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  • Hmmm…Skye’s acting like a typical liberal…Copulation for the sake of Copulation!

  • Grunt GI

    Haha..typical liberal woman…wishes she was a hot conservative woman.
    Seriously, if you were stranded on a desert island who would you rather be your only companion? Shillery or Saracuda?

    • Otto Didact

      Ain’t enough beer or vitamin V on the PLANET to make Hildabeast doable.

      Momma Grizzley, on the other hand, well let’s just say her picture is in the dictionary bot the entries for MILF, GILF and Cougar.

      • Grunt GI

        GILF…heh, that’s awesome
        Yup…think about it…Saracuda can hunt, fish, cook, and probably you know what like a bunny…the perfect package.

  • KenH

    Not with ANYONE else’s dick, BEAST

  • H_B

    Like I said yesterday, lots of women hate Palin. She’s attractive, successful, and popular with lots of men. Of course they hate her. They can’t be the “special” one in the room if someone else already is.

  • JTC

    • Boobie the Rocket Dog

      Tina Fey looks like Nancy Pelosi with a wig.

      • Jeff

        Actually, Nancy Pelosi looks like Nancy Pelosi with a wig….

    • Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder

      Lemme introduce you to my leetle frend:

      A whole lotta people really believe that Palin said
      foolish things that Fey actually said.
      “I can see Russia from my house!”
      Fey is really talented; if only she would turn her powers
      to the side of good, she could be like some kind of
      super hero… or my mistress, whatever.

  • H_B

    Also missing, Skye: a moral core that lets the guy know he’s not going to be chewed up and thrown away.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I confess.
    Liberals. Those fm pumps, intelligent, nice revealing black skirt, hair any witch way, glasses or not. I have a weakness for capable women. Even if they use the brains poorly, but especially if they use them well. I used to be young and foolish. I am still foolish. I think my internal avoidance sensor would warn me away from that train wreck. It has recently kept me away from such as that quite well.
    One liberal woman recently spilled about how they did not teach her the right things in school about what was important in life. She seems to be learning. I hope in time.
    48% Republican approval in Florida per one poll. Cruz 16.
    The mass of what Palin says works. Like anyone like her, the lefitsts just don’t get her. She and Todd did work at many endeavors (jobs) to keep afloat and buy that small float plane which is like having a car to many Alaskans. Business is doing what is possible to make a living. Sarah did so. I don’t see a Skye that knows what that is all about. that is a big part of Palin’s feminine appeal. Palin is an equal partner. Partner.
    Skye likely is looking for a malleable ATM card that walks, plus maybe a few moments of possible passion. Skye seems to have a hint of what is real, but goes for the image fantasy immediate gratification rather than the reality of who she is. But many don’t want to know who they really are. It is just a story, as is the character Skye. In my humble opinion.
    Reality has its successes and failures. You don’t get one without risking the other. Sometimes you get something else.

  • Ozymandias

    People like Skye should have a warning lable tattooed on their foreheads

    • LifeofTheMind

      They often have one tattooed at the base of their spine, just above the butt.

      • Chris Muir


        • Spin Drift

          It says something like “all ye who enter here, abandon all hope.”

          Pass the brain bleach please

      • rickn8or

        By the time you see that, it’s too late.

      • bob in houston

        Skye had a tramp stamp at one time…

        • GWB

          Skye’s is on her arm and side, I think.

  • Pamela

    Why do the libs think they can play bait and switch scams all the time?
    Skye needs a tat that says “Enter at your own risk”.

  • Kafiroon

    Thanks for the Caniff reminder… and the age factor, phooey.
    “Brains” Well, she does look better than most zombies. You don’t Have to get near.

  • Hmmm…Skye as Sarah. Gotta admit, really looking forward to how she turns out. Word to the (un)wise…keep thy mouth shut or the illusion fades to nothing. No alpha would ever buy it, even though sometimes crazy can be fun.

    • xdcpd085


      Had crazy back in ancient times, when I was single. Was NOT fun getting away. Swore “Never again.”

      Never did.

      • Ahhh, young master – for we are all young masters in our minds – you must learn to control the crazy, lest the crazy control you. BWAANNGG… (gong).

        In other words…have more than one plan to dea$$ the AO.

    • Random thought…yesterday Skye laughed at the return of the “Sarahcuda” and her endorsement of DT, while badmouthing Zed for being an alpha along with everything he stands for. Today, she’s doing a Sarah clone and hunting for her own alpha. Head full of cats, no doubt.

    • GWB

      Gotta love the Danger Zone: redheads, strippers, and every girl named Tiffany. Skye’s not hot enough to fall into the Danger Zone, though – she’s definitely in the No-Go Zone.

      • H_B

        Oh now you tell me. I once pursued a red-head named Tiffany. Craziest, most self-destructive girl I ever had to deal with/survive.

  • JTC

    Heh. “Palindrone”

    From Webster (slightly edited):


    1. A bee which lives only to mate, does not defend the hive, does no work and gathers no nectar or pollen.
    2. One who lives off the work of others.
    3. Skye.

    • markm

      If you substitute “breed” for “mate”, #1 also describes the queen bee.

