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  • Pamela

    Care. About who? About what?
    They care for only what is important to them and nothing else.
    They suck the very life and joy from many for the benefit of a few.
    Pit all against all for their own profit and control.

    Remove the mask and find corruption, deception and decay.

  • Alaska Paul

    Socialists and Marxists are like vampires sucking the life blood out of the people. As long there is plenty of wealth, the so called elites can throw bones to the public. When the bones run out, the elites will save the remaining wealth for themselves, a la Venezuela.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Are we free of that scourge yet?

    We had best work on it.
    So many politicians fit that concept of demon controlled these days. There is much evil afoot that needs to be beaten and ended.

    Today’s so called liberals may think that they care, or feel that they care, or delude themselves that they care. I do not fit with politicians. I can walk among them, but, I never fit in with them. They did not think like caring humans. I did meet a few seemingly good ones. They were a limited number.

    Government has become a means of ensuring certain people’s wealth, rather than the goals expressed in the Declaration of Independence of the united States of America.

  • H_B

    Oh, Secretary Clinton, I can see you’re “putting on your face”…

  • Michael in Nelson

    Would like to donate but don’t want anything for it. email me to let me know.

    • Chris Muir

      Michael, just select a level and check the box for ‘no merchandise’!:)

  • Crotalus

    I KNEW Night on Bald Mountain was the only “Hail to the Chief” for her!

  • This is such absolute truth, it is chilling.

  • B Woodman

    Call them by whatever names you wish across the political spectrum, they all fall under the one name, “Authoritarianism” or “Elitism”.

    • Bill G

      I tend to the use of ‘Statist’.

      • B Woodman

        Yep. That’s another one that covers it all.

    • Ozymandias

      Totalitarian has always worked for me.

  • Bill G

    The useful idiots care; they just refuse to see where the path is taking them. Schools don’t teach the lessons of history and the LSM is complicit in covering up what’s happening.
    The leaders cry out about how much they care or ‘feel our pain’. But in private the masks are off. They know what they want (Power) and what will happen to the Republic if they succeed.

  • Old Codger

    Sorry, Sam, but all Brexit “reaffirms” is the basic sheeplike idiocy of the majority of our species. According to published reports, the most googled topic in GB was what the Eurozone is and what it does. Many expressed “buyer’s remorse” and stated that if they had known more about the EEC they would have voted to stay.

  • Harry

    Sounds like EEC trolls, eh?

  • Kafiroon

    I cannot decide which is a more accurate term for our govt.: Idiocracy, Kleptocracy or Oligarchy.
    They are all evil.

  • JTC

    “Many expressed buyer’s remorse…”

    They’ve got LSM there too y’know, if anything more socialist than ours as they’ve been on the dole for so long. Don’t buy into their message.

    You know how every single utterance of the Donald is twisted while every gaffe of the bitchbeast is softpedaled? Yeah, like that.

    The people there spoke that they are sick of the bondage and the melting and melding of their culture into the One World Order, and that really pisses of and scares the libs, hence the cries for “Do Over!” of the few that they present as being the of the many. Sounds familiar, eh wot?

    Independence won’t be easy and it will be made much the harder by the concerted attempt by the consortium of progs, commies, and muzzies whose cheese has been put at risk, and more worrisome for them, has emboldened others to yearn for and see the light of freedom.

    Much like here; the fear is not so much of Trump, but of the bubbling eruption underlying his movement. And I pray to God that we can push through the lies and evil self-interest of the monster that Chris so perceptively depicts behind that horrible mask. And if not, well, when the pressure cannot be contained any longer, volcanoes erupt.

  • Spin Drift

    This maybe the year of the Second War of American Independence. I just hope that it is the ballot box and not the cartridge box, “do not fire unless fired upon but if they mean to have war then let it begin here.” Col. Parker.

    Keep your powder dry
    Shoot low for they crawl on the ground
    Hold Fast!

  • interventor

    FBI Director just stated will not recommend prosecution. Did say she was extremely lax with classified info.

    • MasterDiver

      If I had ever been that lax when I was on a SAC Combat Crew back in the 70s, I’d still be waiting for my first ration of daylight. The Justice System is totally broken. Lock and load, brethren and sisteren, if this is used a legal precedent, then no-one can be prosecuted for Treason, let alone disclosure of Classified Information. We may as well publish the War Plans on Facebook!

