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  • Driftwood

    Yep. Kids will repeat word for word.

  • Pamela

    Out of the mouths of babes

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      …….come words we never should have said ourselves.

      • Pamela

        When my son was 4, his Grandpa picked him up from daycare. My son started saying some things in Vietnamese and Spanish. Turns out he was swearing and Dad said it reminded him of a few Navy Chiefs he had known.

    • idahobob

      As a grandfather to a multitude of grandchildren, I learned my lesson early on. Years ago, I taught my oldest granddaughter to say, “Whatever Mom”. I was is so much deep doo doo for so long, I never repeated that sort of humor again.


  • AlexJ

    Miss Pamela, you took words out of my mouth. Dare I add “potty mouth”?

    • Pamela

      It seems that many moons ago, my Sis-in-Law learned to swear from her Aunt while being baby-sat. Imagine a 2 year old girl pouring water over her head saying “Oh Shit” at the top of her lungs. For all the neighbors to hear.

  • Bill G

    A much wiser man than I is noted for the phase “Kids Say The Darnedest Things”.
    Art Linkletter, that is. It wasn’t until I did a search to make sure that was the title that I learned Cosby used the line, too.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      The original, the master, Art Linkletter. I remember watching that program.

      Much as I have enjoyed Bill Cosby’s humor, his copy of “Children Say….” seemed TOO staged and forced.

  • NotYetInACamp


  • JTC

    Speaking of colloquialisms.

    Gotta take the negative with the positive influences sometimes. They gotta remember they’re dealing with a prodigy.

  • Grunt GI

    Heh. That was awesome. And the look on Anatoly’s and Naomi’s faces is priceless.

    • Bill G

      I love that Naomi is blushing.

    • NotYetInACamp

      “Toly did a two hand gasp.

  • My grandma used to threaten us with washing our mouths out with soap if we said naughty words. We said them anyway, where she couldn’t find us.

  • WayneM

    Not too often I get a full-on snort from reading but yup!! That’s awesome!! And, yes, kids will say the darndest things!!

  • southpaw

    Smart, quick on the uptake, rough hewn, speaks his mind. Remind you of any president you might know?

  • Redleg

    I noticed my two-year old baby sister had a full diaper and told her to go upstairs so we could change the diaper. All the way up the stairs, as each foot hit, l heard her say, “Dammit, Dammit, Dammit, ….”

  • Ozymandias

    Bet Toly’s in more trouble than Javier.

  • Bruce

    This one strip has made the years of watching “Priceless”

  • John T

    Attaboy Javier! He sounds just like a helicopter Crew Chief! Makes ya PROUD…

  • Iconoclast

    Хорошо сказано, молодой джедай !!

    … Then there was the time during his first year in the US when my younger Russian stepson repeated some of my gutter Spanish vocabulary in a classroom, utterly unaware of the true meaning … nor of the fact his instructor was *entirely* fluent in said language …. LOL !!! Yeah, I had to run over to school & explain things …. Good days, those.

  • Calvin

    My mother threw spaghetti noodles outside (they lived on a farm). My three year old nephew came by later, looked, and stuck his foot in them with “what is this sh*t?” My brother and his wife…totally mystified.

  • Whiggish Boffin

    A classic:

    One day in August, little Sally and her mother go to the bank. Sally walks up to the teller and, enunciating carefully, says “I’d like to deposit $25 to my savings account!”

    “Oh, is this your birthday present, sweetheart?”

    “No! The construction crew is building a new house on my street an’ I’ve been watchin’ ’em all summer an’ askin’ about what they’re doin’, and today they made me their hon-o-ra-ry su-per-in-ten-dent, an’ this is my pay.”

    “That’s wonderful! Will the house be done soon?”

    “Not until those f**kheads at the lumberyard pull their heads out of their **s and send the right G*dd**n gauge drywall. I swear those dumbs**ts coudn’t find their d**ks in a thunderstorm!”

    • Pamela

      Thank God they they weren’t building with brick.

  • chuck...

    He told it like they saw it. Helo’s will do that to you…

  • Hey, don’t say it if you don’t want it repeated. Priceless.

    • And you’ve heard of this movie “Gifted”? Exactly.

  • Z-man51

    ROTFLMFAO!!! First, I was a 68J (Armament/Missile Systems Repairer) in the US Army and can remember many times we said those exact words after repairing an aircraft. Our main aircraft was the AH-1F Cobra attack helicopter but we also worked on UH-1 Hueys, UH-60 Blackhawk, CH-47 Chinooks and OH-58 Kiowas. Due to the age (some airframes/systems dated to the Vietnam War) of some AH-1F’s we had major problems troubleshooting electrical and mechanical faults. But our “favorite” procedure was boresighting those SOBs!!! Over 8 hours just to assemble and calibrate the “fixture” to boresight all weapon/missile/rocket systems! You can bet we said the same words when we finally finished.
    Second hitch in the Army was as a 98C ( Electronic WarfareSignal Intercept Analyst).I also went to the Defence Language Institute to learn Czech, a one year course. In my class we had one guy that picked up Czech just as fast. He heard the word, the translation and that was it. For those of us that spent hours of study, lab and sweat we couldn’t understand how he did it. The instructor’s said there are few people that can pick up foreign languages that quick. Sure wish I could.