  • JTC

    Slightly OT but topical; this should bring another typically dependable dim voter base onto the Trump Train, and not in cattle cars…

    Money quote: “…Germany welcoming of refugees brought up in cultures “steeped in hatred” for Jews were resulting in anti-Semitism…there are around 118,000 Jews in Germany overall. One million Muslim refugees arrived in Germany over the last year.”

    American Jews, behold your future, unless…

    Trump/Cruz ’16

    • Calvin

      Already saw a media story that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US.

      • H_B

        Oh yes, it is. But a little (heh) thing about that – do you know how many muslims there are in the USA?

        Less than one percent of total citizen population. 0.9%

        When you’ve got a very small number to begin with, it takes a relatively minor addition to make a significant percent change.

        Really, that story you read (and I remember similar stories relating the exact same demographic fact back in the early ’90s – “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA”) actually tells you is not how popular Islam is – it’s telling you how pervasively Christians are being ostracized and shunned into giving up their religion (or at least no longer publicly acknowledging such an “embarrassing” secret.)

        • JTC

          “Less than one percent…”

          Not for long:

          Historical numbers and percentages are irrelevant to what is being orchestrated right now. Should Jews be worried? Hell yes, and so should the rest of us…how many muzzies did it take to wreak havoc in San Bernardino and have a huge ripple effect? And that is their strategy; a few radicals sprinkled across metro and rural America has an amplified effect that could virtually paralyze our society, and of course has already had huge deleterious effect on carrying out our normal activities, airports and air travel as just one example of that.

      • S Hooks

        Another interesting aspect of this issue is that the segment of our population in which Islam is growing most rapidly is the prison population. For those who actually know about its origins this is perfectly logical. Mohammed designed it (with the Adversary’s inspiration, of course) to appeal to and provide psychological justification to the most virulently violent, brutal and psychopathic tendencies of the human psyche.

    • Jorge_Banner

      Germans never stopped being “’steeped in hatred’ for Jews”
      Germany is the country most invested in trying to destroy Israel.
      They have that in common with the cannibals that will cause their extinction.
      Read Tuvia Tenembom.

  • David

    Zed nails it. The brain is the biggest sexual organ.

  • Skye will never pull a Sarahcuda. Visually, possibly. Mentally, never.

  • interventor

    Skye opening mouth — no problem. Any utterance destroys the illustion.

    • interventor


      • GWB

        I think the original word works: illustion. 🙂

  • Polly Cy

    Have nothing clever to add to the brilliant comments already posted, but did notice that Skye’s dressing on 1/21 for a date on 1/22. (Check the itty-bitty date on the strip). She’s gone so far to the left that she crossed the international date line.

    • Polly Cy

      Ah! The date has been corrected. Another victory for conservatives – they don’t tolerate messing with the truth.

      • Chris Muir

        I’m just old and tired and forgot about it!;)

    • H_B

      Polly Cy!

      Can we have the Stalin dumbest-politicians quote?

      • Polly Cy

        Sure! Sorry I haven’t been around lately to post it for you. Dealing with a particularly brutal flare-up of my psoriatic arthritis nd both hands were AWOL..

        #3. “We doubt the veracity of your information.” Stalin’s official response to Richard Sorge’s report (including microfilm of the actual plans) that Germany was preparing to invade the USSR. Sorge’s report included the code name of the operation, the location, the units involved, even the date and time. US and British intelligence told Stalin the same thing. When the invasion arrived, Stalin refused to allow any counter-attacks, arguing that the “Germans” were in fact American and British troops dressed up to look like Germans, with the goal of destroying the Russo-German alliance.

        • And yet Op. Barbarosa was ultimately the defeat that cost Hitler his plan for domination. Could the staggering losses endured in Russia’s satellites have been planned by Stalin, with resistance and ultimate victory concentrated in Russia’s center? He had years of advance warning via Hitler’s manifesto, so the reduction of population in outlying countries might have been allowed so as to ease eventual domination and creation of USSR, with the side benefit that Germany’s forces were comparably weakened to prevent their military defense…Stalin would therefore be the undisputed ruler of the Eastern world. Only his underestimation of Western allied power and resolve are responsible for our not speaking Russian now.

          • Polly Cy

            Well, don’t forget that he had thoroughly gutted the military in the purges only a couple years earlier. You don’t do that if you plan to need a defense in the not-too-distant future.

            I’ve heard different interpretations of his behavior. One school of thought claimed he himself was a western agent, using his position to undermine and weaken the USSR so that the west could more easily invade and conquer.

