Day By Day


  • JTC

    For years growing up, my sisters wouldn’t eat a Big Mac after we brothers told them about that “special sauce”. We chased ’em around singing the jingle…


    • JTC

      Huh. Big Mac in ’67 sounds about right, but the jingle not ’til ’75? Did I misremember our exploits? Who am I, Brian Williams?

        • JTC

          Who needs wiki with sgc around, amirite?

          Okay so I “misremembered”.

          Your friend, Brian

          • RooftopVoter

            JTC, I am less worried about your “misremembering” than I am about a country that has a big mac museum……….

            This country scares me sometimes.

    • Mr E

      Does anyone remember Gary Mule Deer’s version? ‘Two all greasy patties sticky sauce cheesy lettuce on a stale sesame bun’? May not be the exact words, but I still find myself saying that in my head whenever I’m near a McD’s.

  • Pamela


    Better to sound bad than taste bad.

    • PaulS

      Just like that fella Tio?

      • Pamela

        Nope. That is in a tasting category all by itself.
        Bad BBQ is down right sinful, plus a waste of meat and time.

        • PaulS

          Well, I truly would not know, but it still sounds somewhat similar. 🙂

  • formwiz

    The mind reels.

  • Grunt GI

    The key to good meat is definitely a special sauce. And perhaps the right dry rub.

    As some of our favorite celebrity chefs used to say. “You gotta love your meat!”

  • The key to good meat is to use the right tenderizer, and I do not mean the kind you shake onto it.

    • JTC

      OMG, the spiked metal mallet on the meat again? YOU SADIST!

      • Pamela

        I’ve always found that to tenderizer meat, you need to marinate it with spices, some garlic, a good dousing of tequila and apple cider vinegar.

        That spiked metal mallet is the reason Slick Willy sought the tenderizing of his meat elsewhere…

        • JTC

          Listen, not to excuse that scum, but if my choices were limited to his mrs. I’d just ask her to Bobbitt.

          • jackdeth72

            To quote Jack Nicholson in ‘Terms Of Endearment’:

            “I’d rather stick white hot needles in my eyes!”

        • Solaratov

          I don’t suppose that you have a tequila marinade recipe handy,
          do you? I’ve never tried one.

      • RegT

        Back in the 70’s, there was a large butcher shop in San Diego that boasted on a billboard in town, “You can’t beat our meat!”
        True story.

        • Lucius Severus Pertinax

          Yes! I remember it well!
          “You can’t beat Tom’s Meat!”

          • RegT

            That was it! Thanks for the clarification.

      • Yup! I just bought a new one. Ther old wooden one finally wore out after a measley sixty or seventy years of use. My iron skillets are now at least three generations old, and I have one stamped carbon steel that is probably civil war vintage. The new hammer has BIG points on one side, little points on the other and a nice, hefty weight. I can make a round steak two to three times its original size. Terrific for rouladen. For pork shoulder steaks or veal, melt-in-your mouth wiener schnitzel. Spiked meat hammers forever!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I’m tired as hell, it’s early (840pm), I’m in bed trying to relax, and that just gave me the gigglesnorts. Repeatedly. Thank you for the second best way to relax before drifting off to sleep.

    • Pamela

      You get some sleep, and you are not Deplorable. None of us are.

      • PaulS

        Oh yes we are
        Tis but by choice
        That wretched witch
        Can’t quiet our voice


  • JTC

    NYIAC? Kafiroon? Any other central fl. *Deplorables?

    Company at the JTC abode precludes it here, but debate watch maybe Lakeland, Lake Wales, Winter Haven thereabouts?

    *Oh yes ma’am Miz P, as defined by that beastbitch indeed we are, and wear that badge proudly.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I have no real access to modern technology.

      No tengo TV. Well. I have three. But no aerials. My internet acces is by unorthodox means. I live past the internet.

      I can travel. Lakeland and Sebring are about equal distance. Vero Beach is a bit farther. Orlando is farther than it is as there are no direct roads, and I do not fly like a crow. Tampa is a straight shot like Vero.
      I have people here, so I can drive. I-95 and US 27 can take me almost anywhere eventually. Someone have a destination and I can fly like the wind. 🙂

    • Pamela

      I don’t see how any one would accept being labeled by a Trash wanna be piece of a 1 per center. Makes no sense.
      Then I thought what she considers to be non deplorable. Ewww.
      Traitors. Liars. Sycophants. Rapists. Thieves. MSM.
      Anyone willing to over-throw the country to place her in power.

      • JTC

        There ya go. “They” deplore everything and everyone that is not “them”.

        I and we, by exclusion from your list, are decidedly not “them”.

        As Chris said, Deplorables R Us! Love it.

  • One must revel in le’ double’ entendre’! Woo Hoo!

  • And Sacred Excrement does Sam look delicious in that last frame!

    • jackdeth72

      I thought that was the latest in High End Camouflage….

      Where’s Sam?

      • MasterDiver

        Looking at Sam’s top: Those must be the three happiest letters on the planet!

        Zar Belk!

