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  • Blue Quasar

    In the Old Testament cities of refuge were places where people could go to get some measure of justice.

    In America sanctuary cities are places where people breaking the law can go to avoid justice.

    How far we’ve come.

  • A sanctuary city for Americans…awesome, but sad.

    What once was an entire sanctuary nation for Americans is now sanctuary for everone but.

    But maybe it can be for us and ours once again, I dearly hope so for my grandchildrens’ sake. And let it begin with the Double Down…see you there!

  • capn

    BUT! She is learning if slowly.

    Keep listening and learning to think Free Jan. You’ll make it yet.

    I sure wish I had a fast connection so I could page back and reread the page where Sam lists each of the lovely ladies and what their duties will be.
    Lemme see here …
    Naomi = Chef
    Sam = Tar Bender
    Skye = customer service (sorta) or house flirt?
    Jan’s house keeper (insert name here cause it slipped away the day Google got the heave ho … ahem ) will be baby sitting.

    and defintely not least …
    Jan = ???
    Ooo this is embarrassing.
    Does this mean I lose my Front Room Only membership card?
    Oh ma-a-an I’m in deep do-do. Don’t tell Chris OK? Sh-h-h

    • Fox2!

      Look around 28/29 May for the staffing plan.

      • Grunt GI

        Ok, went back and researched…call my dense, but I still didn’t see what Jan’s new TITle would be.
        Personally I think she would be a fine addition to the waiTIT staff…just sayin’

  • Pamela

    Damon forgot scratch, chew and spit…

    • Charles E

      “This is Liberty Hall; you can spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard!”

  • Chris, should this have a 7/9 pub date or are we getting a twofer?

  • KenH

    Nice look of the porthole as logo…..:P

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    Where’s the first Bill of Rights Sanctuary City?

  • Indeed, learn Jan.

  • NotYetInACamp

    To obtain sanctuary the use of a legal national fiction of a foreign border must be used. Thus Liberty and Justice for All ids now granted sanctuary on technically foreign soil on US soil.
    We all need diplomatic immunity to counter the illegal invader immunity granted by the person who once travelled on an Indonesian passport and was in the former sanctuary nation for Liberty and Justice known as the USA that he hates so much that he must destroy it by means of a fundamental transformation. Diplomatic immunity would help those working to fundamentally transform it back to what is right.
    The enemy shoots fast and loose with words and legal fictions, oft with absurd results. Doing so with good results is worth a few shots. Including a few shots of the good stuff. We always can use help building good stuff. Allies are also good stuff. Words can have meanings. They used to have meaning, but others changed the pc meanings. The powers that have grabbed power care nothing for real rights and sanctuary. To them it is only another weapon.
    Did I mention that now Obama has the second confirmed very public kill in the Democrat War on Women. Ted Kennedy had his in Chappaquiddick. Obama has his kill in San Francisco from one of his ‘just like him’ illegal sanctuary boys. People do die from this stuff.

  • Bill G

    It’s popcorn time again, as liberal politicians seek sanctuary from their sanctuary city policies.
    And this at a time when the left was in full scream, er, swing against Trump for his comments on illegal immigrants.
    It’s made the fun, dare I say it, Double Down.

    • eon

      H.Beam Piper once observed that the unrealistic beliefs of diplomats are what soldiers die of.

      I would add that the delusional worldviews of would-be Utopians are what innocents die of.

      And one of the most irritating things about such Utopians is that no matter how many times they are reminded of it, they never seem able to remember that rain is wet.

      Kipling understood the problem all too well.

      clear ether


      • I’ve heard those passages, quoted them too.
        Nothing could be more prophetic, nothing could be more true.
        Listen if we will to the message, blowin’ the truth in the wind.
        Same as it ever was, same as it’s ever been.

  • Uffdaphil

    Popcorn time also on the Keystone Kampus where the kiddies seek sanctuary in safe zones to escape the trauma of opposing ideas. Ever adolescent Peter Pans with a Che beret. Comedy as tradgedy.

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