Day By Day


  • Pamela

    Two legged, four legged or cloven hoofed with some really weird friends you never want to met in an alley or on a moonless night…

    • Too Tall


      Note to self: The Lone Ranger was right. Need to buy silver bullets for those moonless nights.

      • Pamela

        And carry sharpened hazelwood stakes

  • Too Tall

    You are forcing me to do something I swore I would never do: Write or say something positive about the Clintons.

    As you have masterfully illustrated over the past few days, with the Clintons, the comedies, tragedies, and dramas just write themselves.

    Compared to the Clintons, the ancient Greeks? They’ve got nothin’

    • Bill G

      I also like the fact that Slick single-,er, well, ah, Slick made the Democrat Media Complex drop a phrase that I detested.
      Due to his efforts, we no longer hear discussions of whether or not a candidate has “shown Presidential Timber”.

  • WayneM

    Empty… like the Hildabeast’s soul?

    • MasterDiver

      Her what? That shrivelled and went to Perdition back in the 70’s.

      Zar Belk!

    • Interventor

      The soul is already roasting. In the flesh, a demon resides.

  • JTC

    A petting zoo? I was going to say thank God the wolf and the pig who live there are gone…but I’m afraid all the wolves and pigs would sue me for defamation.

    Whatever those creatures are they are not something you want your kids to get within petting distance of…spitting distance maybe.

    9% to go in three days? That is shameful y’all.

    • Yes, it is. I doubled mine from last year. Bueller?

      • Swansonic

        +50 in.

        Money well sprnt…

        • Swansonic


          wear is otto-correct when ewe need it?

          • Swansonic

            Awww, Auto-correct can go to he’ll…..

  • WolfsBain

    And you’ve apparently never been to the Little Rock River Market where the First Trailer is. There is so much to do within just a few blocks of the Clinton Library that you can spend days doing stuff and never the same thing twice. Yes, I get that you’re commentating about the Clintons but really, the library has nothing to do with the current doings of the family. They really haven’t had much to do with the state since his mother passed several years ago.

    • JTC

      Sorry, brother…some stains are permanent;, that applies to that place itself and everything that has grown up around it to capitalize on its infamy.

      • Interventor

        Nothing a priest, bell, book and candle couldn’t resolve.

        • Pamela

          Pyewacket might want to lend a meow and maybe a starring contest with his baby blues.

  • It bothers me that we haven’t met goal yet; I’m going to make another small, insignificant donation. If everyone else does, we might be able to knock this out.

    Best Regards,


    • MasterDiver

      Got a retirement check due on Aud 1st. I may float another Pay Pal, and tell the wife to plan on a BBQ -at-home for my birthday, instead of a trip downtown.

      Come ON, folks, we can do this!
      (And Chris, have you considered a Patreon system for year-round contributions?)

      Zar Belk!

      • If you have already donated do not donate again, the new guys need to pick this up,y’all have more than done your share.Seriously.And new guys?Join us and our cult, I mean gang!

  • doc

    Why do I suspect that a “petting zoo” there would look much like the “playroom” from 50 Shades of Grey (differing only in the smaller scaled apparatus items)?

    • Pamela

      It figures there would be a dungeon in the mix…
      I wonder who hands out the discipline and who receives…

      • Interventor

        There are pictures of me at Playboy mansion West at Halloween. Nothing, incriminating.

        • Pamela

          Seriously…Hmm… Interesting 🙂

  • Advo

    Think about who runs that place. There aren’t any animals in the petting zoo because the kids aren’t asked in to DO the petting.

    • bunkerbuilder

      Sadly “Grass” is used by the Pedophiles and their Pimps to indicate to age groups preferred by the pervert, As in “No Grass on the field…” is pre- puberty, the alternate state is of course post puberty youth. Courtesy of “Law & Order, SUV”

      Many parts of the “Zoo” of perversions would be completely bare of “Grass” for a decade or more….

      • bunkerbuilder

        In some ways I think HRC is morally even more crippled her husband, due to her serially destroying the dozen women who had the courage to confront Bill’s constant sexual misconduct to keep her career as politician alive–every bimbo eruption HRC took more power from Bill un-Constitutionally….

        • JTC

          No doubt. What’s her body count now? While a scum molester like Slick deserves the death penalty (and would get it if he got close to my babies or Zed’s), I said many times during the potus campaign that I would prefer him to “it” any day…there is *nothing* that beast wouldn’t do for power.

  • Spin Drift

    I wonder what would happen if Weiner’s thumb stick was plugged in at the library? Who knows just how nasty that download would be.

    War Damn Eagle

    • Pamela

      Spin ~ If that were to happen anyone that looked would be either struck blind or would take up arms to hunt anyone down that appeared in pictures or videos. The disgust would be that great.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Is Epstein’s Pedophile One jet parked on a airstrip just past the park with a path of false promises leading to it?
    Wasn’t Bill on that plane 27 times and Hillary about half that many times?

    • Halley

      As long as the Lolita Express was populated by high-ranking “presidential” Democrats, the media was hunky-dory with it. It’s like you have to sell your conscience to satan before entering journalism school.

      • Interventor

        Satan buys journos souls cut rate — less than the wholesale rate for Demmie polliticos.

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