        • JTC

          And them’s MY letters! But I find myself picturing the other side of those shorts…need I say it again? I’m an ass man.

  • jackdeth72

    Zed’s Spotter, Range Card Keeper and Perimeter Guard, Naomi:

    Ziva David, 2.0.

  • NotYetInACamp

    And… Oh My! Naomi is blushing. I doubt that it would effect her aim, if needed.

    And good meat with a special sauce injection can’t be beat. Naomi knows!

    Well presented on the last panel.

  • GWB

    That was Naomi he was talking to like that?! Oy vey, there goes perestroika on the DD! 😉

  • Boobie the Deplorable Rocket Dog

    A DbD classic!

  • Since I had my surgery…I am…LOATHE!…to hit up any fast food restaurant! Especially MuckDonald’s!

  • Bill G

    Regarding mottoes for edibles, a local smoke shop advertises “Come and try what we’re smoking!”

  • Phrasing! BOOM!

  • Pamela

    Mr. Muir

    I’m really not into clothes per se, but I want Sam’s T-Shirt.
    Several of them as a matter of fact.

    • Gus Bailey

      I have to agree; the long sleeve DDQ looks good.

    • JTC

      P, that cropped long-sleeve is gonna look GOOD on CFD!

      Might I suggest a few ddq and also one or two DEPLORABLE?

      But I am liking your “not into clothes” thing too. Ain’t THAT deplorable!

    • NotYetInACamp

      At times I am made of eyes. 🙂

  • WayneM

    Does Anatoly know about this “meat injection” thing?

  • Unca Walt

    The Nazis derogated the Aussies about the same way Hillary pissed on us.

    And in the history books forever:

    The Rats of Tobruk.

    Proud to be a genuine Deplorable!!

  • OldGeek

    A while back I was a “reactionary throwback” – no zing to that. But then Hildebeast saved me from obscurity, and with a howl of delight I became a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!

    Now, being a DEPLORABLE member of the VRWC, well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I have been tending towards a deplorable swamp crazy thought to be somehow associated with the VRWC, and situated somewhere on a compound in and near a swamp somewhere past the internet, but not the now sold Kennedy Compound in Palm Beach, nor the Bush Compound on the water in Kennebunkport, Maine. I am sure that other names fit. Intentional Gump comes to mind. (That is a personal inside joke)

      • As compounds go, just down the road from that ugly-ass old Kennedy mansion is Mar A Lago, that of the old money Post estate which when bequeathed to gov was left to deteriorate as they were INCAPABLE and AFRAID to take up its maintenance as a retreat for international dignitaries as Ms. Post envisioned.

        Enter The Donald who hustled gov out of it for a song and transformed it into a fabulous showplace unmatched among the other wannabe showplaces along the Palm Beach oceanfront. Just a hint of the abilities of this master dealmaker.

        I’m sure he would welcome you there Mr. NYIAC as he would any or all of the Deplorables who have put him on the cusp of historical transformative action which can help make America shine again from ocean to ocean, just as Mar A Lago does from ocean to intracoastal.

        Well, not really unless you’ve got a boatload of bucks -it ain’t no charity y’know-, but your spirit would be welcome in a place whose own spirit embodies the recapture of a dream, and the ability to make that dream real again.

        I’m liking this Deplorables handle meme…everybody jump on board the Deplorable Swamp People Trump Train!

        • NotYetInACamp

          Deplorable Swamp People are great Trump People who are on the Right train. Deplorable Swamp People Trump Train. We are more than a Basket of Deplorables.

          I would like the Mar-A-Lago historian to give me a tour. He has been valuable to both Marjorie Merriweather Post and to Donald J Trump. Who knows?

          With a few slight turns and having trusted people follow their word I may have had the monetary success to collect as MMP did and effect people as DJT did. Others have the fruits of my efforts.
          No matter all other, I did leave the political sword out on the battlefield where I had laid waste to the enemy on that DJT may have picked up. He did use that same set of ideas to achieve his first game changing victory to get to where he could be who he is and win the nomination, no matter its source.
          One person’s ideas can change the world. maybe not with that person using them, but with the right person using them. That is who we have in DJT. The right person to defend and assert America. So many people have great ideas. It takes the right champion at the right time to win the entire battle and war with them. DJT has brought so many good people together and he is their champion. America lives free, or globalism crushes this effort at asserting the freedom we believe in. Those are the stakes.

  • 'TreHammer

    Nice shorts, Sam.

  • Spin Drift

    And nobody saw the under boob on Jan? Are y’all going blind from too much pounding of the meats?

    Molon Labe
    War Damn Screaming Eagle

  • JTC

    Jan? Didn’t know if you meant Sam (and who could not notice those UB’s?) or if I missed something in a recent ‘toon. So I went back a week and found some awesome Jan boob…top boob, middle boob, and side boob, but no under boob. So I guess you did mean Sam. Still, time well spent on the search. Thanks.

  • Spin Drift

    Still got China in my mind, I meant Sam as in “Sam I am, green eggs and ham…”


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