    • Z-man51

      Forgot: konečnă pevna tu zasranou ‘věc. Or; A konečnă, zasranou věc.

    • B C Aeich

      Confidential to Z man, as a 98J20J1, I read your specs with interest. USASA was one of my aliases on the web with a “Vigilant Always” Avatar. PM?

    • Shotgub15

      Z-man51 – too bad you didn’t get to try to bore-sight my L-19 Birddog 7-shot rocket pods.
      Tailwheel on a 55-gal drum. Match to the 1/4″ steel rod/ grease pencil “square” in the windshield at the 1000 foot post. But it worked.

  • texascarl

    A fictional character whose books are worth reading, Harry Flashman was quick to learn a new language. He claimed the best way was to ‘rent a pretty whore for 2 weeks or so’ and by the time she was thru with you, you’d know the lingo.

    Flashman – by George MacDonald Fraser is the start – highest recommendation

    • Paladin

      Jessica Alba did a movie “The Sleeping Dictionary” along the same premise.

    • WayneM

      Ah, the Flashman… it’s been a few years since I read a few of the series. Agree… excellent educational choice!

    • Chris Muir

      Flashman!!One of my absolute favorites!!

      • Unca Walt

        I have read every single Flashman novel a minimum of a dozen times.

        Every now and then, you have to put the book down because you are laughing so hard that tears are running down your leg.

        For those who have yet to have to wonderful experience:

        Flashy caused the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimea by farting uncontrollably. He was partially scalped by his own son at Little Big Horn. He was key to the defense of Isandlwana/Rorke’s Drift. He was with the Brit army when it was annihilated in Kabul… He was locked in the building with John Brown and his trapped slave uprising… He was tied across a cannon about to be fired during the Sepoy Rebellion…

        And that is just a 5% sampling of Harry Flashman’s “accomplishments”.

  • Hardball

    I learned to cuss big words in second grade at Page Military Academy. 7 years old, and learned to fight too. I hated that boarding school.

  • Browncoat


  • GWB

    I did that to my mom once. I was around 3, if I remember the story right. She braked hard for someone cutting her off, and a little angelic voice rose from the back seat, saying a very choice few words.

    My dad was in so much trouble. (Though there was no certainty I picked it up from him.)

  • FastFission

    Yup. Definitely spewed coffee on the last panel. Absolutely hilarious!

  • Johnny Z

    Reminds me of Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

  • PaulS

    But it’s April 19th… 🙂

    This sort of thing always reminds me of a scene from A Christmas Story, well several scenes…

  • epador

    I was thinking that Helicopter and Health Care alliterate, and I can’t wait for some Genius Youth or Octogenarian to say the same thing for that sphere.

  • Pamela

    Toly and Naomi better be careful when speaking of what they would like to do with the other during intimate moments…
    I don’t think Damon and Jan want to be explaining adult goings on or being asked if they do certain things.

    • JTC

      “The Ass Man Cometh!” is “Comes Man Ass!” on translator.

      Talk about lost in translation.

      Hope Javie can pick up the correct vernacular along with the language.

  • The 300

    When our oldest was two, my wife told me to watch my language around him because he was picking up everything at that point. One day he had trouble with a toy and yelled “gamooto!” I looked at my wife and said, “I never swear in Greek, where do you think he got that?”

  • Spin Drift

    Was up on the Auburn Campus yesterday when the antifa idiots decided to go parading around to protest Richard Spencer. There was about 30 of them. Now I don’t cotton to what Mr. Spencer was spewing but I’ll defend his right to say it but all that came to mind was “Please Go Home.” We don’t need this nonsense or the crap that follows it.

    The Auburn students are not typical millennials. They recognize the right to free speech and were there to support the execution there of but also didn’t agree to the message. Only one fight broke out and was quickly smothered by LEO’s. Mr. Spencer also denigrated football, to which he was treated to a resounding ‘War Eagle.” He sure didn’t know his audience. These are kids who worship trees after wins and don’t suffer fools gladly.

    There is a saying down here that an Alabama fan loves Alabama football but an Auburn fan loves Auburn. If the antifa guys had tried to damage the school I think the LEO’s may have come to their rescue after a fashion.

    War Damn Eagle

  • RonF

    Yup. He’s an engineer, all right.

  • RW

    Yuk yuk yuk. Kidz . . .

  • Old Codger

    When I was growing up there was a saying, “Little pictures have big ears.”

    • The correct saying is little pitchers have big ears.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Imagine the blush on Naomi if Jav busted out with some choice words in Hebrew, or Yiddish….

    • Hebrew does not have the equivalent of “four letter words”. Any such words have to be borrowed from Arabic. Yiddish does not use obscenities in the way that the strip showed the translation. The look on her face showed she knew what the Russian meant.

  • Jim Gierlach

    The first night home after graduating from Ranger School, I asked my Mom to pas the f*cking butter. She got up crying and ran to her bedroom. Dad, a WWII vet, said “Son, don’t talk like that around your mother.” It was good advice.

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