            The idea that he was luring Hitler into an invasion that would ultimately fail is less commonly suggested, and it doesn’t really hold up. First, remember the sheer magnitude of his purge of the military: 3 of 5 marshals, 13 of 15 army commanders, 8 of 9 admirals, 50 out of 57 army corps commanders, 154 out of 186 division commanders, 16 of the 16 army commissars, 25 out of 28 army corps commissars. You don’t shoot a man like Tukhachevsky if you know you’re going to need him in a couple years. More persuasive is the complete mental and emotional collapse he suffered, once the Bulgarians delivered Hitler’s terms of surrender and he was forced to the realization that he had miscalculated. The cognitive dissonance was so profound that it remains, even today, the classic example of what happens when unpalatable truths penetrate our perceptual screens. And of course there’s his total incompetence as a military theorist, and the policies he had to introduce to inspire the people to resist. Shooting anyone who retreats? Arresting the families of soldiers who were taken prisoner? Classifying being taken prisoner as Treason? Do these actions sound like those of a man whose plan was being implemented? As long as they were fighting to preserve communism, the peoples’ morale and commitment were somewhat…um, tepid might be the word. He had to release the Patriarch from the gulag, reopen the churches, and allow calls for the people to defend “Holy Mother Russia.” Given his deep hatred and loathing of the church, it’s unlikely that he would have put himself in a position where that could be necessary. Yes, later Zhukov repudiated some of his earlier descriptions of Stalin’s irrational behavior, but that can be linked directly to the falling out he’d just had with Khrushchev.

            So all things considered, it’s far more likely that we’re looking at an individual who was absolutely persuaded that he had Hitler pegged, and whose entire personality was built on the notion of his own infallibility. When that myth was exploded, he suffered a complete collapse. When Molotov led a delegation to beg Stalin to return to Moscow and lead the war effort (he was at one of his dachas, drinking himself into a coma), there is plenty of evidence that he expected to be arrested. Instead, their desperate pleas and statements that only he could lead the country in the midst of this disaster allowed him to rebuild his personality on that foundation.

      • Polly Cy

        PS – here’s a bonus, since the topic of the day is stoopid lady lefties:

        #10. “Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man. Socialism is the reverse.” Elena Ceausescu.

  • B Woodman

    Shows the big difference between external appearances and internal principles. Skye’s got all of the former, which will rapidly vanish with age, leaving her nothing. Whereas my wife of over 40 years, her beauty has gone the way of all flesh, but I love her more then ever, due to her internal principles.

    • Polly Cy

      What a lovely tribute. Your wife is a fortunate woman, B. One of the things I try to instill in my students is an understanding of exactly what you described. So many things about us change and pass with time; when they are gone, we have only our hearts and minds to rely on and to define us. They need to be cultivated and nurtured, not poisoned and corrupted.

  • Valerie

    It’s refreshing to find someone who publicly acknowledges Sarah Palin’s brains.

    She is not only whip-smart, she is an original thinker who actually reads the underlying documents.

    • Chris Muir

      She also has a political performance record (Alaska) that exceeds nearly every politician out there. She worked with both parties for her clientele-the people of Alaska-and got the job done.

      • Don in AK

        It’s gratifying to see people recognize Sarah for what she is. But of course I would expect no less from you, Chris. Nicely said.

    • JTC

      It was said of Palin when she hit the national scene in ’08, “Reagan in a skirt”. She isn’t, but then again there’s no Reagan in pants anywhere on the stage now.

      But I think we could legitimately edit that to, “Trump in a skirt”, at least in terms of the public persona, speaking style, in-your-face never-back-down position statements, and general attitude toward many current issues, if not if not personal history and experience.

      She had her shot at high elected office and missed, but there is absolutely a place for her in the admin of the dude with whom she shares many attitudes and attributes, as I said before Trump appointing her as RNC chair could and would turn that musty dusty house of relics upside down and spic and span, negating the need for a third party and returning Republicans to defenders of their namesake Republic.

  • Roland Deshain

    I decided to go back to the beginning of your story to get all the back stories. Wow! 2002? I guess it will not be a short read. Your drawing skills have improved dramatically. If I could draw like you, I might never have to leave the house again. Lol

    • Chris Muir

      ” I might never have to leave the house again” High praise! heh

    • Hey, maybe those old ‘toons don’t have the hawt Vargaesque quality that Chris produces these days (when we’re lucky), but I LIKE those old ’02 figures too. The focus was on the sharp and witty repartee, setting the stage for the relationships that evolved. And it’ll floor you to see how little has changed politically since those freshly post-9/11 years. Maybe, just maybe, the strips of a year from now will chronicle the uprising and return to American values and the true Republic that we have lost. In His name we pray, amen.

      • JTC

        Dang it, that was me, JTC…the Nony name and prior comment under it was an effed up cut n paste WWII effort.

        Trump/Cruz ’16

  • John

    For some odd reason the toon for today did not get to me. This is the first time it has happened. I really enjoy your cartoons, they cover all the bases and then some.

    • Chris Muir

      I will look into this…if this happens to anyone else, LET ME KNOW!

  • Pamela

    “Am I missing anything else of hers?”
    Hmm. Let us count the many things you are missing.
    Knowing right from wrong.
    An inner moral compass.
    Being humble before God.
    Willing to fight for the survival of her State and Country.
    Many other qualities you never allowed to take root or attempt to cultivate through practice and hard work.
    Her children, even when times are tough.

    Oh, and her fine loving Alpha Husband.

  • eclark

    I find it kind of interesting that Skye loves Alpha males so much considering how liberal she is. Have you ever addressed this “fetish” of hers, Chris?

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