars of innovation and invention. With his string of saturation satellites, he sure leads the world in the plan to put man into our outer solar system (with all kinds of implications and possibilities), and his car company as advanced as those things are is really the nucleus (as it were) of the next generation of energy distribution. So when he put up $100M of his bucks for the best carbon-capture plan and proposal we need to pay attention to that too. Very likely the next big advance of mankind.

      Some engineers in addition to their practical problem solving skills are also well stacked and well built themselves

      Thanks to Dilbert Dude Scott Adams for his recent podcast on this hopeful and game changing scenario

  • Yeah

    Except recently declassified documents show McCarthy was right. They couldn’t publicly run with the information back then because it would reveal that they were reading the Soviet’s mail. The people McCarthy publicly accused were the ones that there was non-classified evidence against.

    • JTC

      As discussed above it is their literal and virtual spawn we are seeing running rampant now.

      Khrushchev knew this time would come when he said,

      “…We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within.”

      And indeed that destruction by enemies domestic and foreign has been underway for some time, culminating in JoHo and all of its handlers and all its enablers wasting no time in declaring all-out de facto war on all things American.

      But I left off the previous line in the quote…

      “We will take America without firing a shot…”

      He might have miscalculated on that, specifically the calculation of the volume of tools of freedom in free Americans hands by the time you were ready with this trilateral offensive (Russkies, ChiComs and domestic oligarchs).

      It’s on us.

    • Kafiroon

      That looks about right. So much of our, and much of the world has had a Chinese bug shut down so much economy that it is accelerating down hill.
      No pay equals no bill paying. No pay increase, by a lot, means no catching up with the higher debt owed. More invaders equals more money needed to give them all the benefit “Gimmes” they come here for.
      Recovery? I think that train has left the station and is adding speed hard. Then we can try to put a real country back together.

  • Buck

    Okay – time for a quickie – the detection of carbon is easy for earth bound scientists so they give it an increase in importance to their ‘studies’ of climate. On the other hand they only give the Sun’s visual energy as a warming factor when the Earth gets hundreds of times more energy from the sun if you use a radio telescope to measure it. So the Earth may have been getting warmer but it wasn’t just industrial exhaust doing it. Over the last year when reduced auto aerosols predicted a cooler atmosphere it got even warmer. So there is warming and cooling that can be based on the Sun’s 11 year cycle and there are longer cycles with more variation. But it’s so much easier to base a tax on carbon which is a percentage of each type of fuel. As some Mandarin once said, “The abacus always wins”.

    • JTC

      Apparently I wasn’t strident enough…

      “Follow the money.
      ALWAYS follow the money.”

  • [Late to the party, but…]

    It turns out that McCarthy was right. There _were_ communist sympathizers and actual spies in Truman’s State department.

    No one ever mentions _that_ part of history.