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  • Matt Parkhouse

    What do they call that – the fourth wall??

  • chuck...

    It’s the mileage…

  • Pamela

    Coolness. Another dress I like.

    Rule #1- Don’t mess with the Guy who carries an eraser or can use the Delete Key.

    • Delilah T.

      I’m sure that one is an old Butterick pattern, something from the 1990s. They might even revive it. What goes around, comes around.

    • Delilah T.

      Wait a minute. This one doesn’t really require a pattern. It’s a beach dress to cover a bikini. I made this out of aqua crinkle cotton gauze. Piece of cake.

      You need fabric that you like, a machine that sews a zigzag stretch stitch for elastic, or a strong straight stitch for an channel for elastic, plus a little bit of innovation.

      Then you need 36 to 48 inch width fabric, enough for two pieces same length to cover you in the length you like, armpit to whatever, plus three inches (for the hem and elastic channel), and some cute stuff for the tie up front over the bust. You’re just making a tube, basically, with elastic and a tie-knot up top and a hem for finishing at the bottom. If you want shoulder straps, use some funky/pretty trims from the fabric store.

      Make a bag with an armlet out of leftover fabric to go with it. And wear sunblock in the summer on the beach.

      • Pamela

        Delilah- The last time I wore a bikini was in 1974 and a bathing suit of any type was in 1989. Thanks for the sewing instructions 🙂

        • Physics Ninja

          So … You’ve been skinny-dipping ever since. Nice.

          • Sorry Pamela that was my visual also. But I used to go to nude beaches anyway.

          • John

            Mogirth, now I understand why you have only one eye left.

          • Pamela

            Well, kinda sorta

  • Just ask daffy duck what happens when Bugs get to sit in the animator’s chair.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I was just thinking of that one.
      Warner Bros RULE!

      • Pamela

        Just don’t let Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner out of the water tower…

    • Steve_1066

      That was one despicable episode … (how can you text a lisp?)

      • Dithpickable.

      • Don Sander

        What fun! Produced the year of my birth, but still funny today. Me… I get funnier every year, LOL!

  • WayneM

    It has been a tough year but it also brought hope for the future.

    As usual, thanks for all that you do, Chris.

  • LifeofTheMind

    Back talk from the 2 Dimensional staff, but some are as 3 Dimensional as it gets. Toons are famously mouthy and it would be fun to have them make cameos, perhaps during a drug induced haze, but Disney is a law firm with a theme park and movie studio attached.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      “Toons are famously mouthy and it would be fun to have them make cameos, perhaps during a drug induced haze, but Disney is a law firm with a theme park and movie studio attached.”

      You mean like this?

      I remember that as a full color poster back in the late 60s. I should have bought one or two (or three or four….) back then.

        • Deplorable B Woodman

          Suuuure….of course you can buy a copy now. But to have an original, from back-in-the-day……ahhhhh, teenage memories.

    • doc

      My dad had a stained glass shop in the early 1980s. One of his favorite self-made pieces depicted Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and he had it hung on the wall behind the cash register. People often inquired about buying it a few times a week (it wasn’t for sale). About 3 to 4 times a year, someone was really, really pushy about trying to buy it – they were Disney agents looking to entrap him into a copyright/licensing action.

  • ROFL Chris! Wow, some days I wish you could draw ME…

    • Pamela

      It would be interesting to see how Chris would depict the ladies

      • JTC

        Some things are best left to the imagination…and anyway it’s hard to draw a beautiful heart and mind. 😉

        • Pamela

          You do know how to sweet talk

  • Delilah T.

    With the holidays coming up, I hope that everyone will be thankful for one small but important thing: WE. WON.

    There IS hope in the air.

    • Vince

      On that note: This is another week Hillary won’t be President.

      With due respect to Ace of Spades.

        • thundercloud65

          Thanks for providing me with a good chuckle there DPW

        • Thinking about going to DC for a few days to do just that.
          With cake!

      • Pamela

        It’s not like we are gloating, chortling, laughing and pointing out their short comings, or anything juvenile

  • Ozymandias

    It has indeed been a tough year. Hope this finds you doing well, Chris.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Keep yelling, Jan. I want to see that dress/towel/wrap slip off down to your ankles.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    That’s ok, Chris. Be thorough, take your time.

  • JTC

    Hurt my heart there, Brother.

    There is no “we” in dealing with personal, singular sorrow.

    Nor is there a fourth wall in real life. Tough time of year. Call if needed.

  • Doc Epador

    Yep, Sunday Dad’s BD and also my next SAR meeting. ‘Course his gggggggrandad was an illegal Swedish immigrant and Mom’s side the Rev War Vets, but what difference does it make, anyway. No more mending fences…

    Keep ’em coming (heh).

  • PaulS

    “This is pure irony. WaPo now has an article reporting that the Pentagon has hidden $125 million in wasteful spending during the Obadman admin”

    Delilah, I think that should be ‘million’ with a “B”. 😉

    We’re talk’n real money here.

    • Owen in GA

      Paul, it is worse than that, it was Billion not million.

      • Owen in GA

        Sorry I saw you were responding after I already hit send. You are 100% right

  • Bill G

    A tough year, indeed.
    Blessed be, and thanks for all you do.

  • MJ Larkins

    Personally, it’s been a most difficult year.

  • “Never argue with the Narrator.” -Jay Ward.

  • Spin Drift

    2016 is still turning out to be a very tough year, lost another childhood hero today. John Glenn passes at 95. I wonder if the zero will make it about him like he did with Neil.

    I swear if you turn the volume up on the old NASA news reels from the Gemini days you can here those men clanking when they walked.

    Godspeed Glenn, RIP

    • Pamela

      Godspeed John Glenn
      Fair winds on your final journey

  • Ozymandias

    “I spent 23 years in the United States Marine Corps. I lived through two wars. I flew 149 missions. I was in the space program. It wasn’t my checkbook, it was my life that was on the line.

    You go with me as I did out to a veterans’ hospital and look those men with their mangled bodies in the eye and tell them that they didn’t hold a job. You go with me to any Gold Star mother and you look her in the eye and you tell her that her son did not hold a job. You go to Arlington National Cemetery — where I have more friends than I’d like to remember — and you think about this nation, and you tell me that those people didn’t have a job.

    I tell you, Howard Metzenbaum, you should be on your knees every day of your life thanking God that there were some men, some men, who held a job. And they required a dedication to purpose, a love of country, and a dedication to duty that was more important than life itself.

    And their self-sacrifice is what has made this nation possible.

    I have held a job, Howard.”

    John Glenn

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