      • You got that right.

      • John Greer

        We now know what the Founders were calling “High crimes and misdemeanors”.
        Hillery is now in the “high” zone.
        Had she been any of her minions, she would have been wearing orange two years ago.

    • eon

      They’ve just told a megalomaniac yet again that there is nothing she cannot get away with.

      Somehow they don’t see the down side to that. Perhaps because they think that once she’s in the center seat, only people they don’t like will be the target of her wrath, lust for destruction, and yearning for vengeance on anyone who has ever failed to worship her.

      They should remember that megalomaniacs are not noted for gratitude. Just for ensuring that there are no potential ‘”problems” cluttering up their back trail.

      clear ether


  • Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah

    Well, with the “no prosecution” recommendation, we now are certain that:

    (1) Rule of Law in the USA is well and truly dead.
    (2) The Elites of this country are untouchable.
    Which means
    (3) We-The-People have to defend our God-given rights BY OURSELVES. Government is now a weapon to be used against the rest of us. It’s a system of, by, and for the Elites — and their cronies, their pets, and the useful idiots and hangers-on who enable them.

    So. That IRS targeting Conservatives thing? It’s henceforth Standard Operating Procedure.
    Moving “undesirables” into the suburbs with Section 8 (taxpayer) financing? SOP.
    Alphabet-Soup Regulatory Agencies targeting individuals and businesses who are not properly obeisant to The Ruling-Class Party? SOP.
    Etc, and so on.

    Looks like it’s all downhill from here. I remember the USA being a wonderful, prosperous and FREE nation; but what-I-remember doesn’t count. I doubt that the “Late, Great USA” can be called back into existence any more.

    Take care of your families and friends and neighbors. Things may well get “interesting”, in the Chinese-curse sense.

    [[ And please be aware: if some Black Swan event occurs, and ANY nation needs to call in its debts, the economic house-of-cards built on MAD (Mutual Assurances of Debt) will fall. When your little local bank fails along with the rest of them –because the little ones invest in the big ones– FDIC can’t / won’t cover your losses; it’s not designed or funded to pay back every depositor at every bank in the USA. How will you pay for food and medicine, and your mortgage and utilities, and gasoline and insurance for your car, when your checking and savings accounts are zero’d out? Start planning for the Impossible… ]]

    • Kafiroon

      I did not “intend” to break the law. Future tense for when the govt. quits paying me what they owe (I Know! Don’t bother telling me that they do Not owe us our “Social Security!), I will not be able to pay those I Owe.
      That goes for any other number of “laws” they want to cram down our throats too.

  • Denny

    In the past I’ve contributed by check and still like to do things that way, but you don’t post your address anymore. Help me out here.

    • Chris Muir

      DBD,inc.Pobox33852,Indialantic,fl 32903

  • B Woodman

    With this FiBbIe ruling, today, we are officially a country WROL – Without Rule of Law.

    Prepare your hearts and minds and act accordingly.

    “Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

  • Pamela

    What’s the commodities rate on Tar, Feathers and Rope?
    No blindfolds and a last cigarette.
    They aren’t worth the powder and brass.

    • interventor

      Ropes can be recycled.

  • Delilah T.

    It’s always darkest before the dawn. Try, if you can, to see past that ‘no prosecution now’. Don’t give up so easily. It’s what THEY want you to do.

  • Spin Drift

    This is perfect, tell people to vote the “rule of law.” Convince them that no one is above and that real lady justice wears a blindfold for a reason. Remind them that wars were fought to rid this nation of the divine right of kings. As the people begin to grasp the significance of this pronouncement they will realize that she is actually the Wicked Witch of the West and has a nation of people afraid. Truth like water will kill her. Keep speaking it.

    Toto, something tells me we are not in Kansas anymore.

    • John Greer

      Unfortunately the water has been tainted by the MSM.
      Not enough people will believe the truth even when it is presented.
      The Powers That Be have guaranteed this by eliminating Critical Thinking from the schools. People don’t know the truth when they see it. To the people of this nation all is mere opinion.

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